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Just Click is an imaging company pioneered, in 2007. It is dedicated to the proposition that,
“Whatever serves the client best, serves the agency best.”

Just Click provides versatile Pictorial & Audio Video solutions for automotive, aviation, industrial, infrastructural, fashion, lifestyle, product, architecture, interior, jewelry, corporate profiles, events & 360 Degree Panaroma Virtual View.


• Innovative ideation and detailed planning
• Tie ups with Modelling Agencies, Make up Artists, Costumes & Props Stylist.
• Reiki Trips in search of locations for Concept Shoots


* Equipped with best in class Cameras, Lenses & Lights to provide high quality Images.

* Sample Images created to provide complete customer satisfaction


• High end Softwares used to retouch the image to provide superior high - resolution printable file.

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  1. 1. “Shraddha is hardworking, intelligent & creative. Not only this, she is a good entrepreneur. I wish her all the best & success in her coming future.” – Rajesh Kalra (Purchase)
  2. 2. “Due to Mr. Rajiv Bajaj’s belief, it motivated us to createexclusive stunt images for their Pro Biking showroom’s”
  3. 3. “A truly amazing experience, photographing a truly amazing car”
  4. 4. “It was a great honor to photograph beautifully modified cars by Mr.Dilip Chhabria”
  5. 5. “Our desire to create automobile images using sunlight gotfulfilled with the new Maruti Suzuki DZIRE, thank you Mr.Apurva Khandare”
  6. 6. “Thank You Mr.Sandeep Singh(Dy Managing Director – Marketing at Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt.Ltd) for providing us such a great opportunity”
  7. 7. “Sometimes Heat, Sweat & Dust are not an excuse anymore, when one gets to photograph The Mercedes Benz”
  8. 8. “4 P’s of Shraddha…Patience, Perseverance, Persistence & Promise of delivery. It requires a lot morethen professionalism to be a great performer, that’s what I feel she is” – Mr.Ishu Bhasin (Brand Manager)
  9. 9. “We feel great to work with Escorts, thank you Ms.Arundhati Seigell”– Corp. Communication
  10. 10. “First breakthrough in the world of TATA Motors, thank you Ms. Roxana Cooper”
  11. 11. “As an individual – dedicated, hardworking & sincere. As a photographer – very professional & produce great pictures. And for a women in this job – truly admirable” – Shara Jacob (Marketing Manager, International Business CVBU)
  12. 12. “Proud to be associated with two major companies, AMW & DC Design for Delhi Auto Expo 2012”
  13. 13. “Shraddha’s hard work & sheer determination, coupled with photography skills & experience will reach her to further heights” – Mr. Manoj Kumar Baraik, Brand & Marketing Communications
  14. 14. “Ive known Shraddha for a few years now & Ive always been amazed at her drive and passion towards achieving her goals without compromising her professional standards. Shes a brilliant out-of-the-box thinker & visualiser, and it shows in her work. Shes someone who is not in a hurry to become part of the professional flotsam, but has the professional brilliance and patience to create a niche for herself. Happy Clicking !!!” - Ashish Sinharoy (VP-Communications & Corporate Affairs, Renault India)
  15. 15. “ Images created for the campaign ’Ape chalta hai toh desh chalta hai’ ”
  16. 16. “Even sky was not the limit for creating these images, thank you Mr. Chintan Patel”
  17. 17. “If I have to summarize the intent & ability of Shraddha, then it will be the willingness to work smart adherence to difficult timelines & to surprise with exceptionally good results…I wish her all the very best for her future” – Mr. Himanshu Gaur, Marketing Department
  18. 18. “4 P’s of Shraddha…Patience, Perseverance, Persistence & Promise of delivery. It requires a lot morethen professionalism to be a great performer, that’s what I feel she is” – Mr. Ishu Bhasin (Brand Manager)
  19. 19. “The quality of work is absolutely superb and I have not seen such wonderful lenswork making mechanical things looking so lively and attractive” – Abhijeet Sadhu (Endurance Technologies-Brand Manager)
  20. 20. “Shraddha is fantastic & I wish her all the best & lots of new businesses” - Mr. Franck Evurard, Managing Director,Faurecia,India
  21. 21. “Was amazed to capture the pharma technology”
  22. 22. “Hard work always pays off”“Hard work always pays off”
  23. 23. “It was a heart warming experience to photograph every minute process of garment making”
  24. 24. “First assignment with a Finland based company”
  25. 25. “Our first experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, Thank you Mr. Colin Shah”
  26. 26. “Got a chance to photography all leading international brands created under one roof”
  27. 27. “Photographed all the leading car showrooms”
  28. 28. “We feel lucky to photograph one of the best Audi showroom”
  29. 29. “Created images for Maruti’s well-known Showrooms & service center”
  30. 30. “The real heros of Life”
  31. 31. “Feels great to photograph one of the tallest skyscrapers of South Mumbai”
  32. 32. “Got an opportunity to photograph Asia’s biggest mall – Phoenix Market City”
  33. 33. “Got an unique opportunity to create images of 5 star Kitchens”
  34. 34. “Shraddha delivers creative & great results” – Nimish Ajmera
  35. 35. “The spa reflects the owner’s personality”
  36. 36. “Great ambiance creates great pictures”
  37. 37. “Learnt the way of hospitality with Mr. Vikram Bawa”
  38. 38. “Shraddha is an enthusiastic, energetic photographer who always wants to give her 200 % to the project she is working on & never hesitate to walk that extra mile to achieve whatever is expected from her. A true professional, a real Business partner & to top it all very nice human being”-Mr. Rajan Joshi, Creative Director – Network Advertising
  39. 39. “Life gets easier to create images of beautiful products, thank you Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt”
  40. 40. “Challenges of E-commerce photography”
  41. 41. “Beautifully crafted images for beautiful pieces of art”
  42. 42. “Just like Solitaires, pictures are forever”
  43. 43. “Lifestyle images created TATA Croma”
  44. 44. “Photographs for ‘Pakdo Life ka Har Signal’ Campaign shoot”
  45. 45. “Mustard oil shoot with leading personalities of Kolkata”
  46. 46. “Every second matters to capture the right expression’s”
  47. 47. “Psychedelic theme images created for Rebirth”
  48. 48. “Hand stitched photographs created for high quality fabrics”
  49. 49. “Felt amazing to be a part of the Being Human Collection”
  50. 50. “Great collection of indo-western garments”
  51. 51. “Cant stop clicking when one photographs Angels”
  52. 52. “The launch images for the Brunch Magazine”
  53. 53. “An exclusive opportunity to create fashion supplement images”
  54. 54. Thank You