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  • 1. What I'd Like the World to Read for Sports...
  • 2. Book of the DAY :D No Way Back
  • 3. Which OLYMPIC VALUE is highlighted in the book??? FRIENDSHIP!!!
  • 4. Why I Chose this Book! I chose this book because I find it very intriguing. The storyline is well written. Most important of all, the story tells me the importance of friendship, which is one of the Olympic values. It also tells me that for every step you take, there is no turning back.
  • 5. Who is the author? o.o
    • Linda Newbery
    • born in Romford, Essex in 1952
    • grew up in Epping
    • went to a girls' grammar school and a technical college
    • lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and three cats
  • 6. When was this book published? 26 JULY 2001!
  • 7. What is the story about? Ellie and Amanda are the best of friends. Or they were, until Natalie came into their lives. Ellie feels left out as Amanda started to hang out with Natalie. Things began to go wrong with Ellie, at the stables where she works and Natalie seems to be the cause of it. Ellie decides to confront her…
  • 8. Why my friends should read this book?
    • It tells you the importance of friendship
    • This book has a wide range of vocabulary
    • The book is very interesting and intriguing.
  • 9. Done by: Tan Min, Nan Hua High School Seah Xin Yun, Nan Hua High School