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The next queen_of_heaven
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The next queen_of_heaven


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  • 1. What I'd Like The World To Read By : WongLiWen(23) 3B
  • 2.
    • Written By : Gregory Maguire
    The Next Queen Of Heaven
  • 3. Main characters Mrs leontina Scales Tabitha Jeremy Carr
  • 4. Mrs. Leontina Scales
    • A thrice-divorced mother of three teenagers (One daughter and two sons)
    • A member of Zion Radical Radiant Pentecostal Church
  • 5. Tabitha
    • She is a daughter of Mrs. Leontina Scales
    • She is a smart-talking, disrespectful girl
    • She has a bad mouth and attitude
  • 6. Jeremy Carr
    • A young special education teacher and music director at Catholic church
    • He had an affair with a guy but it ended sadly.
  • 7. Setting
    • Little town of Thebes, New York
  • 8. Summary
    • Mrs. Leontina Scales goes to the church after spending a difficult morning with her oldest child, Tabitha.
    • Mrs Scales is in-charge of preparing coffee for her fellow members of a group of people gathered for religious worship.
    • She slips out of her Inner Breathing class and realise that she forgotten to buy cream, so she decided to venture across the parking lot to borrow some from the neighbors.
  • 9. Summary
    • Mrs. Scales went into the basement of the church to take milk for the coffee.
    • However, Leontina was knocked out by a falling statue of Virgin Mary, waking up not quite a woman she was before and begins speaking in tongues.
  • 10. Summary
    • While things are not much better for the Catholics of Thebes.
    • Jeremy Carr is desperately trying to get his side project (a gay men’s chorus) into shape for an audition in New York City.
    • But the singing is not going so well either. One of the members is HIV-positive and is weakening quickly.
  • 11. Summary
    • Their rehearsal space have been reduced to the convent.
    • Jeremy’s luck takes an upward turn when he meets the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mysteries.
    • Christmas is coming but it is unclear whether the citizens of Thebes are in for miracles or disasters.
  • 12. Complications
    • Tabitha has got her own problems to deal.
    • Useless brothers
    • Absent fathers
    • A boyfriend who is avoiding her is engaged to someone else, leaving her carrying his child
  • 13. Why the world should read this book?
    • It is a challenging book.
    • It is a story that educated me and left me exhausted but thoughtful at the end.
  • 14. Credits
  • 15. The End
  • 16. Thank you for your attention