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  • 1. ISN 1OPHY12 First Semester B.E. Degree Examination, January 2011 Engineering Physics Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notei l. Ansv,er an) FIYEJu questiohs, choosing at leosr twofrom each pan 2. Answet all objeclive type questions only in OMR shee, page 5 ofthe answer booklet. .9 3. Ansbel to objective type queslions on sheels other than OMR will nol be valued- tE 4. Physicat constants : h:6.625 x 11131 J-5, c:3 x ld ms-), m"= 9.1 x LOtl hg, .? k =1.38 x 1(I3 JI(I, €o=8.854 xllJ12 Fhtt E PART_Af9 1 a. Choose yor[ answers for the following :9p: i) - Green light incided on a surface releases photoelecftons fiom the surface. If now blue;, light is incident on the same surface,the velocity of electrons 5d A) inqeases R) decreases C) remairx same D) becomes zerof^r ii) Rayleigh-Jeans theory ofmdiations agrce with expe metrtal results for A) all wavelengths B) shorter wavelergths oDlyEY C) longer wavelengths only D) middle order wavelengths onlyPi iii) The de-Broglie wavelength of an electron accelerated to a potential difference of 100 volts is A)1.24 B)10A C) 100 A D)t2A iv) The wave rratule associated wili electrons in motion was verified byE3 A) photoelectuic effect B) comptor effect C) difftaction by crystals D) Ramon effect (04 Mrrks)!5 b_ State and explain de-Broglies hypothesis. (04 Mark) c. Define phase velocity and group velocity. Obtaia the relation between goup velocity and-bts particle velocity. Obtain rhe exprcssion for de-Broglie w qsing group velocity.H! (08 Marhs) Find the kinetic energy and group velocity of an wavelength of 0.2nm. (04 Mark);# 2 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) The uncertainty in the determhatior of position ($).**,,n" uncertainty in the deterrninatioo ofits momentum is ii) ^)% oflocating probability D% c) % D)3 The a particle is maximum A) at the cente ofthe wave packet B) at the nodes of the wave packel C) catnot be determined D) none ofthese iii) In Davision and Germer experiment, wher 54 volts was applied to electons, thez prcnounced scattering direction was found to be at;E A) 90" B) 120" c) s0" D) none ofthese iv) The giourld state energy of an elechon in an one dimensional infrdte potenlial well of width 2 A is 16 eV. Its energy in third excited state is A) 32 eV B) 64 eV C) 144 eV D)256 eV (04 Ma*s) l of 4
  • 2. I0PEY122b. State and explain Heiselbergs uncertaiaty principle, (0a Marks) Find the eigin value and eigen functions for an electron in on€ dimeisioml potential well of infmite height. (08 Marks) d. Estimate the time spent by an atom in the excit€d state dudng the excitation and de-excitation processes, when a spectml liBe of wavelenglh 546 nm-and width 10-ra m is emitted- (01Marks)3 a. Choose your arswers for the following : i) The mobility of electrons in a conductor is 4 x 10-3 m2Vrs-l. Then the &ift velocity of the electloo in the presence of applied electric field of strength 1 00 vm-l is .ql+.ri B) loms:r c.10.4msr D)004ms-r ii) The classical value ofmolar specific heat of a co[ductor is A)lR B) ;R c)3R or ln iii) ofa metal at absolute zero temperature is proportional to The Fermi energy A) rl B) n% C) n% D) n where n is number offree electrons per unit volume. i") At 50I! the probability of findiog an electron at Fermi energy is %. Te $obability offindiflg electon at the same energy level at 100 K is A)l B) zero ct Y4 D) U (o4.rrnrks) b. Obtain the expression for electical conductivity on the basis of fiee electron theory of metals. (08 Marks) c. Explain Fermi energy ald Fermi factor. (04 Marks) d. Calculate the probability of ar electron occupying an energy level 0.02 eV above the Fermi level and 0.02 eV below the Fermi level at 200 K. (04 Marks) a. Choose your answers for the following : i) Choose the correct relalion: A) E=eu (e, l)P B) D=eo (e, -l)E C) P=e, (e. -l)E D) e.=1-l ii) Electronicpolarization A) decreases rvith increase in temperature B) increases with temperature C) is independent of temperalure D) may iacrease or decrease with temperatue iii) Hysteresis loss occurs when the mag material is subjected to A) DC voltage B) AC voltage C) both AC and DC voltage D) none ofthese iv) The relative permeability for diamagnetic materials is A) slightly greater than one B) zero C) less than one D) very much greatd than one (04 Marks) b. Obtain the expression for intemal field in solids. (08 Marks) c. Distinguish between hard and soff magnetic materials. (05 Mark) d. Find the polarization produced in a crystal by an electric field of stenglh 500 vmm-r if it has a dielectdc constant of6. (03 Marks) 2of4
  • 3. ) tjpnvrz PART _ B5 a. Choose your answers for the following: i) Rate ofinduced absorptioo depends on A) nulnber ofatoms in lower eoergy state B) the elergy-d€nsity Cj number ofatoms in higher erergy state D)bothAatrdB ii) Iu semiconductor laser the maredal used is A)any semiconductor B) direct band gap semicondctor i) indirect band gap semiconductor D) no1 a semiconductor iii) Tie required condition to achieve laser action in a system is A) state ofpopulation inversion B) existence ofmetastable Jtate C) a resonant cavity D) allthe thxee object iv) In recording the image on the photographic plate the reference bean and the beam undergo ---- at the photographic plale - - i"tetf"t"oce D) polarization A) difftactio-n --Bfiflectio, C) -. (04 *larks) b. Explain the construction and working of He-Ne laser, with the help of sritable diagrams rks) c. Metrtion the applications ofholography. (04 Marks) .. 633 nm is d. Th" ur"rug" o,rprt po.". of laser-source emitting a laser beam of wavelength S mw. f ;ia tle numler of photons emitted per second by the lascr source (04 Marks)6 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) The crilical temperanfe ofmercury is A) 4.2 K B) 6.2 K c) 7.8 K D)20K ii) Tire temperature of a superconductor kept in a weak magnetic field is reduced below critical temperature, then A) R=0;B +0 B)R*0; B=0 c) D)R:0; B=0 iii) The numerical apertde of an optical fiber in ical ap€rture 1n water (n,, = f) is A) 0.43 B) 0.24 c ) 0.96 iv) Graded index fiber can be A) single mode fiber onlY B) D) medium C) both single mode and multimode (04Mrrks) b. Define the terms : i) angle ofacceptance ii) numedcal aperture. change iii) ftactional index iv) modes ofpropagation (04 Mark) (08 Mark) c, Explain BCS theory of supercotrductivity. Wdle a short note on Maglev.vehicles d. ihe refiacrive indices ofcore and clad<ling are 1.50 ard 1.48 respectively in an optical fiber. (04Marks) Find the numerical aperture and angle of acceptance.7 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) The relation for angles between a-xes of a ticlinic crystal is A)cr=p=v=90" B)o*p*y=90" C)o*p+v+90" D)([=B--y*90" ii) The coordination number for a face centered cubic lattice is A) 12 B)8 c)6 D) 26 iii) The packing factor offcc structue is A) s2% B) 68% c) 92% D) none ofthese rv) The Miller i[dices ofthe platre parallel to t]rc x and y axes are A) (1 00) B)(0 10) c)(001) D)(rll) (04 Marks) 3 of 4
  • 4. 1OPEY127b. Derive an expressiou for inter planar spacing in terms of Miller indices. (06 Marls) c. Define packing ftaction. Calculate packing ftaction for sc and bcc structures. (06 Msrks) d. Inter planar distance for a crystal is 3 ,4. and the glancing atrgle for second order spectoum was observed to be equal to 10o30. Fitrd the wav€length olthe X-rays used. (04 Marts)8a- Choose your answers for the following : i) In a carbon nano tube, the bond betwee[ the carbon atoms is A) metallic B) iooic C) hydrogen D) covalent ii) Fullerene is A) a sheet of carbon aloms rolled up into long tube B) sixty carbon atoms ananged in the shape of a football C) one dimensional aray of atoms D) three dimensional aray of atoms iii) Ultrasonic waves arc sound waves havilg l A) velocity greater tian 330 msr B) velocity lesser than 330 ms C) frequercy geater than 20000 Hz D) ftequency less than 20000 IIz iv) The t,?ical size ofnano matedal is betweetr A) 1-10om B) 10-50m C) 1-l00nm D) 1 1000nm b. What axe oano matedals? Explain carbon nano tubes and their physic"l ,."r"rri"JoilffiT,l few applications ofcarbo[ nano tubes. (08 Marks) c. Explain the principle and method of nondesauctive method of testing of material using ultrasonics. (oE Ma*s) 4of4
  • 5. USN 10PHY12t22 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2011 _; Engineering Physics Time:3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notei l. Aksiet any FIW fut questions, choosing at leasl ttoo from eoch pqrt. 2. Ahsyet all objectire qtpe questions only in OMR sheet page S of tie answer bookla. 3. Ansnet to objective qrpe questions on sheets other tha; OMR wilt not be vatued. 3 4. Physical constants : h:6.625 xl(lia t-5, c:Jxldmst, m,=9.1 x1O31 kg, ? k =1.38 x t (fri JKt, €o= B.BS4 x tOi, Fnit. E PART-A 1 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) In Complon Effect, the wavelength ofthe x-rays scattered at an angle 0 > 0. Ed A) iocreases B) doesn,t change C) decreases D)none ofthese;h ii) Ke, Kp artd Ko an lEspective kinetic eflergy ofan e, a proton and cr - ptuticle ofsame de-Broglie wavelength, then B)&Kp<K" C)K<Kp<K" D)K=Kp=K, iii) 9S&K ofthe particles has smallest de-Broglie wave length when both ofthem. .... The heavier A) move with same speed B) move wiih same momentum te C) move with same kinetic energy D) none ofthese iv) Matter waves are not electomagletic waves because A) they move with variable velocity B) depead on charge C) move with corstad rclocity D) rcne of these ,__ (04 }Iarlls) b. What are the basic postulates of quantum theory of radiations? Explain how planck,s overcome the drawbacks ofweins law and Rayliegh Jean,s law. (06 Mark!) c. Define gr_oup and phase velocity. Derive the expression for de-Broglie wavelength using group velocity concept.->i (06 Mrrks) d. C^o.mpute the de Broglie wavelength for a neutrou moving with one tenth part ofthe velocity oflight. (04 Marls)66 Za. Choose your ansuers for the following . i) An electron is moving in a box of length a; if y, is the wave function at x 3with = 4 n= I and Vr2 atx =a forn= 2, then I: is A)E a B)11 cr o D)- 2fi ii) For_a particle in an i[Enite poterfial well in its l,t excited state, the probability of finding the pafticle at the center of box is A)0 B) 0.2s c) 0.s D) 0.1z iii) To become a nuclear constituent, the K.R of e must be ofthe order of A) 20 MeV MeV B) 2 C) 20eV D) zeroE iv) An electon has a speed of 100 ur/s accuate to 0.05%. The uncertainty in its position ts A) 0.01m B)0.0115n C)0.024m D) 0.04m (0aMark) I of 4
  • 6. IOPHY12D2 b. What is a wave filnction? Explain the properties ofa waYa functio& (04 Marks) c. Dedve the expression for energy eigen value for an electron in potential well of infiaite depth. (06 Marl6) d. A quantum particle confiued to one-dimeruional box ofwidtha is in its first exerted state. What is the probability offinding the particle over an interval of marked srmmeticallr (:) at the ceBtre of box. (06 Marks)3 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) Ifthe mobility of E in a metal increases the resistivity A) decreases B) increases C) remains constant D) none ofthese ii) The tempelatwe dependence ofelectrical resistivity ofmetal is A) p"+ B)p"# C) pcrJT D) poT iii) Zero percentage probability is the probability for E to occupy the energy level above the Fermi energy ler el atT0kis A)E+Er B)E=EI C) E>Er D)E<Er tO If the Fermi energy of a metal is L4eV, the Fermi temperatue of the me,tal is apprcximataly A) 1.6 x 103 k B) 1.6 x 104 k C) 1.6 x los k D) 1.6 x 106 k (04 Marks) b. Discuss the various drawbacks of classical ftee e.lscton Aeory of metals. What are the assuilptions made in Quantriu theory to overcoae {ra ws? (06 M!r}r) c. Explai! d@sity of slates? Derive the expression for r,i.rtrt io{l *al}du0tivit--v io temrs of meall d. #"#^lfri;, potassiri. is 2.lev. whar are the . m6ier fnr ,tuch the ,.ro"l1tr"f., oc.up&cy at 300 K are 0.99 and 0.5? (04 Me*s)4 a. Choose your answers for the followiag : i) For fenomagnetic substances, the Curie-Weise law is given by c at r=! T gr ,/ =-L T_E 61 ,=l-o C DrT-0 ii) Clausius-Mossotti equation docs not hold for A) gasses B) liquids C) crystalliue solids D) none ofthese iii) The Ferro electric matedal losses spontaneous polarization at A) room temperatue B) 0 K C) TCK D) 100 K rv) In hysterisis, polarization A) moves with the electric field B) lags behind electric filed C) ahead to the electric field D) oone ofthese. (04 Marks) b. Explain the teflr intemal field. Derive an expression for intemal field in the case of one dimensional allay of atoEls ill di-eleotric solids. (07 Marks) c. Derive Clausius-Mossotti equation. (04 Mark!) d_ Sulphur is elemental solid di-elecaic whose di-electdc cotsta is 3.4. Calculate the t electronic polarizability ifits density is 2.07 x 103 kg/ot3 and atomic weight is 32.07. (0s Marki) 2of4
  • 7. 1oPHY12l22 PART - B5 a. Choose your aoswers for the following : i) Wavelength of a laser beam can be used as a standard of A) time B) tempemtule C) argle D) length ii) Image is stored on a hologram in the form of A) interference pattem B) diffraotioo pattem C) photograph D) aone of these iii) Which event is likely to takes place, when a photon of energy equal to the difference in energy betwee[ two levels is incident in a system A) absorption B) emission C) absorption and emission D) none of these iv) Quartz plates arc fixed at the ends ofthe discharge tube in a He-Ne laser so that A) there wont be leakage ofgas B) the tube can withstand high eleclric voltage C) the loses light can pass out without any loss D) the emergeucy light is polarized (04 Mrrks) b. Explain the requisites atrd conditio$ of a laser system. (05 Mlrks) c. Describe the principle and working of LIDAR used to measure pollutant in abrosphere. (06 Marks) d. Find the member of mode of standing waves and thefu ftequency sepaxation in the resonant cavity of 1m length of He-Ne operating at a wavelength of6 (05 Marts) -..^6 a, Choose yoDJ ar:*irers fer ti.. folloliDg : d ,i( ") AL i-, i) The cord: ,i1:yiil a! a st,tc.,cri1d.Jrtor is " A) infir1r Li:t.tr!) no ,9 ) none ofthese ii) The rel.riaq bei.aeec superconductirg (Tg) and alomic weight (p) of isotope is A)Tccrp B) Ao1 p C; f.o.,,[ O, f"oI vlt iii) If optic fibre is kept in a medium of R.I. p (> I ) instead of air, the acceptance angle A) increases B) decreases C) remains constant D) none ofthese iv) In graded index fibre, the R.I, ofcladding vades A) exponertially B) linearly C) parabolically D) noae ofthese (04 Mark) b. Discuss t)?es of optical fibres ard uodes ofpropagation using suitable dia$am. (06 Marks) c. Distinguish between q?e- I and rype - II superconductors. (05 Mark!) d. The angle of acceptance of an optical fibre is 30o when kept in air. Find the angle of aoceptarce when it is in a medium ofR.I. 1.33. (05 Marks)7 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) Four types ofBravais lattices are obtained in A) rhombhohedEl system B) orthorhombic system C) triclinic system D) mo[oclinic system ii) In BCC structure, the packing density ofcrystal is equal to or* u,+ C)I ,8 ,)* 3of4
  • 8. I0PIIYt2l221 a. iii) Which ofthe following has geatest packing fraction A) simpie cubic B) body centred cubic C) face centred cubic D) all have equal packing ftaction iv) The space lattice ofdiamond is A) simple cubic B) body cented cubic C) face ceotr€d cubic with two atoms/unit cell D) face centred cubic with four atoms/unit cell (04 Mark) b. With a neat figul€, explain the stluctrre of diamond ard show that atomic packhg factor of diamcnd is 0.34. (ro M"rks) Calculate the glancing angle of the (1 l0) plane of a simple cubic crystal (a = 2.814 A ) coresponding to secord order diffraction maximum for the x-rays of wavelength 0.710 A. (06 Marks)8a. Choose lour ar:swers for rhe following i) The slate ofmafter around ihe name - size is known as A) solidstate B) liquid state C) plasma state D) rnesoscopic state ii) The ultrasonic waves are delected by A) electromagnetic induction B) tuning fork C) piezo electric effect D) i[verse piezo eleclria eflecl iii) A constant testing ofproduci without causing any damage is called A) milute testing B) destruclive testing C) tron-de structive tssting D) random testing iv) The ftequency ofulhasonic waves is A) < 20 kIIz B) between 20 Hz ad 20 kHz C)>20W12 D) rcne of these (04 Mnrks) b. Describe a method for measurement of velocity of ultrasonic waves in a iiquid and mention how the buik modulus of the liquid could be evalualed. (08 Marks) c. Write a note on carbon nano tube. Discuss the various quantum structures. (08 Marks) 4of4
  • 9. lOMATl1 First Semester B.E. Degree Examination, January 20ll Engineering Mathematics _ I Time: 3 hrs. Note. L Answer dny FIVE full questiorrs, choosing st least tterTro- no", 2. Anfl,er dlt objective qtpe questions only oi gMR fii.**"O"IOO sheeipag. 5 ofihe aaswer booktet. 3. Answer lo objecrive lype questions on ihee* other than O"MR ilt not be valued- ,9 PART-A E E l a. choose the corect answer: E i) If f(x) is cortinuous in [a, b], differentiable in (a, b) and (a) = tlb), then there exists C €(a, b) such thar f(c) O. : g . A) unique infinite B) C)alleastone D)nosuch t9 E ii) I The Maclaurins series of fix l(conslant) is, 9p: k A) t{x) = 0 B) f(x) = c) does no1 exist D) f(x) = k! !H iiil The nd derivarive of f,;, (x+2) (-l)(n +2)l _. 1 ^. t1r- EY 2l(x+2)^* tl) lx+2),*1 c) zERo D) None ofthese. iv) The I 2t derivative of y = etr* .in i, v.3 tt) (6t)y B) -40e6y "[" - c) (32)y D) None ofthese. (04 Marks) ;1 b. Ifx= tan(log y), prove thar (1+x2)y,+1+ (2nx t)),, + n(Il _ - t)y" r=0 (06 Marks) LY. Expad log(sec x) by usiag the Maclaurin,s series eipansi (rfqry c. containing xa. (05 Marl(s) State and prove the Lagrange,s mean value theorem. .ry5 d. -<,/ _e. (0s Mark) 61 2a. Choose the corect answer : tli- cri.rrru;. lii :f Ee i) Wlich statement is tlue? :-lsrun; ;1{ a 0"o A) - . -. co - co. oco are not irdeterminate B) 00. C) i is rlot irdetemimte D) None ofthese. qe i, The angle between r = asin0 and r = bcos0. is EE ....!"D of B)r c)-nn D) None ofthese. iii) The radius a curvature in the polar form is,;E A) tLf4- r B) fr,+1213/ E1 I" c) r+2rrr,-n, D) None ofthese. + 2rr" - tr., tt + lt -t!a lv) Lim ,t-1* . - - is. x-+0 5-6.-.i .i o, logt 2/3) f, <lgz e) togl i-i i D) Nooe of these. 109(5/6) LJ 6] "r,.rfX] (04 Marks) Lim sinxsin rx .. Lim I z- +:, +q, ) m;]E Eraluare: i) c. d. g;*""*:;1,.",il,,*.","J,*ll Find the tadius ofcurvatue of ::,,:; a2y =x3-al at the point where ttre curre cuts x_axis.(os Marks) 1of4
  • 10. 1OMATl13 a. Choose the conect answer : i) If u = axz + bf + ab-ry, tt ={} i, "n AxAy A) Zerc B) a+b + ab C)ab D) None ofthese. ii) The Talors series off(x, y) = xy at (1, 1) is B) 1 + (x- l) + (y- 1)l + (x- lxy - 1)l D)None ofthese: iii) The Jacobian of hansformation ftom the Cartesian to polar coordinate system is, A)l B) lcosO C) lsin0 D) Non€ ofthese. iv) Ifu = f(x, y), x : $(t), y = y(t), then du/dt is, ,o,r didi*ddv dxdl dy dr B) 9x+gI dr cr to&*&dY &dt D) Nore ol lhese. dr aydl (01Ma*s) b. rinIli . , (06 Marks) 16 x+y"1ro* 1ru1 ^4*u4=31*u = Axd 11rr= II,, = E 614y7= I3,616r =19,v,w]. z x y- A(x,y,z) (05 Mrrl(!) If the H.P. required by the steamcr varies as the cube of the velocity and the square of the lengtlL find the percentage chaage in H.P. for 3% and 404 increase in velocity ard length rcspectively. (05 Mark)4 a. Choose the correct atrswff : i) The $adienl, divergence, curl are respectively . A) scalai, scalar, vector B) vector, scalar, vector C) scalar, yector, vector D) vector, vector, scalar rr) V =yz r+z"x J +xyk ls A) constant vector B) solenoidal vector C) scalar D) None ofthese. iii) Curl grad f is. A) grad curl f B) curl grad f+ grad curl f C) zero D) does not exist. iv) Ifthe cuvilinear system is spherical polar coordinate system then the radius veclor R is A) rsinOcosOi+ rsin 0singj + rcos0[ B; rsin0i+rcos0j-+r[ C) i+ j+k D) None ofthese. (01Marks) b. lf g=x2+f +*arrd F=ri+yj+rf , then frnd gradg, divF, curlF. (06 mrk) c. Prove thal divCurlF=V.VxF=0. (05 Mrrk) d. Prove that the cylindrical coodinate system is orthogonal. (05 Mrrks) PART. B5 a. Choose the corect answer: i) The value of [sirxcosuxdx is 0 5x3xl B) A.v) + : -.-:: 2 C) -" "- )YAv) D) None orrhese. 11x9x7 llx 9 llx9x7 til * +f =xzf is symmetric about A) x-axis B) y-axis C) the line y = x D) Att ofthese iii) : Surface area ofa solid ofrevolution ofthe curve y f(x), if rotated about x-a,is, is: 1) pry dx B) I2d dy Q J2zrYos D) f2rrx ds ,J 2o{4
  • 11. lOMATlI iv) Aslmptote to the cuve f(a - x; = )(3 i5 A)v=o B)x=0 C)x=a D) None ofthese. (0{ Marls) l--o t b. Evaluate j l-dx.cr>0. (06 Mrrl(3) log x rl2 Derive the reduction fomula fo! Isin x dx . (05 Mrrk) 0 d. Compute the perimeter ofthe cardiod r = a (1 + cose). (05 Mark!)6a. Choose the corect answer : i) For the differenrial .Ouurion . / d.y l, .,(#)".,="., *" order and degrce [6d.) respectively are A)2,6 B)3,2 c)2.4 D) None ofthese. 11) dv v , -. --: +1=0 ls dxx A) Variable separable and homogeneous B) Linear C) Homogeneous and €xact D) All ofthese. iii) ydx - xdy = 0 can be reduced to exacr. ifdivided by A)x"t B)f C) xy D) All of these. iv) Onhosoral haiectorv oft = 4a(x I a) is l1 xr= la 1y a1i Bjx:+f =a2 C) Selfonhogonal D) None of these. (04 Marks) b. solve: (1 + f)dx + (x -"-* )dy = 0 (06 Marks) c. Solve: (ye +4x3)dx +(2xyev -3y?)dy =0 (0s Mrrks) d. Find the orthogonal trajectory of the cardiods r = a(l - coso) using the differcntial equalion method. (0s Marks)ta, Choose the i) corect answer : Which ofthe following is not an elementary A)Addirgtworows B) Adding ,fe*q luB4gsrr: r"i C) Multiplying a row by a non-zero number D) Squaring 23"l fr 4 6l is a,hil;, ir) Rank of (he matrix A "12 l, u ,] A)3 B) 1 c)2 D) None ofthese. iii) The solution of the simultaneous equations x + y = 0, x -2y = 0 is A) only trivial B) only unique C) unique aad aivial D) None ofthese. iv) Wlich of the foltowing is in the normal form? 1000 [rool [rool 0100 etr=l orol B)B-l orol oc 0010 D) A11 ofthese. Loool Loo,.] 0001 0000 (04 Mrrks) 3 of 4
  • 12. IOMAT1 I 9t 92 93 94 95 92 93 94 9s 96 b. Find the rank ofthe matrix 93 94 9s 96 97 (06Mark) 94 95 96 97 98 95 96 9t 98 99 c- For what values of i, and p , the following simultaneous equations have i) No,solution ii) a uaiquesolution iii) an infinite number of solutions? x+yt..6t xt2y t3z=lo x+ 2y + ?,2= y. (0s Marks) d. Solve, using the Gauss-Jordan method. x+y+z=9; x-2y + 32- 8; 2x+y -z= 3. (0s Marko8a- Choose the corect answer : i) The eigen values of the mat ix A exist, if A) A is a square matrix B) A is singular matrix C) A is any matrix D) A is a null matdx. ii)A square matrix A oforder n, is similar to a square matrix B ofthe order ,n, if .... 1)+:p^pp B)AB=Nuumarixc)^AB=r;;a;ix;iNi-*Lr,l,"*. iii) Which of these is in quadraric form? a|tx2t f +y2-2yy -yL-n Btxr+l rl ( ) (x y + z) D) None offtese. iv) Quadratic form (XAX ) is posirive definirg it A) All the eigen values ofA are > 0 B) At least orc eigen value ofA is > 0 C) A11 eigen values ) 0 and at least one eigen value :0 D) No such condition. Find the eigeu values and eigen vector coresponding to t}te largest eig"" ,loJX;H [Ir]l II "ulr" "f A=11 5 ll roo marrsl L3 1 rl f-r I rl c. IfP = I 0 -I 2 | is a modal matrix ofthe matrix A in e.No.8(b)rand inve$e ofp is L1 I rl f-3 o 3l ^-,1^^-l- r It -2 I J. therl transfbm A in to diagonal form atrd hence fir1d Aa. lr 2 )l Find the nature of the quadratic forms for which corresponding (05 Marks) eigen va.lues of the corresponding matrices are given as ven Matrix Eigen values 2,3,4 B c 0,J.6 D 0, -3, -4 E 2,3, 4 (0s Ma*s) 4of4
  • 13. O6MAT11 First Semester B.E. Degree Examination, JunelJuly 2011 Engineering Mathematics. --l Time: 3 hrs, Max, Marks:100 NoteJ.Answet FIVE full queslions choosing at leost two fiom eail+Nrr. 2ulnswet all objectlve tlpe questions onl! ln OMR sheet paget*df the Ansv,er Booklel. 3.An$,et to obJective q)pe questio s on sheels other thqn Anl*rotll fiol be valued- PART-A E I a. answcr: select the conect E i) lfY = u" t t1l"n,n E A)m loga.a* B;(m loga)".atr C) loga.a" D) (m loga)2.a* ii,) The nd derivarive ofsin(ax + b) is - n?r A)a"sintex+h+-) B) a? sin(ax +b,+,l 2 T)9:6"! il C) a sinrax + b + l D) a sir(a+.bxl+5d 2 T) iil) If $ be the angle between the radius vector and lie tangent,at ary point of the curve:ET r = (0) then,ES At coro=40 drdrdr B) rand=r@ c) tano-!9 D) None ofrhese.Ei iv) The Pedal equation in polar coordinate system is -coso) I fdr Atl0, -0zl=-l B)r=(1 c) rarl$=# ,,=.9aE i=i- r (ae] (0a Marks) b. Find the nh derivative of y = e* siu(bx - c). (04 Marks) c. Ifyr y-t^=2*, prove lhat (xr1)yn-2 r(2n-l)xy,*r t- (n2 m2)y" 0 (06 Mrrk) d. Find the angle berween lhe curves r - *a , - -l = . (06 Marks) 1+ cos 0 I -cosg;r 2 a. Select the corlecl answer: -a 3)u js i) Ifu=xY, ther oxoy equalro A) xx-r(ylogx + -l) B) xv-r(yloex + l)C) xrr(xlogx+ l) D) xv-(ylogx - 1) ii) Ifu be a homogeneous function ofdegree n il1 a ard y then5.c .. X-+V-=n -- X-+V-=n- A) au au B) au au au au x_+v_.=rnu t)) au Au x_-v_=nu AxAy axAy C) AxAy AxAy iii) Ifu=x2+ 2;y-f -x +y then lr.Ouu1ro "q*yQ; .r A) 2u B)u C) Zero LD) None ofthese.-c iv) Ifx=rcos0, y=rsinO, thenz ffi,r.0*ro A)1 B)r C) 1/r .D) Zerc (04 Marks)E b. If u=xzlan r(y/x)-y)lan-r(x/y).sho*trru, -al = *1-yl (04 Mnrk) oxdy x+y l of 4
  • 14. O6MAT11 c. lf u=x2-l,r 2xy and x = r cose, r = rsino. flJrd ffi. (06 Mrrkr) d, In estimating the cost of a pite of bdcks measued as 2mx15Bx1.2m, the tape is stetched l% beyond ihe standard le;$h. If the count is 450 bricks to 1 cu.m and bdcks cost Rs 530 per 1000, iurd the apprcximate enor in the cost, (06 Marks)3 a. Select the correct answer : i) Jsinxdx is equal to e) 4r.-, o s) 4r*, n c) I1r",, n D) !I"_, n ii; Jsina xcos] x d,x is equal to A)* B)--L 1), c)a i2 Dx iii) The curve flza-x1=x3is symmetrical about the A) y - axis B) x - axis C)xandyaxis D) None of these. iv) The asymptote for the curve r = a sh30 is equal to A)e=a B) e :30 c)0=0 D) No asymptotes. (01Mrrks) b. Using the rcduction formula, evaluate Jtan x ax (04 Mrrk) c. tf nisaposirive integer. sho that J*"Jz*-.*=fi5h , " 0 (06 Mrrks) d. Trace the Leminiscate *y? = * <* -*l (06 Marks)4a.
  • 15. O6MAT11 Find the volume of the solid gercrated by the rcvolution of the cardioid r=a(l + cosO) about the idtial line. (06Marks) l-*o r Evaluate l:----:dx - d> 0- (06 Mrrks) j logx PART-B5 a. Select the correct answer : i) rhe order ofthe eouutio, L*ldY )l =.i4) ," L dxr I d*i A)1 B)2 c)3 D) None of these. ii) The standard form ofa linear differential equation ofthe first order is ar $r y-P Br S+Py=q dxdxdxdx- ct $-ey=r Dr 9+ey=e iii) What is the value 01 !Y. 1o, 1r.61l6r"orial equation (t r- zxy cos x * zxy)d* * (.io * - r)ay = o A; 2x cos x2 - 2x B) 2y cos x2 - 2x C1 2x cos x2 - 2y D; .2x cos x2 - 2x iv) The differenlial equarion ofthe family f - 4a(x r aJ is u-dY[*r1,dv) o, - d* 2dx) u, r -,- dv f* *1u dY ) dxt 2 dx) c) y,_2vdyfx+l,dy) - dx 2dx) or ,=zut(**ulll d*( d*) (04 Marks) b. Solve dyldx = e3* 2Y +1zg-rr (04 Mrks) dv c. Solve cosy (06 Marks) d;+xsrnry=x d. Find the orthogonal trajectories of the family of confocal conics- { * J- - t , *n"." l, a b+). " the paiameter. (06 Mark)6 a. Select the correct answer : .l1l i) I he series . converges if f; ,J* T* A)P>0 B)P<1 C)P> I D)P<1. ii) h a positive tem series Eu. , if = , *"" the series diverges for A)i"> I B)1"<1 "t]-.y ^ c)?"=1 D)1,<r. iil)rhe itermo.he"r_ .-,. [i_?).[i_i).[$.i). "1..#-+] rlg#.+] r[-*]: +] lv) lhe senes , - )71< -. "lq+,+]" l.2,3.4, -+-- r......... is A) Cooditionally convergent B) Absolutely convergent C) Divergent D) None ofthe above. (04 Marks) 3 of4
  • 16. O6MAT11 h Test the converaence of the series -l 2n --L , -l | --L+.... n(n + 1)(n + 2) +.... co (04 Mark) " t.2.3 2.3.4 3 4.5 c. Discuss the natwe ofthe series 1*lr*i]l**f 1l x3+....."o (x>0) (06 Ma*s) 2 3 i.4l 5, d. Discussthe absolute cotrvelgence and conditional coflvergence of the series 5 7 9 ll (06 Marks) 246I7 a. Select the corect arswer : i) If 1, m, n be the diection cosine of the nomal to the plare, then the nomal folm of the equation ofthe plane is A)ln+my+nz=o B)h+mY-nz=P C) ln + my + nz = p D) None ofthese. ii) Slmmetri;al form of the equations ofthe staight line thrcugh the point A(x1, y1, z1) and having diection cosines 1, m, n are A) -x ryi - /-2, B) !,th = )+)-=3Jl lmnl c1 I:Jr -.I l=z zr D)lx+my l-nz 0. Ix mv nz iii) The equation of any plaoe thrcugh the la" ? = ? = ? * A) a(x xD + b(y - y1) + c(z - 21) = 0 where al + bm + cn = 0 - B) a(x + xr) + b(y + yr) + c(z + zr) = 0 where al + bm + cn 0 : C) (x + x1) + 1y + y,)+ (z + zr) = 0 where al + bm + cn = 0 D) None ofthese. i ) A noinr on rhe lin" **l- Y l= 1 i, 2 3 -l A) 0, 6, 1) B) (-1, 6, -l) c) (1, -6, 1) D) (1, 6, -1) (04 Mark) Find the equaiion of the plane which passes llrough the point (3, -3, 1) atrd is parallel to the plane2x+ 3y + 52+ 6=0 (04 Mark) c. Show that tlrc lines g=-l:] z+3 x-8 or" coplarar. Find their 4 4 -5I =4 -v-4 3 7 cornmon point and the equation of the plane on which they lie. (06 Marks) d. Find the magnitude and the equations of the shortest distance between the lines ).-2 I z+2 (06 Marks) 2-3 I 3 5 28 a. Selecl the cofiect answer : i) The velociry of the moving particle along the cune x = t3 + 1y =C,z=2t+3 is A)(C, l)j +liF(21 r l)i t2d r(2t-3)k B)(t+lti c) 3li - t!j (2r + llk D) 3lri+ 2d | 2k ii) The divergence of a continuously differentiable vector point function F is denoted by divF and is defined by er idF-i9l,ral ax-dy d7 ial-r9 cri9F i9l-rg Dra.ttav**F eritr, "at az 6, dJ a, F rF iii) divcurlF is equal to ^ A)i irk B)l C)0 D) 2. iv1 lf F=x -f l.rhen curl grad F is Ar-l B)0 9)l D)2. (04 Marks) b. Find dir F. wherc F = grad ( | t lxirz) (04 Mark) c, Prove that curl (grad O):0. (06 Marks) d. : Show that r"R is any irotatioml vector for any value of tr but is solehoidal if oc + 3 0 whercR=xi+yj +zk and r is the magnitude ofR. (06 Mrrk) *ri*** 4 of4
  • 17. USN O6MAT21 Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, May/June 2010 Engineering Mathematics - Il Timei3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note:l.Answet any FIVE full qaestions, choosing al least twoJflom each part. 2-4nswer all objective q/pe qaestions only in oMR sheet pqge 5 oflhe answet booklel 3,Arrs ler to objecth,e Etpe queslions on sheets olher lhdt OMR will not be talaed PART_A 1 a. Select the corect answer in each ofthe foliowing : E i) Curvatue of a staight line is B) zero C) Both A and B D) None ofthese. ii) Radius ofthe curvatwe ofthe curve y: a sin 0 at the pole isllv n , sr !. )) Ct4" D) zero. iii) Iff(x) is continuous ir the closed interval [a, b] differenlial in (a, b) then I at least orc value c of x in (a, b) such that f(c) = A) t{b)-f(a) B) i(b)+f(a) C) f(b)-[ra) D) Nore ofthese2E b-a b+a b+a iv) Maclaurins series expansion of 1og(l + x) is8eE-E nr * I r *t - **........... 2 3 4 Br *-!2,. i3,. *" *........... * - 4l c) ,- ** ** **........... D) x+ * r l - - .. (04 Marks) 234).]t4l ..1E fo"" b- Show that fbr the ellipse in the pedal +=+-:-+,rheradiusof D_ a- h- -b- a the cuwature at the point (p, r) is a2b2lpr. (04 Marks)=t1 c, Verifi the Roller theorem for the function f(x) = (x - a)(x b)", x e (a, b). (06 Marks) d. Expand 4 tantl + x t using lhe Maclaurin s expansion upto the 4n degree tero. (06 Marko9E6E 2a. Select the correct answer in each ofthe foliowing : i) The basic firndamental i[determinate folms are q-o 11 Ar 0 B)- c)0 D) both A and B;: It r) lhe value ol a- x lopsin ls x-->n/2 (n (2-x I )z A) zero B)% c)-% D)-2 iii) The necessary and sufficienl condition for maximum and minimum isE alf.(xy) = 0 B)t(xy)=0 C)fdxr=0=fy(D,) D) None ofthese. iv) In a plane triaogla ABC, the maximum value ofCosa Cos D Cos c is, A) 3/8 B) 1/8 c) 5/8 D)25f8. (04 Msrks) 1 ol4
  • 18. 06MAT21 . l.d b Evaluare u lr-[ *ll " x-+al a)l (04 Marks) c. Expand tanr(y/x) about the point (1, 1) up to 2id degree tenn. (06 Marks) d. Find the minimum value of x2 +f +* subject to the condition ax + by + cz = p. (06 Mark)3 a. Select the correct answer ill each ofthe following : rJ" i) Value of I jra- i. A) zerc B)a 24 cr a 24 D) 24 ii) R is the region ofxy plale bounded by the curves y = y1(x) , y = y2(x) and line x = and 4 x : b. rhen i" lJrl*yp"ay A) J lf(rr)dydx B) J F(xy)dxdy c) J Jrrx vlava* D) All are correct. rn) Jldxdy repesents A) Area ofthe rcgion in polar form B) Area ofthe region in Cartesian form C) Both A and B D) None ofthese. iv) The value ol f(n r I) is A) nr(n) B) n! C) (n- 1)! D)BothAandB. (04 Marks) b. IfAisthe-areaoftherectangularregionboundedbythelinesx=0,x=1andy=O,y=2 Evaluare - t dA Jtx A 1 . (04 Marks) c. With usual notations, prcve that Jx f1Z-;2,-,f1-)f(2m + 1). (06Mark, rJx d. Evaluate J Jxy dy dx , by changing the order ofirte$ation. (06 Marks) 0^ a. Select the corect answer in each ofthe following : i) If F is the force acted upon by the particle moves fiom one end ofa curve to the other end. fhen the total work done by p is A) JFxd; B) JF.di q jd; D) None ofthese. ii) The line integral of F: x2i + xyj from O(0, 0) ro p(1, 1) along the straight line is A) 1/3 B) t/3 c)2t3 - iio ]f aN/ax , al4/ay arc continuous functions, C is a simple closed curve enclosing the D4i region R in the xy - plane. The Grcen,s theorem states that ar flaa,,+N+=(#-#).*, "r f,a..*a,=(#-#1.*, c1 {raa**Noy= [(9-9]*0, or ; R dy dx ) {r,aox-Nay=(# #)"., 2of4
  • 19. O6MAT21 iv) The cylindrical co-ordinate system is A) Not orthogonal B) Orthogonal C) Coplanam D) Non_coplaoar. (04 Marks) b. Find the total work particle round lhe circle x done, by tle force represenled fy F=:xyi - y = 4. - yj 2z),k, in moving a (04 tarks) Verifi the Greens theorem for ,)a," c. {V* f **raf , where c is the alosed curve of the region bounded by y = r and ) = y2. (06 Marks) d. Express the vector I = zi - 2xj + yk , in cylindrical coordinates. (06 Mark) PART -B5 a. Select thg corect answer in each ofthe followiag : i) Solution ofthe differential equation (D, - aJy is A) are*+ cze- B) (a + b)ed C) (cr + c2x + cax2)es D) (crx + c#)e* ii) Particular integal ofthe differential equation (D, +5D + 6)y = e, is A) e* B) e/12 /30 c) e" D) e, I 6. iii) Complementary function ofy,,- 2y, + y = x exsin x is A) c1e + c2e B) (c1x + c2)ex C) (c1+ c2x)e-* D) None oflhese. iv) Particular integal of(D2 4)y=sin3x is A) U4 B) - y13 c) t/5 D) None of these. (04 t{rrk) b. Solve (D3 + D2 + 4D + 4)y = 0 (04 Mark) c. Solve y" + l6y = x sin 3x. (06 Marks) d. Solve (Dz- D -2)y = 1 - 2x * - 9e by the method of mdetermined coefficients. (06 Marks)6a. Select the corlect answer ilr each ofthe follovri[g : i) The wronskin ofcos x and sin x is A)0 B)t c)2 D)4 ii) To transfonn 1t + x;Q 161*y!I + y = sin 2[og(1+ n)] into a L.D.E. vrith constant coeJfrcients put (1+x) = A) B) 1og x c) e "t D) t. iii) The solution ofthe differential equation y,, + 6y = 0 satisfies the condition y(0) = 1 and y(n/2) - 2 is A) cosx + 2sinx B) 2cosx + sio< C) cosx sinx - D) None ofthese. iv) crcosax + czsinax - a cosax is the general solution of 2a A ) fD^2 + a21y = "in * B) (D2 - a?)y = sin ax C) (D+ a)y = cos ax D)@+a)y=sinx (0a Mark) b. solr. * dl .*dY.-u-lor*. dx dx (04 Marks) c. Solve y"-3y+2y =;!;, bf vadatlon otpamneter merhod. (06 Marks) go1.o" 1I * 5!" * 6x = 0. Give that x(0) = o, = rs. (06 Marks) f;tol 3 of 4
  • 20. I O6MAT21 a. Select the corfect answer in each of the following : i) Laplace transform of f(r, t > 0 is defined by ..-. D) fe of(rldr a1 Jellrtdr B) Je"f(r)dt c) Ff(1)dr ii) Laplace transform ofcos at is a s_ +a B)-j+a s" , C)-l , s+a- D_ t ^2 ^2 rr) ,lir.rl Ll--f rs lsl A) F(t)dr e1 [!t)6, c) t" (t) lr) Norc ofthese. ;t iv) Laplace tratrsfo1m of f(t) is A) s f(s)-f(0) B)sf(s)-f(0) c) fG) f(0) D) None ofthese. (04 Mark) b. Find | {e"t + 2f - 3 sin 3t + 4 cosh 2t } (04 Mark) c. If f(t) is a periodic function ofperiod w, then show that LtttL)t= y ^* leIrLrdr (06 Marks) lsint o<t<n/2 d. *e function f{l)={ t>nt2 , Express in lerms ofunjt step nrnclion and lind il.s Icost Lallace tansform. (06 Marks) 8 a. Select the collect affwer in each of the following : i) Inverse l,aptace transfom of s-a tt (. -uf +bt A) ercostt eorcosbt C) edcosbt B) D) e"tsinbt [., -r.-al ii) lnerse Laplace lranslorm of l-lt .A) 1. 3t+2f B) 10-3t+21 C)4-31+4f D) None ofthese. iii) L {u(t (t a)}, where u a) is a lmit step tunction is A)L a Btl c) e* D)se^ iv) L {5 (t - a)}, where 5(t - a) is n unit impulse firnclion A)e^ Bre^ C.)e Dtl (04 Mark) s +2 Find the inverse Laplace translbm of Js (04 Marks) s-s-2 tbeorem obtain ,{ (s+a,t, ., } , )(s+b) c. Lsing the coovolution (06 Mark) L J d. Solve the differential equation y"(1) + 4y(t) + 4y(t) = e{ with y(0) = 0 y(0), using the Laplace transform me&od. (06 Mrrl$) 4of4
  • 21. IJSN O6MAT21 Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2011 Engineering Mathematics - lI Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notai l, Answet an! FfvEfall questions, choosing at least twofiom edch pu . 2. Ans qll obJecdve type queslions onl! in OMR sheet page 5 ofthe answet booklet. et ri 3. Answet lo objectlye type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be volued. PART.A 3 1 a. Selegt the correct answer : I i) An expression for the radius of curvature in parametric form is 1! ar p= !L:iL e) p= !t-!)l c; o= {tli,.Yllj i D) None orthese lz Yi Ixv-vx ] ii) The curvature of a circle is a;r A) constant B) variable c)1 D)0 iii) Ifa tunction (x) is continuous in [a, b] then O(x)=f(x)-lc< is alsoE, A) B) continuous C) Both A and B differentiable D) None ofthese x-dv iv) lf y--:,then ia atx=0is slnx dxYe A) 1 B) 0 C) Both A and B D) 2 (04 Mark!)!E b. Fhd rhe radius of curvature for rhe curve y -4a}l2a-xl ,lrhere the curve meets the x x-axis. (04 Marl(s)!65 c. State and plove Cauchys mean value theorem. (06Maft)}E d. Obtain the Maclaurins series expansion oflog (l + e*), upto 46 degree terms. (06 Marks)Ef..r ,E .!t i) ii) The value A)0 of Lim x --t U lop r __::ej_ is cosec x B)l *. huu. Lit IEI i" c) *l $ffi Drrlii{,}r--f.; /.+ lff(a) = o and g(u) = 0. ,h.n x -+a g(x) "qru1 ,o ,tl Lim flv A)x-)a g(x) B)xra -:::! Lim f(x) a, Lim flx) D) None ofthese+U S(x) x-)a C(x) iii) The necessary conditions for f(x, y) = 0 to have extremum arooi A) fv=o=fy, B)f*=o=fyy c) f"=o=fy D) None ofthese iv) The point (a, b) is called a stationary point and the value f(a, b) is calledg A) stationary point B) stationary value C) maximum value D) minimum valuez (04 Msrk) Lim tanx-x9 b_ Evaluale: (04 Marks) x --r 0 xtan x c. Examine the flrnclion f(x, y) = xa 1 ya - 2(x - y)? for extreme values. (06 Mark) -, d. Ifxyz = 8, find the values ofx, y, z for which u =--LUL isamaxinum. (06 Marks) x+2y+42 1 of4
  • 22. O6MAT213 a. Select the conect answer : lJx i) The value of J Jxy dydx is 0x A) -L 24 sr -l 48 c)a 25 D)l -50 iD I= J Idx dy represents the area oftriangle with vertic€s. A) (0. 0) (0. r ) (r. 0) B) (0, 0) (0, r) C) Both A and B D) None ofthese iii) The funcrion Jn+l is defined forall A) Positive integels B) Real numbers C) Both A ard B D) Real numbers except for rcgativ€ ftactions iv) Thevalueof 0i1-11 is l))l 4)3.1416 B) 1.1416 C) 2.1416 D) None ofthese (0{ Msrks) r ,4-* Change the order ofintegration and hence evatuate J J fdxrtf. (04 Marks) Prcve that B( m, n) = 14j11 . (06 Markr) {E+n d. "** JJr-f !lt* rhai i=l-, i-- show = :,- cJr . (06 Mark)4 a. Select the corect answer : i) If F=x1i+xyj,then JF.di , fion (0,0) to (1, l) alorg rhe liee y = x is orl ")i c)2 Dt4 ii) Greens theorcm in the plane is applicabie to A) xy - plane B) yz - plane C) xz - plane D) All ofthese iii) With usual notatiom Causs-divergence theorem state that JlJaiv F Ov is equal to A) flF. fids n) f.lFxfids C) fJF,a.as D) Nore ofthese ss iv) Cylindrical polar coordinates (p, $, z) are given by A)x=pcos$ y=psing z=1 B) x = cos$ y=psino z=p C) x = pcos$ y=psino z=z D) None oftbese (04 Mark) b. Find the total work done by the force represented ty F =Zxyi-yj+Zxzk in moving a particle around the circl e x2 + y2 = 4 . (04 Marks) c. State and prcve Gieeos theorem ol the plane. (06 Msrks) d. Express divergence of F, where F = xi - yj + z k in spherical polar coordinates. (06 Mrks) 2of4
  • 23. O6MAT2I PART _ B5a. Select the correct answer : i) dx :I The differenrial equation = yr is A) Linear B) Quasi linear C) Non-linear D) lione ofthese ii) The P.I of y+ y = ca51i5 A) lsin* 2 Bt 1.or* c) Itri, D) 1x.inx iii) The P.I. of(D2 + 3D + 2)y = I + 3x + x2 is 2 " A) , u)! ,) D) 4x2 C; 2x2 iv) The g€neral solution of;a qth 61491 6i6grential equatio4 cottains A) Atleastn ind_:pendenl consrants S) ai.ort lo;l;d;;"oaent ccn;tants C) Exactly n independent D) constants a"pJ"a"" e*"tiy i"rr*r1 ", Marks) b. Solve : (D3 - 2I2 + 4D - 8)y - 0. (04 (04 Marks) c. s"ive : ;,- 2y+ ;, = xe- 5ii; . ,.1, Solve: y- 4y,+3y = 20cos!,by the methcd ofundetermineci cceiilc.ier.,:s, |l:il:::]6 a. Select fhe correcl aqswer : i) lhe homogeneous linear Clibrential equatiq.. whose auxiliary equation has roots *2 is 1, 1, and Ar (D] r D2 2b - 2)y -0 B)(D3+3D-2)y=0 ct fo-lD+21u=9 D) Nore ofthese ii) The general sol,;iicir of (r-2i1, _ 1p.1, _ g ;. A) y=C,+Cre B) y=C,+Crx C) y=C,+Crx, D)y=Crx+Czx, .- iii) The equatioa ao(ax +b)ry+a,(ax +b)y,+ a,y = d(x) is .4) Legendres linear equation B) Cauchy,s lirear eq,":atiori C) Both A and B iu) t|,iil ir,1 aiii3*",i"r A) Initial value "e*,ior ryoblem y, t :y, ;f,fr1T"Jj + = r ,, e 1=o, B) Boundary value problems * C) Both A aid B b. Solve by ihe method of vadation of parameter, solve (x + 1)2y" + (x + 1)y + y 4cos 1og(l + x) ,,i]ritl::H: ff #:::i c. = . (o6 Martrs) Solve y + 4y + 4y = 8x?, given y(Q) = l and y(l) d. = l. (05 Mark)1a. Select the corect answer : i) Lillll]= Lrl A) cot-r s sr -1_ C) tanr s s+ l D) coft (s - t) ii) L[3 sin h 2r] = A) -6 s-4 B);+ c) s+4 36 D) None of these 3 of4
  • 24. 06MAT2u t,,, ,,[L{l= Lt l a) bgf) e; r"r{ls"] D) None of these s-a,/ ,/ ","(=) iv) Ifu(t - a) is a unit step futrction then Laplace tansfolm ofu(t - a) is ,q)l B)a C;L o1 4 1ol lrart s s s hlb. Prove that Llt"l=fr (01Markc. II f(l ) = 1),0 < t < 2. is a periodic function with period 2. rhen fLnd L[ fir.l]. (06 Mark od. Find Laplaoe tra$ror- or rto *,r* -, {-t il!* = ,tep tunction. (05 Marka. Select the corect answer : n ,ll"l= ls+5l o, sin [ sinn6i sm{)t ,5 R) c) ---- D) sin6.t ,) -LL s" l= ..- ,fsr6sz+l2s+81 61 t*,ntn ntt -2 Bt L+t+tn +rt 2t 21 15 2 C) t+t+ to +I 3 D) None ofthese iii) Convolutioa off(t) aod g(t) is given by (t) . g(t) is equal to a1 Jr1"y 96 - r;a" B) If(u) g(t+u)du cy Jr1"1a, D) Jg(u) du lv) L [ y(t) ] is equal to A) sz Lly(t)l - sy(0) - y(0) B) sz-sy(o)-y(0) C) s: Lty()j -sy(o)- y(0) D) None ofthese (04 Mrrk / _,. Find: rl -, I (04 Mark lG+1).i r1 Find L-rl l, by using cnnvolution theorem (06 Marks s(s- +a-ll -L_ Solve by Laplace tansform method given y+ k2y = 0 and y(0) = 2, V(O) = 0. (06 MIrk 4of4
  • 25. USN 06crv13/23 FirsUSecond Semester B.E, Degree Examination, December 20I0 Elements of civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notet 7 . Answer any FIUE full questions, choosing at leatt brto from each pqrt. 2. Answet all obiective 4)pe questiorrs ohly on OMR sheel page 5 of lhe dn$tter booklel. 3, Ansltet to objective 4rpe qbeslions on sheets olher lhdh OMR teill nol be wlued PART. A 1 a. Select the correct answer: C i) Surveying deals with E A) Sub soil explomtion B) Estimation ofquality and quantity ofsu ace and subsurlace water C) Detemination ofcofiect distance between objects or stations D) Desigr of super saucture ard substructures. ii) lnfiastructure development focuses on pioviding39 A) Transportation facilities B) Water s),stem and drainage facilities C) Power supply and communication facilities D) All ofthese. iii.) Dams are A) Constructed to cross a charnel or flowing water B) Banier or obstacl€ constructed across a water stream C) Conshucted across a tunnel D) Nore ofihe above. iv) The roads connecting important touns, areas ofproduction and market places, connectiry lvith each other or with the main highway of a district are A) Major district roads B) Arterial roads C) Expressways D) None offtese. (04 Msrks) b. Briefly explain scope otrhe lollowing in civil engineering:8e i) Surveying ii) Oeotechnical.engineering iii) Hytuaulics- (09 Marks) Wllat are the diffeient t$es of roads? Explam. Also. sk€tch a r]?ical cross-section of a road. (07 Mark)5 Selecr the correcr a.nswer: i) IF a number of forces are acting simultaneously on a paricl€, Ihen each of them will produce the same effect, which it rvould have done while acting alone. This is known as: A) Tbe principle of physical hdeperdence of forces B) The principle oftransmissibility of fo(cesIt C) The pdnciple ofresolution offorces D) None ofthe above. acF r:^ ii) IN order to determine the effects offorces acting on a body, we must linow A) its magnitude and point at which it actr on the body B) direction oftie lioe along pull) k6-<fa) C) their nature (whether push or D) All ofthe above.4a iii) Free bodydi€ram ota body shows r:,,rr!rr,* l;,: :] 1.1-, iJ A) A body isola@d &om all extemalforces Ltr$Eii".-- B) A body isolated ftom all its sunoudings and all extemal forces adillg on it,bg C) A body showr separately from its sunomdings and all exl€mal and intemal forces "!_:::l D) None ofthe above. iv) The etrect ofa couple is unchaoged if A) the couple is rotated trough any angle B) fie couple is shilild io any other position C) the couple is replaced by another pair offorces, whose rotational affects arc the same D) All ofthe above. (04 Mr*s)Et b. Chssiry the systerns offorces & their characleristics with an illustration. (10 Marks)9- h Iig.Q2(c), to (i) single force (ii) single force A (iii) single force andoi R€duce the system shoun coupl€ alB and couple at (06 Maiks)zEE l+ tt,Fu -____------__-d Fig.Q2(c) 1of4
  • 26. 06ctYt3t23 Select the cor.ect answer: i) If a force F makes an angle € with x-a-xis, the components of force with respect xo x-axis and y-axis, respectively, are A) F cose, F sino B) F sino, F cos0 C) F ia00, f sine D)Fsin6,Fsece ii) Direction oithe resu,tant force can be determined bv o, ,*u = (!Y) B) - /rH tanu=l- I rH, xv,/ q t-e=ffifi(>vf D) None ofthese iii) Vaiglons principle ofmoments can be stated as A) Moment ofresultant force R aboul X = Moment offorce p aboul ,X x Moment of force Q aboutX B) Moment ofresultant force R aboutX=Moment offorce p about.X,- Momentof force Q aboutX C) Moment ofresultant force R aboutX=Moment offorce p about,X, + Moment of force Q abolrr X D) None ofthe above. iv) Moment ofaforce is defined as A) Linear eff€ct ofa force about a poinr B) Rotational effecr of a force about a point C) Turbulent effect ofa force abou. a poinr D) All ofthese (01Marks)b The four coplanar forces acting at a poinr are as shown in Fig.Q3(b). One of the forc€s h magnitud€ is as shown by F. The resultant is 500 N and is along x-axis. Determine the inclination e with x"axis- (06 Msrks) -"-_ )( _rtrJ -{ Tton Fig.Q3(b) Fig.e3(c) Iour forces ad on a 700mm<l75mm plare as sho$,n in Fig.ej(c). Fjnd (i) lhe resulranl of rhese forces (r) locaie the point where the tine ofadion oftho resultant intersects the edge AB ofthe p1aie. (10 Mark) Select the corect ans$er: i) The centre ofgravity is a point A) at which the whole area ofthe plane figure is coDcentrated B) at which the whole volume ofthe body is concentrated C) at which the whole weight ofthe body acts D) All ofthe above ii) The centroid in x-direction ir general is A);:u u, t:I c) Lax/za D) tax + ra Iax Ia iii) The ce-ntroid ola righr angled niangle. rilh base as x-axis and opposite side as y_axi) is A) t/lofh, I/3" otb Br 2/.}d ofb- 2/u,d ofh C) 1/3d ofb, 2/3d ofh Di2l3d ofb; 1/3d ofh iv) The centroid of a circle with its odgin as axes is given by A)r,r B)0,0 C)0,4 31t D) 4tl3n,O (04 Mark)b. Locate the cenhoial ofatriangle, from the fust principles. (06 Marks) 2of4
  • 27. I 06cryl3/23 Determine the location ofthe centroid ofthe shaded portion ofthe lamin4 shown in Fig.e4(c), wjrh respect to the origin O. (r0 Mark) t h"" l T ,rl T 1a + __ __- 5 00rJ R _to-E Fig.Q4(c) Fis.Qs(b) PART _ B 5 a. Select the coffect answer: i) An equilibrant is a force A) un€qual in magnitude, opposit€ in direction and collinear with the resuhant B) €qual in magnitude, opposite in direction and non-collinear with the resulranr C) equal in magnitude, opposite in direction and collinear with the resulrant D) unequal in magnirude, opposite in direction and non-collin€ar with the resultant ii) Equilibrium equations are A):H=0 B) rv= 0 c)rM=0 D)Allofthese iii) Lamis theorem isappticabte for A) Coplanar forcer B) Concu.renr torces C) Coplanar and concurrent torces D, Any rype. otforce.. i!) For a smoorh spherical surface, redclion acts A) inclined to rhe plane ofcontact B) pemendicular to the ,lane ofcontact C) horiTonlal ro $e ptane ofcontacr Dl AII olfiese. (04 Mirks) b. D€termine the tensjon in cables AB and AC required to hold a 50 kg crate, shown in Fig.e5(b). Take g = 9.81 mz/s€c. (06 Mart$) A system ofconnected ftexibte cabl€s shown in Fig.es(c), is supporting iwo vedcal forces 200 N and 250 N at points B and D. Determine rhe forces in various seEments ottne iatrie r5xN Fie.Q5(c) 001r Fie.Q6(c) Select the correct answer: i) When the reaction at a support consists ofa moment, a vedcal force and a horizonral force, then that support A) Hinged support B) Roller support C) Fix€d support D) Simple suppon ii) A single span beam is statically deierminate when A) both the ends are fixed B) One end is fi(ed. other end is impty supponed C) One end is hinged and orher i, ro er.upponed D) Both ends are hinsed. iii) A beam AB is lixed at one end. hee al .he other, and loaded by a concetrtrared load W ar the ftee end. Then developed reaction RA , wilt be equalto A) W/3 kN B)WkN c) w2 kN D) 2w/3 kN 3 of 4
  • 28. O6CIY,3N3 iv) IfW kN/n uniformly distribut€d Ioad is acting on a simply supported beam AB, then reactions Ra and RB will be equal to A) w/3 kN,2W3 kN B) w/4 kN,3W4 kN C) 2w/3 kN,W3 kN D) w/2 kW2 kN (0a Marks) b. What are the types of loads and supports a beam may have? (06 Marks) A beam ABCDEF is hingpd at A, supported on rollers at E and canies loads as shown in Fig.Q6(c). Determine the reactions al the supports. (f0 Marks)7a. Select the colrect answer: ,l Sralic &icrion is defined as A) The friction acting on a body, when the contacl surfaces are lubricated. B) The fiiction acting on a body, which is actually in motion C) The friction actirg on a body, which is at rest D) All ofthe above. ii) If a body is placed on an inciined plane, ihen, the adgle at which the body is just at the point or verge of diding down, is called A) Angle offtiction B) Cone oftriction C) Coefficieft of friction D) Angle ofrepose iii) The magnitude of the forc€ of ftiction between two bodies, one lying above the othet depends upon the roughness ofthe A) upp€r body B) lower body C) both the bodies D) lhe body having more rough.ess iv) A uniform ladder of weight W and length L rests olt horizontal gound and leans on a rough vertical wall with angle 0. When a man stands on the ladder, the Iadder slips towards A) left at the ground and towards up at the wall B) lefi at the ground and tolvards down al the wall C) right at the ground and towards up at the wall D) right at the gound and towards down at the wall (04 Marks) b. Explain : i) Tlpes ofiiiction ii) Laws ofiiction (06 Mrrks) A 4m ladder weighing 200 N is placed against a vertical wall is shown in Fig.Q7(c.) As a man weighing 800 N, reaches a point 2.?m fiorn A, the Iadder is about to slip. Assuming that the coeffcient of fiiction between the ladder and the wall is 0.2, determine the coefEcient of ftiction between the Iadder and the floor. (10 Mark) ri+l tpnrru6 /1ou Fie.Q7(c) Fig.Q8(c) Select the correct arlswer: i) Radius of${ation way be defined mathematically as o) IA {i B)-E ,IA c)l A o)i ii) Mom€nt ofinertia ofa plane area about 1-1 axis pamllel to cenfoidal axis is equal to o, Io. B) I)o( x At? c) Io -Ay D) I)c( +Ay1 A, iii) Tfie momenl ofinenia ofniangle aboul lhe base is given by hh3 bh3 nd3 ar B, C) D)- fi(o-a) -36 -12 256 ir) |,loftcnt afincrtia ofa rcmicircle about centoidal axis ;s Eivcn by nda A) 0.055 ra B) o.n / c)0.11d4 D)_ 64 (0d Mark) b. State and plove the parallel axis theorem. (04 Marks) c. Determine the moment olinertia and radii ofglration ofthe area shorm in Fig.Q8(c), about the base AB and the cenroidal axis parallel xo AB. (12 Marks) 4of4
  • 29. USN 06ctYt3/23 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Jlne/July 2011 Elernents of Givil Engineering and E gineering Mechanics Time: 3 hrs- Max. Marks:100 Notetl.Aaswel FIVE fall q estions choosihg at leqst twoJfrohr eack par.L 2.Anstter all objectite 4)pe queslions o b in OMR sheetpage 5 o:Fthe Answet Booklel 3.Answers 1o objeclitte 4,pe qaeslions o sheets other than OMRttill.rlot be valued PART -A 1 a. Select the corect answer : i) The topmost layer of the road over which the traffic moves is A) Edging B) Wearing coat C) Bem D) Pavement E ii) The branch of civil engineering which deals with planning scheduling and execution of project is E A) Geotechnical Engg. B) Suveying C) Constuctico Technology and management D) Shuctunal Engg. iii) The bridges ofspan between 8 m and 30 m are A) Minor bridges B) Major bridgesC) Culverts D) Longspan bridges. iv) Bituminous road is also lcrown as A) Flexible pavement B) Rigid paveme . C) Karkar road D) Moorum road. (04 Marks) b. Whal is meant by suveying? Write a bdef note on classification ,hased on nature of field survey. (08 Marks) c. Briefly exptain the foliowing specialization of civil engineering:- i)GeotechaicalEngineering ii)TransportationEryineeritrg (08 Ms*s) $3 2 a. Select the cofect a$wer : i) Branch of mechanics which deals with the motior of t odies .referring to the lbrces *;;Kinematics causing r"be molion is .1r - AE i#; c) statics ol viscous nq;4oitl-lc-- ii) Geometricalrepresentationofmomentofaforceaboutapointis.Cirenby,/$*/ A) Area oftriangle ,- ^rii B) Twice the area.of:triangt" iij C) Thrice the area of triangle Dii;;;th;;;;;r;"d;. tr; iii) A single force which can nullif!the effect of system of foroes is 6.i A) Resdtant B) Couple C) Equilibrant D) Moment iv) If a given force system can be replaced by another system with exactly same net given system, the two svstems arc said to be A) Equivalent B) Concunenl C) Unequivaleat .D).Continuous (04 Marks) b. Resolve 400 N force acting on a block as shown in Fig.e2(b) iflto two.components as given below. a) Horizontal and vertical components. b) Along the,irilined plane atrd at dght E> angles to the plane. (08 Marks) T I I L,E Fig.Q2(b) F!g:@.(c) c. Determine the moment offorce ahorrt "A" sholln in Fig.Q2(c). d. Explain the principle oftransmissibility of force. (04 Marks) I of 4
  • 30. 06crYt3l233 a. Select the correct answer : i) Maximum and minimum resultant oftwo concurent forces 20 kN and 12 kN are A)40&24kN B)32&8kN C) 10 & 6 kN D) None ofthese. ii) A couple consists of A) two equat parallel and opposite forces separated by a distarce B) two equal and like paral)el forcrs C) two unequal ard like parallel forces D) None ofthese. iii) Resultant oftwo unlike parallel forces 10 kN and 15 kN is A) 2s k]r B)5kN c) ls0 kN D) None ofthese iv) VarigDons theorem is applicable to A) only coplanar force system B) only concurrent force system C) orly nonconcurrent force system D) coplanar, concurent and troncoocrEent systems (04 Morks) A dam section is shown in Fig.Q3(b). Determine the magnitude, direction and position of resultant with respect to O. (08 Marks) +$ Fie.Q3(c) Fie.Q3(b) ;-"-r--;:=o c" 2 kN force is the resultant of system offorces acting up along y-exis as showo in Fig.Q3(c). Detemine the value of F and 0. (08 MErk)4 a. Select the corect answer : i) Centioid of a lamira must be A) within lamina B) Outside the lamina C) Not necessarily with in lamina D) None of these. ii) Cetrtoid of a sector hich is symmetrical about horizontal axis is given by 2R. 2R n)frsacr -s l(! A) n) c) cos c( 3tt fsina - iii) The centroid of lamina is detemined by the princile of A) Lamis theorerr B) Varignons theorem C) Triangle law of forces D) None of these. iv) One of &e coordinates of controid of a lamina symmetrical about vertical axis with a width of?00mm and depth l50mm is A) 100 mm B) 75 mm C) 200 mm D) 150 om (04 Mrrks) b. Determine the cente of gravity of the lamilla shown in Fig.Q4(b) with respect to O. qs+---]o hT-+- oeF Fto -+ rig.Qa(b) 1 I (12 Marlc) +- c. Locate the centoid ofright angted triangle ftom fust principles. (04 Marks) 2of4
  • 31. 06ctYt3t23 PART_B5 a- Select the corect answer : i) Lamis theorem is applicable for A) coplanar concurent lorces B) Notr coplaoar concuent forces C) coplanar nonconcurrent forces D) Parallel forces. ii) Forces in equilibrium produce A) Maximum resultant B) Maximurr moment C) Zero resultart D) Maximum torque iii) A body lies in equilibrium under the action of three forces when A) Resultant of any two forces is equal, opposiie and colinear with third force B) Resultant of any two forces is equal, parallel and colinear witl third force C) Resultatrt of any two forces is unequal, opposite and colinear with third force D) All three forces are like parallel forces. iv) The reaction at tlle surface of aontact of a sphere is A) parallel to the slrface ofcontact B) nomal to the surface ofcontact C) inclined to the surface of contact D) None ofttrese. (04 Mffks) b. Detemine the forces in the wires shown in Fig.QS&). (10 Marks) Fis.Q5(c) rig.Qs(b) a. A sphere of weight 300 N rests on an ircline as shown in Fig.Q5(c). Detennine the surface r€actioDs. (06 Msrks)6a- Select the corlect a$wer : i) A beam supported by roller and hinge supports subjected to only vertical loads has A) Veitical and horizotrtal reactions B) Two vertical reactio[ C) Two horiz.ontal reactions D) One vertical and a moment. ii) A delerminate beam can be analyzed by applying maximum A) two conditions of equilibrium B) tluee conditions of equilibrium C) four conditions of equilibrium D) one vertical and a momerlt. iii) Water in a tank is an example of A) point load B) Udl C)WL D) None. iv) A cantilever beam is one A) whose ends are fixed B) whose both ends are simply supported C) whose one end is fixed and the other simply supported D) whose one end is fixed and the otlrci end fiee. (04 Mark) b. Vhat is the difference betweel determinate and indeteminate beams? (04 Marks) c. Determine the support reactions for the beam sho,rn in Fig.Q6(c). (06 Marks) ,*,ri. Fig.Q6(c) Two men A &B carry a stone bloak weighing 2 kN, suspending the stone block on a horizontal beam and carrying it on their shoulders at each end. The beirm is 2 m long ard is of weight 580 N/m. A can carry maximum weight of 1.2 kN and B can carry a weight of 0.9 kN. Determine the distanc€ at which the stone block is suspetded from the end carried bv A. (o6 Ma*s) 3 0f4
  • 32. o6crYt3n37 a. Select the conect answet : i) The force offriction is independent of body A) force applied on B) weight ofbody C) velocityofsliding D) None ofthese ii) The body remains at rest as along as the frictional force is A) Equal to the force applied , B) Greater than the force applied C) Less than the force applied D) None ofthese. iii) Solid ftic1ior1 is the friction between two surfaces A) when no lubricalion is used B) when lubdcation is used C) when surfaces are heated D) None ofthese. iv) Ratio of limiting force of friction to the normal rcaction is A) Argle offriction B) Coefficietrt of fiiction C) Angle ofrepose D) None ofthese (04 Marks) b. What is miant by;angle ofrepose? Show that angle ofrepose is equal a41e of friction 10 (08 Marks) A uniform ladder of weight 850 N altd of tength 6 m rests otr a horizonlal ground and leans against a smooth vertical wall. The angle made by the ladder with the hoizodal is 65. Wlen a man of weight 700 N stands or the ladder at a distance of 4 m from the top of the ladder, the ladder is at the point of sliding. Detemire the coemcient of frictioo between the ladder and the floor. (08 Markr)8a. Select the correct answer : i) M.l- ofan annular area with oulfr radius 0.8m and inner radius 0.5m is 10.2726 ma Bj 0.3726 na C) I .222 ma D) Nooe oI these ii) The distance at which an area can be imagined to be placed and squeeze d, so that therc is no change in moment of ioertia is known as A) Radius of gyration B) Polar mome[t of inertia C) Moment of area D) Second moment of area iii) Moment of inertia is A) Resistance to chmge in rotational motion B) Accepta[ce to change in rctational motion C) Resistance to deformation D) None ofth€ above. iv) M.I. of a rectangle about the base is - !4 o, u) bg ci !!- D) g{ (0aMarks) 6 3 12 t2 a d prove parallel axis theorem. Stale (06 Marks) b, c, Detemine M.I. about horizontal centroidal &tis for the shaded area shown in Fig.Q8(c). Also find radrus of g;.ration aboul lhe same axis. (r0 Marks) -? I I I + L Fig.Q8(c) 4of4
  • 33. USN 06E}{Et4t24.;. First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, December 2010 Elements of Mechanical Engineering Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notezl.Answer any FIYE full qaestions, choosi g at least twofrom each Part 2.Anstrer all objective 4)pe questions onl), in OMR sheet Pagc 5 olthe Arlswel BookleL 3.Answet to obieciive 4)pe q eslions oh sheels olher than OMR will not be valaed. E PART -A E I a. Choose the corect answer : i) Photos)rthesis process which is the source ofail fossil fuels and lbod is called A) Helio electrical process B) Helio chemical process?:v C) Helio thermal process I)) None ofthese. ii) The differe[ce between superheated temperatue and the satumtion temperatue is4; delined as A) Sensible heat B) Latent heat C) Amount of superheat D) Deg.ee of superheat. iiD is an accessory ofa boiler.ET A) Pressure gauge B) Safely valve C) Economizer D) Feed check va.lve. iv) Example ofa water tube boiler is A) Babcock and Wilcox boiler B) Lancashire boiler C) Comish boiler D) Cochran boiler. (04 Marks) b.5kgofwetsteamofdryn€ssftaction0.8,passesftomaboilertoasuperheater,ataconstant pressure of 10 bar abs. In the superheater its tempeBture increases to 350oC. Detemine its amount of heat supplied in the superheater. The specific heat of superheated steamz2 Ces = 2.25 kJ/kg K. [At P = 10 bar abs, the properties fiom steam tables are : T, = 179.88"C hr- 762.61 kJlk. h1* = 2013.6 kJ&g. (06 erark)9.4 c. Explain with a neat skelch. the raorking principle ofa Babcock aad Wilcox boilor. (10 Marks) 2 a. Choose the correct answer : D lurbine is an example for steam turbine. A) Kaplan turbine B) Pelton wheel C) Francis turbine D) Parsons turbine. iit lmpulse sream turbi-nes have _ Lype of blades. A) Spmetrical Eofile B) Aerofoil profile C) Unsyrnmetical Eofile D) None ofthese.;: iii) In Pelton wheel _ energy is converted into mechanical energy. A) Electical B) Solar-.i ^i C) Hydraulic D) wind ir) is an example for reaction tubine.z A) Kaplan turbine B)Pelton wheel C) De Lavel turbine D)Cufiis tuibine. (04 Marks) b. Explain with neat sketches, the working principles of impulse and reaction turbi[es. (10 Mark) c. What is iompounding of a steam turbine? B efly explaia the velocity compounding of a steam turbine. (06Matu) 1of4
  • 34. 06Eil[fi14t243 a. Choose the corect auswer : i) A petrol engine works on themod)namic cycle. A) Otto cyble B) Diesel cycle C) Dual combusrion cycle D) Slerling cycle. ii) In 4-stroke engines, number ofrotations ofthe cianksh)ft to complete a cycle are .A) I B) 2 c)4 D) 6 iiil The-paa of the engine. which stores energy during power stroke and supply the same for the other tlree sLrokes is A) Piston B) Crank C) Connectingrod D) FlFvheel. iv) Irl diesel engines, heat is supplidd at constant A) Temperature B) Pressure C) Volume D) fuea. (o4 t{ark) b. With a neat sketch ex?lain the working principle ofa four stroke diesel engine, with the pV diagram. A single cylinder fow stroke engine rurs at 1000 rpm ou. u Oo." o, tr, -rnt*Jilfl stroke of 140 mm. The brake load is 6 kg at 600 mm radius arrd the mechaoical efEciercy is 80%. Calculate brake power and the mean effective pressue. (06 M!rk)4a. Choose the correcl answer : iI Which one of lhe following is trot used as a refi.igerant? A) Freon 22 B) Hydrogen C) Anmonia D) Sulphur dioxide. ii) In a refrigeratior system, the ratio ofheat absorbed in a system to the work supplied is called A) Efficiency B) Effectiveness C) Coefficient of perfomance D) N6ne of thele. iii) In a vapour absorptionrefrigerator, the.absorber contains, A) Ammonia B) Cold water C) Carbon dioxide D) Methyl chloride. 19 Presence of moisture in a refrigeration cycle will show its effect at A) Compressor suction B) Compressordischarge C) Expansion valve D) Condenser. (04 Marks) b. What arc the properties of a good refrigerant? Explain. (06 Marks) Explain with a treat sketch, the working ofa vapour compression refrigerator. (10 Marks) PART * B5 a. Choose the corect answer : i) Cariage is a partofa A) Milling machine B) Ddlling machine C) Grindiog machine D) Lathe. ii) Eotarging of a drilled hole, using a single point cutting tool in a drilling machine, is called : A) Drilling B) Counter bodng C) Boring D) Tapping. iiD The machining operation performed on a lathe, to obtain a flat surface, at the end of . the work piece is called A) Tuming B) Facing C) Kmrling D) Taper tuming. iv) Tapping operatioE is perfomed to obtain A) Extemal threads B) Intema.l thrcads C) Tapered hole D) Cylindrical hole. (0a Mark) 2of4
  • 35. o6F":iMEl4l24 b. With a neat sketch. explar the following machining operatiols : i) Counter borir. ii) Knurling iii)Taper tuminp (09 Marks) With a neat sketch, explin the consauction and working of a radial driiline -u"hifii u,.r."l6 a. Choose the colaect an$Er : i) Regulating wheel ; used in- operation. A) Surface gindng B) Centre tlTe cylindrical C1 Cenucleis grnding D) None of these ,,Z[t :r iir ll;crr.9ne jy 1gin abriive panicle? r,, ni--..6,.r ,,.r-t. A) Atuminum oide BJ Diamond lli { ,. .,,r:. :.,,r Cr Corundum D) Silicate. -:{ . --.. :. A) Horlontal nilling Horizontal machine B) ts) Lathe {-}*-"}; (&*--" rZ C) Radial arm riilling machine D) None of these --i::g.,:9-Z ir) ii," p;;;;; ;a;ixins;ed to miil slots, pockets and kcvwavs. in such a-ffi3at, the axis ofthe millingcutter is perpendicular to the sudace ofihe workpiece is called- A) Straddle miling B) Angular milliq C) End millins D) Gang milling. (0a Marks) b. bxplain the followingmilling operations, rvith a neat sketch : i) Gang millhg ii) Shaddle rilling iii)Form miiling. (09 Mark) c. With a neat sketch, explain the external cylindrical centerless grinding process. (07 Mrrk)7a. Choose lhe colre.l ans er : i) The oxy - acetylene flame, which contains more amount of oxygen and Iess amount of acetylene is A) Neutral flame B) Reducing flame C) Oxidizing flame D) None ofthese. Joining of two thin metal pieces using an alloy by the application of heat is called A) Soldering B) weldhg C) Brazing D)Buffing. The lubdcation method, used in I.C. engines to lubricate the cylinder and the piston is A) Splash lubrication B) Drop feed lubrication C) Slphon wick lubrication D) None ofthese. iv) Ball bearings are also called as A) Thrust beadngs B) Journal bearings C) Antiftictionbea.rings D) None ofthese. (04 Mark) b. What are the destable propefiies ofa good lubricant? Explain any six. (06 Mark) c, With a rcat sketch, explain the working pdnciple ofoxy - acetylene gas welding. (06 Mark) d. List any four differences between soldeting and brazing. (0a Mark) 3 of4
  • 36. 06EI|[E14t248 a. Choose the corect aiswer : i.; Power transmined is A) The rate ofwork done per unir dme B) The producl of lorce and distance traveled C) The energy emitted by any machine or ergine D1 None oIt-hese. ii) Open belt drive is employed when A) Two pamllel shafts are rotating in the some direction 8) Two parallel sha-fts are rolating in the opposite directioD C) Two peryendicular shafts are .otating in the same directioo D) Two perpendicular shafts are rotating in the opposite direction. iii) Gears, used for cormecting non paralleJ and non intersecting axes shafts arc A) Spur gears B) Bevel gears C) Worm gears D) Spiral gears. iv) Gear drive used to convert the rotary motion into linear motiotr is A) Spur gear B) Bevel gear C) Rack and pinion D) Spiral gear. (04 Mark) b. With aeat sketches, explain the followiag terms, used in belt drives : i) Are of cortact ii) Tighl and slack sides iii)Velocity ratio. (09 Mark!) c. Two spur gears A and B cornect two parallel shafis, tiat are 500 mm apart. Gear A runs at 400 rym and gear B at 200 rpm. Ifthe circular pitoh is 30mm, calculate the number ofteeth on gears A and B. (07Marls) 4of4
  • 37. 10cry13/23 R= oettl SicoN toor,l * Q2(d) Fie. Q3(c)3 a. Choose your answen for the following : i) Iftwc equal forces ofmagnitudep act at an angle e, dreir resultant will be A.1 2p cos 0/2 B) P ta,] elz C) 2p sin 0/2 D) p cos e/2 ii) The simplest resultant of a piate force system is always A) A single force B) A wrench C) A single moment D) A siogle force or a single moment. iii) The angle between two forces to make thefu rcsultant a minimum and a maximum resnectivelv are: A) bo and 900 B t I 800 and900 c) 900 and 1 800 D) 1 800 and 00 iv) The moment of a force about any point is numerically equal to . .... ,.. times the area of the triangle whose base is the line representing the force and vertex is the point about which the momeot is taken A) Half B) Same C) Twice D) Thdce (04 Marks) b. State and prove Vadgnons theorem of mometrts. (10 Mark) c. Two forces acting ofl a body are 500N and 1000N as sho$n in Fig. Q3 (c) Determine the third force F such ttrat the resultant of ail the tkee forces is 1000N dirccted at 450 to the x-atxls. (06 Marks)4 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) The first moment of area of a semicircular area about its diameter d is given by d3 t2 B){ )4 c)q 6 D){ 36 ii) Centroid of a triangular area of base b and height h taken about an axis coincident with the base is given by bhr 12 B)* C)q 5 D)! 1 iii) Momenl of total area about its centroidal axis is A) Twice the area B) Three times the area C) Zerc D) none ofthe above iv) Centroid conveys some clue about A) The orieotalion ofa sudace B) Ceotre ofa body C) Shape and disposition ofthe area D) Area of cross-section (04 Marks) b. Determine the celtroid of semicircle by the method of htegation. (06 Marks) c. With reference to the co-orditrate axis x and y, locate the centreid ofthe area shown in Fig. Q4 (c). (10 Mark) 2of4
  • 38. t0crYt3t23 t- x rie. ea(c) Fig. Qs(c) PART-B5 a- Choose your answers for the following : i) The force that cancels the effects ofthe force system acting on the body is known as A) Resultant B) Neutral force C) Batancing force D) Equilibriant ii) Ifthe sum of all the forces acting on a body is zero it may be concluded that the body A) Must be in equilibdum B) cannot be in equilibrium C) May be equilibrium provided the forces are concurreot. D) May be in equilibrium provided the forces are parallel. iii) For a smooth spherical swface reaction acts A) Eolizontal to the plane ofcontact B) Inclined to the plane ofco[tact C) Perpendicutar to the plane ofcontact D) None ofthe above. iv) A system that possesses a resultant: A) Will be equilibrium B) Will be rmder rest C) Will not be in equilibrium D) None ofthese (04 Marks) b. Define free body diagram, Describe types of forces acting on a body. Explain them briefly. (06 Mark) c. Cytinder A of diameto 200mm and cylinder B of diameter 300mm are placed in a trough shown in Fig. Q5 (c). Ifcylinder A weighs 800N and cylinder B weighs 1200N, determine the reactiotrs developed at contact surfaces P, Q, R and S. Assume all coltact surfaces are smooth. (10 M6rks)6a- Choose your answers for the following : i) Minimum number of members re4uired to form a simple truss A)2 B)3 c)4 D)5 ii) In the method ofjoints for the analysis of foroes in the member of auss, the number of equilibdum equations available at each joint are B) 3 c)4 D) s ^)2 iii) For a system of coplanar parallel forces to be in equilibrium A) The rcsultant force must vanish alone is sufficient B) The lesultant couple must vanish alone is sumcient C) Both resultant force and the resultant couple must vanish D) None ofthe above iv) The beam is neither pormitted to move in any direction nor allowed to rotate il1 the case of A) Hinged support B) Fixed support C) Roller support D) Simple support (04 Markr) b. Briefly explain the method ofjoints and method of sections used in the analysis of simple trusses. (06 Marks) c. Detemine the reactions at the support for the beam loaded shown in Fig. Q6(c). (10 Marks) ,0 Frl Fie. Q6(c) 3 of4
  • 39. 10ctYt3t237 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) A body ofweight Q is placed on an inclined rough plane. The inclination ofthe plane with the horizontal is less than the angle offiiction. The body will. A) be in motion B) move downwards C) be in equilibrium D) move upwards ii) The angle which an inclined surface Eakes with the horizontal when a body placed on it is in v€rge ofmovhg dorr,n, is called A) Angle ofrepose B) Angle offrictiotr C) Aagte ofinclination D) None iii) If $ : angle of fiiction and p = coefEcieat of friction, thetr which equation is valid? A)tan0=p B)tan6=1 C)sin{=p D)cos{=p p i, Angle offriction is *re angle between A) The incline and horizontal B) The normal reaction and frictional force. C) The weight ofthe body and the friction force. D) Nomal reaction and tle resultant. (04 MarLr) b. Explain limiting friction, angle ofrepose and cone offtiction- (06 Marks) c. A turiform ladder of 4m leryth rests against a vertical wall with which it makes an angle of 45u as shown in Fig. Q7 (cJ. The coefficied offiictioD betwe€n the ladder and the floor is 0.5. If tlle man whose weight is one-half of that of ladder asceDds i! how high will he be when the ladder slips? (t0 Marks) k-----!e!!a_j Fie. Q7(c) Fig. Q8(c)8 a. Choose your answers for the following : i) The moment of inertia of a body is A) Momeot of its inertia B) The rotational moment acting on the body C) The rctational amlogue ofmass D) The inertial moment acting on the body ii) The second moment of a plane area about any axis as comparcd to its second moment about the neutral a{s A) Is always more B) Is always less C) Is equal D) Not equal iii)Moment of inedia of a square of side ,a, about an axis through its centre of gavity is A) 44 B)a c)4 D)4 36 8 t2 iv) The value of moment of inertia depends on A) Tlpe of material B) Weight of material C) Deosity ofmaterial , D. State and prove parallel axis theorem. D) Cross-sectional dimensiom. (04 Mark) (06 Mark) c. Determine the second moment of area about hodzontal centooidal axis for shaded area shou,n in Fig. Q8 (c). Also find the radius ofgymtion about the same axis. Take Rr = 50mm and R2 = 20mm. (r0 Marks) 4of4
  • 40. USN toEMBt4tz4 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2011 Elements of Mechanical Engineering Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notei 1. Ahswet FfW fallquestions choosing dt least two from each part. 2. Arrsh,erdll objective Epe q estiohs onl! in OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet, 3. Answer lo objecrive qpe questions on sheers other thah OMR ttill not be valued. 1, Use ofsteam tdbles is holpe nitted.E5- PART-A5c l a. choose the ccrect arswer: i) The steam heated beyond its dry saturated stage is called A) Dry steam B) Wet stea.ir C) Satuated steam D) Super heated steam!", ii) Sensible heat is also called asei A) Enthalpy of saturated water B) Enthalpy of evaporation C) Enthalpy ofdry sahrated steam D) Enthalpy of suler heated steam. iii) Economiser is a device used to _ . 9ci A) heat the air fed to the fumaceiF B) increase the temperature of steam above the saturalion temperatue C) heat the feed waLer,E} D) separate the water particles present in lhe steam. !: iv) Lancashire boiler is of A) firetubetlpe BlstatioDary rype C) bbrizobtal rype D) All of fiese(iia Me;k) b. With explaio the firnctioning of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). a neat sketch,a; (06 Mm[s)9: c. ,r."r"..i:#::l Find the enthalov of heat in 2ksof steam at 0gharana R5o/" nralitw Use the properties of enthalpy 2 kg of al 0.9 bar and 85% quality.*d"os:€ Differentiate between: i) Boiler mountings and accessories;t 1i) Dry satuated steam and super heated steam. (04 Marks)te Choose the correct answer:iP i) In case ofimpulse steao turbine there is A) pressure drop in fixed aad moving blades B) pressure drop only in moving blades C) presswe drop ooly in nozzles D) pressue &op only is fixed blades ii) Curtis turbine is A) reaction steam turbine B) pressure velocity compounded steam rurbine C) prcssure compounded impulse steam turbi-tre D) velocity compounded impulse steam turbine I of4
  • 41. 10EMEr4/24 iii) Mechanical efficiency ofa gas turbine plant as compared lo [C engine is A) hieler B) lower C) same D) unpredictable iv) Pelton turbine is a A) reaction turbine B) gas tuftire D) miied flow turbine (04 MarkB) C) tangential flow turbine b. with a neat sketch, exptain t-he working ofa Pelton wheel. (06 Marks) c, Explain with a neat sketch, the working ofCudis aud Moore impulse turbirc (06 M.rks) (04 Marks) d. What are the advantages of gas turbines over IC eagines?3 a. Choose the corect a.nswer: . i) The combustioo of fuel in petrol engine lakes place at A) constant plessule B) collstaB1 volume C) con$anl lemperature D) none ofthese ii) In a four stoke engire, the number of rotations of the crank shaff to complete a uorking cvcle is A)l B)2 c) 3 D)4 iii) In CI engine, during the suction stroke is sucked in to the cylinder A) diesel B) diesel and air mirtule C) diesel ard petol mixtue D) air. iv) - ScavetrsiDg is employed in . - B) 2-stroke petol engine a)4-sdotJ petroiengine C) 4-stroke dieset engine D) Noue ofthese. (04 Ma (s) The following observations were - recorded dwing a test on 4-shoke diesel engine: Bore=200nri; Stroke=250mm; Meaneffectivepressure=06MPa Brake drum diameter = l.2m: Net brake load = 500N ; Speed ofcrank shaff = 600 rpm Find, i) lndicated power ii) Bmke power iii) Friction power iv) Mechanical efficiency . (10 Mark) Name the rhermod]namic cycle of petrol engine. Draw the PV diagam of the same (06 Marks) indicating various Focesses.4a. Choose the corgct aNnrer i) - coDverts vapour reftigerant into liquid reliigerant. A; Co-pr"ssor i!) Evaporator C) Condenser D) Mltor ii) Thrcttle valve is used in a rcftigerator to . A) compress the refrigerant B) expand the refrigerant C) absorb the heat ftom tlrc refrigeranl D) condense the refrigerant iii) - Which ofthe following is not a desirable property ofa reAigerant? A) High latent heat ofvaporization B) Hieh ft€ezing point C) Low viscosity D) Low speci{ic volume iv) The purpose of air conditioning is to A) control temperatrEe B) conhol huoidity air C) clean and purifo D) all the above. (o1M&rks) b. With a ueat sketch, conditioner, explain the working of room air (10 Mrrks) c. Explain vapour absolption reftigeration system with a neat sketch. (06 Maik) 2of4
  • 42. l0EME14i24 PART - B5 a. Choose the correat answer: i) is not a pad ofcarriage assembiy. A) Apron B) Compound slide C) Toolpost D) Tail stock ii) is the operation ofseparating a piece of firished work liom the bar stock. A) Paning .B) Facing C) Tuming D) Ituuriing iii) is the process ofenJarging the previously drilled hole, A) Reaming B) Boring C) Tapping D) Spot facing iv) is the ploc€ss of getremting intemal threads. - A) Reaming B) Borine C) Tapping D) Drilling. (0a M.rk) b. Sketch and explain the lollowing operations ofa drilling machine: i)Boring ii) Counter sinking iii) Tapping iv) Spot facing (12 Mrrks) c. Lisr lhe specifications ofa lathe. (04 Mrrks) a. Choose tbe correct answer: i) In _ process the dlection of rotation of cutter and the direction of feed of tlrc workpiece are opposite to each other. A) Conventional milling B) Down milling C) Climb milling D) None ofthese. ii) Milling culter ia horizontal milling machine is held in A) Over arrn B) Column C) kbor D) Knee iii) is Dot an abrasive material used in gfinding wheels. A) Emery B)Aluminium oxide C) Corunduur D) Gaphite iv) In_ grinding the workpiece is held over a work rcst itr between two g nding wheels. A) cyliodrical aentre B) ceotreless cylindrical C) sudace grinding D) None ofthese (04 Ma*s) b. Draw a schematic sketch of horizontal milling machine and briefly explain the fimctions of its main parts. (10 Marks) c. Sketch and explain centreless grinding. (06 Mrks)7 a. Choose the corect 6nrswer: i) The metal used ro make the brusb is A) Mitd steel B) Gun metal C) Cast iron D) Copper iJ) Wick lubrication works on the principle of A) gravity flow B) forced flow C) siphon D) fiee flow -. iii) Spelter is used in A) soldering -. B) brazing C) resistance welding D) arc welding iv) Gmphite is used as A) filler material B) flux spelter C) D) lubricant. (04 Mark) b. What are the differcoces betweel soldering and brazing? (05 Marks) c. Explain with a neat sketch sptash lubrication. Where is it used? (05 Marks) d. What are the advantages and disadvantages of slidiog colltact beadngs? (06 Marks) 3 of4
  • 43. t0Eis{Et4n48 a. Choose the correct answer: i) belts are acid and water proof. A) Leather B) Balata C) Textile D) Canvas i0 arrangemeat enables a machine to be started or stoppgd at will, withoul stopping the belt run. A) Frictiol cones B) Compound belt drive C) Fast and loose pulley D) Jockey pulley. iii) In simple gear tain, ifthe number of idler gears is od4 tlen the direction of rotation of &iveo gear will A) be opposite to thal oftbe drivir:g gear B) depends on the number of teeth on the driving gear C) depends on the speed of driviog gear D) be same as that oftlrc driving gear. iv) Mitre gear is a rr?e of A) Spurgear Bt Helical gear ClBevel gear D) Wor6 gear (04 Mrrb) b, Dedve an expressior for lengtl ofbelt in cross belt drive. (08 Ma*s) c. In an open belt drive ara.ngemenl, the speed of driver and driven pulley are 1000 rpm ad 750 rpm respectively. If the diaueter of driver pulley is 600 rnm, detemine the diameter of driven pulley i) withoul coosidering the rhickness ofbelr and slip. ii) by considering the thickness ofbelt, assuming the thickness ofbelt as 10 mm. iii) by coosidering both thickoess ofbelt and slip, assuming tbe thickness of belt as l0 mm and overall slip as 5%. (08 Mrrks) 4of4
  • 44. USN 10ELEl5/25 - FirsUSecond Sernester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 20ll Basic Electrical Engineering Time: 3 hrs- Max. Marks:100 Note, L Answet FM full queaions ehooslng a, leost tho fiom each pdtl L . nswer all objective lype questioni onl! in OMR shea page i of the onf|,ser booklet, 3. An$tet lo objeclite type questions on sheets other than OMR wi not be vslued. E PART-A ? I a. Choose the coEcct answer: E i) As per Ohms law g A)VctI B)VdR C)IaR D)V=rR. 8r ii) A 2 O resistq is connected in series *,ith parallel combination of 10 O and 15 rcsistors. Then heat dissipated in kWse,: for t hout in circujt, when cune[t of 2 flowing in 2 Q resistor is. A) lls.s B) 1.1s2 c) 11.s2 D) I15200 iiD The flux linkage between the coils is maximwu, when m = ? A) 1/_ B) .Etl, C) !-1 - L2 D)Lt/L2.5g / JL,L, iv) If the energy stored in a coil is 2 joules foi a cunent of 2A. flowing, ttren the inductancefra of coil is,gE A) 0.01 H B)0.1H IH c) D) loH. (04 Marks) b. State and explain Kbchoffs lews as applied to DC cirauits. (06 Marks) Explain Flemings righl hand rule and Flemings lefr band rule as applied to electdcal!E machines. (06 Msrks)IE d. Find the self iJductance of a coil of 200 tums, core tube of 25 cm leagth atrd 5 cn! radiu,9. Also calculate energy store rises from 0to5.4 (Ur for paper = l). (04 Msrk)EE 2 a, Choose the coEect answer: i) GiveD (8 +j6) x ( - 10 -j7.5), then rhe result it :!,t A) lz.s l-143.1 B) 125 l-106.2" c) I 12.s llt43.1B= ii) An altemating emf is given by e = 200sin3l4t. The instadaneous value of emf at t = l/200 sec is A) lso v B) 175 V c)200v D)22sY. iii) An altemating curent is given by I = Id Sin2ot. Then ftequency of the altemating curent is, A) @lt Ez B) 2a/nHz C) aDtcHz D) none ofthesec9 i9 The reactancc ofa capacitor at 50 Hz is 5e. Ifthe fiequency is increased to 100 Hz, the new reactance is, A)5O B)2.5O c)l0o D)2s O. (04 M{rl(s) b, Define aveage and RMS value of all altemating current and find their relation with max value, ifthe altematiog quantity is sinusoidal. (0r Marks) I of 4
  • 45. USN t0clYt3/23 First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2011 Elements of Givi! EngineeritE and Engineering Mechanics Time: 3 hrs. Max. Maxks:100 n"n, fu Questions, choosing at leost tteo lrom each part. l. 1::i.!.ri! lIVE z. A_nswer afi objecrive tJ)pe questions onry in oMR sheet-page 5,0[.rh? answef boor{let, 3. Ahswer to obiective qpe questions on inun un", tnri 6iiliiirrt o. uar"a. -s PART_A E I a. Choose your answers for the followins : i) Geoteclnical engineering involvls the studv,rf A) Buildiag Soil B) c) Air D) Au the above t9 ii) Buildiog tarks and dams and carrying stored *at". to nad is:t r,o*n u. eng;Deering A) Sructual B) Environmenul engineering. C) lrater tesources and irrigation engg. O1 Conrra*,io, 5d t""hofogy. iii) The. srructure which provides p^ruli or". ,i," dver without closing lie way undemeath is: "t.t*f".,ifL" "atey, A) Dam B) Bridge C) Harbour D) Aimorr iv) Highways which are superioi to National Highwals and ars prorided wherever volume oftraffic is very high are: highways B) High volume roadsC) Air ways A) State D) Expressways ExplaJn brie0y rhe scope (04 Mark) 44 b. ofcivil engireering in: *.:*"es engineering: ii) Ceolechnicat engineering (10 Marks) c. ". - ^]]Y1:. tptaln drllerent t)?es ofroads. (06 Marks) Cboose your answers lor the lollowiie : iE il Mic_h of fie following is rhe baiic concepr ol mechanics: A) Charge B) Power C) Force D) Energy i, When more than three cotrcurrent forces are i" ttJa3 satisfied. "quiiit.i"_, "a""t A) All the forces mtlsr have equal map1itude. B) Poiygon representjng Lhe forces wil nor close.9E C) The lasl side oflhe polygon will represenr lhe resulranr. u, rotygon representing the forces will close. tllecl ofa force on a body depends Lrpon its: A) Direction B) position C) Magdtude iu),i 11.:1.-::::]"]:llotane A) Coplanar non-concurent ald;,rlthe forces forces u"ti,"rtE_rrf""o*".,h;;;;. B) Coplanar conunent forcis ffi"." C) Coplanar parallel forces D) Nou-coplaaar.lon-concurent forces (04 Mrrk)g b. c, state and explain basic idealization in Dehne a couple. Menti", it, mechanics. (06 Markr)z d. A 100N verticle force it "r,*""t"i1i".. J" a rever which is,a{aphe;4* .naft Fig. Q2 (d), determine "ppri"al" "ra "f ".(:imTl " i) The moment offorce about O. ii) The horizontal force applied at ,A, which creates sarnettlomeDt about ,0,. iii) The smaliesr force appiied at ,e, which c."",", 1of4 ""il*--i"*r""t"ri:ol. ,ou r**y
  • 46. l0ELErs/25 In a series parallel circuit, the two paratlel branches A & B are in series with C. The impedances are ZA - (10 - j8)O, ZB = (9 - j6)Cl &k = (3 + j2)O. Thc voltage across branch C is 100V. Fitrd the cuEetlts IA & IB ald the phase difference betwe* *"-"r r""o,3 a. Choose the corect €urswer: i) When power factor is 0.5, the watbreter rcading is such that A) wr = wz B) w1 is +ve, w2 is -ve C) wt is +ve, w2 :0 D) wt = 2 wz. ii) The relatioo between line and phase quanrities in a delta connection is A) Er = f Ept, i1: Ipt B)Er.qh,&- a6leh c) E1= f Eer,,Ir: .,Elpr, D) Er= E 1, Ir= Ierr. iii) The angle b€tween line voltage and phase voltage for abalanced star coDnected ctcuit is A) 30. B)30"+0 c) 60. D) 120". iv) In a 3S system, if the instantaaeous value of phase R and Y arc +50V and -40V respectively, then iDstantaneous volUge ofphase B is A)-20V B)40V C) 120 V D) trone ofth€ above. (04 Mffkr) b. What are the advantages of30 AC isystems over l{ AC system? (04 llIIIks) Show that two wattmete$ are sufficient to measure 3$ power for balanced 3{ power system. (06 Mrrkr) d. Three coils each of impedancc 20[[ are connected in star to a 3 $, 400 V, 50 I{z supply. Find the reading oll each ofthe two wathtreters aouleeted to mcasule the power input. (06 Ma*r) a. Choose the correct anslrer: i) Under no load conditiorL the revolution of the disc due to kinetic energy of an energy meter can be blocked by A) Brake magnet B) Electroma$et C) Creeping hole with Biake magret D) Copper shading band. ii) The minimum fushg cunent ofa flrse yrire is 2.1 A and firsi4 factor is 1.1. Theq the rated caryiog culrerlt of the fiue element is, A)2.2 A B) 2.31 A C) 1.909 A D) 0.5238 A. iii) Coke cao be used as a sandwich berween sait ofao eanhing system, to A) by pass the current B) avoid melting of the salt C) improve conductivity D) to hold moistue content. iv) When the pointer of an indicatiry instlument coDes to rcst in the final deflection position. rhen A) Only coatrolling torque acts B) Only deflecting torque acts C) Both torques act D) None ofthese. Mcrk) (04 b. With the help of a neat diagram, describe the coDskuational features and yorking of a dymmometer type wattneter. (06 M.rk!) c. With a ncat sketch, explain any tfuee types ofwiring. (06 Markr) d. What are the precautions to be taken to prsveot eleatdc shock? (04 Mrrk ) 2of4
  • 47. 10ELE15/25 PART -B5a- Choose the colIact answer: i) The yoke ofa DC machine is made of A) Silicon steel B) Soff iroa C) AttEiuu0 D) Cast steel. ii) Carbo! brushes arc used iu a DC machine because A) Cerbon lubricates and polishes the commutator B) Contact resistance is decreased C) Carbon is cheap D) none ofthese. iii) The efficiency of a DC generator meaos its A) Electrical efficieucy . B) Overall efficiency C) M€ehaEioal effiei€ncy D) Irlcne of&e above. iv) A DC motor is still used in industrial applioations because it is A) Cheap B) Simplc in constuction C) Provides fine speed conhol D) none oftbese (04 M.rk) b. Explain with a oeat sk€tch the cosstuctio[al features of a DC machiie aad mention the firnction ofeacbpart. (05 M.rk!) What is the significance ofback emfuader no load and firli load condition il a DC motor? A 4 pole Dc shunt motor tlkes 22A ftom 22ov supply. The armature and fie" ;:lffi: are respectively 0.5 O and 100 O Espectivcty, The armature is lap couected with 300 conductoB. Ifth€ flux per pole is 20 mWb, calculate tbe speed and gross torque. (07 Msrk!)6 a. Choose the correct auswsr: i) A transfome! trqnsfers electrical energy ftom primary to secondary usually with a change ir A) ftequency B) powo. C) voltage D) tine p€riod. ii1 when the supply ftequency of a transformer is doubled then the hystersis losses A) remain same B) doubled C) reduced by 50% D) hystersis loss equal to €ddy curent loss, iii) Regulation and efficiency ofa transfonner should be respectively A) hish, high B) higlr, low C) low, hieh D) lqw, low iv) The firll load coppu loss for a transformq is 800 W, then the coppe. loss at halfthe firll toad is A) 400 w B)800w c) 200 !t/ D) t600w (0{ Msrks) b. What arc the various types of l.sses urd how to overcome these losse, in " *fot.f".o, The max. emciency at full load anrl upf of a I 0, 25 KVA 500 /1000 V" 50 Hz, transfonner is 98%. Detemine its efiiciency at i) 75% load, 0.9 pf ii) 50% loa4 0.8 pf iii) 25% loa{ 0.6 pi (08 Mrrls) 3 of 4
  • 48. I OELEI5/257 a. Choose the corect answer: i)The stater ofan altemator is identical to that ofa A) DC generator B) tbree phase induction motor C) single phase induction motor D) none ofthese. ii) The field windirg ofan altemator is excited. A) DC B) AC C) Both DC and AC D) none ofrhese iii) High speed attemators are driven by A) diesel engile B) hydraulic turbines C) steam tubines D) none ofthese. iv) The disadvantages ofa shofi pitched coils in an altemator is that A) harmonics are introduced B) uaveform become non sinusoidal C) voltage round the coil is reduced D) none oftle above. (04 Mrrk) I b. Derive an expession for emf equation ofan altemator. What is tle necessity of considering pitch factor and distribution factor for enfequation? Or Msrks) c. A 12 pole, 500 rpm, A comected altemator has 60 slots, with 20 conductors per slot. The flux per pole is 0.02 wb and is distributed sinusoidally. The winding factor is 0.97. Calculate i) frequency ii) phase emf iii) lineenf. (0s Mr.ks)8 a. Choose the cofiect a0swer: i) The differen;* tletuitll s],ncbmnous sp€ed aad actuel spe€d is 100 lpm a&d ile synchtonous sr.,1e*..j i:1 150C i-pm, the.n the vatue of slip is A)2o/s B)ta% c)6.66% D) ts%. ii) Extemal resisaace is eoonected to the rotor of a 3$ phase wound inductioa motor in order to A) reduce startitrg cu.rent B) collector cwrent C) as a star conneaed load D) nono ofthese. iii) When the rotor of a 3{ inducrion molor is blocked, the slip is A) zero B) 0.5 C) 0.1 D) 1. iv) Phase wormd induction luotols are less extensively used thatr squirrel cageindr.:ction motots because, A) slip rings are required on the rotor circuit B) rotor windings are generally star contrected C) they are costly and require greater maint€nance D) none ofthe aboye. (04 M.rlc) b. Explain the working principle ofa 3$ induction eotor and give reasons ibr..An induction motor can not run at syrchronous speed,. (06 Msrks) c. Define slip. Derive aII expression for frequercy of rotot current. (04 Msrks) d. An-8 pole altemator runs at 750 rpm, and supplies power to a 6 pole, 3$ induction motot which runs at 970 rym. What is the slip ofthe induation nootor? (06 M*rks) 4<tf4
  • 49. 06ELE15/25 USN First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, December 2O10 Basic Electrical Engineering Time:3 hrs. Max Marks:100 Note. 7. Answer dnv FIYE full q estiot s, choosing at least tto from each port 2. Answer at[ obieetiie tyie questions onlt on OMR shee, page S oflhe answer booklel 3. Answet lo objective 4/pe questions on sheets other than OMR bill not be valaed PART _ A I a. Select the correct answer: E i) Poladty ofvoltage &op across a resistor is determined by the A) Vatue ofthe resistor B) Value ofcurrent through resistor E C) Direction ofcunent through the resistor D) Polarity ofvoltage source39 ii) If 125V is applied across a 250V, 100 W bulb, the power consumption will be - A) 100 w B)50W c)25W D) l2.s wEd iii) A coil of 1500 tums gives dse to a magnetic flux of 2.5 mWb, when carrying a certain current. Ifthe curent is reversed in 0.2 secs, the average emfinduced in the coil is A) 18.75 V B) 37.5 V c) 12.5V D1 None of these iu) The direction ofind,rced emf in a coil is detemrined by -E A) Faradays law B) Lenzs law C) Flemings left hand rule D) Ohms law (04 Marks)tq b. Derive an expression for the energy stored in an inductor (04 Mark) c. Deftne the coefficient of coupli-ng and the coeflicien[ of mutual induction. Write one expression for each. (04 Marks) d. Two batteries are comected as shown in Fig.Ql(d), to a 200V supply. Battery A has an emf of l10V and inlemal resistance of 0.2 obm Battery B has an emf of 100V and intemal resistarce of 0,25 ohm. Determine the magnitude and direction of the curent in each battery and the total curent taken ftom the supply. (08 Marks) A!a r----ld.g -lr-- Bait zuu Y Fig.Ql(d) 2 a. Select the corect a.nswer: ---_b i) The RMS value ofa halfwave rectihed sine wave is6tl A) 0.707 Em B) 0.5 Eln C) 0.637 Em D) 1.1 I Em ii) The real and imaginary part of admittarce are called-..i .i A) Resistance and rcactance B) Conducta[ce and suceptance C) Conductance and reactance D) Resistance and suceptancez iii) A coil ofpower factor 0.6 lag is represented as A) R cbcuit B) L circuit C) R-L circuit D) R-C circuit e iv) The unit of apparent power is A) Watts B) Vars c) vA D) Joules (04 Marks) I of4 -.
  • 50. O6ELE1SI25 PART _ B5 a. Selecl lbe correcl answer: i) The amrature ofa d.c. machirc is made up ollaminaled sheets in order to A) reduce armature copper loss B) reduce eddy cunent loss C) reduce hysteresis loss D) increase the dissipation ofheat. ii) ln a d.c. series motor, the torque developed is 20 N.m at l0A. If the cunent is doubied Lhe neu rorque will be A) 60 N.m B) 40 N.m C) 80 N.m D) 100 N.m iii) Commutator in a dc generator is used for A) co[verting dc to ac B) changing ac to dc C) collecting the current from armatule D) reducing the friction. iv) The back emfof dc motor at the moment of starting is _ A) maximum B) zero C) minimum D) Optimum. (04 Marks) b. Show that speed of a dc motor is directly proportional to the back emf and inversely proportional to the flrL/pole. (04 Marks) c. Mention the classification ofd.c. gen€rators. (04 Mark5) d. A 250V shunt motor on no-load, runs at 1000 rpm and takes 54. The armature and shunt field resistances are respectively 0.2 ohm and 250 ohm. Calculate the speed of the motor when loaded and taking a curent of 5OA, ifthe armature reaction weakens the field by 3%. oF.--rii6 a. Select &e corect answer: i) Ar ideai transfonaer does not change _ . K* ---ir. - A) voltage B) power C) current D) None of il. r .Nar- OIL rr?-t 13 J1 ii) The copper Ioss ofa certain transforner at half full load is measured as tmW fhen tES; copper loss at full load will be A) 800 w B) 200 vr c) 400 w -- -_,/..:,.// D) 1600 W. iii) The volts per tum in the p mary winding of a transfomer is the volts per tum in the secondary. A) less than B) same as C) more than D) none ofthese. iv) When.a hansformer is operating on no-load, the primary applied volrage is _ approximately balanced by A) secondary emfinduced B) primary induced emf C) voltage drop irl the transfomer D) none ofthese. (ua Marks) A 5O kVA transformer has an efficiency of 98% at firll load, 0.g pf and 97% at the half firI load,0.8 pl Detemine the firll load copper loss and iron loss. Find the load at which the maximum effieiency occurs. Also, find thi maximum efEciency. : 1os *rarmy c. tansfomer. Wilh usual notations, prove that Ezl El = Il / 12 = N2 / Nr for a (06 Msrks) d. Define regulation ofa tansformer. What is its sigdficarce? (02 Marks) Select the corect answer: i) Synchronous speed of an M can be increased by A) reducing the mechanical friction B) increasing the supply voltage C) incrcasing the number ofpoles D) incrcasing the ftequency of supply. ii) A 4 pole, 50 Hz, induction motor rLrns at a speed of 1440 rpm. The liequency of rotor curent is _ A) 3 Hz B) 2.5 Hz C)2Hz D) 1 Hz. 3 of 4
  • 51. 06ELE15/25 With usual notations, prove that power connected in a R-L or R-C series circuit is Vlcoso- c A curent of 5A flows through a non-inductive rcsistance, in se es with " supplied at 250V, 50H2. The voltage across the resistance is l25V and across the coil 200V.":THf] Find the resisfance and reactance ofthe coil and the power absorbed by the coil. (06 Mark) ln the arrangement shown in Fig.Q2(d), calculate the impedance across AB and the phase angle betwees rhe vollage and Ihe currenl. (06 Mark, 84 J rcJL 1J, x9 tL Fis.Q2(d)3 a. Sclect the correct atswer: i) The algebraic sum ofinstantaneous phase voltages in a 3-phase circuit is A) Three times the phase voltage B) Line voltage C) Zero D) None ofthese. ii) One wattmeter used in a 3-phase circuit shows negative reading when (measurement of power) _ A) connections are wrong B) the p.fl is less than 0.5 C) the load is resistive D) the phase sequence is reversed. iii) A balanced delta comected load consumes more power than star connected load (load/ph is the same) because A) power factors are different B) line current is more C) delta is a closed path D) none ofthese. iv) A 3-phase equipmelt has a size that of a single phase equipment lbr the same powei capacity. A) same as B) bigger than C) smaller than D) nonc ofthese. (04 Marko b. "Bo1h the power and the power factor in a 3-phase circuit can be measurcd using iwo wattmeters"" Provo this giving relevant circuit and vector diagram. (10 Mark) c. A balanced 3-phase star coinected load of 150 kW takes a leading curent of 100 A, with a line voltage of 1100V, 50H2. Find the circuit conslants ofthe load per phase. (06 Mark)1a. Scleot the conect answer: i) An energy rnetq is classified under A) indicating instrument B) recording instrument C) integating instrument D) none ofthese ii) The damping force is an instrument to A) oppose the deflecting force B) oppose tie controlling force C) to bring the pointer to steady position quickly D) to prolect the instrument iii) The earth potential is always taken as for ali practical puposes. A). B)0 c) 10v D) -10 V iv) A) protective device B) currcnl limiling device C) voltage limiting device D) unnecessary part ofa circuit. (04 Mark) b. With a neat cicuil diagram, explain the constructiofl and operation of a dynamometer wattmeter. (07 Marks) c. Give a circLlit diagmm and switching lable for tkee way contml. lhere is i1 used?(06 Marks) d. What is earthing? Whal are the merits ofearthing? (03 Mark) 2af4
  • 52. 06ELE15/25 underrurning condition is iii) The roto circuit of a 3-phse induction moto! alwaYs oPen B) A) always closed *<l sometimes open D) None of these cli irlr?,irn"t load has a sleed of 720 rpm Then "r"*a the iv) A 50 Hz, 3-phase induction rnoto -ri.d" full number ofPoles of motor is equal " to C) 8 D) 16 (04 Marks) A) 2 B) 4 motor Derive the relationship betweeo b. rroi#the working pio"ipt" of u :-ptu"" na"tion i.lfi*;.;;i;;il;:*::.13:i"-,:lJ;ljHJ;T:H," productng me rc c. Explain lhe process of ",_on*,"0*n-*"[ll (06 Mark) (02 Marks) d. Why an induation motor needs a starter?8 a. Select the correct aflswer:" " ii an ut,"-ator field stnrcture is normally of " i;##; ;; "si*a-;svP"cf irffiryp D)Noneolthese ii) Non-salicnt pole D?e rotor ofan allemator has _- lt larser diameteiand long axial lenglh - ei i.itt., oiu"r" -d long axial Iengrh- lii*n"t aiurntttt uoa smaller axial lengrh len$h ni .-?ii"i aiurntt"t und smaller axial iiilWinding factor aPPears tn e mf equatiotr of an altemabr because .- A) winding is concenhated Bl coil is tulI Pitched Ci*inOi"e it aisrifled and shon pilched stator Of *ioai"g it ut"oroodaled in the iv) A 4 pole, 50Hz syncfuonotrs allemator is made to run al -- (04Mark) A)700rpm sr r+ioffi C) l500rpm D) 1000rpm Mertion their salient the different pads of an altemator b. With the help of sketches explain (08 Marko featues. has an armature r-tith^90 slors and l0 conduclors c. A 6 pole. 3-phase star connecled altemator ner stor. tr revolves ar p* p"i" ii o os wb-,calculate the emf generared *il it"iir- IIi il;. r";i 0 ni ill conductors in each phu" u" in "iio, ii#ffii"err, ;J *".*, 4of4
  • 53. IOCIPI8TISN Question Paper Version : D First Semester B,E. Degree Examination, January 2011 Constitution of lndia and Professional EthicsTime: 2 hrs, Ma-t. Marks:50 INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES 1. Answer all FIFTY questions; each question carries ONE Mark. 2. Use only Black ball point pen for darkening the circles. , For each question, after selecting yow answer, darken the appropdate circle corresponding to t}Ie same question number on the OMR sheet. 3. Darkening two circles for the same question makes the arswer invalid. 4. Damaging/overwriting and using whiteners on the OMR sheet arc strictly prohibired- "Whatever develops our moral virtues is ethical, is the principle of a) Juslice approach b) fught approach c) Utilitarian approach d) Virtual approach. Intentionally causing harm is rclated to a) Legal responsibility b) Moral responsibility c) (b) Both (a) and d) None ofthese. NSPE denotes a) Narional scheme for prolcssional ethjcs. b) National societ) for prolessional engineers. c) National secrorwise programme efficiency. d) alioDal scheme lor professional engineers. Retaining only those results that fit the theory and discarding others, is a) Cooking b) Trimming c) Forging d) plagiarism. The diagram ofthe possible ways in which, an accident occuls is represented by a) Blue print b) Fault hee c) Flow chart d) None ofthese. Vicarious liability is a) A person held liable for actions committed by him. b) A person held liable for actions not committed bv him. c) Both (a) and (b) d) None ofthese. -D1 -
  • 54. IOCIPl82l Rights are available against the action of a) Public authority b) Private individuals c) The state d) Judicial authority)7 By applying equal laws to persorN who ale not equal, inequality is made. this is quoted by a) Pluto b) Jevons c) Aristotle d) Ambedkar.23 Public interest litigations can be filed under a) l.]tlcle 42 b) Article28 c) Article 32 d) Article 30.24 What is the remedy available for the breach of fundamental duties under the constitution? a) Filing lvTit pelition b) Filing criminal complein c) Filing civil suit d) No remedy.25 Uniform civil code means a) Civil law applicable to common man. b) Common law applicable to citizens personal and public life. c) Codified 1aw applicable to all persons of lndia inespective ofreligion. d) Common lau applicable to Hindus and Muslims.26 The object olorganizing village panchayat is to bring out a) Indirect democracy. b) Equality amongst men al1d women. c) Democracy at grass root level. d) Awareness of fr-rndamental dghts amongst rulal people.27 Funalamental dulies are discussed in a) Part III b) Pan IV c) Part III (A) d) Part IV (A).28 Cow slaughter is prohibited under a) ;Article 46 h) Alticle 48 c) Article 42 d) Article 42 (A).,o Minimum age to contcst Loksabha eleclron rs a) 25 years b) 30 yea$ c) 32 years d) 35 years.30 Who is supposed to take the oath oflhe ne1vly elected President? a) Prime Minister b) Chaimran of Rajyasabha c) Outgoing president d) Chief Justice of India.31 Wlat is the tefm ofoffice ofthe Rajyasabha members? a) 5 years b) 4 yea$ c) 3 years d) 6 years. How is the President removed ftom the office? a) No confidence motion b) Order ofthe ChiefJustice oflndia c) Order ofthe chiefAdvocate General oflndia d) Impeachmeut motion. Ordinance making power lies with a) President b) Vice president c) Attomey General oflndia d) Chiefminister ofthe concemed state.34 Who presides over the cabinet meeting? a) Speaker b) Pdme minister c) President d) President ofthe concemed political party.35 House of states is a) Rajyasabha b) Loksabha c) Rashtrapathi Bhavan d) There is no such state in India. -D3
  • 55. 10cIPl8 " 36 Educational qualification to become a MP is a) Highersecondary b) Pre ruriversity c) Undergraduation d) None ofthese. 37 How many readings a bill has to cross. in each houle. lo gcl passed? a) Two b) Four c) Five d) Three 38 Present ChietJuslice otlndia is a) Justice Markandeya Katju b) Justice Lokanathan c) Justice Balakrishnan d) Justice Homi Kapadia. 39 Gubematorial could be a position of a) The pesidert b) ChiefJustice ofhdia c) Govemor d) Speaker oflok Sabha 40 Number of MPs ftom Kamatake is a) 24 b) 26 c) 28 d) 29. 41 Maximum number ofministers in the cabinet ofa state is a) 18% ofthe total number ofMLAs b) 12% ofthe total number ofMLAs c) 15% ofthe total number ofMLAs d) 14% ofthe total number ofMLAs. 42 Which article empo*-ers the President to impose nalional emergetcy? a) 360 b) 352 c) 359 d) 3s6. 43 Mrs. India Gandhi imposed national emergency on the grounds of a) Public disturbarce b) Extemal aggression c) Financial breakdorm d) Intemal disturbance. 44 Free and compulsory education for children is to be Fovided ufltil the age of a) l4years b) 2l years c) 18 years d) 12years. 45 National womens commission Chairperson is a) Renuka Choudhary b) Pramila Nesargi c) Sushma Swaraj d) cirija Vyas. 46 How much period can the term of Loksabha be extended, during e nergeDcy, at a time? a) One year b) Three months c) Six months d) Nine months. 47 Promotion ofSCs and STs was added to the constitution by a) Amendment 64d b) 77th Amendment c) 2lsrAmendment d) 14th Amendment. 48 Fear is an impediment to a) Accountability b) Transparancy c) Liabilif d) Responsibility.r 49 Patent dght holds good for a) 50 years b) 40 years c) 20 years d) 10 years. 50 Failure to seek out the truth is a) ExaggeEtiog the tuth b) Abusing the truth c) Misusing the truth d) Falsifiing the trulh. -D4-
  • 56. 7 Not setding for less than what you deserve, is a) Honesty b) Dharma c) Inregrity d) Eligibility.8 Jingle associated products rcpresent a) Trademark b) Copfright c) patent right d) Trade secret.9 A grrl can marry only affer attaining lfus age a) 16 b) 20 c) 18 d) 21.10 Election commission oflndia is a) One member commission b) Two member commission c) Multimember commission d) None ofthese.I I The source olauthoriry ofthe hdian consritution is a) The Govemment b) The Supreme Corrt c) The people oflndia d) The President12 The credit ofdeveloping the preamble ofthe constitution goes to a) Mahatma Gandhi b) Pandit Nehru c) B.R. Ambedkar d) Sadar?atel13 This could be a ground for resewation ofposts a) Language b) Colour c) Residence d) Family base.14 Right to property is a a) Fundamental right b) Legal right c) Moral dght d) Ordinary right.15 Double jeopardy means a) No prosecution and prurishmeot for the same offence more than once. b) There can be prosecution and punishment for the same offence more than o[oe. .) Double benefit. d) Same punishment for twin offences.16 The first right under article 22 is a) fught to consolt accused persons own lawer. b) Right to be produced before a magistrate. c) Right to be infomled of ground of arest. d) Right to converse with family members.11 This is the custodian offundamental rights a) Civil cowt b) Supreme coult c) State Govemment d) Cental Govemment.18 Mandamus writ lies against a) Publicauthority b) private person c) Erdry potiticiaos d) Erdng social workers19 fught to education is contained in article a) 20 b) 21 (A) c) 21 (s) d)21.20 Coirstitution ofthis country is the oldest and the shortest : a) UK b) Russia c)Germany d) USA. -D2-
  • 57. 06crP18/28 Question Paper Version : CUSN I / II Semester B.E Degree, Examination June/July 2011 CONSTITUTION OF INDIA AND PROFESSIONAL ETIIICS (COMMON TO ALL BRANCHES)Time: 2 hs.l [Max. Marks: 50 INSTRACTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES 1. Answer atl FIFTY questions; each question carries ONE Mark. 2, Use only Black balt point pcn for darkening the cifcles. 3. For each question, after selecting your answer, darken the appropriate circle corresponding to the same question Dumber on the OMR sheet. 4. Darkening two circles for the same question makes the answer invalid. 5. Damaging/overwriting and using whiteners on the OMR sheet are strictly prohibited. t. PIL means _ a) Public Individual Litigation b) Private Intercst Litigatioo c) Public Interest Litigation d) None ofthese 2. This is not dishonesty in engineering a) Forging b) Blending c) Trimming d) Cooking 3, Risk estimation can be done by using a) Riskometer b) Event tree c) RTree d) Evaluator 4. Begar mears _ - a) a person who begs b) forced work without payment c) difEcult work d) art ofbegging 5. Uniform Civil code means a) Code for Civil Uniform b) Code for civil servants c) Uniform for civil servants d) Common Civil law for all citizens 6. Courage, self- discipline, integdty are examples of- a) Self- direction vitues b) Public spirited virtues c) team work virtues d) Proficiency virtues 7. The President oflndia is rcmoved by _ a) No conlidence motion b) knpeachment c) Order of Dismissal d) Order ofRemoval -cl
  • 58. 06cIP18/28 8. The ovyner ofthe Patent ght retains his patent for yea6. a) 50 b) 100 c) 20 d) r09. Risk ofhamr equal to probabilily ofproducing benefit is - a) Inevitat e risk b) Acceptable risk c.1 Immaterial risk d, Material risk10. The Directive Principles of State Policy a) can be enforced iu any court b) can be enforced only in the Supreme Cout c) can be enforced only in the High Cowt d) cannot be enforced in any Cout11. The present modhly salary of the President is a) Rs 1.5 lakhs b) Rs 90,000/- c) Rs One takt d) Rs 60,000/-12. The minimum age for a person to be appointed as Govemor ofa state is a) 2s b) 30 c) 3s d)x13. The Judges of the High Court are appointed by a) The ChiefMinister b) The Govemor c) The Presided d) None ofthese14. Cultual and Ehrcational Rights under Article 29 and 30 are also called as a) Mirodty RigLts b) Majority tughts c) Legal tughts d) Rjghts15. The head of&e State exccutive is -Moral a) Tbe Chief Minister br lhe prime MinisLer c) The Govemor d) Tbe president16. Right to get poUution Aee water and air is a) Equalify Rightto U) ffigt to tife and personal liberty c) necessities Freedom ofbasic d) fught to ftee supplies.17. The dualion offinancial emergency is_ a) 6 months b) 2 months c) 3 months d) l year18. The term ofofEce ofthe ChiefElection Commissioner is a) years 5 b) years 3 4 c1 yeam d) 6 yea$19. The 746 Amendmelt of 1993 deals with a) Esrablishmeot of Muncipaliries b1 Anti defecrjon law c) Providing ftee and compulsory education d) Lowering the voting age fiom 21 to 18. -20, The number ofdays provided for campaigning for an election is _ a) 15 days b) 30 days c) 12 days d) 20 days21, Trade mark does not include a) Designs b) Sounds c) Slanbols d) Goodwill22, Coppight can be retained by the au&or, after his or her death for a) 20 years b) 100 years c) 50 years d) Non" ofth"r" -c2-
  • 59. t 06cIP18/28 23. Who discharges the duties of the president. in Lbe absence of the President and Vice President? a) The Pdme Minister b) The ChiefJustice ofthe Tndia c) The Speaker ofthe Lok Sabha d) The Law Minister 24, _ is not a machinery which safeguaxds constitutional and civil rights of SC/ST,s a) Supreme Comt b) High Court c) Family Coud d) N":tiona Uuman Right Comnission 25. Vl4rich one is not an impediment to responsibility? a) Trade mark b) Copy right c) patent d) All ofthese 26. The number of methods for amending the Coostitution of India are a)3 q4 c)2 d)1 27. The word social and ,secular, rvere added io the preamble in the amendment. a) 446 q 77]d q42"d d) g6tl 28. The religious freedom given under the constitution does lrot pemit a pe$on to a] Propogate his religion b) profes; his ret;io; c) P.actice his rcligion dj puchase his reigion 29. The expanded form of ,TADA, is a) Trade ofAlcohol and Orug fprerre.rrion.; nct. b) Terrorist and Disruptive Acticities (prcvedion) Act. c) Testing ofArms and Deadly weapors @revention) Act. d) Terorist, Atrocities and Dacoity @revention) Act. 30. Tbe formuia of Colgate Toolhpasle is an example of a) patent b) rade markc,) rade secret d) copyright 31. The useofintellectual property of others without thefu permission is referred to as a) plagiarism b) trinming c) cooking d) forging 32. State emergency is also called as a) Govemor,s rule b) Presidents rule c) Peoples rule d) Prime Minister,s rule 33. The words intemal disturbance, urder National emergency were replaced by,arrned rebellion in the year a) 1916 _ b) 197s c) 1978 d) t979 34. The Union council ofMinister rcfers to a) Cabinet rank mioiste$ b) State rark ministeN c) Deputy rant ministers d) A1l of th(ee 35. In 2007, a sixrh stale joined the list of states which have a legislalive council. trhich state isit a) Kerala b) AndhraPradesh c) Karnataka d) Assam 36. Writ jurisdiction ofthe Supreme court can be invoked under Article a) 46 D32 c) 36 qa 37, Tbe Anomey Ceneral oflndia is appointed by a) ChiefJusrice oflndia b) The Prime Minister c) The Law Minister d) The Presided
  • 60. 06crP18/2838. The number of M.L.CS elected from the teachers constituency axe a) l/3 of the total M.L.Cs b) l/12 of total M.L.CS c) 1/6 of total M.L.CS d) 1/2 of total M.L.Cs -39. Articte abolishes titles other than military ard eduaational a) 14 b) 16 c) 18 d) 1940. - The right against exploitatior does oot include a) Traffic in human beings b) begar c) child labour d) c mina.l prosecutiotr41. The preselt speak€r ofthe Lok Sabha is a) Somnath Chaterjee b) Md. Hameed Ansari c) Meira Kumar d) Jalpat Reddy42. Fundamental duties were added to Pad IV of the constitution under the Amendmellt a) 42d b) 440 c) 73d d) 86th43. Cooking means a) boiling uoder pressure b) retaining results which fil the theory c) making false statements d) misusing the truth - Right to property is =- b) A moral dght a) An ordinary right c) A fundamental right d) A social right 45. If a.licersing ofrcer fails to give a license to an applicant, itrspite of frrlfiUing all requircments, which rarit can he invoke? a) Wdt ofHabeas coryus b) writ of Mandamus c) Writ of Prohibition d) Writ of Certiorari than 46. Based on the mrmber of M.L.AS, the Kamataka ministry shatl comprise of not more ministers. a) 43 39 b) 34 c) d) 40 47. The numbet ofmembers nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the President is a) 12 b)2 10 c) d)4 48. Part IV of the krdian Constitution contains a) Fun<lamental Rights b) Emergencyprovisions c) Powers ofthe Union Executive d) Diiective pdnciples ofstate Policy - 49, Providing fiee and compulsory education to chil&en below the age of 14 is a a) Funiamental Rights b) Directive principles ofstate Policy c) Fudamental Duty d) Alt ofthese - In order to avoid corruption, the judges of the Supreme Court, after retiremenl a) Can practiee onty before the Supreme Court b) Can practice beforc SuFeme Cout and High Court c) CanBot pactic€ anfrhere d) Camot pmctice before the Supreme Cowt. -c4-