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  • 1. By: Shubham Goyat
  • 2.     Considering the response I got from my previous upload by the name of “Corporate Quotient-The Business Quiz”, I have decided to start uploading some more business quizzes. I will try to upload 1-2 quiz every week The quizzes will be small but the difficulty level will be higher than my previous uploads Hope you like my efforts
  • 3.  There is a concept of BOT(Build Operate Transfer) used in public private partnerships. But recently a new concept has emerged in India by the name of BOOT. What is this concept?
  • 4.  BOOT-Build Own Operate Transfer This concept is being used by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in all the malls built with the metro stations. This concept is an extension of BOT as this adds a dimension of ownership as well
  • 5.  Faiveley Transport is a famous brand internationally in the transport indurty. What exactly made it famous in India?
  • 6.  It is the supplier of Glasses in bombardier Metro of DMRC plus is supplying the brake systems and maintenance system to DMRC
  • 7.  “Mahurat” trading is a concept only seen in the Indian stock markets. What is this concept?
  • 8.  Mahurat trading is the special 3-4 hrs of market trading on the diwali evening
  • 9.   “I always prefer to have a person in a panel who is a pessimist and keeps on focusing on the negative aspects of topic being discussed. I also ensure that he gets paid only if the deal doesn’t go through. I do this to ensure that the panel gives me the best solution always.” -X Identify X(Speaker of these words)
  • 10.  Warren Buffet
  • 11.  Identify this person
  • 12.  Rakesh Jhunjhunwala He is believed to be the Warren Buffet of India
  • 13.  Identify this person (You could even just tell where have you seen him)
  • 14.   This is Isaiah Mustafa The actor you saw in the OLD SPICE ad campaign (now replaced in Indian ads by an Indian actor)
  • 15.  Which famous Newspaper Publishing Company recently started its campaign by the name of “Against Half Knowledge”?
  • 16.  Economic Times
  • 17.    I will try to come up with some more of such questions next time. Till then bye My Other Uploads: Corporate Quotient: rporate-quotientthe-businessquiz?from_search=1 For Feedback: or you can comment