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Red tacton

  1. 1. SESSION 2011-2012 SEMINAR on ‘Red Tacton Technology’ Submitted by: Vivesh Rathore Btech 3 rd yearDepartment of electronics & Communication
  2. 2. Red Tacton Developed by NTT from Japan.Red Tacton is a new Human AreaNetworking technology. Claims to send data over the surface of skin. Attains a speed up to 10 Mbps --- equivalentto a fast broadband connection. Uses weak electric fields on the surface ofhuman body instead of relying on EM wavesor light waves.
  3. 3. Human Area Network
  4. 4. PRINCIPLE AND MECHANISMRed Tacton relies upon the principle that the optical properties ofan electro-optic crystal can vary according to the changes of aweak electric field.
  5. 5. PROTOTYPES  Red Tacton Transceiver(PC card type)  Communicationspeed:10Mbps  Protocols: TCP/IP  Communication method: Half-duplex.  Interface: PCMCIA • Red Tacton Transceiver(Hub type) • Communicationspeed:10Mbps • Protocols :TCP/IP • Communication method : Half- duplex • Interface: RJ45 • Red Tacton Transceiver(Box type) • (under constructions)
  6. 6. How Red Tacton works?
  7. 7. Block Diagram of RedTacton Transceiver
  8. 8. AdvantagesCommunication by just a Simple Touch thus eliminating use of hectic arrangements of wires.Red Tacton provides high speed and accuracy . Red Tacton transceiver electrodes are covered with an insulating film, so there is no way current can flow into users body.Very secure Data Transmission i.e., there is no problem of hacking since medium is our individual body.No need to insert smart cards, connect cables, tune frequencies, or any of the other inconveniences usually associated with todays electronic devices.
  9. 9. Complex in Design.It is expensive as compared to othermechanism.Widespread marketing campaigns andeducation.
  10. 10. Security applications User verification and unlocking with just a touch Automatic access log for confidential document storage
  11. 11. Conclusion The performance of Red Tacton is better ascompared to other technologies within short distance. There is no any type of problem of hackers as ourbody itself is the transmission media. Today main issue is speed which is solved by RedTacton by providing very high speed of 10 Mbps withinshort distances. The evolution of this technology is a big achievementwhich would likely to be targeted for use in applicationssuch as wireless headset ,medical application ,securityapplications and wireless transmission.
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