A scube dive show


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A scube dive show

  1. 1. Down Under ™A dive centric travel show
  2. 2. What’s Down Under all about• A 13-episode half-hour show on one of the prominent travel channels• To be aired once a week with a repeat telecast• Never in India has a show been concentrated on Diving• The show will explore the sea down under and also act as a travel guide for enthusiasts
  3. 3. What’s different• Down Under is a travel show that intends to showcase the upcoming diving centres from India and around the world• The major percentage of the show will concentrate on showing the nature down under the sea• Apart from the marine life, Down Under will also feature the places around and be a travel guide• The show will first showcase the diving centres in India and then explore other countries• The show can also work out package deals with diving the centre
  4. 4. Why a Dive show• Diving as an activity is slowly gaining momentum in India• The number of diving centres are also going up• India as a country has got one of the longest coastlines, so diving as an activity can get more audience• More and more people looking at alternate sources of adventure• Diving is one of the most beautiful experiences of a lifetime
  5. 5. Key components of the show• Introduction to the place and the diving centres around• Visit to the diving centre• Feature and interview the centre• Special packages from the diving centre• Travel around and food available
  6. 6. Introduction to the place and the diving centres• Every episode a new place will be featured and one of the prominent diving centres• The host will talk about the place and how to get to the diving centre from the nearest airport/rail/road• Highlight some aesthetic aspect of the diving centre
  7. 7. Visit to the diving centre• The host will introduce the diving centre to the audience• He will showcase some attractive features of the centre• Showcase availability of various features at the centre• Feature the instructors at the centre and talk to them
  8. 8. Feature and interview• Through the show the host will feature prominently the diving centre• He will also interview the owner of the place at regular intervals of the show – Here the owner can talk about his centre – Other features around – Packages that he provides – Testimonials
  9. 9. Special packages• If the diving centre wishes, the show can partner with some deals website and customize some package deals for the diving centre• This will be actively promoted through the show
  10. 10. Travel and Food• The host will also talk about the food available at the diving centre and also talk in general• He will also travel around the area a bit and showcase what other places can one visit from the diving centre• He will also talk about some tourist attraction sites in the vicinity
  11. 11. Benefits to the Diving centre• One complete episode to be dedicated to the Diving centre showcasing his offerings• An interview of the instructor and the owner• Attract more customers by announcing a package to enthusiasts• Showcase the best availability at the centre and stand out against the competition
  12. 12. Investment for Diving centres• Accommodation and Stay for free at the Diving centre for the crew• Free Dives with the instructors of the diving centre• Diving Equipments to be provided by the Diving centre
  13. 13. Concept Creators• Prathamesh Kulkarni – 09892205225• Sreehari Nair - 09819288911