ShopSocially Webinar - How Plum District is getting 35% sales conversion rate using social media


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Plum District is a popular mom-focused daily offers and ecommerce site. It was ranked among the top 100 sites for women by Forbes in 2012 and 2013.

Plum District is using ShopSocially's platform to add social commerce modules to their site and make it more social. This is resulting into stellar success as follows:
- 5.57% website users converting into quality Facebook fans
- 20.5% of newly acquired Facebook fans also becoming email subscribers
- 11.06% shoppers sharing their purchases on social networks
- High sales conversion rate of 34.9% seen for traffic originating out of social sharing of purchases

ShopSocially conducted a Webinar in which Jennifer Nuckles - CMO of Plum District - unraveled the social commerce strategy they have adopted to achieve this success. Through this social commerce strategy, Plum District is driving significant uplift in sales conversion rate, word-of-mouth recommendations, new customer acquisition and revenue growth while gaining deeper insights into their customer base.

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ShopSocially Webinar - How Plum District is getting 35% sales conversion rate using social media

  1. 1. How Plum District has Created a Winning Social Commerce Strategy @plumdistrict @shopsocially Jennifer Nuckles, CMO, Plum District Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success Nov 13, 2013 1
  2. 2. Ask-a-Friend Refer-a-Friend • Comprehensive Social Commerce Platform • Started in 2010 • 150+ Brand name customers • Focused on generating ROI Get-a-Fan Social Connect Social Login Viral Offer Sharing Viral Flash Sale Share-a-Purchase Share on Mobile LinkShare Technology Genius Award Most promising private companies 2013 Shopping Community Social SEO Product Stories Featured in a recent Social Commerce case study Top Startup Award Share-and-Win Get-an-Email 2
  3. 3. Quick poll to understand audience composition What is your role? 1. E-Commerce Guy (I carry out Ecommerce strategy) 2. Social Media Marketing Expert (I run social for my organization) 3. Boss (I make the decisions) 4. Geek (I am the tech brain) 5. Other If you chose (2) and haven’t tweeted about our webinar yet, your vote will be invalid!  3
  4. 4. o Plum District connects moms with inspirations and products that make their lives easier – an ecommerce platform and media property for moms o Founded in 2010; Based in San Francisco, California, Plum District has a national footprint and is in 60 metro areas across the United States o Plum District has been named to the Forbes‟ 100 Best Websites for Women in both 2012 and 2013 o Lead investments from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, General Catalyst Partners, and Comcast Ventures 4
  5. 5. Considerations ROI Budget Resources required Objectives Brand image Vendor selection 5
  6. 6. Plum District‟s Marketing Strategy Traditional Marketing: • Media, Direct Mail, Networking • PR, Word of Mouth, Exhibitions, Affiliates Digital Marketing: • Website/SEO, Email, Content • Google Ad Words • Mobile, Social 6
  7. 7. Two pronged Social Strategy OFF-SITE ON-SITE Engagement Engagement Feedback Conversion rate/Revenue Customer Service Word-of-mouth amplification Branding and PR Rich profile acquisition Video and Events Deep insights (social influencers, trending products etc.) 7
  8. 8. Off-Site Social Media Strategy Nonpaid (engagement) Paid Advertising (acquisition) Engagement & Awareness Engagement & Awareness Awareness & Acquisition 8
  9. 9. On-site Social Strategy Get-a-Fan Share-a-Purchase Product Stories Acquire New Customers Social Sharing of Purchases Generate Social Proof 9
  10. 10. Get-a-Fan • • • • • Acquire genuine Facebook fans Add email subscribers Increase sales Improve SEO rank Add social virality 10
  11. 11. • Facebook Like unlocks a 10% coupon • Target users intelligently based on social profile, session history • Auto-schedule campaign 11
  12. 12. PLUMDISTRICT10 • Discount coupon shown inline; Entire interaction happens on-site • User never leaves our website • User can email the coupon to themselves 12
  13. 13. • User can also opt to become email subscriber 13
  14. 14. • Add quality Facebook fans and email addresses • Since user feels she has „earned‟ the coupon in return of Facebook Like, tends to convert at a higher rate 14
  15. 15. Get-a-Fan Results • Acquire genuine Facebook fans • Add email subscribers • 5.71% of website visitors converted into Facebook fans • Increase sales • 26.62% sales conversion rate for acquired fans • Improve SEO rank • 20.61% fans also became email subscribers • Add social virality 15
  16. 16. Share-a-Purchase • Convert shoppers into brand ambassadors • Acquire new customers via word-of-mouth recommendations • Create SEO friendly backlinks • Identify loyal customers and influencers 16
  17. 17. • At the end of purchase, reward customers for sharing their purchase with a coupon • Generates thousands of powerful brand endorsements 17
  18. 18. Plum District • Shoppers connect with Plum District brand on Facebook • Shares rich social profile data 18
  19. 19. • Purchases made viral through user‟s Facebook post • Brings in quality social traffic 19
  20. 20. • Shoppers comments while sharing the purchases are collated as separate tab on Facebook • Social Testimonials showcased as “Trending Deals” on Facebook 20
  21. 21. • Generates deep social insights into your customer base • Useful information to fine-tune your social media campaigns 21
  22. 22. Share-a-Purchase • Convert shoppers into brand Results ambassadors • 11.08% shoppers shared their purchases on Facebook • Acquire new customers via word-of-mouth • 36.08% sales conversion rate for traffic originating from social recommendations sharing of purchases • Create SEO friendly backlinks • Rich social profile data gathered (data available: name, Identify loyal customers and influencers email, birthday, gender, geo location, user interests and more) 22
  23. 23. Product Stories • Add social proof • Increase sales conversion • Improve SEO rank 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. • Show social testimonials on the product page itself – adding social proof at the point of purchase • Increases sales conversion using social media influence 25
  26. 26. Product Stories Results • Add social proof • Social proof driving conversions uplift • Increase sales conversion • Increased user engagement on product page • Improvement in SEO rank 26
  27. 27. Summing Up the Benefits of On-Site Social Strategy Acquire quality fans Get-a-Fan Drive Conversions Generate Social Insights Share-a-Purchase “Trending Deals” Word-of-Mouth Virality Product Stories Social Proof 27
  28. 28. Summing Up the Numbers New Fans Email Subscribers Social Connects Purchases Shared Sales Conversion Rate 9,464 1,951 1,159 11.08% 36.08% 28
  29. 29. Social Connect App • Gather rich social profiles -> Generate deep social insights 29
  30. 30. • Facebook post adds viral aspect -> brings in more social traffic • Acquires new customers and quality Facebook followers 30
  31. 31. PLUMDISTRICT25 • Coupon offered inline • Again, user never leaves the website 31
  32. 32. • Facebook post adds viral aspect -> brings in more social traffic • Acquires new customers and quality Facebook followers 32
  33. 33. Social Connect App 33
  34. 34. Share-on-Mobile App Stacy Eason Sunset at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park, surrounded by wild flowers. An awesome experience I'll never forget! 34
  35. 35. Social SEO App • Social actions like Facebook Like, G+ Share creates a lot of “SEO Love” from search engines -> Boosts SEO Rank 35
  36. 36. Get-an-Email App • Incentivized program to gather email ids for newsletter subscription 36
  37. 37. Viral Flash Sale • Deal is unlocked when user does a Facebook Like • Add social virality to your flash sale 37
  38. 38. 38
  39. 39. Special Offer for today‟s attendees SSHoliday13 Mention the code above to get one free month or an iPad mini with one year subscription +1 650 701 7759 39