Event management software by Shocklogic


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With over 20 years experience supporting the MICE industry, Shocklogic leads the way in providing event organisers, associations and societies with technology, software and hands-on solutions for organising and managing conferences, events, members and contacts.

With leading online registration, abstract and membership management systems as well as onsite tools including cutting edge barcode scanning technology, Shocklogic has a solution to fit every event.

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Event management software by Shocklogic

  1. 1. what is shocklogic? why shocklogic? With over 50 years experience, Shocklogic leads the We are more than just an events technology way in providing Associations, Societies and event company, we are event specialists. organisers with technology, software and hands-on Our Systems are scalable and can be used for Shocklogic Global Ltd solutions for organising and managing your events, events of all sizes. 2 Sheraton Street Tel: +44 (0) 7092 844599 members, contacts. With leading online registration, Our software pricing models make our systems London W1F 8BH Email: info @ shocklogic.com abstract and membership management systems as viable for all market players. www.shocklogic.com well as onsite tools including barcode scanning Shocklogic's reach is global, supporting clients technology, Shocklogic has a solution to fit your event. and events on all continents. shocklogic products and services participantlogic User friendly on-line registration management solution, encompassing the entire registration management process from groupslogic on-line to on-site. p.o.dlogic Modules include individual and group registration, advanced email and reporting, hotel management and on-line payment integration. Unique on-site registration tool facilitating time efficient processes, reduced queuing and instant document printing on demand (P.o.dlogic). abstractlogic User friendly on-line abstract submission and programme management solution. Modules include abstract submission, author library logic login, abstract reviewing, abstract scoring, session scheduling, programme logic abstract publishing and reporting. review logic Unique Programmelogic tool to publish your programme on-line for participant search and program creation. exhibitorlogic User friendly on-line exhibition and trade show management solution. Create interactive on-line floor plans allowing exhibitors to view availability and manage their booking in real time. Exhibitors can select and book their stand space as well as order additional items for their stand through their on-line account. memberlogic User friendly on-line membership management solution, encompassing features of a CRM system. Manage the day to day needs of all members and related contacts across Associations, Societies, Clubs and any member based organisation. Modules include online member subscriptions and renewal through a unique and personalised login area and a built in flexibility to evolve and progress as your members do. onsitelogic Shocklogic is a technology and services company and can provide onsite IT and logistics solutions. p.o.dlogic Print on demand documents, badges and tickets. scanlogic Lead retrieval, access control and RFID badge scanning broadcastlogic Electronic messaging system for events and venues wifilogic A bespoke wifi network solution for events and exhibitions networklogic On-site network solutions scanlogic A versatile lead retrieval, access control, RFID and barcode scanning solution for your event. Scanlogic simplifies on-site logistics for event staff and has a proven track record as an exhibitor lead retrieval, access control and CME accrediation tool. ©Shocklogic Global Ltd 2009. All rights reserved. Product specifications are subject to change.