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Cyber crime
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Cyber crime


ppt on Cyber Crime

ppt on Cyber Crime

Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. Cyber Crime
  • 2. Introduction What is Cyber Crime? “Unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or both” History The case of 1820!. Joseph Marie. The Handloom machine Crime
  • 3. Associated Technologies  Packet Sniffing  Password cracking  Buffer overflow
  • 4. Basic Technology Unauthorized Access  Viruses  E- Mail Crime  Torjans  Passwd Torjans Remote Admin Torjan
  • 5. Classification  Financial crimes  Sale of illegal articles  Intellectual Property crimes  Email spoofing  Forgery
  • 6. Architecture Attack Controller/Master Host Attacker ISP ISP Attack Agents Attack Agents Attack Agents Victim Attack Agents Attack Agents
  • 7. Working Model CYBER SPACE Subordinate gets the information and plan. Main Boss issues the commands to the subordinates And executes the Plan
  • 8. Utilities Smart Cards  Password Revelers  Wireless Technology  Biometric Matchers 
  • 9. Application Domains  Email Related  Email spoofing  Sending malicious codes through email  Email bombing  Sending threatening emails
  • 10. Industry Relevance Packet Sniffing  Password Cracking  Buffer overflow  Viruses 
  • 11. Results: Stack overflow email Worms Back Orifice Packet Spoofing Central exploit Repository Sniffers NMAP Hijacking Sessions Icmp Tunneling Disabling Audits Password Cracking Satan Macro Virus Sweepers Back Doors Password Guessing Stealth Diagnostics Exploiting Known Vulnerabilities Self Replicating Code 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000
  • 12. Conclusion Who is affected by Cyber Crime?  How to stop  What we can Do? 
  • 13. Future of Cyber crime Completely un predictable.  WIRELESS Crimes  Mobiles will become the common tool for the cyber crime  Kids just for fun may hack the whole CBI architecture. 
  • 14. Thank you… Any queries ??