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東南アジアのスタートアップの現状と未来について@SVS4 …


Cinemacraft Sandeep Casi

Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. Entrepreneurship Trends in Southeast Asia Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 2. Who$is$an$Entrepreneur?$ An$Entrepreneur$delivers$innova4ve$solu4ons$to$“Problems”$ for$Economic,$Personal,$Poli4cal$and$Social$benefits$ It$can$be$a$“SOLO”$effort,$a$TEAM,$a$COMMUNITY$or$a$new$ STARTUP$company$ Can$be$a$part$4me$or$full$4me$effort$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 2" Cinemacraft 2011 Source: Samba MurthySunday, September 25, 11
  • 3. Entrepreneurship is problem solving TiE Global !  The first jeans released in 1850 in San Francisco for the miners 9 Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 4. Note to Japanese Entrepreneurs The Effect • Too focused on Silicon Valley • Success is not because you move your company to Silicon Valley or you get funded by Silicon Valley • Winning awards means nothing if you cannot generate revenues • Success is due to a disruptive solution that enables a mass market adoption • Go where the market is big (Silicon Valley is not always the only answer) • Don’t lead with Technology • Lead with mature use case combined with solid distribution strategySunday, September 25, 11
  • 5. The MIG33 Indonesia Story • Started in Silicon Valley (No Market) • Investors realized that the company needs to move to Asia (Singapore) • Currently, MIG33 has 40 million users in South-east Asia • $2.50 USD Average Revenue Per User in a Month. • Disruptive Biz Model • Credit Card holders in Southeast asia buy bulk credits from MIG33 and sell games, music, etc to users in villages in southeast asia that do not have credit cards or bank accounts with markup (Commission) Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 6. The Affle India Story • The Indian Missed Mobile Call Trend • How can you tell someone that is waiting for you that you will be a bit late? • Give them a missed call (The receiver knows that you are on your way) • Asia consumers are money conscious • Affle’s disruptive biz model • Released a SMS app with ad banners • SMS between phones that have Affle app is free • Advertiser pays Affle for banner ad • Asian consumer gets free SMS service (no more missed calls) Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 7. Southeast Asia Internet/Mobile Trends Cinemacraft 2011 Source: Nextweb 75% of the population of Vietnam under the age of 30Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 8. Southeast Asia Social Network Trends Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 9. India Market Statistics 75% of the Population under 35 years old Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 10. Indonesia Market Statistics Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 11. Vietnam Market Statistics Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 12. Philippines Market Statistics Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 13. Thailand Market Statistics Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 14. Japan/US Market Statistics US/Japan: Total Addressable market is 339 Million Consumers Future Growth = 100 Million Consumers Southeast Asia: Total Addressable market is 215 Million Consumers Future Growth = 2.7 Billion Consumers Cinemacraft 2011 Source: NextwebSunday, September 25, 11
  • 15. TiE Japan TiE Global Network TiE Global !  Founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley !  Mentors Hotmail (Later acquired by Microsoft) !  TiE Expands to all over USA & Canada (1992-2000) !  Arizona, Atlanta, Carolinas, Florida, Midwest, Ohio, Rockies, Wasington D.C., Austin, Dallas, Minesota, Oregon, San Deigo, Los Angles, Boston, Detroit, Houston, NJ-Philadelpha, Pittsburg, Seattle, Tri-State(New York), Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver !  TiE expands to India & Pakistan from 2000 !  Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kerala, Nagpur, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Hubli, Kokkata, Patna, UP, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore !  TiE expands to Asia-Pac, and United Kingdom from 2002 !  Malaysia, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Manchester, UK !  TiE enters Dubai, Nordic in 2006 !  TiE enters Mauritius in 2007 Global Sponsors !  TiE formed in Japan Jan 2009 Microsoft !  14 Countries Kauffman Foundation !  57 Chapters (Cities) Standard Chartered Bank !  12,000+ Members !  2,500+ Charter Member (Invitation only) !  Venture Capitalists, Executive Management, Top Entrepreneurs, Lawyers 3 Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 16. TiE Japan Charter Members TiE Global Narayan Murthy Vinod Khosla Reid Hoffman Founder Infosys Steve Wesley Co-founder Sun Microsystems Founder LinkedIn Former Controller, State of California CEO Wesley Group (Venture Capital) CEO Khosla Ventures ($1 Billion Fund) 2500 MORE… PK Agrawal, Chong-Moon Lee Aneesh Chopra, Former CTO, Founder Diamond CTO, United States of America State of California, Multimedia Current CEO of TiE-Global Chairman AmBex Venture 6 Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 17. TiE Global Startups TiE Japan (Class of 2011….1800 Startups) TiE Global 13 Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 18. TiE-Japan Special Event • OCT 13th 2011 event with 500startups • Dave Mclure (Geeks on a Plane) • • 50 Entrepreneurs/VC from Silicon Valley hosted by TiE-Japan for an evening of networking and dinner • Inviting 10 startups to pitch for 10 min each • Explain your startup idea in Karaoke song • Top Startups may get funding • Location: 6-13-16 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 • Date: Oct 13th 2011 • Time: Start 9PM End: Till all drunks go home! • RSVP: Ayako Ohkubo Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11
  • 19. THANK YOU! • SANDEEP CASI (SCASI@CINEMACRAFT.TV) Cinemacraft 2011Sunday, September 25, 11