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Grey Kounts (GK Quiz) Final, CLAROTECHNICO-2012
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Grey Kounts (GK Quiz) Final, CLAROTECHNICO-2012



The final round of Grey Kounts, a general knowledge quiz at Clarotechnico 2012 held at DDIT, Nadiad.

The final round of Grey Kounts, a general knowledge quiz at Clarotechnico 2012 held at DDIT, Nadiad.



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Grey Kounts (GK Quiz) Final, CLAROTECHNICO-2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Created By: Shivranjan Kabad
  • 2. Its us,The Organizers of Grey Kounts Because we are the final authority So no arguments and the quizmaster’s decision will be final and binding
  • 3. Rules Infinite Passes No negative markings so feel free to guess 1 minute for each question. 20 seconds for passed questions. +50 for the correct answer. +20 for answering passed questions
  • 4. Warning !The following presentation is for mature audiences only due to depiction of illegal drugs, violence, swearing and nudity.
  • 5.  Movie star X started his career in a 1975 pornographic movie called All in the Family. He later defended this with: “I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago, but I dont think its a big deal, even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies," X said. "The porn movie at that time was more conservative than the current films“ The film was directed by Mu Zhu, and was euphemistically called, an “adult comedy”. It is the only movie that he has starred in where starred in where there isnt a single fight or stunt sequence.
  • 6. (and the aforesaid violence………)
  • 7.  X Chocolatier is a manufacturer of premium chocolates and related products. Founded in Belgium in 1926,X owns and operates more than 450 retail boutiques and shops in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia and is available via over 10,000 speciality retailers. Shown here is the logo of the company inspired by a famous legend. Supposedly, this legend gave rise to a rather common phrase for a voyeur. Name company X. What is the legend? What is the phrase? (see next slide) + (clue slide)
  • 8.  (and the nudity……..)
  • 9.  Named in honour of the legend of Lady Godiva - an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry,England,in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. After issuing a proclamation that all persons should stay indoors and shut their windows, she rode through the town, clothed only in her long hair. Only one person in the town,the tailor Tom, disobeyed her. Tom bore a hole in his shutters so that he might see Godiva pass, and is struck blind. The name "Peeping Tom" for a voyeur originates from this legend. In the end, Godivas husband keeps his word and abolishes the onerous taxes.
  • 10.  At The Battle of Agincourt in 1415 AD, the French, who were overwhelmingly favored to win the battle,threatened to do something to all captured Englishsoldiers so that they could never fight again. The English won in a major upset and waved something at the French in defiance. This mostly urban legend is supposed to be the origin of what practice and its associated verbal form?
  • 11.  (and the swearing…….)
  • 12.  The finger, the middle finger, the highway salute, the Bronx salute, the one- finger salute, the bird (as in giving, flipping, or flying the bird), or flipping off someone.
  • 13.  The French proposed to cut off the middle finger without which it is impossible to draw the English longbow. • This famous weapon was made of the native English yew tree, and so the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking yew". • Thus, when the victorious English waved their middle fingers at the defeated French, they said, "See, we can still pluck yew! PLUCK YEW!“ • Since "pluck yew" is rather difficult to say it has gradually changed to F*** You !
  • 14.  Connect the two pictures with the song and the text below. BPM 37093 is a variable white dwarf star with a hydrogen atmosphere and an unusually high mass of approximately 1.1 times the Suns. It is about 50 light-years from Earth,in the constellation Centaurus. It is thought to be composed primarily of carbon and oxygen, which are created by thermonuclear fusion of helium nuclei. Full fundas please.
  • 15.  (and the drugs……..)
  • 16.  Two science milestones get their name from the same song. One is an Australopithecus afarensis skeleton. She was found in Ethiopia by Donald Johnson, who named her for the song heard during the party celebrating her discovery. BPM 37093 happens to be a 10 billion trillion trillion carat cosmic diamond ! The star is technically a chunk of crystallized carbon, 4,000 km across. LSD Shortly after the songs release, speculation arose that the first letter of each of the titles nouns intentionally spelled LSD. Although Lennon denied and mocked the idea of a hidden LSD reference, the BBC banned the song.
  • 17.  “Everyone is praising the robes but the emperor is naked. Tune ordinary, singing substandard, words an insult to sensibility”
  • 18.  India’s motto is Satyameva Jayate which literally translates to Truth alone triumphs. Country X has a slightly more colourful mottos: It is a Latin phrase Nemo me impune lacessit, meaning No one provokes me with impunity!’ In the native language of X it is Wha daur meddle wi‘ me?‘. Uncyclopedia parodies it as Dinnae fuck wi me!
  • 19.  Les internationaux de France de X, an annual event is named for X, a pioneer aviator who completed the first solo flight across the Mediterranean Sea), engineer (inventor of the first forward-firing aircraft machine gun), and World War I hero (the first pilot to shoot down five enemy aircraft, and to be called an "ace" for doing so), who was killed in aerial combat in 1918.
  • 20.  Many of the ________ family members are said to have been named after mythological characters from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, such as Sir Percival, Queen Guinevere, Rhongomyniad (Arthur’s famous spear).
  • 21. Q-11From whom to who?
  • 22. On the morning of 28th April 1986, workers at theForsmark Nuclear Power Plant, Sweden, were foundto have radioactive particles on their clothes.It was Swedens search for the source ofradioactivity, after they had determined there was noleak at the Swedish plant, that led to the first news of_________________ to the outside world.
  • 23.  The name of this font was inspired by a puzzle question that Vincent Connare, the designer, heard at Microsoft headquarters. According to Connare: The name originated from a lunch conversation with someone from my type group. An engineer told a story about a question posted to an internal puzzle email list. The question was "can you make a _________ that could launch a person from main campus to the new consumer campus about a mile away? Mathematically is it possible and how?” Connare thought that would be a great name for a font that “launches words across the Internet”. (It was specifically meant to be a screen-readable web design font)
  • 24.  Located deep in the icy mountainside of Spitsbergen Island in the Svalbard Archipelago, north of Norway, this facility was built in the hope of averting and alleviating future global crises, and post apocalyptic scenarios. Pics on Next slide
  • 25.  Is the youngest son of an Irish construction mogul. Serves on the board of Forbes Gokak, Afcons Infrastructure, Shapoorji-Pallonji & Co., and United Motors (India). Was selected to become the first non-Indian to assume a very important role.
  • 26.  During his university studies he was an upright bass player and occasionally performed as a cruise ship crooner. In later life he co-wrote AC Milans anthem and the Forza Italia anthem with the opera director Renato Serio. He is also known under the nickname Il Cavaliere (literally, The Knight), due to the knighthood Order of Merit for Labour which he received in 1977. As of 2010, Forbes magazine has ranked him as the 74th richest man in the world with a net worth of $9 billion. He is also very powerful, though his political clout is on the wane.
  • 27.  This particular brand of biscuit has its origins in World War 1, when wives and mothers of soldiers in the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps baked cookies and sent them to soldiers stationed overseas, in the European and Pacific theaters. The brand was later commercialized and is now known all over the world, including here. Very popular at H2 canteen, up until a year ago. The parent company today donates 3% of sales for the support of Indian veterans. I’m looking for a specific keyword here.
  • 28. Q-18 A 2.5 acre landscaped section of New Yorks famous Central Park was inaugurated on 9th Oct 1985, on what would have been John Lennons 45th birthday, by his widow Yoko Ono as a memorial to him. It is located directly across the street from where Lennon was murdered. It has been the site of many impromptu gatherings of Beatles fans over the years. What is the name of this garden memorial?
  • 29.  Strawberry Fields!
  • 30.  Before he died, Milton Wright made his sons Wilbur and Orville make him a promise. This promise has now become standard procedure with persons of certain importance, for example Princes William and Harry of the United Kingdom, and the President and Vice President of the USA. What is this promise?
  • 31.  The brothers weren’t allowed to travel on the same place together; that way, if one died in a plane crash, the other would still be around.
  • 32.  At the end of 2011, the tiny Pacific island nation of Samoa reversed hundred year old decision, informing the international community and mapmakers to update their atlases. The reason for this momentous decision: to improve communication with their new key trading partners Australia, New Zealand, China, etc (as opposed to the USA, which was their major trading partner a century ago.) What was the government decision?
  • 33. Where (and when) in India would you find the followingcocktails:Ondaatje SlammerPinker ColadaKunzru PunchDalrymple Breezer?Hint: Current affairs… current~ 2012
  • 34.  All corporate honchos are familiar with jetsetting- traveling from one place to another by plane usually for pleasure or for work. What then is Set-jetting?
  • 35.  Set-jetting is the trend of traveling to destinations that are first seen in movies. For instance, touring London in a high-speed boat like James Bond, or visiting the stately homes that are seen in the Jane Austen films. Corporations, convention and tourism boards are exploiting the trend, creating their own set-jetting travel maps, like the Elizabeth: The Golden Age movie map published by Visit Britain. Other recent movie tie-ins done by tourism boards include France (The Da Vinci Code), Belgium (In Bruges) and Ireland (P.S., I Love You).
  • 36.  Infinite passing -20 Negative marks for every wrong attempt. No negative marks for passed questions +50 for every correct answer. +20 for passed questions. 1 minute for each question. 20 seconds for passed questions.
  • 37. Q-3This poster signifies arecent event. Which event?
  • 38.  This is in reference to an interview where a reporter asked Best, “When is the best time to have sex”? And Best replied, “At Half Time”. Hence ‘Scoring at Halftime’……
  • 39.  The logo consists of horizontal stripes which are representative of the speed and dynamism, the esteemed corporate image of the company in the world of technology. The company name ‘___’ is highlighted fashionably, using capitalized block lettering to demonstrate authority. A blue shade is used in the logo. The logo consists of a simple but unforgettable font style. The letters are inscribed in a bold font which is a depiction of the decent attribute of the company and its products. The letters in the logo are formed with horizontal bars which enhance the beauty of the logo.
  • 40.  The logo is an innovative example of a corporate brand; it features the letters “_” and “_” in the form of a human face. The face lies within a circle, which represents world, future, youth, humanity and technology. The logo intends to symbolize the relentless efforts of the company to make their customers happy. The circle typifies the globe, while the stylized symbol of the smiling face underlines friendliness and accessibility. The “one eye” is meant to be goal-oriented, focused and positive. Deliberately left blank and asymmetric, the upper-right hand space in the logo illustrates the company’s creative thinking, innovation and adaptability. The red is the main colour in the logo. It depicts friendliness and leaves a lasting impression of the company’s commitment to the best. On the other hand, the gray colour visualizes technology and reliability. The logo features the Helvetica Black typeface.
  • 41.  The logo is one of the most popular sporting logos ever created. It has been worn by many of the world’s best athletes – a fact that significantly strengthens the brand internally and externally. The present logo remains strikingly memorable, largely due to the cleverly artistic treatment of the letter F. The symbol comprises of snakelike letters which give it a highly futuristic and elegant look. The red bar makes the initial unique in the logo, and represents vitality, vigour and passion. On the other hand, the blue colour represent trustworthiness and reliability of the brand.
  • 42.  The logo has a think black circle, bounded by smooth silver outline, displaying the company’s name in a stylish manner. The core of the circle of logo is separated into four quadrants with national colours of the company’s home country/region, blue and white hues. Other experts say that each section of the quadrants of the logo depicts the whirling propeller of a plane, formed in a fashionable manner. The letters “___” are inscribed in the top half of the black circle in the logo, in non-serif characters. The font gives the logo a simple look with a solid corporate image.
  • 43.  The logo is among the most artistically created technology emblems. The logo brings together the Nordic runes analogous to the modern Latin H (Haglazl) and B (Berkanan). Such combination of letters represents the connection that the product creates between two devices. The logo comprises of two unified letters sketched in white, and bounded by a blue background. The name of the technology is added to the logo in black. This arrangement signifies unison, strength and reliability, and provides the users with a safe and powerful connection. The font of the logo is simple, bold and effective. The logo is self- explanatory as its glimpse depicts the wide existence of the technology.
  • 44.  Sports Entertainment History Countries and Geographic Politics and Current Affairs Continue
  • 45.  He was a goalkeeper for the Paraguayan National Team and a free kick specialist He has a goalkeeper-record of scoring eight International Goals
  • 46. The Golden Bagel Award
  • 47.  The Golden Bagel Award is an award established in 2004 that honors the professional male tennis player who has handed out more "bagels" (sets won 6- 0), than any other player on the circuit. In 2011 Djokovic won out by handing out 11 bagels. Back
  • 48.  He arrived in New York from Europe as a child to escape being killed because his father’s enemy wanted to get rid of him. At immigration, he was asked his name. Not knowing English, he replied with the name of the place he was from. The officer recorded that as the name. What was this name?
  • 49.  Back
  • 50.  They are the flags of Philippines. When Philippines is at war the red field of the flag is above the blue field And its vice versa when there is peace.
  • 51.  Back
  • 52.  He served as the 58th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1998. He was a major leader in the Republican victory in the 1994 congressional election. Shocked the other contestants by winning South Carolina Republican Primary.
  • 53.  Back
  • 54.  X is a jeweled piece of art made from 1885 to 1917. The most famous ones were made for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia. The first one was crafted for Tsar Alexander III. In the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy, it is an object of bidding war between James Bond and Kamal Khan. Only 65 are known to be made till date.
  • 55.  He was a British Diplomat and an Indian Army officer who served as the High Commissioner in Egypt from 1915 to 1917. He was also an administrator in British India and served twice as the Chief Commissioner of Balochistan. He is famous for having an international boundary named after him.
  • 56.  Back
  • 57.  The things we do not notice are always the simplest ones.
  • 58.  Buddy (Pine)- Bill Clinton Bo (Derek)- Barrack Obama Barney (Stinson)- George Bush Millie- George Bush Sr.
  • 59.  Meerkat from Sanskrit markata meaning "an ape". Krait ultimately from Sanskrit Karait - a kind of snake. Atoll ultimately from Sanskrit antala. Dinghy from Hindi dingi "a tiny boat", from Sanskrit drona-m. Bandana from Sanskrit bandhan, "a bond". Shawl from Persian shal,finally from Sanskrit satl, which means "a strip of cloth". Candy from Sanskrit khanda "piece of sugar". Shampoo probably from Sanskrit champna which means "kneads". Avatar from Sanskrit avatara, which means "descent" ; refers to the human incarnation of God during times of distress on earth. Guru ultimately from Sanskrit guru-s, which means "a teacher". Jute via Bengali jhuto ultimately from Sanskrit jutas, which means "twisted hair". Banyan from Hindi baniyaa ultimately from Sanskrit vanij, which means "a merchant". Early travellers observed that the shade of the tree was frequented by banias or Indian traders. Banyan meaning vest or undershirt also has the same origins as it used to be worn by Banias
  • 60.  Thomas Jefferson- Sally Hemings Warren Harding- Nan Britton, Carrie Philips Franklin Roosevelt- Lucy Mercer Dwight Eisenhower- Kay Summersby John Kenedy- Angie Dickinson, Kim Novak, (possibly Marilyn Monroe and god knows how many more) Lyndon Johnson- Madeline Brown Bill Clinton- Monica Lewinsky