Social Media the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

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  • 1. Social Media the Missing Piece of the PuzzleShunquetta Goins
  • 2. Discussion Points OutlineFinding that piece of the puzzle Item 1 Discussion Item One – Introduction Item 2 Discussion Item Two – What is Social Media? Item 3 Discussion Item Three – What are the benefits of using social media? Item 4 Discussion Item Four – Social Media Plan. Item 5 Discussion Item Five – The Bottom line Item 6 Discussion Item Six – Conclusion
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. What is Social Media?
  • 5. Benefits of Social MediaBrandingIncrease of Customer loyaltyProduct AttentionCompetitionFinancial Gain
  • 6. What’s the plan?Social Media Plan (the missing puzzle piece) • Listen • Plan • Strategy • Tools
  • 7. Social Media facts to keep in mind…• In the US, there are 149M active Facebook users, 70% log in once a day – Ogilvy & BuddyMedia• Social media accounts for ~ 25% of all time spent online over 35 minutes per hour – Nielsen• Facebook accounts for 8.93% of all website visits in the US. All of Google’s properties including YouTube, Gmail, Google accounts for 9.85% – Experian Hitwise• 64% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook – ExactTarget• By 2012, half of the world’s Internet users, 1 billion people, will have a Facebook account – TIME (12/7-1/3 edition)• Facebook’s fastest growing demographic is 17-35 year olds – TIME• 46% of Internet users worldwide interact with social media on a daily basis -TNS• 25% of social media users are more likely to look into a brand advertising on social media – Adology• 15% of these users are more likely to purchase from social media advertisers – Adology• Ford’s 2011 Explorer launch on Facebook generated a 200% greater return than a Super Bowl ad - Social Media Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives
  • 8. The Bottom line $$$$
  • 9. In conclusion Let’s put all the pieces of the puzzle together and tackle the roadmap to Social Media success
  • 10. Looking forward to placing that piece ofyour success!