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Billboard contents

  1. 1. BY SIAN LYNESCONTENT JUXTAPOSITION OF ELEMENTSThe mode of address used o makes assumptions about their audience, for It is significant to note that the spacing of the text within theexample not having to define persons such as ‘Michael Jackson’ or ‘Scott contents depends on the full-width image which itself around. ABorchetta’; this is because the audience would have bought this magazine considerable width is maintained between the spacing between thewith relative knowledge of the pop music industry. A full-width image is bottom of the text and the top of the text below it. This gives itspread besides the contents and above the heading. This is used so the balance and makes it more aesthetically pleasing when browsing asaudience can infer it is one of their larger features and draws the audience the audience is not intimidated by a cluttering of text. By fitting theinto reading the article. On the far right of the page 3 images are used of text to the main image it may connotate to the audience that theartists to relate compliment the feature in which it matches. All three magazine fits around them and what pleases them personally. Theimages show artists and their different types of genres, such as metal (top images on the right hand side of the page also have a centre widthright image) and jazz (bottom right image); this ties in with Billboard’s c between each picture so it shows to the audience that they are notwide variety of specific charts. By having these different images it is related but the audience can immediately infer that there will be acertified to lure in their audience who are interested in the music industry topic on these images individually. The spacing at the top of theand pick an article which suits their preferences. The sub-headings within page just before the main heading gives the impression that therethe contents use a Serif font in capitals so the audience can quickly turn to a is not rush for space but that the magazine is filled with plenty ofpage which is suited to their own taste or from features on the cover. A room and has enough space to contain quality articles that theirsimple lower case font is used for individual article listings to clearly inform audience will like. The spacing also compliments the person in thethe audience of the topic of each page. The numbering of each page is listed main image who is spreading their arms out for space; whichin terms of category. The font used for the numbers is bold and thick which connotates to the audience that the magazine expresses freedomstands out against the thin Serif font so the audience can clearly distinguish through music. The positive look on the person’s face also emitsthe page they want to view. The main image focuses on the colour red in the positivity and that the magazine does not focus on anythingmise-en-scene, such as in her clothing and the prop which she holds. This negative. The kerning between lettering in the main heading asnot only is striking for the audience to take notice but coincides with theme well as the sub-headings also convey a representation of freedomof the issue ‘Xmas in July’; as the striping and candy cane clearly symbolise and which ties into the expression of feelings through music.a Christmas look.