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  • Wheat, rice, maize, sugarcaneand cotton can grow very well here and the production will be more than enough for the residents of our settlement. We shall store the excess grains in vacuum chambers within our settlement.Canals shall be built to provide irrigation to the crops, other than that provided by rainfall or river flooding. Biotechnology and genetic engineering of crops is expected to soar the production manifold. Moreover these crops are pest-resistant, so we shall not need pesticides and suffer its adverse consequences.Growth and Harvesting, Packaging, Storage and processing- it’s all Automated.We shall also establish and maintain Horticultural centres to grow fruits and vegetables. Some land shall be put aside exclusively for spices.Food shall be transported to residential establishments via carrier aircrafts.A requisite, healthy amount of food is provided to all residents, who can also buy more food if they choose to.
  • How much energy do we need? - residential, agriculture, industry, researchGeneration CapacityGeneration:1. Wind Mills: fixed and floating, especially in the southern mountains facing the westerly winds.2.Tidal Energy: along the Ocean Currents and along the river.3. Fusion: Contingency, on the island probably4. Fuel cells-efficiently transport energy5. Solar Panels on our buildings: very sensitive, low threshold frequency- should be folded inside whenever external environment becomes threatening.6. Biotechnology-if possibleDistribution: WiresCells

Hollowton & woodseeds iiser pune Hollowton & woodseeds iiser pune Presentation Transcript

  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARYHollowton and Woodseeds Group has always beenone of the leading pioneers in the field of tourism andconsultancy. Now we look to expand into makingsettlements. With some of the best StructuralEngineers we aim to build a settlement which, in itssturdy and powerful stature, maintains the essence ofhumanity.We at Hollowton and Woodseeds do not believe inchance.
  • 2.1
  • 3.1 The lcation chosen is n the adjascent map. The reason for residential area is it being a plaain shall not suffer much because ofeathquakes, away from coast so that tsunami and th asaline ice doesn’t effect it much.Industrial and agricultural area is next to the river for cooling and irrigation purposes.
  • FOOD PLAN TILL 2104CULTIVATIONThe Rutas Plains, especially the area around the river has got rich alluvial soil and plenty of water. We shall exploit theseconditions for the next fifteen years or so. crop Requireme Yield(GSg/ Area Total nt(GSg/per GSm2/pers (GSm2/per area(GSm2 son/day) on) son) ) Wheat 4500 3.1 1440 82800 Rice 2500 3.5 720 914000 Corn 1000 5.8 180 603500 Vegetables 13740 13.2 1040 159800 Beverage 100-200 15.2 9.8 12500 Soya bean 6340 8.3 760 437001. Storage of excess grains: Vacuum chambers2. Irrigation : Canals from the river, seasonal rainfall and river flooding.3. Biotechnology and genetic engineering of crops is expected to soar the production manifold. Moreover these crops are pest-resistant, so we shall not need pesticides and suffer its adverse consequences.4. Growth and Harvesting, Packaging, Storage and processing- it’s all Automated, monitored from time to time.5. Food shall be transported to residential establishments via carrier aircrafts.6. A requisite, healthy amount of food is provided to all residents, who can also buy more food if they choose to.
  • The open grasslands that are a part of the central plains may be used as a cattle rearing area to rear animals like cow, buffalo, sheep, goat and poultry.In the South-western part of Ruthas, the confluence ofthe Ocean Currents Alguhas and West Wind Drift is apromising site for fishery. We propose a temporaryfishery establishment on the water, that would beextensively automated. Food companies over theworld are invited to buy it’s shares.
  • FOOD AFTER 2104In the fifteen years leading to the eruption of the super-volcano Parabull, we willhave completed the construction of a closed agricultural establishment.We shall predominantly use aeroponics and hydroponics . We shall also use newtechnologies such as growing plants in an agar-nutrient medium, in shelfs. We mighthave to genetically modify some crops.The Fisheries shall go on as before, however we expect the yield to drop due to theunavailability of sunlight for the fish.
  • Power NET GENERATION CAPACITY= 1. Wind Mills: fixed and floating, especially in the southern mountains facing the westerly winds. 2.Tidal Energy: along the 6. Biotechnology-if Ocean Currents and along possible the river. 5. Solar Panels on our buildings: very sensitive,low threshold frequency- 3. Fusion: on the island should be folded inside probably whenever external environment becomes threatening. 4. Fuel cells and wiring- efficiently transport energy
  • Harnessing the power of the tidesFixed-type tidal power generation: A floating-type tidal power generation:
  • Communication• Internal communication- 1.Wired communication- Wired area network is provided using optical fibres.2.Wireless communication- Main transmitting station will be put up in each area and wireless network is provided.3.Wireless telephonic communication will be provided using post 3G technologies.4. e-papers will be used for TV broadcasting, mobile phones etc.5.For extremely confidential communication quantum cryptography will be used.6.The data transfer rate can be achieved up to 10Tbps.7. Wired is preferred over wireless for internal communication.
  • CommunicationE-papers Foldable andconvenient, theycover every form of Headquarters in the mountainscommunication and amidst a safe valley regulates allentertainment: TV, communication in Rutas.Newspaper, puzzles,mobile phone,radio, mp3 player, Information Security is a major concern for us, especially frominternet, etc. any GRCC spies or random terrorists. We develop e-policing in the region, who would protect the Communication system in Rutas from any Virus, as well as monitor the movement and electronic communication of Rutas people via integrated chips that are a part of every person in Rutas. For
  • • External communication1.Satellite communication will be the major part of this.2.The communication with external air craft and ships will be done by normal radio frequency communication.3.Geostationary satellites placed around earth in triangular form will be used as it is more efficient.4. Satellites uses 2 types of antenna low gain for close distance and high gain for long distance communication.5. Ultra high frequency communication is also used.
  • Transportation Transport to and within RutasIn 2088, our major fuel is HYDROGEN (that means we have already found avery efficient way of producing it)High speed Aircrafts- runway n airportSupersonic Ships- ports n docksJet packs- hydrogen fuelling stations Industrial ResidentialJetPack Fishery
  • TransportationBicycles• This is one of the most important mode of transportation inside the colony.• The dimensions of bicycle are 12 GSm in length and 9 GSm in height,• Cycles will be useful for maintaining health of human being and it is eco friendly too,hence use of bicycles is emphasized.Cabs and emergency transportation• Cabs will be available for local transport.• Ambulances and fire brigades will be provided foe emergency situations.
  • Maglev Trains-• Magnetic levitating trains will be the major mode of transport for going outside colony .• The main advantage of it is that permanent magnets are used .• They are energy efficient.• Initial construction cost is high but maintenance is not that costly.• They save the time of journey because of enormous speeds.
  • 3.2 WATER TREATMENT • Phase I is carried at the source. • Phase II represents the water pipeline going west to the industries. • Phase III represents two water pipelines directed towards the residential complex.Nano Pre-Filtration (NANO PF)Filtration will be through nanopores (holes of size 20nm) using silicon wafers at the source,to block passage of bacteria and virii intothe water pipelines. Such small sized pores will provide much sought for relief from thepotential threat of bio-weapon attacks from terrorists.We guarantee water security, the likes of which havent been seen before.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS pH Corrector: pH sensors detect deviations from the acceptable pH range of 6.5-9.5 for drinking water and nullify it using alkalies such as lime.Transport of Water:Water from the source is diverted in two directions:•Residential complex•Industrial complex Red Spot : Residential complex Yellow region : Industrial complex Green Line : Underground Water Pipeline
  • Atmosphere and weather controlStandards Controlling measures.Temperature 18-25 0CHumidity 40-55%Air compositionOxygen (21% of Generation-hydrolysis, oxygen generator system, urineatmosphere) Regeneration-OGS plants, urineNitrogen(78% of Generation –Ammonia, urine.atmosphere)Traces of other gases(<1%) We can use from outside atmosphere and isolate them.Carbon dioxide removal • Adsorption Compressor to isolate • OGS and Lithium Hydroxide beds for Removal •Else compressing and liquefying and using for other purposes.
  • Seasonal Cycle •We can maintain seasonal cycle by controlling the temperature, humidity and pressure. •Air breezes and winds are also produced to provide pleasant atmosphere.Carbon monoxide removal •Converting CO to using oxidation catalyst, then removing formed CO2Particulate matter • Using high efficiency filters and activated charcoal adsorbersWater vapour Respiration, Plant transpiration, humidity control systemClimate control systems • Condensing heat exchanger- Air is pulled by fan. Temperature is controlled by air flow through CHE. •For further humidity control we use dehumidifiers. •Force air zone heating will be used for central heat distribution allowing more discrete application of heat and increased energy efficiency.Artificial sunlight It provides same radiation spectrum as the sunContigency plan •Oxygen candles • Back up storage tanks
  • Day night cycle• Artificial sunlight will be provided.• Day night cycle will be controlled using those lights• Even the dome will be given an impression of the sky even during night to have feeling actual day-night.• Star maps will also be on the artificial sky for astronomy lovers.
  • Waste Management household agriculture industry1. Sewage: recycled within the residential 1. Wastes shall be structure. 1. Remnants of the treated and2. Bio-degradable waste: crop: fertilizers or decaying detoxified- broken animal feed down to useful food/plant/animal matter-processed and 2. Excess water goes for substances. Most of used as fertilizers. recycling it can be recycled.3. Non bio-degradable: 3. Animal dung- an Harmless paper, polymers, glass, excellent fertilizer. substances may be metal- all recycled. released into the**Aircrafts arrive environment periodically to collect the garbage to the outside. recycling factory.
  • 4.1• Housing-• Education- IIT-I, SERC, Primary, sec., high school. H&W university. 1 main library.• Entertainment & Parks and recreation• Medical- Every Living colony and industrial area has medical unit, main hospital in central hub.
  • 4.2 Demographics and population selectionABC Married Single men Single Children Physiological effects(median, adults(29,2 (24, 24) Women (23, (12,11)average) 8) 24) •SO2 causes irritation in eyes, nose, lungs.Scientists 3900 5050 5150 900 •Headache, dizziness, nausea.Investors 1500 350 250 900 •Confusion, visual The total population comprises of 30% married adults, 30 % single men, disturbances, 30% single woman, 10 percent children Disorientation • neuropsychiatry GRIN-H&W grant proposal impairment Cabinet Intelligence evaluation (in interest interview Scale - test of future generations)Mensa’s selection:# Requirements for the demographics to be met, uniform distribution of research topics. There are morethan 1,700 families with two or more Mensa members. This suggest a genetic trait.
  • Psychological effects Some of the remedies• Stress, depression • Control of emission of harmful gases.• Solipsism ( Fear of isolation) • Meditation, Power yoga• Lipism syndrome ( a state of mind in which a • Regular exercise and proper diet, Regular medicalperson feels that everything is a dream) services.• Insomnia • Provision of counselors for controlling psychological effects.•Claustrophobia( Fear of closed spaces) • Providing healthy and safe environment.•Stranger anxiety, irritability( Because of • Promoting social activities and recreational facilities.exposure to new area and different types ofpeople Area distribution Area in GSN (no. of units)- Single Couple Family > Mensas 10000(2250) 15000(1050) 20000 (900) Investors 11100 (300) 23000 (750)
  • 4.3Categories of work Tools required No of people• Agriculture- Robots, computers, fertilizers, irrigation tools, 100 threshers• Finance and Business Computers, 1500development•Communication Computers, networks, broadcasting devices 400•Education Computers, robots, e books, laptops 800•Hospitality Computers, vehicles 200•Maintenance Robots ,electronics instrument., structural 500 software, ash resistant suits•Medical services Robots, surgical tools and machines, computers, 500 medicines.•Research and development Supercomputers, simulation software, chemicals, 14000
  • 4.4Sr Name of CharcteristicsNo colony 1 7 21 Pampas The plush grasslands2 Area 51 Science fiction was never Central 6 3 far, you get to live it here.3 Las Vegas Casino, moolah, 5 4 exhilaration.4 Cyber city Tech is the way.5 Mini NZ We bring “our” home to you6 Sun n’ Sand7 Mighty highs A taste of bygone, delve in history.Area 51 PampasElevator
  • 4.5Mental stimulation Recreational Activity Physical fitnessYoga, Tai-chi, open areas. Amphitheatre Multipurpose sports complexSeminars and Discussions at the Fine dining, 7 themed hotels Monster Truck Madness, cycle as aUniversity mode of transport.Club activities within or among Cultural activity. Monthly get Treks through the mountains,colonies together natural parks.
  • 4.6 During construction phase: HRD Members of H&W shall assume office After construction: Food GRIN and H&W, shall discuss it over, then shall select the Processing appropriate Defense andGovernor security Defense mechanism: General Highly purified water, detectors of the border of the island, ninja Industry bots- to work as infantry and artillery combined Science and Chip insertion: technology A microchip shall be inserted in every resident, which will help External us monitor the health(BP, sugar and cholestol level, exposure affairs to radiation), it shall act as their pass and help us locate them. Bio counterterrorism- in order to counter attack terrorism, we will make a make a virus, which will attack the gene responsible for pH level. Which shall cause lysosome to engulf the cell, and as virus multiplies, the whole body might crumble.
  • 4.7 Increasing life span1. Balanced and healthy diet –Low calorie and potein.2. Regular exercise, yoga.3. Injecting gene in the zygote –(Methuselah gene). The first generation living there shall not have any benefits but the upcoming one’s life span shall increase by 100%. The gene in inserted into the zygote, which affects longetivity..4. Providing open space environment, clean and healthy air.5. Less to no exposure to radiation.Structural Provisions Non-Structural Provisions•The Structure is reinforced with crystalline •The highly efficient selection procedure of theconcrete and steel. The seven residential colonies Mensas ensures the brightest minds in Rutas.are thus reinforced. This reduces the risks of human error.•Earthquake resistant structures. •The location of the systems controls nullifies all risks of terrorist attacks leading to complete•Resistance and isolation from the volcanic destruction.winters. •Highly efficient energy production which will•Acid rain resistant structure (steel) protects last 150 years.structure from sulphuric acid in volcanic ash.
  • 4.8Structural Provisions Non-Structural Provisions•The Structure is reinforced with crystalline concrete and steel. •The highly efficient selection procedure of the MensasThe seven residential colonies are thus reinforced. ensures the brightest minds in Rutas. This reduces the risks of human error.•Earthquake resistant structures. •The location of the systems controls nullifies all risks of•Resistance and isolation from the volcanic winters. terrorist attacks leading to complete destruction.•Acid rain resistant structure (steel) protects structure from •Highly efficient energy production which will last 150sulphuric acid in volcanic ash. years. 4.9•Executive Until the completion of the settlement, the board of directors acts as the executive committee. Upon completion of the settlement, GRIN initiates members into the executive committee.•Legislative The legislature followed is that of the GRIN Penal Code.•Judicial The Rutas Court of Justice (RCoJ) is the ultimate judicial body. •The Rutas Police Force consists of 30 highly trained officials. •15 patrol teams are in charge of the colonies. •Automated systems are installed to keep a check on cyber-crime.
  • Autonomous System - OverviewRobotsGrowing crops (FARMBOT)Maintaining trees (PECKBOT)Enemy detection and preemptive strike systemFighting , bombers ( remote UAV )Mining (SHAFTBOT)Human traveler assistor (outside the dome) (PACKBOT)Filter cleaning and water treatment(WSEALBOT)House , sky & road cleaning (SWEEBOT)Ash clearing (HANGBLOWBOT)Dry ice dumping (PERBOT)Fishing (FISHBOT)Industry working and maintenance fire fighting ( remote controlled ) (INPRBOT) Building and maintaining maglev tracks and pipeline (MEPBOTS)Law enforcement ( remote controlled if armed ) (POLBOT)Metal production industryChemical industryResearch facility assistors (DEXBOTS)Quantum computersDoctor assistors (medical ) (DOCBOT)Earthquake rescue assistors (HGOBOT)
  • More RobotsBuilding constructions and maintenance (EGRBOT)Industry maintenance tending to environment around if any ( feeding the fewsurviving animals and locals , looking after trees)Bobots for making machineryNanoscopic drug delivery robots to fight off infectious diseasesMaglev trainsSevage systemsAutomation of the identification and id of individual resident
  • Growing cropsRobots that can inject germinating seeds to the spungy matrix used for solid support inagriculture , put those sponges in a proper place and once crops are fully grown harvestthem , take them to the processing facilityThey have a projecting body to store seeds and the matrix material with mechanisms toinject a seed into the matrixMaintaining treesRobots with one arm having rotating chian saws to cut off branches if necessary andother arm strong enough to single handedly carry the logs or wood pieces to requiredplaces , also the robot needs to be able to reach high placesDimensions: 2.5m X 0.7m X 0.7mEnemy detection and preemptive strike systemA series of 13 to 15 radar systems to the north east and north west of the colony withat least ranges of 300 kms on land and patrolling aircrafts that scout far beyond theisland , upon detecting any enemy the are intercepted with the fighters
  • Fighting , bombers ( remote UAV )Forward swept wings have 20% improvement efficiency and maneuverability bygreatly reducing wing tip vortices. They are currently being researched to overcomethe problems which is the inherent aerodynamic stability problems but with powerfulcomputers supported by gyroscopes and composite materials it is possible to makethem stable and feasibleFlying wing design was existent even from the WW2 and today the B-2 bomber Isusing this design. This design is more efficient and maneuverable compared toconventional designs because it lacks the bulky fuselage and tail which only cause dragand no lift but even this design is inherently unstable aerodynamically but again thiscan also be stabilizedCombining the 2 designs makes the fighters much more efficient , faster ,maneuverable
  • General military makeupAll military robots r remote controlled to eliminate the risk of friendly fire if the comps evermessup in pattern recognitionForward swept flying winged fighters for repelling enemy aircraft and bomber raids and possiblyeven ship raidsForward swept flying wing bombers for delivering nuclear , chemical , biological , bunker busteror regular explosive warheads and also possible delivering torpedos against shipsHovercrafts act as suiecide fast bombers over land or water against enemy troops or shipsManned submarines with the best available sonar to detect and destroy any enemy subLand based artillery installations using railgun or coil gun principles to shoot projectiles over 800kms powered by flywheelsMaglev train network can be used to transpoart the suiecide robots and standard unmannedtanks (sut)Sut: usual tanks but just unmannedNuclear emp generators to decimate any enemy weapon operated by electricityPain rays , sonic pain waves , laser indused plasma electrifiers , electrifiers and other chemicalmeans of harmless crowd controleLast resort of nuclear fusion warheads with icbm’s and biological weaponsThe tanks are just like most other tanks in today’s world except instead of using diesel or otherhydrocarbon fuels for movement and gunpowder for destruction it uses stored liquid hydrogenfor bothThis will give it 3 times more firepower and speed for the same mass
  • FishingAutomated boats that makes trips between ships and shores , laying net traps for fishes andafter a while retrieves them back to the shoreThe dimensions are : 3m X 1m X 1mIndustry working and maintenance fire fighting ( remote controlled )Automation is mostly made by machines in industryVery few robots r used to carry heavy loads and do other firefighting and hazard rescueThe same can be used in fire fighting scenariosThe robots are like the ones used for constructionBuilding and maintaining maglev tracks and pipelineBuilding and construction robot can be modified to lay maglev tracks and to maintain themMaglev trains usually consist of laminated thin square conductors there for the basic structureof the robot can remain the sameFor building pipelines the robots don’t need the suction arms instead use pipe benders andother cutters and drillerslaw enforcement ( remote controlled if armed )Robot with tracks and strong armor and armed with a high velocity and high rate of fire rifle andcameras that can see IRDimensions : 2m X 0.8m X 0.6m
  • Metal production industryRobots are not necessary in iron and steel industry just among the mining robots some might remain back andtransport the ore to the beginning place of the process to extract the metalsThe metallurgic process is completely automatedEarthquake rescue assistorsWhenever there is any damage to any infrastructure due to an earthquake immediately sensors send alerts toevery point in the colony to call rescue workers and robotsRobots which are sturdy and small , can go through small spaces resulted from rubble fallen by earthquakesand find survivors using life sign detection equipment like IR vision and sound sensingThey are rectangular with large length and bredth but low height , supported on tracks wheels and carry thenecessary sensorsDimensions : 0.5m X 0.4m X 0.15m Chemical industryMostly chemicals that r the most important like nh3 , h2so4 , etc are produced by the best known processes ,automated to the highest possible degreeThis applies to any other processesResearch facility assistorsResearch facilities should include a particle accelerator , further research facilities for cold fusion and otherparticle physics research options along with further research into already existing quantum computersIn branches of chemistry research should be made on the further dev elopement of material scienceNew efficient ways to produce chemicals , produce hydrozen in a very efficient way , improve efficiency of fuelcells , better air purification methods , ways to mass produce long carbon nano tubes and other essential areasIn biology the facilities should have good genetics research facility and find ways to further improve life spanand also to grow plants and animals more efficientlyThe facilities should have state of the art research facilities and very powerful quantum computers forcomputations and simulations
  • Quantum computersThey are stored in the mountainous regions and are extremely powerful they are able to doinfinite number of parallel operations simultaneouslyDoctor assistors (medical )Has all the medical instruments that is needed for examination built into it like stethoscopes ,infrared vision , thermometers , blood pressure measuring , blood and dna analysis , ultrasoundscanner , etcDimensions are close to that of humans1.8m X 0.6m X 0.3mBuilding constructions and maintenanceRobots which can carry glass / steel plates using suction mechanism to required parts ofstructure for maintenance or construction and also have reserve of concrete or any otherbinding material that’s needed , rivets , some hydrogen that can be burned for heat , have someelectric welding and plasma cutting tools , most probably able to fly around with highprecession using the same jetpack mechanism that people useThe basic structure of the above can be modified for any construction maintenance activitiesDimensions are 2m X 0.4m X 0.4mIndustry maintenanceAutomation is mostly made by machines in industryVery few robots r used to carry heavy loads and do other firefighting and hazard rescueThe same can be used in fire fighting scenariosThe robots are like the ones used for constructionTending to environment around if anyfeeding the few surviving animals and locals , looking after trees)
  • Robots for making machineryAfter the production of metals and other substances from ores they r actually converted togoods that r required by humans the same kind of automation that has been followed in today’sautomobile industry and other cases can be followed for manufacturing some standard thingsNanoscopic drug delivery robots to fight off infectious diseasesSmall bots whose sizes r comparable to those of bacteria’s or viruses delivers drugs to specificcells and kills specific organisms in the bloodDimensions : cylinder (length X radius): 3mm X 1mm (mm = micrometer) to 120nm X 50nm(nm=nanometer)Automation of the identification and id of individual residentEvery individual who is the member of the community will have a tag embedded in his body thiswill serve to monitor his body health status and also to identify him anywhere inside the colonyThis can also prevent unauthorized access to the residents of the coloneyIf any person without the id enters any area of the colony which is not for tourism then an alarmis set off and POLBOTS are alerted
  • SCHEDULINGPHASES DESCRIPTION TIMELINEPre Business Development Assesment of landforms and area. Setting up January 2089 temporary housing for the workers.Phase I Demarcation of land identified for March 2089 construction of colonies and industries. Farming lands are worked on.Phase II Phase I Completed. Residential colonies February 2092 complete. Farmland well developed for cultivation. Industries under way.Phase III Phase II completed. Industries developed. June 2093 First group of mensas arrive at the settlement.Phase IV Successful running of the settlement for a July 2094 year. Discussions with GRIN for them to take over the administrations.
  • COSTSRequireme Quantity Price Total Requireme Quantity Price Totalnts (GS units) Expenditur nts (GS units) Expenditur e (INR) e (INR)Steel 3.6x1013 INR 25 / kg 900 billion ICBM 10 ICBM INR 2500 25 billion GSKg million perConcrete 43.2x109 INR 5/ 282 billion piece GS cu.m 0.764GS Maglev 10 Maglevs INR 66.53 665.3 cu.m Trains billion per billionNuclear 1 plant INR 330 330 billion pieceFusion billion Houses & 4900 INR 1 4.9 billionReactor Design houses million perDefense 400 tanks, INR 310 883.5 house 450 anti million per billion Domestic 5400 INR 50,000 0.27 billion aircraft piece Robots robots per robot missiles, 2000 Education Funds for 5 INR 20 100 billion fighter jets years billion perSubmarines 15 nuclear INR 2500 37.5 billion year submarines million per Industries Funds for 5 INR 200 1000 piece years billion per billionNuclear 30 Nuclear INR 2500 75 billion yearWarheads Warheads million per piece TOTAL COST – INR 4303.47 billion
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTBanking and CommerceAtleast for a decade to start with, Rutas will not have a Reserve Bank on its own and will be apart of and follow the monetary policy of the Reserve Banks of GRIN. However, a CentralBanking facility will be set up for liquidation of cash amongst its residents. A single structurewill be constructed in the Central Hub of the Residential Area and each Community Complexwill be provided with an ATM. This will be called The Rutas National Bank.
  • TourismThe Milford Sound is a fjord in the South West of New Zealand’s South Island and is acclaimedas New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination. It attracts upto 1 million visitors per year.H & W is venturing into creating a Model “Milford Sound” along Rutas Mountain range.Other locations for development of tourism will be identified by the Cabinet in due course. Milford SoundObjective : To make tourism a forerunner in the industrial share.Mission : Our target markets are those tourists who are frequent travelers to NZ (our base) aswe intend to create similar structures and settlements at Rutas which we expect to result inmore “investors”.Keys To Success : The wide diversity in land and water forms at Rutas provide a largespectrum for Tourist locations and our Keys to Success will depend on identifying and exploitingthem.
  • Manufacturing Plants Along the Industrial Belt of Rutas, an area will be allocated for production of Robots and Supercomputers – The Rutas Automation and Computation Unit (TRACU). Our first set of Robots (mentioned in Automation) and the “Large Computing Facility”, however, shall be imported from outside. We shall be outsourcing certain technical projects in this business venture.Mission : The companys mission is to be successful by effectively utilizing the philosophies ofhigh quality, advanced techniques, and customer service.Keys to Success : Significant investments in research and development and engineering withthe aim to focus on precisely controlled equipment.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, RutasA considerable section of our Mensas Population, who will be carrying out research inEngineering and Pure and Applied Science, will be affilliated to the IIT, Rutas. There willalso be advanced undergraduate courses – mainly in engineering and pure science as in anyother IITs. Initially, our IIT will be nurtured by the already established IIT Indore in termsof Admininstration, Student Affairs etc. IIT, Rutas will be set up in the Central Hub of theresidential area. There would also be other insituitions including a SERC.Export of fisheriesThe meeting of the Hot and Cold currents at the southern tip of Rutas is geographicallyfavored place for the industry and we will be looking forward to export our excess toforeign countries. However, the turnout is reduced to decrease due to effects of aspeculated volcanic eruption near Indonessia.
  • We thank GRIN for giving us thiswonderful opportunity to venture into new territories.