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  1. 1. Evaluation SHUVOJIT PAL
  2. 2. Question 1My magazine front cover follows the conventions of a Music magazine as my magazine consists of a titleblock, central image, slogan, anchorage text, puffs and buzz words. However my colour scheme for thefront cover challenges the typical 3-4 colour scheme, as my magazine consists of warm colours likered, orange, yellow and white. These colours have been used to create this aura of heat which links to thecentral image and anchorage text. However, the background challenges the colour scheme as thebackground contains cold variations of colours like green and blue. The purpose of the background was tobe an intertexual link to Jason’s past as he was abandoned to the streets at a young age. This backgroundresembles old tattered wallpaper in a abandoned house. Furthermore, I have followed the conventions as Ihave used a graphic feature for the buzz words to emphasise that something of interest is inside. Thecentral image is placed in the middle and the artist has a direct mode of address.My contents page does follow the conventions of a contents page as it consists of images and pagenumbers. Furthermore, the layout of the contents page displays the look of a contents page as it has thecolumn of pages on the right. Here I have still followed the house style of red, white & black. Thisdemonstrates that there is consistency in my magazine. The pictures have been layout in an organizedmanner and I have given the edges of the pictures a gritty rough edge to still attain the gritty feeling of themagazine. I have given the title of the contents page a banner as this gives it more attention. Furthermoremy magazine has the categories like Features to Prizes.In my 3 page article we can see that there is a consistent colour scheme of red, black and white. Also theformat of the article follows the conventions as the text is in columns. Also what brings the article pagestogether is the background I used the background is made from various postcards and letters. Thereason, for this background as this has a intertexual reference to Jason’s story of travelling around whenhe was on the streets. The background represents the various places he’s been to. Furthermore, the articlefollows the conventions of an article page as it has the title of the article, images, quotes and correctlyplaced page numbers. Finally, I have used colour to organize my interview along with the use of columns.When the interviewer is talking or asking a question it indicated with a red colour and when the artist talksit is indicated with a white colour and behind it black rectangles with a low opacity have been placed tomake it stand out from the background.
  3. 3. Question 2The social group that my magazine represents are a unisex group aged from 15-24who have an interest in rock music.How my magazine represents social groups is due to the house style I have used of red, black and white. These coloursmight be one of their favourite colours or appeals to them. Also in my magazine I have kept in mind that my magazineis targeted to a Modern young adult group so in my first issue it will contain an iTunes card as they are more prone togetting their music digitally. Finally, in win section there is a chance to travel to India with a friend or partner. Thiswould appeal to my social group as various rock artists have gone to India so this might appeal to the social group.Also my magazine has a chance of winning tickets to the Skillet’s concert. I have chosen this band as they follow thegenre of the magazine and will appeal to my social group.In addition the images I have used consider my social group to an extent through appearance, costume and bodylanguage, as by looking at my central image we can see by appearance that the artist has a medium length hair.Also, by looking at his costume we can see he is wearing a grey hoodie with a gothic design in the centre and gothicfont, he is also wearing a navy stylish jacket and black trousers. Finally his body language is confident. In addition it isestablished in the interview that Jason is a talented, hard working & believes in his ethics and himself. Some or mostof these aspect will reflect my social group. From looking at the content of my magazine I understand the social grouplike to go out to events and explore places.
  4. 4. Question 3The kind of media institution that would distribute my magazine is the company future as they are a popular publisherwho releases Guitar World which is the world’s biggest guitar magazine. Furthermore, the publisher is modern in thesense that they are accustom to the use and purpose of apps and websites. This would broaden my target audience withthe use of these technologies. This will encourage more sales. In addition, it would be more appropriate for mymagazine to be published by a modern publishing company as my target audience are young modern people. So they willunderstand the values.
  5. 5. Question 4The target audience of my magazine are aged from 15-24, are unisex and have are mixed variety of races. Finally, theinterest of the target audience are that they like listening to rock music, the films that they would prefer are the Darkknight and the games that they are interested in are Call of Duty games, Gears of War games and the Dead Spacegames. The reason why the magazine is open to wide variety of races and is unisex as it will therefore is open to a wideraudience and this will gain more sales. Furthermore, my magazine isn’t a niche magazine and wants it to be as open aspossible.
  6. 6. Question 5How I attracted my audience through my central image, is by placing the image in the centre. In, addition the face hascaptured strong light this will attract an audiences eye also I have applied fire on the artist. This will alert & intrigue theaudience as the fire will cause the thought of danger it can also link with hell. The anchorage text is in a bright red colourwith a contrasting black background this makes the message stand out. The colours used further attract the targetaudience as the background colours are cold greens and blues. This contrasts with the warm colours used in theforeground which are the reds, yellows and oranges. This in addition creates contrast and attracts attention. The designof my title follows a rough, coarse, rock like theme. Surrounding and imbedded in the tile is there is a red lighting effect.This gives the title emphasise in design and meaning of the title. The colours used in the title are black, white and black.This follows the house style theme and the white really stands out. I have addressed my audience with a casual formallanguage. I have used this form of language as it is appropriate for my target audience.
  7. 7. Question 6What I have learned about technologies from the process of making my magazine is from using a digital camera, I havelearned about the use of focus blur to add importance to a subject in a picture. I have also learned how to convey a storythrough composition in the shot. In using the technology of using a blog to present my work, I have learned how toupload content and linking with other blogger users through the gadget tab. The software that I used for editing imagesand designing the layout in my magazine. Firstly I have used photoshop for the editing process, what I have learnedfrom using this software was the use of brushes to create interesting textures and edges in addition I have learned to usethe sharpen tool to add some focus to a subject and blur tool to remove focus from an area. What I have learned fromusing Adobe Illustrator is how to give an image a soft edge by giving it a feather. I have also learned how to change theopacity of an object in Illustrator. Finally I have learned about how to use a website like survey monkey to gain answersto my questions related to my magazine.
  8. 8. Question 7What I feel I have learnt from the progression from the preliminary task to the full product for my front cover I canunderstand the use of puffs and buzz words. I have also learned the convention of the central image of how it shouldhave a direct mode of address and the artist or band should be placed in the centre, as this gives this makes the artistthe focus which will capture the audiences eye.. In addition I have learnt how to the use of website links with a youngeraudience and I now recognize the importance of issue number and release date. In addition I understand theimportance of colour scheme of the front cover.From the progression task from the preliminary task to the full product looking at the contents page I feel that I havelearnt how to demonstrate consistency in house style. And how to design a layout that is appropriate for a contentspage. Furthermore I have learnt how to organize a contents age more appropriately.