Identity Prelim answers


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Answers to the Prelim round of the General quiz held in Hansraj

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Identity Prelim answers

  2. 2. Who is the above doodlededicated to?
  3. 3. Fermat‟s Last Theorem
  4. 4. Connect.
  5. 5. Delhi Metro Announcers!“Agla stationVishwavidyalaya…………HAI!”
  6. 6. *The effect of too many blows could explain hisdelay of growth, lack of libido and delay inonset of puberty.” Reads the study, publishedin the latest issue of the Canadian MedicalAssociation Journal. "We hypothesise that Xhas growth hormone deficiency andhypogonadotropic hypogonadism fromrepeated trauma," the study reads. Theresearchers identified 50 significant losses ofconsciousness during his „lifetime.‟ X?
  7. 7. X is not garageX is not jungleX is not hip-hop and X is not ragga.X is a mix between all of these withstrong, hard hitting lyrics. Its theinner city music scene of London.And is also alot to do withrepresenting the place you live orhave grown up in. X?
  8. 8. Dylan Colaci is a 14 year old boy.He was in the limelight a few weeksback. The only thing he had to sayabout the incident was "I didnthave much time to think about it."Funda?
  9. 9. What ishappening inthese slides?A specificconnect.
  10. 10. „Straight Six‟ Cricket- Top GearIndia episode
  11. 11. *Identify the Advertisement.
  12. 12. X and X‟s family lived in Y‟s garage when Xmoved to Mumbai. X is credited with the song“Tere bina mein nahin, Mere bina tu nahin. Also,X has starred in the films “Pallavi Anu Pallavi”and “Ek bar kaho.” X also starred in the hit filmZ which is a liftoff from Hollywood‟s NuttyProfessor. Give X?
  13. 13. Delphine Chaneac played the character X inthe film Y. X is a product of “Y”ing two differentDNA. Adrien Brody plays the lead along withSarah Polly. The term X, comes from “NuclearExchange Research and Development.”Initially, in the film, X was referred to as a“Specimen”.
  14. 14. X-DrenY-Splice
  15. 15. X is the only main character in the series Y thatis an animal. Like many dogs, X is veryprotective and jealous of his master, especiallywhen he falls for, or is shown affection by,beautiful young women. In one of the books, hemakes very clear his loathing for Panacea withwhom his master had fallen in love. Id X and Y
  16. 16. This is a quote from Gulzaar from 2004 about X.X, asserts Gulzar, is still as topical as ever."The state of our villages has only worsened.Farmers still commit suicide and starving womenare forced to sell their children for a pittance. Wemust, therefore, listen to Y‟s timeless voice. It isstill relevant."X, an episode, in a 26 episode seriescommissioned by Doordarshan for Gulzar todirect starred Pankaj Kapur and Surekha Sikri inthe pivotal roles.
  17. 17. X got the idea for Y when X‟s wife drove off withtheir dog, Indiana, and X like the way the largeshaggy dog looked like, at the backseat. Hence,X decided to create a character in his film whichwas a cross between Indiana and 2 otheranimals. X and Y. No part points.
  18. 18. X-George LucasY-Chewbacca
  19. 19. *Mary Anning‟s father was a cabinet maker and had thishobby of collecting foils from the sea shore. When herfather died, leaving the family in distress, Mary took up thefossil collection and selling as her primary job. She used togo around the seashores of Lyme Regis in England andcollect seas shells and fossils. This she used to sell to thetourists and make money.She rose to fame when she discovered in 1811 a skeletonof ichthyosaur , a giant marine reptile of yester years. Thiswas the first complete skeleton of an ichthyosaur everdiscovered proving its existence.But she is immortalized in an entirely different way. Whydo we still remember her?
  20. 20. “She sells she sells onthe sea shore”
  21. 21. First the dress was changed to a blue drape.In 1936 a shimmering light was placedbehind in place of the more artificial-lookingrays of light projecting from the handheld. In1993 she was repainted digitally by NewOrleans artist Michael Deas. Although it verynearly resembling Dorothy Kilgallen and ithas been rumoured that Annette Benningwas the model, in fact, Deas used a modelname Jenny Joseph and said, he used acomposite for the face.
  22. 22. What idea originated to Kiran Seth, a younggraduate from IIT Kharagpur, studying for hisdoctorate at the Columbia University, New York,chanced to attend a Dhrupad concert by UstadNasir Aminuddin Dagar and Ustad ZiaFariddudin Dagar at the Brookyln Academy ofMusic, New York?
  23. 23. X has worked with many artists and is famous forgiving breaks to new artists. He was the first togive a break to Canadian actor Remi Clair duringhis struggling days in Mumbai as main leadin Y and police inspector in Z. The X film is still inthe writing and pre-production stage, and isplanned for release in 2012. He started a silentcomedy called Gutur Gu in 2010.
  24. 24. X-B.P. SinghY-CIDZ- Aahat
  25. 25. *Album cover dedication to which album?
  26. 26. *An old English chestnut says that an Englishking loved this particular cut of beef so muchthat he knighted it-“Arise, Sir X.” Turns out theking in question was the obese King HenryVIII. The true etymology of the word howevercomes from the Old French word sur___. „Sur‟translates to „above.‟ What‟s the good word?
  27. 27. Loin
  28. 28. The botanical name of this plant is humlus luplus.It belongs to the same family as hemp. It hasscaly and conical shaped fruits. It has glandularhairs which contain a bitter resinous principle.The resin is in much demand in medicine,especially in the treatment of tension. It is valuedfor its bitter taste and preservative action. Namethe industry which is the biggest user of thisplant.
  29. 29. Beer-The bitterness of thebeer comes from this plant.
  30. 30. X is a humanoid robot that we first saw in the1960‟s. X is depicted as wearing a frilly apron,and was often seen using a separate vacuumcleaner. Her torso is mounted atop a single legand she rolls about on a set of caster wheels. Asof 2009, X has been used in an Australian TVcommercial; the commercial is for capes andother superhero clothing. X appears as a super-robot wearing a bright red cape. X alsoappeared on a Kanye West music video.