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  • 1. Presentation on Family Submitted to: Jasmin Ma’am
  • 2. FAMILY • The word ‘FAMILY’ comes from the Latin word ‘FAMILIA’, which means household. Living together under the same roof with grandparents, their sons and grandsons, with their wives and children, is indeed a unique experience, especially in Indian village. There is a common kitchen and there is no question of even newly married couples having separate arrangements for cooking and eating food.
  • 3. MYSELF • My name is SWANIKA GUPTA. I read in sixth standard. I also love to read knowledgable books. At night, I always go for walk with my grandparents. I love to live in their company because they always try to tell me new things. My aim is to become doctor. In, future I will work hard so that I can achieve my goal.
  • 4. MOTHER • My mother’s name is SARIKA GUPTA .She is thirty seven years old .She tall, thin and active .She is healthy because she never sits idle. She gets up very early in the morning. After her bath, she goes to the temple to say her prayers. She prepare meal for us. She takes many pains for our comforts.
  • 5. FATHER • My father’s name is SUMEET KUMAR GUPTA. He is thirty nine year old. He is an advocate. He also keeps discipline at home. He always teaches us in a pleasant manner. He never loses his temper. He does not smoke. He is very loyal to the house. He does his duty very honestly.
  • 6. BROTHER • My brother’s name is SHUBHAM GUPTA. He is fourteen year old. He is cheerful, strong, industrious and gentle. He is simple but neat and tidy. He leaves a very good impression upon anyone who comes in his contact with him. He has strong love for books. He is very punctual and regular in doing in homework. He never picks a quarrel with anyone. He is the most truthful boy.
  • 7. GRANDMOTHER • My grandmother’s name is KANTA GUPTA. She is sixty five years old. She reads religious books. She remembers many short stories and folk tales. She loves me very much and entertains me by relating short stories. She loves all of us. She remembers the birthday of each member of the family. She expects much from it not in return of her sacrifices materially, but in return of her affection in the form of the fulfillment of her dreams.
  • 8. GRANDFATHER • My grandfather’s name is RAMESH GUPTA. He is sixty seven year old. He is a man of noble and generous nature. He is the head of our family. He leads a contended life. He never misses a cricket match on television. He is very honest. He always speaks the truth. Our whole family obeys his orders. On every occasion, he gives us gifts.
  • 9. Good family‘s are a blessing and make our life pleasant. They share our joys and sorrows. They feel for us. They help us sincerely in our difficulties. We should always respect our elders.