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Chemisty  Stream (2012-July) Question Papers

Chemisty Stream (2012-July) Question Papers






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    Chemisty  Stream (2012-July) Question Papers Chemisty Stream (2012-July) Question Papers Document Transcript

    • USN t0cIIEtzl22 FirsUSecond Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Jrune 2Ol2 Engineering Ghemistry Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 100 Note: 1. Azsrver any FIVE full questions, choosing at least two from each part. E Z Answer all objective Ope questions only on OMR sheet page 5 o;f the answer booklet. I 3. Answer to objective llpe questions on sheets other than OMR will not be valued. PART - A 1 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) The standard reduction potential of Mn and Fe are l.l8 V and - 0.44 V respectively. - -^ The standard emfofcell formed by combining the above two electrodes will be A) + 0.74 v B) - 0.74 V C) + 1.62 V D) - r.62 V. ii) Primary reference electrode used to measure the electrode potential of other electrodes is tq A) SHE B) Calomel electrode C) Glass electrode D) Silver - silver chloride electrode iii) Reference electrode used in potentiometric determinations is A) Glass electrode B) Pt-electrode C) Calomel electrode D) Ion selective electrode iv) If the direction of flow of electrons in electrochemical cell is right to left then the cell reaction is2n spontaneous A) Non B) Spontaneous C) Reversible D) Ineversible. b. An electrochemical cell consists of metallic zinc immersed in 0.1 M Zn(NO:)2 solution and 66 metallic copper immersed in 0.2 M CuSO4 solution. Calculate emf of the cell at 25oC and qi: change in free energy ofthe cell reaction Eo cell = 1.1 V. (05 Marks) ati c. Emf of the cell Ag/AgNO:(C t) /l (Cz = 0.2) AgNO3 /Ag is 0.8 V. Calculate Cr of the cell. EE (03 Marks) d. What are ion selective electrodes? Discuss the construction of glass electrode and derive an expression relating glass electrode potential and pH. (08 Marks)6= 2a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) The electrollte used in alkaline fuel cell is A) HZSOI B) KOH ..--i .--.1 .i C) KCL D) NHqC,I ,, -,,./-,,.-. iD Hydrogen absorbing negative electrode is used in :/z A) Ni - Cd - battery B) Ni-MH battery :l -cl.[r" i:r! !l: tjl l -_i --c | ,...1 ve ,.,...) - 1 l1 C) Li - MnO2 battery D) Zn - MnO2 [ tuoto iii) In hydrogen - oxygen fuel cell the electrolyte used is A) KOH B) H:SO+ "-?1)" " l c) Lic.[ D) None of these. iv) In which of the following battery the overall cell reaction is note reversible? A) Ni-Cd B)Ni- MH C) Pb - Acid D) Zn - MnO2 b. What are rechargeable and reserve batteries? (04 Marks) C. Explain the construction and working of nickel - metalhydride battery. (06 Marks) d_ What are fuel cells? Explain the construction and working of methanol oxygen fuel cell. (06 Marks) I of 3
    • t0cHEt2t223 a. Choose your answers for the following : ((X Marks) i) In galvanic corrosion the less active metal always acts as A) Anode B) Cathode C) Both anode and cathode D) none of these ii) Caustic embrittlement ofboilers is due to presence ofexcess of A) Na2CO3 B) Ca(OH)z C) CaSO+ D) CaCO: iii) In differential aeration corrosion the area more accessible to air acts as A) Cathode B) Anode C) Anode and Cathode D) None of these iv) Electrolyte used in anodizing of aluminium is A) H2SO4 B) KOH c) NH4C1 D) HCl b. Explain the following types of corrosion i) Galvanic conosion ii) Stress corrosion. (06 Marks) What is anodizing? Explain the anodizing of aluminum. (05 Marks) d. What are corrosion inhibitors? Explain how corrosion is controlled by inhibitors. (05 Ma*s)4a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) The process in which the metal ions are deposited on catalytically active surface in presence of reducing agent is A) Electroplating B) Electroless plating C) Immersion plating D) Electrophoretic painting iD In electroplating of chromium the anode used is A) Achromium B) Pb - Sb alloy C) Nickel D) Copper iii) Concentration of metal ions in plating bath is reduced by addition of A) Brighteners B) Levellers C) Complexing agent D) All the above. iv) Reducing agent used in electroless Nickel plating is A) Formaldehyde B) Sodium Acetate C) Sodium hypophosphite D) Sodium succinate. b. What is electroplating? What are the advantages ofelectorless plating over electroplating? (04 Marks) Explain the process of electroless plating of Nickel on aluminum. (06 Marks) d. Discuss the chromium plating process. (06 Marks) PART - B5 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) Quality of Gasoline is expressed in terms of its A) Octane number B) Cetane number C) Compression ratio D) Compression number iD In fluidized bed catalytic cracking process, the cracking of heavy oil takes place at A) 200 - 300c B) 500 - 600.c c) 1000- 1200.c D) 1500"c iii)Methyl tertiary butyl ether is added to petrol which acts as A) Inhibitor B) Accelerator C) Ant knocking agent D) Catalyst iv) Catalysts used in catalltic converter is A) Pt, Pd and Rh B) Ni, Co and Cr C) SiOz and A"tzO: D) Zeolite b. What is knocking? Explain its mechanism. (06 Marks) c. Explain the construction and working of photovoltaic cell. ((M Marks) d. What is biodiesel? Explain the biodiesel production by transesterification of triqulyceride. (06 Marks) 2 0f 3
    • t0cl{Bl2l22 (04 Marks)6a. Choose your answers for the following : i) In potentiometric redox titrations platinum electrode is used in combination with A) SHE B) Calomel electrode C) NI{E D) None of these ii) Condensed phase rule is applied for a system consisting of: A) Two component B) One component C) Multi component D) Three component iii) Lambert,s law states that intensity of monockomatic light decrease exponentially with A) Concentration B) Path length C) Time D) DensitY iv) In flame atomic emission spectroscopy the emitted radiation lies in A) Visible range B) IR range C) UV range D) None ofthese b. Define the termi phase, component and degree of fieedom and explain the application of phase rule to watei system. (08 Marks) c. what is the principle of flame photometry? what are the processes that occur in the flame? Explain the various components of flame photometer. (08 Marks) (04 Marks)7a. Choose your answers for the following : i) Addition polymerization is also called A) Step p;lymerization B) Chain polymerization C) Condensation polymerization D) none ofthese ii) Natural rubber is polymerized form of A) Isoprene B) Propene C) Butene D) Styrene iii) Free radicals are reactive species having A) Pabed electrons B) Unpaired electrons C) Anions D) Cations iv) Glass transition temperature of polymer is A) First order transition B) Second order transition C) Third order transit ion D) Multiorder transition b. Explain the free radical mechanism of addition polymerization taking ethylene as a (05 Marks) . monomer. c. Explain the manufacture of plastics by injection moulding process (05 Marks) d. What are polymer composites? Write a note on Kevlar fibre. (06 Marks) (04 Marks)8a. Choose your answers for the following : i) Temporary hardness of water is due to A) C;@COr, and Mg(HCo:)z B) CaCl2 C) CaSO+ D) MgSO+ iD Potassium chromate is used as an indicator in analysis of water A) Hardness B) Alkalinity C) Chloride Dt Fluoride iii)Brackish water can be desalinated by A) Electrodialysis B) Reverse Osmosis C) Filtration D) both A and B iv)The method adopted to analyze dissolved oxygen in water is A) Volhards B) Winkers C) Argentometric D) Dumas b. What is alkalinity of water? Explain the determination of alkalinity ofwater (06 Marks) c. 20 ml of sample of coD analysis was reacted with l0 ml of 0.25 N KzCrzOz and the unreacted dichiomate required 6.5 ml of0.l0 N Ferrous ammonium sulphate. l0 ml of same KzCrzOr and 20 ml of distilled water under the same conditions as the sample required (04 Marks) 26.0 ml of 0. I0 NFAS. What is the COD of the sample? (06 Marks) What is desalination? Explain the desalination of water by electrodialysis. {<r.**rf 3 of 3
    • 06cH.Bt2l22 USN First/SecondSemesterB.E.DegreeExamination,,June2o|2 Engineering Ghemistry Max Marks:l oo Time: 3 hrs. at least two from each part Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing 5 of the answer booktet 2. Answer alt obie"tu" ;;;;;;;;;in ontt i oMR sheeipase wiII not be vatued to obie"t* ;;; ;;;;i;n on ih""t other than OMR 3. Answer PART - A I 1a. Choosethecorrectanswersforthefollowing.(04Marks) - fuel? l"- Wt,th one of the following is not a primary C). natural gas ,q.) coal f D) kerosene B) crude oil ii) The method used for obtaining synthetic petrol is B) bergius process A) catalytic cracking C) refining D) none of these ; following order /i* iii) The knocking tendency ot hydrocarbon decreases inthe cnam > brancheo t;/YO A) straight chain > cyclo alkanes > aromatic Bjstrailhtchain>branchedchain>.cvcloalkanes-"::1l]: cqo; chain ll;:f Ci ,r"rfi",i" > cyclo alkanes > branched chain > straight ti t ni .y"f o f."r" aromatic > branched chain > straight chain transform V) in ftoto uoltaic cell solar energy is utilized to iv) "fEU A) solar energy into light and heat energy B) solar energy into electrical energy C) sola, energy into electrical and chemical energy D) none of these calorific value of a solid fuel using bomb>i b. Describe the experimental method of determining (06 Marks)E9, calorimeter. the following data : A";i;*lh" gross and net calorific values of coke sample using C. y*:i. ; 0 ks warer equivalent of rtlljigmass of 2 Mass of coke = 0.85 LJkg-rK-r pt"tnfgt of hydrogen in fuel5.3 - calorimeter = 0.6 kg. sp.heat ol tt,?t = +tgZi.9 sample = 5olo, increase ,n ,.rnp",ut[ = 3 S K latent ileat = iqsl *l*e (04 Marks) d. Explain the process of doping oi Ji"oGive two applications of photovoltui" t"llttou *u.url;= 2a. Choosethecorrectanswersforthefollowing(04Marks) - of i-- oaniet cell is a combination of standard electrodes C)ZnandCu D)CuandCd A) CuandAg rlz anJia ii.) The concentration cell stops working when t=1,{.i ci A)Mr >Mz B)ff,;M, " D) None of these iii) Calomel is the commercial name of B) mercurous chloridez Aj mercuric chloride Cj mercuric sulphate D) mercurous sulphate with the concentration of iv) if," fot"ntiuf ofihe calomel electrode varies B) mercurous sulphate Ri meicuric ctrtoride Cj mercurous chloride D) potassium chloride lof4
    • 06cHEt2t22 b. What are reference electrodes? Explain the construction of AglAgCl electrode. Give half- cell reactions. (05 Mafts) c. An electrochemical cell consists of iron electrode dipped in 0.01M FeSO+ solution and copper electrode dipped in 0.lM CuSO+ solution. Write the cell representation, cell reaction and calculate emf of the cell at 298 K. Given standard reduction potentials of iron and copper electrodes arc -O.44 V and 0.34 V respectively. (05 Marks) d. Define single electrode potential. Explain the determination of potential of Zn-electrode dipped in 0.5M ZnSO4, using standard hydrogen electrode. (06 Mafts) a. Choose the correct answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) Which of the following is not a rechargeable battery? A) lead acid B) Ni-metal hydride C) Ni-Cd D)Zn-MnO2 ii) Which of the following is a reserve battery? A) Zn-air B) Ni-metal hydride C) Zn-Ag2O D)Li-MnOz iii) In hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell which of the following electrolyte is used? A) H2SO4 B) NH4OH C) KOH D) CHTCOOH iv) .The concentration of sulphuric acid to be maintained in lead-acid battery is A) l0M B)5M c)lsM D)2M b. What are primary, secondary and reserve batteries? Explain the construction and working of Zinc-air battery. (08 Marks) c. Explain the construction and working of methanol-oxygen fuel cell. (05 Marks) d. Give the advantages of fuel cells over batteries. (03 Marks) a. Choose the correct answers for the following : (04 Mafts) i) Water-line corrosion can be explained on the basis of A) stress corrosion B) differential aeration corrosion C) centralized corrosion D) all of these ii) Differential metal corrosion is A) galvanic corrosion B) differential aeration corrosion C) stress corrosion D) pitting conosion iii) Which of the following metal is used as _ anode protection to iron? A)Zn B) Cu c)Ni D) none ofthese iv) Which of the following acts as oxygen scavenger in cathodic inhibition? A) Na2SO3 B) Na2SO4 C) ZnSO+ D) NiSOI b. Explain differential metal corrosion, with a suitable example. (06 Marks) c. Discuss the effect ofthe following on the rate ofcorrosion : i) Anodic and cathodic areas ii) Conosion product iii) Temperature (06 Marks) d. Write a note on anodic protection. (04 Marks) PART - B5 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) For an electrolyte mixture containing Cu2, Zn2* and Cd2* the order of electro deposition is A) Cu, Cd, Zn B) Cu, Zn, Cd C) Zn, Cd, Cu D) Cd, Cu, Zn ii) When the object to be plated is inegular, the process employed is A) electroplating B) electroless plating C) electrophoreting D) electropolishing iiD Addition of buffer to the plating bath is to A) increase the pH of the bath B) decrease the pH of the bath C) control the pH of the bath D) none ofthese 2of4
    • 06c}IEl2l225 a. iv) In electroplating of chromium, inert anode is used in place of chromium because A) wide difference between anode and cathode efficiencies B) imbalance of the bath composition with respect to C(trI) and Cr(VD C) to avoid poor quality deposition D) all of these b. Explain the decomposition potential and over-voltage. (04 Marks) c, Explain the role ofthe following factors on the nature ofelectro deposit : i) Current density iD Throwing power (06 Marks) d. Explain the electroless plating of copper. (06 Marks)6^. Choose the correct answers for the following : (04 Mart<s) i) Para Azoxy Anisole is an example for A) nematic B) smectic C) chiral nematic D) c ii) Which of the following is a lyotropic liquid crystal? A) para azoxy anisole B) para azoxy phenetole C) cholesteryl benzoate D) soap-water mixture iii) Which of the following is a reference electrode? A) glass electrode B) calomel electrode C) platinum electrode D) none of these iv) Calorimetry involves the measurement of absorbance using monochromatic light in the A) visible range B) IR range C) UV range D) all of these b. Explain with suitable examples the liquid crystalline behaviour in homologues of PAA. ((N Marks) c. Explain the molecular ordering in the following liquid crystal phases : i) Nematic phase ii) Chiral nematic phase (06 Marks) d. State Lamberts law and Beers law. Explain the colorimetric estimation of copper using NH3 as the complexing agent. (06 Marks)7 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : (M Marks) i) The emulsion polymerization of chloroprene gives A) butyl rubber B) epoxy resin C) neoprene rubber D) styrene ii) Te polymer having highest Tg is A) polypropylene B) polyethylene C) pvc D) polystyrene iii) The monomer ethylene is A) monofunctional B) bifunctional C) trifunctional D) poly functional iv) Which of the following polymer is used as substitute for glass? A) teflon B) pollurethane C) PMMA D)PVC b. Explain the free radical mechanism of addition polymerization taking ethylene as an example. ((X Marks) C. Give the synthesis and applications ofthe following : i) PMMA ii) Butyl rubber iii) Teflon (09 Marks) Give the structure and applications of conducting polyaniline. (03 Marks) 3of4
    • 06cIJEt2l228 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : (M Mar&s) i) Temporary hardness of water is caused due to the presence of A) MgC/z B) Ca(HCOr2 C) CaCO: D) all of these ii) The secondary treatment of sewage involves A) biological treatment B) physical treatment C) chemical treatment D) all of these iii) The method used for desalination of water is A) lime-soda process B) permutit process C) flash evaporation D) ion-exchange process iv) Which of the following method is used for the estimation of chloride content in water A) Winklers method B) argentometric method C) PDA method D) SPADNS method b. 100 ml of water sample required 4 ml of N/50 HzSOr for neutralization to phenolphthalein end point. Another 15 ml of the same acid was needed for further titration to methyl orange end point. Determine the type and amount of alkalinity. (04 Marks) c. Explain Winkler method of determining dissolved oxygen. Give the reaction involved. (06 Marks) d. What is potable water? Give the characteristics of potable water. Explain desalination of water by reverse osmosis process. (06 Marks) 4of4
    • O6MAT21 Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Julne 2012 Engineering Mathematics - lI Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: 1. An swerany FIVE full questions, choosing at lcast two from each part Z Answer ali objectiie typi questions only on OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet. I 3. Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than oMR will not be valued.5c; PART -A I a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks).E .J i) The radius of curvature at a point (r,0) ofr = aee"otoisiq) A) rcoseccr B) cosecs C) cotcr D) none of these iD The radius ofthe circle of curvature is A)l B)l p c)p D) p The value ofC ofthe Lagranges mean value theorem for f(x) = tanrx in [0, I ] A) 0.r25 B) 0.523 C) n/4 D) rl2 iv) Maclaurins series expansion of sinx is xl x sl r-L*d+......... A) x--+-........ 3! 5! 2l 3! 2!= ct *+{+.......... Dt I +x +L+.......... 2 3! gE 6.d b. Find the radius of curvature for the curve y = a log sec (x/a) at any point (x y) (06 Marks) State and prove Lagranges mean value theorem. d. Expand e"i*, using-MaJaurins series upto the term containing xa. (06 Marks) 6.4 2a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marts) i) Lim *. (+) logx is equal to 2x) - 6s A) nlZ B)2ln c)n D) nl3J< ii) The basic fundamental indeterminate forms are o-i ..i A): B)9 C) both A and B D) none ofthese 0 00z iii) Find the critical point of the function f(x, y) = $in1 - Siny + Sin(x + y) is A) (1.l) B) (x13, rl3) C) (n12, nl2) D) none of these iv) In a plane triangle ABC, the maximum value of COSACOSB COSC is E 314A) B) 3/8 c) I /8 D) 5/8 lim b. Evaluate (2xtanx - Trsecx). (04 Martrs) x-+ nl2 c. Expand eo* sin by in powers of x and y as far as tetms of 3d degree. (06 Marks) d. show rhat the maximum value of xv*ufl*1) ir:u (06 Marks) (x Y) I of 4
    • 3 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) 2t i) x + y;Oxdy is equal to Jf 00 A)3 B)4 c)s D) none of these ii) The volume ofthe cylinder with base radius a and height h is A; r2h Br c)#h D) none of these ?*, iii) The value of B(m, n) is I nt i*"(l - xln-rdx ,J n1 Jx-1t-x1.dx 0 0 I cr ) fx-rl - x)-rdx D) none of these 0 iv) Ii n is a positive integer, then I n + t ;s equal to +) s)(n- l) Fr c), F+r D) n! "F generated by the revolution of the cardioid b. Calculate by double integration the volume r = a (1 - Cos 0) about its axis. (04 Marks) r.--i I:-,1--1 l ll-x- 1,lr ^ -y J) [ [ [ c. evaluate xyz dxdydz. (06 Marks) 000 "l? nl?. I d. Show trrat JJsine ae * j ,g6-oe = ^ (06 Marks) -4 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Mar*s) i) F is said to be solenoidal, if e) JFol=o n)JFxdi=0 c)Fxi=0 D)noneofthese ii) If F = 3xyi + yJ and C is the curve, in the xy-plane, y = *f.o. (0, 0) to (1, t), then Jr*a.i* A) Constant B) Variable C) zero D) none of these iii)Greens theorem in the plane is a special case of A) Gauss theorem B) Eulers theorem C) Bayes theorem D) Stokes theorem. iv) Stokes theorem is a relation between A) a line integral and a surface integral B) a surface and volume integral C) two volume integrals D) a line and volume integral. b Ir F = 3xyi - yzj , evaluate unng ftre curve y = 2x2 in the xy-plane from (0, 0) to JF.ar c (1 ,2). (04 Ma*s) C. Evaluate, by Greens theorem, [(*y * y) dx + x2dy, where C isboundedbyy=xand d" Y x2. = (06 Marks) d. Prove ttrat the cylindrical co-ordinates system is orthogonal. (06 Marks) . 2of4
    • O6MAT21 PART -B5 a. Choose your answers lor the following : (04 Marks) i) solution ofthe differential equation (D2 + a2) y = 0 is A) Cre* + Cze-"* B) Cr Cosax + Cz Sinax C) (Cr + Czx) Cos ax D) None of these iD P.I. ofthe differential equation (D2+ 3D + 2) y = s- ig er je. Br 1e- c) .9.: 2 D) e* 3 iii)The roots of the A.E with differential equation (D3 + 2D2 -2)y =0 are-D A) (1, r, -2) B) (-1, 1, -2) c) (1, 1,2) D) (-r , -1, 2) iv) C.F of (D2 + l) y = x3 is A) (c1 + c2 x) e* B) (crx + c2) e-* C) (cr Cosx + cz Sinx) e* D) (cr Cosx + cz Sinx) h. Solve(D3+ l)y=e-. (04 Marks) c- sorr" 4+S= x2 +2x+4. (06 Mar*s) d. Solve by the method of undetermined co+fficients the equation y" + 4y = x2 + e*. 106 Marks;6 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) Tlie Wronskin of e* and e-* is A) 2 B)-l C)0 D) -2 ii) To transform (ax + 1)2 y" + (ax + 1) y + y = $(x) into a L.D.E with constant coefficients, put t = A) logx B) log (ax + 1) C) e D)x iii) Solve the initial value problem x" + 4x + 29 x = O satisfuing the conditions x(0) = 0, x(0)= ls is A) e (3 sin50 B) 3e-2t C) 3 Sin5t D) none ofthese iv) (C1 + Czx) e* is the general solution of A) (D"+ l)y =0 c) (D-1)Y=0 * iY--*9*r=,or*. Cf iri .:F]."i:* b. - 561u" dx dx Li iu ii,,,i..l y c. Solve = {, by trre method of variation of #-r*., d. d? Solve the initial value problem *a9*5y*2Coshx =0, giveny= o.9I=r atx=0. dx (06 Marks)7 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) Laplace transform of te-tSint is er (s+s+l) ,2(-l) , 91 --ll-l- ^ u)- _s+l D) 2(s + l) (s-s+l) (s-s+2) (s2 +2s+2)? ii) Laplace transform of Sin 3t is A) -j- s+9 B)l- s+9 C) -L s-9 D) ___l I s-9 iii) Laplace transform of fO is A) s f(s) - f(0) B) s f(s) + f(0) c)sf(0)-f(0) D)sf(0)-f(0) iv) Laplace transform of t3 is equal to A) 1t ;s- 6 B)i 6 c)+ s D)+ 5 s 3 of 4
    • O6MAT21 b. Find L.T of e2t Cos2t. (04 Mart<s) T c. If f(t) is a periodic tunction of period T, then show tfrat L{ f (t) }= a! Je*r1t;at. 0 (06 Mafts) [--ar --tr I d. Find r..l" " l. (06 Marts) l.r)8 a. Choose your answers for the following I (04 Marhs) i) Inverse Laplace transform of -o-1 , is -. A)-Cosat B) Sinat C) Coshat D) sinhl a a ii) Inverse Laplace transform or ,-!]] ,^ is A) e-2r Cos3t + 1." Si, 3t 3 B; e2 sin3t + 1 e-2t cos3t ^. a^- c) e2tsin3t -J .c*rt D) e" Cos3t + - e Sin3t iii) hverse Laplace transform of tt ffi A) ltcosat 2a2a g) It sinat C) t Cos2at. D) ! Sinut i"r r;lf] is oossible onlv when n is [s"J A) n> I B)n>- I C)n= I, 2, ..... D)n< 1. b. Findrh. r,{s-?+l}. (M Marts) Is) c. Find r,{ =3+7 }. (06 Mar*s) [s-2s - 3J d. Applying L.T method, solve x" - 2x + x = e2 given that x(0) = 0 and x(0) = -l. (06 Mar*s) !&**{.{c 4of4
    • 10ccP13/23 USN FirsUsecond Semester BE Degree Examination June20l2 Gomputer Goncepts and Gt Programming Max Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. E choosing at least two from each part Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions ,nuipog" s of answer booktet 2. Answerau obi""rrrl:;;;;;;"d,1"""ii.":" otuti thanOiln willlhe be valued notE9 3. Answer to objective We questions on she"ts oth"i=d PART-A-*ll (04 Marks) I a. Choose your answers for the following -, ---r^^ D^LL-da was netlerl by Charles Babbage -,o. calledg(J i) The iin,t ."tttunili^"clrnp*tt a?ig*d B) Processor Abacus A) a> c).calcuratorvlrvvvs --....=--s)) ol:*:*::F*",..,,,".* iu ,;,*;,.d.;.rit was developed in ...=-- sEcoNp I generation of computers DrDcr. A) ^ FIRSr ,:r,a :{:^Y,Y;: s/ i;ii D)FouRrH ":iZ i-r ,/,.{P: Ajirii;/r:a i. ad"i/^lenl to ._- .:/ ,.-/ : iii) (CB I Gigabye t is equivalent B) vD KB i --..*.-.^ oi Cesri:r.l- 1i;. cE$:Yi?,ij,i- ir , A) rn.,.r N,{Er ^ l024MB D) l024TB 1024 :/,.:^-;-.j" ll i j! ii,""i".,,. lif usru:,nv LI SRA}IY }E c) l024CB ,1 l."._"4if t$ iv) e!c[ l, a ,__.- bit BCD code A)4 B) 6 ".*ltq.V c)s D)lo (06 Marks) qo" with a neat block diagram b. Discuss the basic structure of a computer (10 Marks) 69. c. i*pf." Oiff"t"n tlpes of computers for organizations 3:] (04 Marks) 2a. Choose vour answers for the following : i) A collection of4 bits is called E> aitlitur" B) B)te c) w^ord D) Record $/hich of the operating svslem is not a GUI -el"l-tNUX based/ ir) c) MAC D) DOS el wNoows^ .i iii,) Which is a secondary memory device? ...i B) RAM C)- D^^: ^ Regtsters D) FIoPPY disk A) Cache whiJ a z irl the following is not a layer in the osl model? "i C) D) Communication A) Presentation i) Tuntpott Session o from Explain how data can be stored and retrieved b. Enlist various secondary storage devices (06 Marks) CD-ROM. of an operating tyttt*?,ou c. what is an operating system? what are the major functions ,u.u.) (04 Marks) d. Write a note on the need for networking I of 4
    • ? t0ccPt3t23 3 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) C language is a A) Structured language B) Object-oriented language C) Machine language D) Assembly language ii) Identify valid identifier A) al23 B) $123 C)123a D) a#123 iii) A step by step procedure to solve a given problem is called A) Logarithm B) Algorithm C) Flowchart D) Program iv) The range ofchar data lypes on l6 bit machines is: A) -l26to 127 B) -128 to 127 C) -127 to 128 D) -127 to 127 b. Explain the different phases of solving a given problem using computer. (10 Marks) c. Write an algorithm and flowchart to calculate factorial of a number. (06 Marks) 4 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) The operator Vo yields A) Quotient B) Remainder C) Percentage D) Fractional part ii) Evaluate the expression l0! = l0llS . +AAA. The resulr is: A)l B)0 c)2 D) 10 iii) Which of the following bitwise operator shifts their frst operand to its left? A) && B) << C) >> D)n iv) Ifa = 10, b= 5 find C = ++a-b. The result is: A)5 B)7 C)6 D)-6 b. Explain precedence and associativity of operators in C with an example. (08 Marks) c. What is type conversion? What are the different ways of type conversion? Explain with an example. (08 Marks) PART - R 5 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) What is the output of following program? #include <stdio.h> Void main( ) { int num; for(num = 0; num <= l0; num ++) {; ) printf("7od", num); ) A) 012345678910 B) 11 c) l0 D) 01234567891011 i0 A for loop with no test condition is known as _ loop A) Finite B) Infinite C) While D) do-while iii) In C which of the following is not a storage class specifier? A) Static B) Auto C) Const D) Register iv) Which of the following is the last character that is stored in a char array in .C,? A) 0 B) U{ULL C) 0 D) /0 2of4
    • I o6ccPt3l23 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June2O1.2 Gomputer Goncepts and G - Programming Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 o. Note:/. Azswer FIVE full questions choosing at least two from each part, 2. Answer all objictive type questions oily on oMR sheet page 5 of the Answer Booklet. 3. Answers to objective $pe questions on sheets other than oMR will not be valaed. PART - A (04 Marks) 1 a. Choose the correct answer : i) Some notebook systems can be plugged into one of these devices which gives the.L computer additional features (A) port station (B) network station (C) work station (D) docking station;9p ii) Which of the following is not a modifier key : (A) shift (B) backspace (C) ALT (D) CNTRLo iii)The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in (A) b),tes (B) birs (C) hefiz (D) centimeters iv) The term dots per inch (dpi) refers to a printers (A) speed (B) resolution (C) outPut (D) color 5or (06 Marks) b. Briefly explain the computers used in organisations o! - c. Explain with a diagram how a keyboard communicates with the computer (06 Marks) (04 Marks) d. Briefly explain the information processing cycle. 2 a. Choose the correct answer : (04 Marks)5oJ i) A computer system that uses a smaller instruction set is said to use technology9= (A) CIS. (B) RISC (C) MISC (D) DISCo.A Which of the following is a common drive interface standard used in PCs?EO. ii) (A) ETC (B) QWERTY (C) EIDE (D) IOU OE iii) Each side of a standard DVD - ROM disc can hold upto of 9ata, - -- . (A) 4.7 GB (B) 9.4 GB (c) 17 GB (D) 140 GB iv) Flash memory is an example of storage device - (A) Magnetic (B) Optical (C) Solid - state (D) None of these b. What is machine cycle? Briefly explain the parts of a machine cycle (06 Marks) c. Briefly describe thl areas that are created on a disk when it is formatted with FAT file (06 Marks) U: sYstem. (04 Marks) lr< d. What is average access time? How it is measured? .i ..i 3 a. Choose the correct answer : (04 Marks) o z i) An operating system is an example of software. (A) utility (B) application (C) sYstem (D) none of these o ii) A - is an agreed upon format for transmitting data between the devices E (A) protopology (B) protoplasm (C) prototype (D) protocol iii) A- is a computer that stores and forwards email messages (A) mail server (B) mail center (C) mail system (D) mail box iv)In a network all devices are connected to a device called hub and communicate through it. (A) bus (B) star (C) ring (D) mesh lof3
    • b. Describe the four primary functions of an operating system. ,.Iiliff1 c. Explain the uses of networking the computers. (0E Marks)4a. Choose the correct answer : (04 Marks) i) Which of the following is a valid variable name (A) nl + n2 (B) doubles (C) 3d place (D) int ii) What would be the value of x after execution of the following segment? int x,y - l0 charz=q ; ; x-y+z-p; (A) 110 (B) l1l (C) l0 (D) none ofthese iiD In a flowchart, a parallelogram symbol is used for (A) input (B) output (C) input/outpur (D) none of these iv) Which of the following symbol does not belong to the C character set? (A) ^ caret (B) _ underscore (C) I exclamation (D) @ ar the rate b. i) Write the equivalent C statement fo. f = 2llt2^ g ml ml l- ii) Rewrite the following expression after removing unnecessary parenthesis : (( x - (y/5) +z)Vo8) +25 iii) What is the value of the expression -147o3? iv) If x = 4 initially, what is the value of x after the following statement is executed : x =.x + + : v) How many relational operators are supported by C? vi) What is the complement of the relational expression !(x! = y)? (06 Marks) c. Define flowchart and algorithm. Write flowcha( and algorithm to find factorial of a given integer. (10 Marks) PART - B a. Choose the corect answer : (04 Marks) i) If the number 98.7654 is to be printed as 9.88e + 0l h h using printf statement ( ..b is blank), the control string must be set to _. (A) Vo -10.2e (B) 7o -7.2f (C) o/o e (D) Ea t ii) By default the real numbers are pdnted with a precision of _ decimal places. (A) 4 (B) 5 (c) 6 (D) 8 iii) The temary conditional expression using operator ? could be easily coded using statement. (A) simple if (B) if - else (C) while (D) else - if ladder iv) Find the value of x and y after the following segment is executed assuming n = 0 : intx=l,y=l; if(n>0) x=x+1; v=v-1; print f ("Vo d 7o" , x, y) ; (A) x= I,y= | (B) x=l,y=a (C) x=0,y=a (D) x=2,y=4. b. Explain formatted output with an example. (06 Marks) c. Explain switch statement with an example. (10 Marks)6a. Choose the correct answer : (04 Marks) i) Find out how many times the following loop is executed? intm=10,n=7; While (m Vo n> =O) { m=m+ I ; n=n+2 t ) (A) 5 (B) 4 (c) 0 (D) infinite 2 of3
    • ii) Which of the following can be configured as a sentinel controlled loop? (A) while loop (B) do - while loop (C) for loop (D) all the three loops iii) In an exit controlled loop, if the body is executed n times, the test condition is evaluated _ times. (A) n+l (B) n-l (c) n (D) ,2 iv) In the following program segment, the print f statement is executed number of times. intm=l,n=0; for( ; m + n < l0 ; m + +, n + +); print f ("Vo d", m x n); (A) s (B) 6 I(c) (D) 0b. Write a program to read a positive integer and print the sum of its digits, using a suitable entry controlled loop. (06 Marks)c. Differentiate between while and do - while loop. (04 Marks)d. Write a program to find whether the given integer is prime or not. (06 Marks) Choose the correct answer : (04 Marks) i) In an n element array, the nth element will be stored at the index (A) n (B) n+ I (C) n- 1 (D) None of these ii) _ is the process of arranging the elements ofan array in order. -. (A) searching (B) sorting (C) keying (D) scanning iii) An array belongs to the _ data type. (A) Fundamental (B) Primary (C) Userdefined (D) Derived iv)An array is a size sequenced collection of elements of the data tlpe. (A) variable, same (B) variable, different (C) fixed, same (D) fixed, differentb. Explain how 1 - D arrays are declared and initialized. (04 Marks) Write a C program to read a N x N matrix and find the sum of elements of each of its diagonals. (08 Marks)d. Write a C program to implement linear search. (04 Marks)a. Choose the correct answer : (04 Marks) i) The parameters used in a function call are called as _ parameters. (A) format (B) informal (C) virtual (D) actual ii) Specifying parameter names in a function prototype is (A) compulsory (B) optional (C) illegal (D) none of these iii) What will be the value of the function call divide (4.5, 1.5) to the following function : divide (float x, float y) { retum (x/y) ; ] (A) 3.0 (B) 3 (c) 0.333333 (D) 0 iv) A variable _ declared inside a function is called variable. (A) local (B) global (C) extemal (D) actualb. What is the need for user defined functions? (04 Marks)c. List and explain the parts of a function body. (06 Marks)d. Write aC function which accepts a two dimensional matrix as a parameter and returns the largest element of the matrix. (06 Marks) ***** 3 of 3
    • 26rc5n}12- 2.30Pm to 530PmUSN 10cED14124 First I Second Semester Degree Examination, MaY / June 2012 COMPUTER AIDED ENGINEERING DRAWINGTime: 3 Hours (coMMoN TO ALt BRANCHES) Max. Marks:100Note: l.Answer three full questions Use A4 sheets suPPlied 3. Draw to actual scale Missing data, if any, may be suitably assumedQl. i) A point P is l5mrn above HP and 25mm in front of vP. Another point Q is 25mrn behind VP and 40mm below HP. Draw their projections when the distance betwccn their projectors parallel to the X-Y line is zero mm. Add the right side view olpoint Q only. I t0 Marks] ii) The top view of a 75mm long tine AB, measures 65mrn while the front view is 50mm. Its one end A is in the HP and l2mm in front of the VP. Draw the projections of AB arrd detennine its inclination with HP and the VP. [20 Marks] ORQl. A rectangular lamina of 35mm X 20mm rests on HP on one of its shorter edges. The larnina is rotated about the edge on which it rests till it appears as a square in the top view. The edge on which the lamina rests is inclined at 30o to VP. Draw its projections and find its iiclination with HP. [30 Marks] one of itse2. A hexagonal pyramid 25mm sides of base and 50mm axis length rests on HP on Slant eJg"s. Dru* the projections of the pyramid when the axis is inclined at 45o to VP [40 MarkslQ3. A funnel is to be made of sheet metal. The funnel tapers frorn 40mm to 2Otntn diameterto a height of 20mm and from 20mm to 15mm diameter for the next 20mm height. The bottom of the funnel is beveled offto a plane inclined at 45o to the axis. Draw the development of the funnel. [30 Marks] ORQ3. A rectangular pyramid of base 40rnm X 25mrn and height 50mm is centrally placed on a cylindrical slab of diameter t00mm and thickness 30mm. Draw the isometric projection oithe combination of solids. [30 Marks]
    • lmo.runr Nnte : l. On completins ) ou utve^.mmnulsor i]) dnc diasotul crcsq lifts on $e rmdMg blanl Pa86 2.An!,e;alinroii,l trncationdPp$llj);clulor!;d/orequtrossriude84r8:50wrllbeEeGd6malpEctice Z.a e N z P PP ?I -, -o < lll=ftNo =16€5E A I t o>-l o>oo>@3 +E A5; 3 a ? 4. a ", 3 -, r ior -=c: , = o >Eo>N6 a =: *xx t;: a a r=3x<PP " d 3=a5h-3=€ -L-.=<srzi!E ! =! o g+la -t 6 i ; Ed e&E; € di?3s€ss:i u* Ea s.$ : rl- o ral El a oE -i! 6 6 t g aegr-g i 41 6; Piii -: :..ri o, a 6R -- f 3- 5 in Ek a ! 56 -z9 ;* 4; CSE 3 :r I S e =A :a €oE ir : ! E* o Aa - r -E ?- P4 eg I lt r- - EY: * ;>i + < t Y e* =. C* f € $$!. He lE ia?e9 I tig n!^ i sSE 8e nl@ 5d ; !o | .. ^5 eo-?v =6 )A,12- _t=z- r-dzS ;. ; il! Ei i:i " !f@ ocpE god ; i igvfsvaI 2 6 3---,i -o. 9 I e.9g; :tR !-? o t: =. e d 6 -, l- r rt --0 -^, 3. 45-"s906 C :. <+o-lYri E SL.:E348 o ii4 x FYr : ld o 3 E - al -l N f o +lE 6>0 ^:n !e = i <+ <h I 5 26 aii t1 I I ?,r F gr =4 6 .L i,q a 3- ^x n: I ist < r.:i s E 6 { I ri" -!s E :ntoa_ ii i^ N) F aG a H e z a-- 6A +:1 5o a- E t 13 ? 7^ 1o 16 * > I to- o a , a -, ..o { Eqq i!,o P o o>!o> ,l o>?o> o>rl o>t6ce o>-l -"9-" I,3 -"X---v A:* 3 6 3 rI :lUo- ! o-: 53 ;-=agl E q?E H"=zt8"de i*::gqsP o;:3 i3 =P i < F I aE: jE 26R I Cl 6- { ;,oE-l a !5s;.-5ri i; !+t o o st)i<.i ==. g q-o !, E; e 3e I { =&d I I { ! -+E 989tr4 a =@ !!. a I a * ? ;3 61 ts =o-a e ln 6, 3 {a { { a- a { { 2 Z - -< A! E o #E J a ::l :, E -a9.at B 9o :tl l! U@ I (r@ E l! 6 o E o@auE; u@ ::i:-1.x::zV i1 ^l!l ar5 Eg 4i e- o gka€#l i5eioil;= > {; jl 3E =r "+ B, Eqi ;: E- ll e ! D q6& E:TE J: 4 .j B I !. a :a ,E )= iz LI *A gv 6N
    • ra) ;z= ^ ^4 ^ s s,l: s I ?c 5i n n isIi I i !t 2 @ ax? ZY S^ r, >6 A !=; .E 6 6 E:d I e,o.4o4 L + Ap . < Z6r>* 3 =e,A JB no +N aZ y.- * .o <2 y.9 aal a6 aa aa =9g qdsz:- E; -9 r-C E :. aoO -caO 6 Eo O .oO::^ 3.E- d: d ; 93 x o; u I ,2 = 1) =; * E : -" ir 9 > i2 =* tt Ca >E o EX i9 9o € -4,{ 5> = I -9a l< co 2 -=i{ nh I r9 E: to -s 8 5 . 8ts E 9 :zc;e a 4 I ;i, s8 3 I i I :] qj B.E e *E:FR,H-*8 E <.--36EE*<ul< o ,E :5^F,<:EE Zu - 9 X;Z Eo E!g 1? I t1 a2 r6- O O + I o+ i zQr4a@ +r4 o^€-rxxN al ? !-o Irl <z &26t< < <:25= Ps 19 @ t, : @ , Eo --<arl< ^.o ^^? ^^ u:r<oi<u a C E a C < a C 5 aC; e < < < () E ^=: ^ -oEE ^ .= a - .EE - ^,: - 16r] F I€ !I €-E.-E tr=E! r i a: ! !tc .9 .9 .9 :e i; ; E ,Eg e eo a -Eo la io^ EO S- P EE a= 9vE 2a i EE ii =eE > :_qg5E e"-a! trroo F a6 EraO -9-9- ^o ao4co 6aoo 6 ii#5 3rc .qo; =T ^^ l^^o!:E e .oo l.ooE ,ii;ie ;a t""-1 Eg .E ;I | = i ir: s --d i Fi & I r o; r[ 1- ,,! d E € : =-5Pe ;- ^2 U= d3 6 i.r -l a- E i,:.- : -e o o-s E ! PdEg i.9t: 9 E !5E €", -ii ,E.Ei c I E E E i1;; F .p d g! .Z r I i I €SEIeEi I I EBBiE;o- o I5= o i!:o - | ,E Ei9 Yj: u EI .qoE=g A.se ii E_s b q + :ii 7a . c I EEs"EeBt {".gE.e>-;6gS:€= 3 t., b : ; !d :e X 5EA:rsrEi.9H9;=* YEE,A :b8 < oL o d!,E 4 -" Jo..O O O . - I--€; ed F<UF. ?o :<U l-<u ::9o 4i ^i^^ U u,t ii : E x (Ji- z ea!. rj.i dd ljd
    • 06ELN1s/253 a, Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) The process of making operating point independent of temperature changes or variations in transistor parameters is known as A) Biasing B) Stabilization C) Thermal runaway D) None of these ii) The intersection of the dc load line with given base current curve is the A) h-point B) D-point C) Q-point D) None of these iii) Lower stability factors imply lower variation in the current. A) Collector B) Base C) Emitter D) Both base and emitter. iv) To forward bias the base to emitter junction, the minimum Vss required is for Si transistor. A) 4Y B) 0.7V c) 0.007v D) None of these b. Define stability factor. Discuss the factors that cause instability of biasing circuits. (08 Marks) For thecircuit shown in Fig. Q3 (c), determine 16, Ve, Vs and V6s. (08 Ma*s) +2 V t8ora e"8L<" Rr si rqn sistsr S 6Kvu Rz Fig. Q3 (c) I .- <.,r-4 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) FET is a controlled device A) Voltage B) Current C) Pulse D) Power iD The unit of transconductance gm of an FET is A) volts/ampere B) volts C) ampere/volts D) None of these iii) Latching cunent in SCR is _ holding cunent. A) less than B) more than C) equal to D) none of these iv)JFET has _ input impedance. A) high B) low C) very low D) none of these b. Draw the two transistor equivalent of an SCR and explain working of SCR. (08 Ma*s) c. Draw the Vl-characteristic and equivalent circuit ofUJT. Explain how UJT can be used as a relaxation oscillator. (0E Marks) 2of4
    • PART - B5 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) The magnitude voltage gain at half power frequencies of an RC-coupled amplifier is times maximum voltage gain A) O.7O7 B) 7.O7 c) r0 D) 17.06 ii) With negative feedback, output impedance ofan voltage series feedback A) Remains constant B) Decreases C) Increases D) None of these iii)Without bypass capacitor across Re, the voltage gain A) decreases B) increases C) constant D) none of these iv) The magnitude of product of open loop gain (A) and feedback factor (B) is less than one, then the output voltage with fiequency. A) Remains constant B) Decreases C) Variable D) None of these b. - A crystal has L= 0.33 H, C =0.06 pF, R=5 KO and C.= 1 PF. Find i) Series resonant frequency ii) Parallel resonant flequency (06 Marks) Draw the frequency response of an RC-coupled amplifier and explain it. Mention its advantages and disadvantages (10 Marks)6a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) If the different input signal is applied to the two inputs ofop-amp, then mode is A) Common B) Mixed C) Difference D) None. iD If a sinusoidal voltage is applied to vertical deflection plates only, then we get on the screen of the CRO. A) Vertical line B) Horizontal line C) Both lines D) None iii) The unit of PSRR is A) Volts B) Amperes C) pV/V D) None iv) Maximum rate of change of output voltage with time is called A) CMRR B) Slew rate C) rate Over D) None b. Define the following terms with respect to op-amp: i) CMRR ii) Input offset voltage iiD Input offset current iv) Input bias current (08 Marks) c. Draw the three input non-inverting summer circuit using an op-amp and derive an expression for output voltage. (08 Mar&s) 3of4
    • 06ELN15/2s7 a. Choose your answers for the following : (04 Marks) i) (ABC.D)16 = L_)ro A) 2748.8125 B) 2741.81 c) 2640.2 D) 3641.25 ii) (934)10= C-_)s A) 1600 B) t646 c) 1641 D) t644 iii) (11001.r 10) = (__)ro A) 24.75 B) 20.75 c) 40.26 D) 25.75 iv) 2s complement of (1001 1)is A) 01 101 B) 01110 c) 01 111 D) 11111 b. Draw the block diagram of a superhetrodyne receiver and explain the functions of each block. (08 Marks) c. The total power content of an AM wave is 2.64 kW at a modulation factor of 8OVa. Determine the power content ot i) Carrier ii) Each side band (04 Marks) d. Subtract using 2s complement of [78-65]. (04 Marks)8 a. Choose your answers for the following : (M Marks) i) The NAND-gate is AND-gate followed by A) OR gate B) EX-OR gate C) EX-NOR gate D) NOT gate iD A+(B+C) = (A+B)+C is _law. A) Associative B) Commutative C) Distributive D) None iii) A+AB= A) A+A B)A C) A+B D) None iv) The output is high, when both inputs are not equal, such a gate is called A) EX - OR gate B) NOT gate C) EX - NOR gate D) None b. Design a full adder circuit and rcalize, using two half adders. (0E Marks) c. Simplify the following Boolean expressions and implement using only NAND-gates: i) y=eBC+nsc+AB+eC ii) y =A(ABC+ABC) (08 Marfts) {.**r<,k 4of4
    • 06crv18/28 Question Paper Version : C First/Second Semester B.E Degree Examination.- June 2012 Environmental Studies (coMMoN TO ALL BRANCHES)Time: 2 hrs.l INS:TRACTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES 1. Answer all the fifty questions, each question carries ONE mark. t Use only Black ball point pen for writing / darkening the circles. 3. For each question, after selecting your answer, darken the appropriate circle corresponding to the same question number on the OMR sheet. 4. Darkening two circles for the same question makes the answer invalid. 5. Damaging/overwriting, using whiteners on the OMR sheets are strictly prohibited. 1. An altemative eco-friendly fuel for automobiles is a) Petrol b) Diesel c) CNG d) Kerosene 2. Population explosion will cause a) Bio-diversity b) Stress on ecosystem c) More employment d) None of these. 3. Which of the following is not a solution for global warming? a) Reducing fossil fuel consumption b) Planting more trees c) Deforestation d) None of these. 4, The first of the major environmental protection act to be promulgated in India was a) Air act b) Water act c) Environmental act d) Noise pollution act Population explosion will cause a) Socio-economic problems b) Energy crises c) Food scarcity d) All of these. 6. Global warming could affect a) Climate b) Increase in sea level c) Melting of glaciers d) All of these. 7. Acid rain can be controlled by a) Reducing S02 and NO2 emission b) Reducing oxygen emissions c) Increasing number of lakes d) Increasing the forest cover -cl
    • 06crv18/288. The pH value ofthe acid rain water is a) 5.7 b) 7.0 c) 8.5 d) 7.59. Major compound responsible for the destruction of stratospheric ozone layer is a) Oxygen b) CFC c) Carbon dioxide d) Methane10. Domesticated animals are used for a) Dairy products b) Production offiber c) Production ofmeat d)All ofthese.11. World ozone day is being celebrated on a) September 5rh b) October 5m c) September 166 d) September I lth12. Bhopal gas tragedy was due to the leakage of a) Methyl isocynate (MIC) b) Sulphur dioxide c) Mustard gas d) Methane13. The forest (conservation) Act was enacted in the year a) 1986 b)1974 c) 1980 d) t97214, The leader of Chipko movement is a) Medha Patkar b) Sunderlal Bahuguna c) Vandana Shiva d) Suresh Heblikar15. An intemational conference on environmental education was held in December 1982 at a) Kyoto b) Vienna c) New Delhi d) London16. The world environmental day is celebrated on a) June 5u b) November 5th c) April 5ih d) December 5th17. India has the worlds largest share of a) Manganese b) Copper c) Mica d) Diamond18. The hydrological cycle is related to balance a) Water cycle and b) Water and electricity c) Hydropower d) Water characterization19. . An important NGO involved in global environmental prot€ction is a) UNICEF b) Green peace c) WHO d) CPCB20. About 3/4th of the countrys coal deposits are found in a) Kamataka b) Tamil Nadu c) Kashmir d) B ihar & Orissa21. Which of the following is a biotic component of an ecosystem? a) Fungi b) Solar light c) Temperature d) Humidity22. h an ecosystem, the flow ofenergy is a) Bidircctional b) Cyclic c) Unidirectional d) Multidirectional23. The first Intemational Earth Summit was held at a) Johannesburg b) Rio-de Janerio c) Kyoto d) Stockholm24. ISO 14000 standards deal with a) pollution management b) environmental management c) risk management d) None ofthese.25. The major atmospheric gas layer in stratosphere is a) Hydrogen b) Carbon dioxide c) Ozone d) Helium. -c2 -
    • 06crv18/28 Which ofthe following is not the environmental effect of industrialization, in general? a) Solid waste b) Water pollution c) Economic growth d) Air pollution.27. EIA can be expanded as a) Environment and Industrial Act b) Environment and Impact Activities c) EnvironmenLally lmportanr Acrivity d) Environmental Impact Assessment.28. The impact of construction of dams is a) submerged forests b) loss of wild life habitat c) damages down stream ecosystem d) All of these.29. Among the fiesh water available on the Earth, the percentage of surface water is about a) 5O Vo b) lO 7o c)5 Vo d) less than l7o.30. Major sources of fluoride is a) Ground water b) Toothpaste c) River water d) Food products31. Bluebaby syndrome (methaemoglobinemia) is caused by the contamination of water due to a) Phosphates b) Sulphur c) Nitrates d) Arsenic32. The most important fuel used by nuclear power plant is a) u-235 b) u-248 c) U-238 d)u-24533. Bacteriological pollution of water is due to the presence of a) silt and grit b) parasitic worms c) suspended particals d) floating materials.34. Lead poisoning may cause a) reduction in haemoglobin b) kidney damage c) mental retardation d) all of these.35. Air pollution from automobiles can be controlled by fitting a) electrostatic precipitator b) wet scrubber i) catalytic converter d) all of these.36. Which of the following are non-biodegradable? a) Plastics b) Domestic sewage c) Detergents d) Both a and c37. Which of the following is a secondary air pollutant? a) Carbon monoxide b) Sulphur dioxide c) Ozone d) Carbon dioxide.38. In which year, the Honble Supreme Court of krdia made environmental education compulsory subiect at all the levels ofeducation? a) 2000 b) 2001 c)2002 d) 200339. Environmental protection is a fundamental duty of the citizen of India under the article a) s l -A(8) b) 48-A c) 47 d)2140. Ozone layer is present in a) Stratosphere b) Mesosphere c) Thermosphere d) Troposphere41, Chemobyl nuclear disaster occurred in the year a) 1984 b) 19s2 c) 1986 d) r987 -c3-
    • T 06cIv18/2842. Which of the following is not a renewable source of energy? a) Wind energy b) Tidal wave energy c) Solar energy d) Fossil fuels.43. Electromagnetic radiation can cause a) Plague b) Malaria c) Cancer d) Dengue fever.44. Nuclear power plant in Kamataka is located at a) Bhardravathi b) Sandur c) Raichur d) Kaiga45. Which place in India, the tidal energy has been experimented? a) Goa b) Kamataka c) Kerala d) Tamil Nadu46, In hydro power plants, power is generated by a) Hot springs b) Wind c) Water d) Solar energy47. Environmental pollution is due to a) rapid urbanization b) deforestation c) afforestation d) both a and b48. Definitibn of noise is a) Loud sound b) Unwanted sound c) constant sound d) Sound of high frequency49. Sound, beyond which of the following level, can be regarded as a pollutant? a) 40 dB b) 80 dB c) 120 dB d) 150 dB50. Minamata disease is caused by a) Lead b) Arsenic c) Mercury d) Cadmium. -c4 -