Contents Page and Double Page Spread


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Contents Page and Double Page Spread

  1. 1. The V from Vibe is placed asa background. This tells the The name of the page isaudience what the magazine clearly stated at the topis. It is only the first letter right of the page. The bigbut as Vibe is a popular bold font helps it standmagazine the readers know out. The letters are onwhat the magazine is. different lines giving an edgy look to the page. ThisThe image is black and white fits in with the type ofwhich gives a house style to audience for the magazine.the page. Using black andwhite makes the title of thepage stand out. Vibe is a R&Bmagazine and the image is of This contents page is takena artist who makes this genre from the magazine Vibe.of music. The image helps The contents of thisrepresent what the magazine magazine is located in theis about. The model is bottom right corner in alooking straight in to the list. This makes it easier forcamera which gives the the readers to read as it isaudience the feeling that he set out in a simple way. Itis looking at them. The has appropriate sub-image also links to his album headings to spilt up thecover as he has a red heart different topics in theon both. This tells the magazine.audience that there will bean article in the magazineabout this.
  2. 2. This contents page is for a Like the previousrock magazine called contentsKerrang. In this contents page, subheadings arepage pictures are used to used to in the list toshow what is in this make it easier for themagazine. This makes it reader to find what theyeasier for the reader to are interested in. theysee what the magazine is are highlighted and haveabout. a bold font to make them stand out.Black and yellow are thehouse style colours. This The yellow title has arelates to rock genre as black background whichblack is usually associated contrast each other. Thiswith rock. The colours makes the title stand outstand out and catch the and lets the reader knowreaders attention. what is on the page. It also gives it an edgy look which is what the genre of this magazine is about.
  3. 3. This is double-page spread from NME magazine. It has a very simple layout with the image on the left-hand side of the page and the text on the right. The image is big and takes up half the page which makes the page look full. It makes the page look like it does not have too much writing as too much text may not attract the readers. The image helps draw the readers in as it clear on what the article is about. The colour theme is simple with grey, black and white but the red from the image helps make the page stand out. The title links to the image as it is one of the artist’s song. The font that is used has a fancy style which makes the page look trendy and stylish. The big USA that is written in the background is very pale but still stands out against the image and text as it is big and bold. The light colour stops it from standing out too much. USA is put there as the article has something to do with the USA and also it connects to the image as she is sitting on the flag.The article text isblack which makes it The article has astand out against the little introductiongrey background. which is biggerThe first letter of the than the rest ofarticle is big and has the article. Thisa fancy font. This gives the reader anshows the readers idea on what thethat the article starts article is about.there and also fits in This text is also inwith the stylish black which makestheme. The use of it stand out againstsimple colours helps the background.the page look moreformal andprofessional, yetattracting the targetaudience.
  4. 4. In this magazine the image is on the right and text is on the left. The image is big and eye-catching. This attracts thereaders to the page. The colours of her shirt are used to fit in with the rock genre as these colours follow the rocktheme. Red and black are very bold colours which attract the audience. This artist is used as the article is abouther, which helps attract the target market. She looks young which helps the magazine connect to the young agegroup.The main heading stands out as it has an edgy look to it. It makes the reader read the article. A quote is used as thetitle which makes it seem like the reader connects with the artist and draws the audience in. They have made thewriting of the heading different from other magazines. This helps it stand out from other magazines. Othermagazine titles tend to flow but this has an abstract theme which looks edgy and appeals to the target readers.Also it is in black and white which are contrasting colours making it stand out.This page also hasan introductionwhich helps thereader to knowwhat the article isabout. The firstletter of the articleis also bigger andbolder to showthat this is wherethe article starts.