Three places you may not visit in new york


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These three Places you may not visit in New York
These three things you can do which no tour will include in their itinerary. Visit for New Your Tour.

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Three places you may not visit in new york

  1. 1. Three Places you may not visit in New YorkAn Educational Presentation from OnBoard Tours
  2. 2. You Should Visit These Places © OnBoard 2010 2 These three places you must visit which no tour will include in their itinerary. •Broadway Show •Sunday Night Improv •BODIESThe Exhibition
  3. 3. SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV • Sunday Night Improve is a "unique" (Time Out NewYork), "wonderful" (Backstage), "hilarious" (Newark Star-Ledger) comedy jam session. • The Sunday Night Improv shows are at the SOTER/LEE BLACKBOXTHEATER, 236West 78th Street, just off Broadway, every Sunday at 7pm. • Improv is short for improvisation; in improvisational comedy, a group usually between 4 and 12 actors literally make up bits on the spot.Yeah, but how do you know they're really making it up? They base every scene/form/song on suggestions from the audience. So if you call out a suggestion of a location, a made-up movie title, etc. you get to watch them create something out of thin air without having had the slightest idea of what you were going to say. • Tickets: $10. Soter/Lee Black boxTheater, 236West 78th Street, just off Broadway, every Sunday at 7pm. Price includes free attendance atTom Soter's 5:30 P.M. improv class. © OnBoard 2010 3
  4. 4. BODIES The Exhibition © OnBoard 2010 4 • This exhibition provides an intimate and informative view into the human body. • If you're not too squeamish and are naturally curious, you cannot miss Bodies The Exhibition. Over 200 actual human bodies and specimens, meticulously dissected and respectfully displayed, offer an unprecedented and wholly unique look into your amazing body. • Body parts are displayed right there in front of you, most without even a glass partition between you and the exhibits. Incredibly, these are all real - and were specially treated to be fit for viewing. You will have to remind yourselves, over and over, that these are not reproductions. This is an absolute must-see. • A teacher said it all “This exhibition taught my student more than I could ever teach them with mere words” • It is at South Street Seaport, 11 Fulton Street, Pier 17 and ticket prices and hours available on the website.
  5. 5. • I know these show are expensive and you won’t consider on that count only then here is one alternative you will love to explore. • It is Broadway Show Ticket Lotteries. Many shows now have ticket lotteries about 2 hours before show time. You show up at the theater, they put your name in a hat, and if it's picked you get 2 tickets to that night's performance. • It is worth trying because even if you don't get picked, you still have time to go on the TKTS half price line (7th Avenue & 47th Street) for whatever is still available. Check specific shows' websites for details. • Why not try luck when you can't afford a ticket. You can if you're lucky. Broadway Show
  6. 6. A Word from our Sponsor © OnBoard 2012 6 OnBoard Tours
  7. 7. Brought to you by OnBoard Tours © OnBoard 2010 7 OnBoard Tours typically combine a walking tour with a yacht cruise and short rides on a climate- controlled mini-coach. Check out our tours in: •New York City •Las Vegas •Washington DC •Los Angeles
  8. 8. New York City Check out the following sites for more NewYork City sightseeing tours and travel information: Presentation brought to you by OnBoard Tours. Check out our tours in New York City •Las Vegas •Washington DC •Los Angeles