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Privacy Options on SlideShare

  1. 1. How to upload and share filesprivately on SlideShare
  2. 2. Privacy OptionsHere are the privacy options available for your files:• Uploading Privately• Secret URL• Private Embeds• Password Protection• Password Expiration• Schedule Private Presentation to go Public
  3. 3. How to Upload Privately onSlideShare…
  4. 4. Step 1: Log in with your PRO account and click on ‘Uploadprivately’ on the upload page** **You need a SlideShare PRO account to upload privately
  5. 5. Step 2: Upload your file and choose privacysettings
  6. 6. Step 3: After uploading privately , you can selectsharing and embedding options on the “file edit”page options explained in detail on next page…
  7. 7. Privacy Options…
  8. 8. Private Upload Options…
  9. 9. Secret URL Option:How it works?While the presentation itself is not publicly available onSlideShare, anyone who has the secret URL can view itUse Cases• Send a confidential sales presentation to a client via email• Hyperlink to the presentation (on SlideShare) using the secretURL from your company intranet that only your employees canaccess
  10. 10. Private Embeds*:How it works?While the presentation itself is not publicly available onSlideShare, you can enable private embedding and embed itwherever you wishUse Cases• Embed your private presentation on your company intranet (or private blog) that only your employees can access *Use this option with care; for maximum security, turn private embeds off
  11. 11. Password Protection: How it works? Password protect your private uploads. This protection works on both the secret URL and the regular SlideShare URL Use Cases • Use password protection with SlideShare URL. Send password to your SlideShare contacts to view • Use password protection with secret URL. Send password to your business clients…you get double security (secret URL & password)
  12. 12. Password Expiration: How it works? Enable a password to expire after a certain number of days and hours. After which, the presentation can no longer be accessed. Use Cases • Protect the private presentation by giving access to the audience for a set period of time. • Automate the password expiration and avoid having to do it manually •Making the password of your sales presentation expire after the presentation is over
  13. 13. Schedule Private Presentation to GoPublic:How it works?Select the exact date and time for when you want thepresentation to go publicUse Cases• Automate the process of making the presentation public• Set an exact date and time for the switch to occur•Making your annual reports go public once you have announcedthem
  14. 14. N.B.• With free accounts, you cannot make privateuploads from 13th Jan, 2011. You will need to upgradeto a SlideShare PRO account.• If you have a free account and you have uploadedprivately previously, they will continue to remainprivate without any disruption (if you change fromprivate to public, you will not be able to change thisback to private though).