Eurasian tent factory presentation


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McNulty Ministries with Eurasian tent factory presentation

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Eurasian tent factory presentation

  1. 1. The Dream Becomes A Reality Eurasian Missions Center.Factory Producing Evangelistic Tents. Moscow, Russia
  2. 2. Our vision: 100 Tents for Eurasia
  3. 3. How Do We Fulfill This Vision?1. By preparing new evangelists through• Annual conferences and training for preparation of evangelists.• Practical training in tent evangelism.2. By building tent factories Tent Factories in Estonia, Togliatti, and Urals Region are getting ready to be launched.
  4. 4. Annual conference and training for preparation of evangelists
  5. 5. Mission School Training
  6. 6. 33 Tents are working today on the territory of Eurasia:• 4 tent in Urals• 2 tent in Buryatia• 1 tent in Altai Krai• 2 tents in Krasnoyarsk Krai• 1 tent in Tyumen Region• 6 tents in Estonia• 1 tent in Armenia• 1 tent in Ukraine• 1 tent in Belarus• 2 tents in Kazakhstan• 1 tent in Kyrgyzstan• 2 tents in Mongolia• 2 tents in Bulgaria• 4 tents are in need of repair• 1 for Volga Region• 1 for Europe• 1 for Moscow Region
  7. 7. 15 New Evangelists (Regions) Are Waiting For Their Tents
  8. 8. We Received Training in Tent Factory in Finland
  9. 9. New Tent Drawings
  10. 10. The Bottom Floor of the New Mission Centre in Moscow is Ready for the Tent Factory
  11. 11. Today We Have A welding machinefor connecting pieces
  12. 12. And Vinyl for the First Tent
  13. 13. Working on the plans
  14. 14. Preparation
  15. 15. Here we go…
  16. 16. Checking and rechecking formulas
  17. 17. Setting Up Vinyl
  18. 18. May I help?
  19. 19. Cutting Pieces
  20. 20. Preparation for welding
  21. 21. Kirill’s Invention
  22. 22. Setting Up Welder
  23. 23. It works great!
  24. 24. Thank you,partners, for the welder!
  25. 25. Great Job, Kirill!
  26. 26. Now we have a sewing machine!
  27. 27. Moving a sewing machine into basement down very steep temporary ladders
  28. 28. Checking it out…
  29. 29. Figuring outhow to put it together
  30. 30. It is amazing how many details this machine has!
  31. 31. We love challenges! Don’t you?
  32. 32. There is a story to be told!The new tent is close to completion!
  33. 33. Finishing off the last two large sections
  34. 34. The smaller corners require welding by a smaller tool.
  35. 35. We acquired the hot air wand, inorder to fuse the parts of vinyl, which can not be handled bythe large welder.
  36. 36. Kirill easily mastered the production!
  37. 37. Many thanks to volunteers like Alexei and our Partners who made this possible!
  38. 38. A DAY TO REMEMBER!• Celebrate the steps , not just the finish line• My Friends,• Great news is flowing out of Russia as the first tent produced at the new mission center is completed. It is a test model before major production and it signifies a big step towards accelerated ability to reach the 100,000 towns and villages without a Gospel witness. This means more boots on the ground and millions exposed face to face with a living witness.By demonstrating a completed model it means :• 1. Training and the learning curve is complete enough to take on a major work• 2 . Equipment and new technology will work to decrease the hours spent in production.• 3. Teams from as far away as Siberia can come and build their own tent• 4. other factories can be duplicated in 2 other locations.Bravo, Congratulations to Kirill and the Eurasian team for this first big step.
  39. 39. A 30’ X 30’ village tent with one central pole seating 50 – 70
  40. 40. One-Two UP!!!
  41. 41. Our Happy Team!!!
  42. 42. We did it! We produced our first prototype for the villages tent in Moscow!
  43. 43. MULTIPLICATION OF MINISTRY• Great steps are being taken right now to multiply the number cities that can be reached in the 23 nations of Eurasia. People around the world feel the urgency to put a gospel witness into the interior of these countries. New laws and growing needs are catalyst to success if we can produce the tools for the Miracle communicators to reach where the reality of Jesus has not been seen before.
  44. 44. Working on the second tent that is 50’round!!!
  45. 45. • Leaders from Estonia have come into Moscow to build the second tent for Volga Region of Russia.• We will be able to save 66% of cost by producing tents ourselves and each evangelist team will have something personally invested in the production of the platform God has given them to spread the word.
  46. 46. Evangelists Gherman and Victor fromEstonia building a tent
  47. 47. New Tent is almost finished!!!
  48. 48. Time to pack
  49. 49. We are ready to go!
  50. 50. Tent is delivered to Astrakhan where Evangelist Gherman will work with pastor Renat this coming season As soon as theweather permits wewill do Tent Festivals on many islandsalongside Volga river and start churchesand move on to the next island
  51. 51. Thank you for your Support! Together with YOU we will fulfill the vision: 100 Tents for Eurasia!
  52. 52. Next step on to Siberia with a 77’ round seating 700 people