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  • 1. The Three Musketeers Rules Meaning Correct usage
  • 2. UNDERLINE THE NOUNS 1. The girls belong to this city. 2. Hiral lives in Baroda. 3. The trees on both sides of the roads are a treat to watch. 4. Beauty lies in goodness. 5. Premchand’s stories are replete with wisdom. 6. The army fired to disperse the crowd. 7. My brother-in-law is in USA. 8. He refused to work for her. 9. Travelling in hot summer by train gives me no pleasure. 10. What he does for this town is a blessing.
  • 3. 1. Fish 2. Soldiers 3. Students 4. Birds 5. Arrows or papers 6. Ships 7. Coins 8. Cards 9. Flowers 10. Bees or insects MENTION THE COLLECTIVE NOUNS USEDTO DESCRIBE ‘A NUMBEROF’.
  • 4. Exercises: Articles 1. _______few persons can keep a secret. 2. ______few words spoken in earnest will be enough to convince him. 3. Unfortunately, there is ____little hope of his recovery. 4. You are lucky; there is _____little water in the jug. 5. If you happen to meet him, give him _____message. 6. The traveler knows _____way. 7. We adore _____Baroque music./ we adore ______music of ___Baroque. 8. Who says _____Portuguese is ____easy language? 9. One should be _______honorable man. 10. Tomorrow ____European will meet me at the Taj.
  • 5. Articles I 1. I saw _______book in his hand. 2. Somebody call ____ officer. 3. ____bird has two wings. 4. Rajan goes home twice ________week. 5. Sheela is _______teacher in St. Thomas school. 6. Amrita is _______Indian. 7. The box weighs seven and _______half kilos. 8. This is quite _____good film.
  • 6. II 9. ____dog that bit me ran away. 10. I saw a boy in the hospital. _______boy was suffering from asthma. 11. _____cobra is a poisonous snake. 12. ______oppressed are the ones who are molested the most. 13. ________great Ajanta caves are famous for their frescos. 14. OMG is one of _______best films of Paresh Rawal. 15. Sameera plays _____guitar very well. 16. _______sun rises in the east. 17. ____Tapti river flows in Gujarat. 18. ______Caspian sea is not a part of _______ Atlantic ocean. 19. I work in _______ Andaman & Nicobar islands. 20. ______Hindu published a series of articles on _______Ramayana. 21. _______NATO is an international organization.
  • 7. III 22. _______ Non-violence is the greatest weapon of the strongest. _______Non-violence showed by M. Gandhi was exemplary. 23. My grandfather goes to _______church daily to pray. I am going to meet my friend in -----______church. 24. ______computers are being used in all organizations. ______computers used in the organization have crashed due to virus. 25. ____mother wants me to see her immediately. _____Man is a rational animal. 26. I didn’t have _____breakfast yesterday. We had ______early breakfast today. 27. We travel mostly by _____night. 28. ___ appendictis nearly killed him. 29. We’ll go by _____train.
  • 8. ADD ARTICLES IF NECESSARY  1. She started college when she was twenty years old.  2. West Indies are group of islands.  3. Animals suffer when kept in captivity.  4. What kind of dog is that?  5. The lawyer says it is hopeless case.  6. The poor boy has not fifty paisa.  7. Draw map of Kashmir.  8. Scheme failed for want of funds.  9. We slept late in afternoon.  10. Umbrella is useless against thunderstorm.
  • 9. Thank You