Know Your Neighbourhood Better with Shout - A Locality Based Social App


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Talk, share, converse, discuss and connect with people in your locality. Shout keeps you up to date on happenings in your locality. No need to add friends and build network, Just download and start shouting.

Shout to meet people of similar interest, get Live Traffic Updates, reviews/suggestions, Buy and Sell things, raise your voice and stand for a cause and a lot more can be done.


★ Get help: New to the city ? Ask from people around you about the best in area

★ Converse: People around the world are using shout to neighbourhood problems, crime, and other local issues

★ Meet people of similar interest: Get company for daily jogging, swimming or form teams for weekend football, cricket matches

★ Live Traffic Updates: Never get stuck in traffic jam, warn others with live traffic updates of your area

★ Reviews: Get first hand user reviews on restaurants, movies, plays, events.

★ Buy and Sell: get the best deals from people living next door, or sell your old stuff. But marketing from companies is banned

★ Stand for a Cause: Spread the good word about your social cause be it to gather support for street dogs, or to save trees.

★ Emergency Shouts: in case of natural disastrous call for help and warn others. Also shout to get blood in case of emergency

★ Vigilante: Want to raise voice against corruptions or anything wrong? Use Alter Ego shouts to tell to people anonymously

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Know Your Neighbourhood Better with Shout - A Locality Based Social App

  1. 1. What is Shout app?
  2. 2. Shout app - Ask, Find or Share information with anyone around you - Aims to simplify the way people in a locality interact and help each other - Offers a clean public platform that can bring about meaningful conversations
  3. 3. Shouts – asking information
  4. 4. Shout – asking information
  5. 5. Shouts – sharing information
  6. 6. Shouts – sharing information
  7. 7. Shouts – Sharing information
  8. 8. Features – Quick Summary • Shout - 160 Character shout tagged to a location, to be found by anyone with the app near by. • Shout range – users can limit or extend their view of shouts to max of 10km radius • Echo – Users have the option to echo a shout if they feel it needs to be heard to a larger audience. After each echo a shout is available for users who are farther away • Shut-up – A harsh but a much needed power in public to discourage trash. A mechanism that will discourage a user to put nonsense in public
  9. 9. Features – Quick Summary • Comment – Users can respond to query, offer help or plain reply back to the shout • Report Abuse – Power in users hand to mark a bad content from appearing in the public forum. The shout disappears immediately for review by shout team. • Hashtags – User can hashtag the shout so that other shouters can search relevant shouts nearby
  10. 10. Shout app User Profile Shout range / Logout Summary of features Push notification Hashtag search User actions Report abuse
  11. 11. Features – What next • Alter Ego – The freedom mask offered to the user so that they need not stand back to shout out their opinion anonymously . Personification of their imaginary character which is true and doesn’t really care that someone is judging (testing phase) • Block User – All said and done well differences in people are there to exist. So if a user doesn’t like someone, they can restrict them from their shouts. (in pipeline) • iOS - app
  12. 12. How is Shout different • Not a private chat medium. All shouts occur publicly. • No need to “add friends”. Refer friends Yes  • Shouts are available to the all and anybody nearby. • Echo is not “Just Like”. Echo makes the shout travel and reach more people. Unique feature in any social networking platform. • Shut-up is a feature that only Shout has dared. We believe people should have the freedom to express dislikes and rejections too.
  13. 13. Shout in media
  14. 14. Thank You