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  • no am not ready to get hired am ready to get hired for some one
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Are you ready to get hired

  1. 1. Connecting Businesses Improving Lives Through } With talent Better Careers { Are You Ready to Get Hired?SINGAPORE • MALAYSIA • PHILIPPINES • INDONESIA • INDIA • JAPAN • THAILAND
  2. 2. Copyright © by WHY DO WE LOOK FOR A JOB?  Financial independence  Parent’s expectation  Obligation to family  Desire to fulfill a vocation
  3. 3. Copyright © by WHAT DO YOU WANT IN LIFE? You will never reach your destination if you don’t know where to go..  A 9 to 5 full time career  Part time work  Be an entrepreneur
  4. 4. Copyright © by WHAT IS THE JOB MARKET LIKE?
  5. 5. Copyright © by Suitable Jobs Anything you want but some are easier fits • Technology jobs: Web designer, software programmers… • Data Entry, copywriting, proof -reading • Graphic Designers, • Physiotherapist, Teaching…
  6. 6. Copyright © by Now that we know what we want, We know the job market, let’s go job hunting
  7. 7. Copyright © by Plan to succeed! Successful job hunting is a major life project. It must be carefully planned and executed Critical success factors: 1. The right attitude and frame of mind 2. Your documents 3. Your job hunting methods 4. Preparing yourself physically 5. Attending the interview 6. Getting and keeping the job!
  8. 8. Copyright © by "Your focus determines your reality", Qui-Gonn Jinn , Jedi Master 1. You have to want it 2. You have to be prepared to promote yourself 3. You have to imagine yourself at the interview 4. You have to see yourself in that job THE RIGHT ATTITUDE AND FRAME OF MIND
  9. 9. Copyright © by Have ready your documents you worked so hard for 1. Your resume 2. Your certificates 3. Your transcripts 4. Testimonials Prepare your resume YOUR DOCUMENTS It’s your key to an interview invitation and ultimately to employment
  10. 10. Copyright © by Resume Tips To Remember Resume Tip No. 1 • Don’t be humble. Your resume is your personal advertisement. If you dont toot your own horn, no one will. • Use “action” words “ – Achieved, Performed, Managed, Organized • Dont Copy Another Person’s Resume. Your goals, background, and personality are unique, and everyone deserves a unique resume.
  11. 11. Copyright © by Resume Tip No. 2• Sell your skill set. Clearly define your skill sets in your resume, and you’ll have an advantage.• What are these skills – Writing – Organizing – Leadership – Presentation – Entrepreneurial
  12. 12. Copyright © by Resume Tip No. 3 List all your accomplishments. • Statistics, measurable achievements - All prospective employers response well to "statistics". • Whenever possible quantify your accomplishments and responsibilities e.g. Organized 2 major college projects, Treasurer of IT club, Vocational Internship with XYZ company Keep an Achievement Journal. Start today
  13. 13. Copyright © by Resume Tip No. 4• Due Diligence Pays Off - Research the Company that you are approaching.• Customize your resume to its services, technology, markets, brand position etc. whenever possible.• Help the company to easily see what contributions you could make. Note: You’ll need this information for the interview too.
  14. 14. Copyright © by Resume Tip No. 5• Accuracy Matters - A typo or misspelled word in your resume tells employers that you don’t really care or that your are careless; none of these attributes will get you hired.• Check and recheck your resume. Use a professional- sounding email.
  15. 15. Copyright © by SOME JOB HUNTING METHODS There are many ways to find a job.  you can ask your relatives, friends  look through the newspapers,  go to employment agencies  cold calling, mailing, emailing But the fast growing in popularity with jobseekers looking for jobs (and employers looking to hire) - The online job site
  16. 16. Copyright © by WIDEN YOUR JOB SEARCH Why the rise in popularity ?  Convenient  Quick  More relevant offers The jobs look for you
  17. 17. Copyright © by
  18. 18. Copyright © by
  19. 19. Copyright © by The first impressions at an interview really do count! 1. Good personal hygiene- start now 2. Get some “interview” clothes 3. Practice talking about yourself in front of a mirror Typical 1st question “ Tell me about yourself” This is a 3 to 5 minute presentation of who you are. 4. Do a dressed rehearsal – know what works for you and what don’t PREPARING YOURSELF PHYSICALLY Tip: ask a friend to help, to give comments and be honest.
  20. 20. Copyright © by Attending the interview Key things to do at the Interview Proper etiquette – A great qualification is not a substitute for good manners. firm hand shake, smile, sit straight, eye contact, Answers questions calmly and confidently – Understand the question, organize your thoughts and reply clearly. When asked if there are any questions, ask – Assuming you have done your homework on the company, you should be able to ask some meaningful questions. It shows your keen interest in the job..
  21. 21. Copyright © by FAQs the interviewer would normally ask1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?2. Tell me what you know about our company?3. What is it about our company that interest you?4. What do you think this position involves?5. What do you consider are your strengths and weaknesses?6. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?8. Do you have any question to ask of us? Do not wait until you are at an interview to start figuring the answers
  22. 22. Copyright © by Questions you should be asking 1. What qualities are needed in a employee for this position? – Helps you understand company’s expectation 2. How will the job performance be evaluated? - Understand what the targets are, KPIs and how they will be measured. 3. What are some of the up coming goals and challenges of the department? - You get an insight to what the business focus is. 4. How will I be trained or orientated into the job? – Understand if you have to start independent or if there is a structured induction program. 5. Who would I work with ? – Understand the reporting structure or dept org chart 6. What are some of the great things about working for this company? – Understand the positive culture and what the staff enjoys about the company 7. What are the next steps after this interview? - Know if there is a second interview, when, who would you meet… It’s a great opportunity to do even more research on the company in case of 2nd interview
  23. 23. Copyright © by Getting and keeping the job! A qualification may get you a job, but does not guarantee of a successful career• KEEP learning. KEEP learning. KEEP learning. Read, Read ,Read!• Broaden your mind, surf the net, blog, travel…• Acquire multiple skills: 1. IT skills - keep abreast of latest technology * basic requirement: microsoft office (word, powerpoint) 2. Business skills - Problem solving, strategic thinking, 3. People skills- networking, know the people in your industry and get people to know you. 4. Branding skills – develop a brand for yourself
  24. 24. Copyright © by So if you are ready to get hired, remember… 1. The right attitude and frame of mind 2. Your documents 3. Your job hunting methods 4. Preparing yourself physically 5. Attending the interview “Tell me about yourself” Research the company! 6. And … If you didn’t get that job, it’s OK - try again
  25. 25. Copyright © by A LIFE LONG PHILOSOPHY “ If you find the job you love, you don’t have to work a day for the rest of your life” –
  26. 26. Copyright © by Beston to for more information Log of Success! on how to get that job! Thank you and best wishes from Improving Lives Through Better Careers