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Airspan company profile

  1. 1. Making 4G Technology Smarter Company ProfileOffering fast, efficient,robust and reliable 4Gbroadband solu ons fortoday and tomorrow
  2. 2. Airspan Networksat a glance. Airspan is a leading 4G wireless solu on- provider and the vendor of choice for some of the world’s largest broadband wireless deployments. Developing leading-edge 4G technology, Airspan supplies customers around the globe with best-of-breed 4G network solu ons. With a feature-rich product por olio, Airspan has a wide range of licensed, unlicensed, secure and robust products to meet the needs of operators as well as industrial markets such as u li es, public safety and transporta on.
  3. 3. Revolu onizing 4G Communica onPROFILE: 4G LTE,• Leading developer of Macro, Micro and Pico 4G LTE Network Solutions• U.S. based provider of Wireless Access Systems since 1995 LTE-Advanced and• 250 people in 12 of ices worldwide WiMAX for the widest• More than 500 customers in more than 100 countries range of frequencies in• Delivering WiMAX and 4G Systems since 2005 the market• >$750 million in cumulative revenue today.• #1 position and market share for ixed WiMAX 2002: Founding Member, WiMAX Forum 4G LEADERSHIP: 2004: First WiMAX software-de ined radio 2006: First self-install WiMAX 2007: First quad-band subscriber terminal 2008: First ixed-to-mobile WiMAX upgrade 2008: First wave-2 certi ied USB subscriber terminal 2008: First all-in-one Macro WiMAX Base Station 2008: First pure-player to win tier-1 mobile WiMAX account 2008: First multi-band WiMAX handover 2008: First and only WiMAX 700 MHz solution 2009: First all-outdoor Base Station in 2.3, 2.5 & 3.5 GHz 2010: Exclusive rights to market US 1.4 GHz spectrum 2010: Largest Mobile WiMAX network in Europe 2011: First dual platform WiMAX/LTE Macro & Pico Base Stations 2012: AirCore - most lexible, scalable, affordable LTE core network solution 2012: Announced most compact, feature-rich, LTE-Advanced Macro eNodeB
  4. 4. MARKETS:• 4G Radio Access Networks • Carriers and Operators • Industrial Networks: • Smart Grid • Oil and Gas • Public Safety • Municipalities • TransportationCUSTOMERS:• Over 1,000 in more than 100 countries• Direct Sales, System Integrators, Resellers, Agents• Strategic PartnershipsTECHNOLOGY:• Carrier Class, patent supported • 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced • Industrial 4G WiMAX • Licensed, unlicensed and lightly-licensed • Access and Backhaul • Wi-Fi of loadPROVEN PRODUCTS:• More than $0.8 Billion in cumulative revenues• Most comprehensive 4G RAN product portfolio with widest range of frequency band coverage• Solutions for Macro, Micro, Pico cells with wide variety of user devices 5% Commercial 11% North America Carriers and 38% Europe Operators16% Middle East & Africa 48% 52% Asia Pacific Industrial and Latin America Government 30% Funded
  5. 5. 4G HETEROGENEOUS NETWORK (HetNet) SOLUTIONSHeterogeneous Networks Airspan HetNet delivers:• Layered combina on of Macro & Pico • Up to 100x increased capacity• Advanced Small Cell technology • Be er service area coverage• Reach, coverage and capacity • Future-proof technology• Improved economics • Licensed and unlicensed solu ons• Integrated Backhaul • Cost savings, lowered CAPEX & OPEXfor CARRIERS & SERVICE PROVIDERS for INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS4G fixed and mobile services: Industrial & Government markets:• Internet • Smart U li es• Telephony • Transporta on• Video • Public Safety• 4G Mobility • Oil & Gas, etc.Airspan solu on delivers: Airspan solu on delivers:• High-speed mobility • Advanced 4G equipment• LTE, LTE-Advanced and WiMAX • Uplink-centric applica ons• Reliable connec vity (ie: surveillance and video)• High capacity, long range • Secure, private networks• Single box - integrated access & backhaul • Robust, reliable, resilient infrastructure
  6. 6. For more informa on about Airspan, its productsand solu ons, please visit our web site:www.airspan.comor email:sales@airspan.comAirspan has sales offices in the following countries: • Finland • Australia • Philippines • Poland • India • Sri Lanka • Russia • Indonesia • Dubai • United Kingdom • Italy • United States • JapanHeadquarters777 Yamato Road, Suite 310Boca Raton, Florida 33431USAA-CompP-1012