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Business quiz(Pyramid)

  1. 1. Presents…… PYRAMID QUIZ FINAL ROUND Qualifying Teams Gagan BajajJashan Gupta Vaibhav Kathuria ParidhiNitish Dewan Sabhya Sud Sabharwal Amol Gupta Nihaar Reddy Umang Kataria Namit Arora
  2. 2. Q1. It is an American Based Insurance group thatoperates in India under the TATA group. It was the former sponsor of the famous Football club Manchester United FC AIG Q2. It is a German based automotive company that has released the A and R A range of cars AUDI Q3. it is the first name of a famous corporate house based in Mumbai who is the owner of Idea Cellular Services ADITYA Q4. it is a sportswear and footwear brand that owns 99% stake in Reebok ADIDAS Q5. it is an IT software developing firm whose CEO ADOBE SYSTEMS is Shantanu Narayan
  3. 3. Grid for First RoundA B C DE F G HI J K LM N O PR S T U Grid for Second RoundTATA GODREJ BIRLA AMBANI JINDAL
  4. 4. Q1. It is a Dutch state owned bank headquarteredin Amsterdam. It was established as a consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland, Santader and Fortis ABN AMRO Q2. It is an Italian car manufacturingcompany established in 1910. it is famous for its vintage cars ALFA A ROMEOQ3. It is a Taiwanese MNC dealing inelectronics, computer software andhardware. It is the world’s 4th largest PC manufacturer ACER Q4. Its name has been derived from the ideology of “Accent to the Future” ACCENTURE Q5. It is a consumer electronics brand found in AKAI 1929 in Japan
  5. 5. Q1. It is an American aerospace and defense corporation found in 1916 in Washington BOEING Q2. It is the world’s largest automotive components supplier B BOSCHQ3. It is an American company foundby Amar Bose that specializes in audio BOSE equipments CORPORATION Q4. It is a MNC that manufactures auto and truck parts and specializes in Tyres BRIDGESTONE Q5. It is a subsidiary of RAD game tools that developed a software that is used for BINK VIDEOS motion gaming
  6. 6. Q1. It is a chain of fashion retail stores in Europe in2007 but it entered in retail banking for the rest of the time C&A Q2. It is an American luxury vehiclemarquee found in 1902. it is owned by GM C CADILLAC Q3. It is a Japanese electronics company that manufactures calculators and watches. In 1957 itreleased world’s 1st electric calculator CASIO Q4. It is the second largest retail group of the world in terms of revenue CARREFOUR Q5. it is a company dealing in computer and related products and was found in COMPAQ 1982
  7. 7. Q1. It is a south Korean conglomerate found in 1967 and dismantled by the Govt. in 1999. It mainly dealt in automobiles in India DAEWOO Q2. It is an American computer technology corporation found in 1984 in Austin, Texas D DELL Q3. It is one of the big four accounting and auditing firms found in UK in 1845 DELOITTE Q4. it is a stock market with 30 listings on it. It is also called the Industrial Average DOW JONES Q5. It is a division of German logistics company Duetsche Posts and provides DHL international mail services
  8. 8. Q1. It is an internet consumer-to-consumer corporation found in 1995 eBay Q2. It is a brand of Electronic Arts that creates sports video games EA E SPORTSQ3. It is a British game publisher who is a subsidiary of Square Enix. Itcreated the Hitman and Tomb Raider range of games EIDOS Q4. It is one of the big four accounting and auditing firms ERNST & that operates the YOUNG Q5. It is a global TV network focusing on sports. It is a 80- 20 merger of Walt Disney ESPN and Hearts Corporation
  9. 9. Q1. It is the largest company in the food industry of Finland FAZERQ2. it is a logistics services company, based in US found in 1971 by Fredrick W. Smith F FedEx Q3. It is a social networking service launched in 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. It filled for an IPO in February 2012 FACEBOOK Q4. it is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Meranello, Italy FERRARI Q5. it is a Japanese based IT equipment and services company headquartered in FUJITSU Tokyo Japan in 1935
  10. 10. Q1. it is a UK basedpharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines, and consumer healthcare company founded in London in 2000. GLAXOQ2. it is global provider of business process and technology management services G found in 1997 by NV Tyagarajan GENPACT Q3. it is a tyre and rubber manufacturing company found by Frank Seiberling in 1898 GOODYEAR Q4. it is listed on NYSE as GOOG and deals in internet-related products and services GOOGLE Q5. it is an Indian based infrastructure company founded in 1978. It operates GMR many airports
  11. 11. Q1. it is a Chinese based consumer electronics and home appliances company found in 1984 in Qindao HAIER Q2. it is a Japanese based conglomerate found in 1910 headquartered in H Tokyo, Japan HITACHI Q3. it is a free web-based emailservice founded by Sabeer Bhatia and owned by Microsoft HOTMAIL Q4. it goes with the tagline “quietly brilliant” HTC Q5. it is an American company found in 1906 that produces commercial and consumer products, engineering services HONEYWELL and aerospace systems
  12. 12. Q1. it is and Indian organisation that publishesoverdrive, T3, Entrepreneur series of magazines INFOMEDIA 18 Q2. it is a Bangalore basedbanking, financial services and Insurance firm found in 2002 ING I Q3. it is the second name of an Indian VYASYA conglomerate operating in construction, power, real estate and energy sectors. The first name of this INFRATECH conglomerate is Lanco Q4. it is the second largest hotel chain in India and is the owner of Maurya Hotel, New Delhi ITC HOTELS Q5. it is a Mumbai based bank found in 1994 and is IndusInd BANK owned by Hinduja group
  13. 13. Q1. it is the one of the largest steel producingCompany of the country and was founded in 1982 JSW Q2. it is the largest silent generator manufacturing company of India J JAKSONQ3. it is a commercial and investmentbanking institution found by Pierpont Morgan in 1871 JP MORGAN Q4. it is a cement company operating in India under the Juggilal Kalampat Group JK CEMENT Q5. it is a Mumbai based JYOTHY FMCG company found in 1983 by MP Ramchandram LABORATORIES
  14. 14. Q1. it is south Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer after Hyundai KIAQ2. it is an electronics manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan founded in 1959 K KYOCERA Q3. it is a Japanese manufacturer ofaudio equipments. This company was founded by Kennworth Wood KENWOOD Q4. it is an American based imaging and photographic equipments manufacturing firm KODAK traded as EKDKC/Q Q5. it is a Swiss cooperative founded in 1987 as a merger of Peat Marwick International and KPMG Klynveld Main Goerdeier
  15. 15. Q1. it is an Indian company operating in the fields of engineering, construction and manufacturing founded in Mumbai in 1938 L&T Q2. it is a south Korean confectionary company established in 1967 L LOTTEQ3. it is a brand of soap that is being marketed by Lever brothers since1895. It is a competitor to the dettol range of soaps LIFEBUOY Q4. it is a footwear company based in Karnal, Haryana that was est. In 1954. It is the owner of Force 10 and Gliders LIBERTY range of footwear Q5. it is a Unix-like computer operating system first developed by Linus Torvalds LINUX in 1991
  16. 16. Q1. it is the world’s largest toy manufacturing company based on revenue and is listed on NASDAQ as MAT MATTELQ2. it is a luxury car brand found in 1909 and is currently under the Daimler AG M corporation MAYBACHQ3. it is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that entered the Indian markets with Firstname as Swaraj. In India they manufactured coaches, buses and trucks MAZDA Q4. it is a NGO. It is the developer of the 3rd largest web browser of the world MOZILLA Q5. it is an American company involved in production and distribution of films and METRO-GOLDWYN- television programs. It was founded in 1924 by Marcus Leow MAYER (MGM)
  17. 17. Q1. it is a company that creates computer software application that developed its first software in 1997. NEROQ2. it is the world’s largest nutrition, health and wellness company found in 1866 in N Switzerland NESTLE Q3. it is a software manufacturingcompany that creates web browserswith their second name as Navigator NETSCAPE Q4. it is a footwear and sportswear company which is listed on NYSE as NKE NIKE Q5. it is a multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. It is world’s 6th largest automaker and is the owner of NISSAN the brand Infiniti.
  18. 18. Q1. it is a global consortium that drivesdevelopment and adoption of e-business and web service standards. It was established in 1993 as SGML Open. OASIS Q2. it is an Indian construction company established in 1989. It was first a privatecompany and then became a public company. O its director is Mr. Bhopinder Singh OMAXEQ3. it is an electronics brand based in India that gave its tagline as “Neighbour’s envy, Owner’s pride”. It came with an advertisement of a Devil with horns ONIDA Q4. it is the developer of a mobile web browser with its second name as Mini OPERA Q5. it is a diversified financial services providing firm that was found in 1987 OSWAL in Mumbai
  19. 19. Q1. it is and American animation film studio found in 1979 and is owned by the Walt Disney Group PIXAR Q2. it is an Italy based scootermanufacturing firm that owns 7 brands of P scooters. It was found in 1884 PIAGGIO Q3. it is an American based FMCG firm found in 1837. It is traded on PROCTER & NYSE as PG GAMBLE Q4. it is a german sports car manufacturing firm that owns 51% voting rights in Volswagen PORSCHE AG Q5. it is a Malaysian, government owned, oil and gas company found in 1974. It is rated as the most profitable PETRONAS company of Asia
  20. 20. Q1. it is a Spanish oil and gas company founded in 1986. It owns a team in Moto GP racing with Honda REPSOLQ2. it is a British consumer goods company found in 1814. It is traded on LSE as RB RECKITT & R BENKISERQ3. it is a French automaker founded in 1899. It entered Indian markets with a merger with Mahindra to manufacture their first car Logan RENAULT Q4. it is a footwear and sportswear company found in 1895 and is a subsidiary of REEBOK Adidas Q5. it is a Canadian telecom company that designs, manufactures and markets wireless solutions. It was RIM founded in 1984.
  21. 21. Q1. it is a multinational software and hardwaredeveloper headquartered in Japan and founded in 1983 SEGA Q2. it is an electronic company found in Japan in 1951 S SANYO Q3. it is a luggage manufacturing company found in USA in 1910 SAMSONITE Q4. it is the largest retailer of touch screen phones in India SAMSUNG Q5. it is a Dutch oil and gas company found in 1907. It is the 2nd largest energy SHELL company of the world
  22. 22. Q1. it is US based watches and luxury goods manufacturing company found in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock company TIMEX Q2. it is a british online and offline travelcompany established in 2007. They are the sponsors of Manchester City FC THOMAS T COOK Q3. it is the 4th largest 2 wheeler manufacturing company in India. It was founded in 1978 TVS Q4. it is the broadcaster of CNBC in India TV 18 Q5. it is a telecom company found in Norway in 1855. It is 2nd largestmobile phone TELENOR operator of the world
  23. 23. Q1. it is an organisation that creates Virus-free OS and was found in 2005 UBUNTUQ2. it is an international charity under theUNO. It was found in 1946 and has gained U most of its popularity from sponsorship UNICEF Q3. it is India’s 2nd largest real estate investment company and is claimedto be the largest real estate builder ofthe nation. It was established in 1972 UNITECH Q4. it is a FMCG company that is the 3rd largest consumer good company of the world UNILEVER Q5. it is an English sportswear company found in 1924. It specialises in UMBRO football equipments
  24. 24. Q1. It is a global chain of hotels TAJ TATA HOTELSQ3. On 27 March, 2008, TATA entered in an agreement with Ford foroperations of US$2.3 billion. For what was this agreement made JAGUAR (LAND ROVER) Q5. it is a cosmetics brand whose name is derived LAKME from Lakshmi. It is now under Unilever
  25. 25. Q1. What is the full name of the founder of the Ambani group Dhirajlal Hirachand AMBANI AmbaniQ3. what is the name of RIL on NSE RELIANCE Q5. which venture of Reliance reliance introduced the IPTV Communications
  26. 26. Q1. What was the first product of the GODREJ group SAFE GODREJ Q3. Who is the chairman of the GODREJ group Adi Godrej Adheshir Godrej Q5. Who were the founders of the GODREJ group & Pirojsha Godrej
  27. 27. Q1. It operates in retail sector with its chain ofstores. What is the name of this chain of stores MORE BIRLAQ3. Who is the chairman of the Birla Kumar Group Mangalam Birla Ghanshyam Das Q5. Who was the founder of the Birla Group Birla
  28. 28. Q1. When was the Jindal Group established 1952 JINDAL Q3. Jindal uses scrap metal(steel) tomake razors for a company. Name that company that gets its supplies from the Jindals GILLETTE Q5. Who was the founder of the Jindal Group OP JINDAL
  29. 29. Thank You