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General Quiz

  1. 1. COGNITO High School Championship FINALS
  2. 2. Sponsor A tribute to BQC
  3. 3. Rules ● ● Four phases +10 for direct and pass ● Infinite Bounce…
  5. 5. Rules ● ● ● Five visuals +10 for each correct answer Bonus of +15 if you crack all five
  6. 6. 1* Identify the character
  7. 7. 2* His given names were Balbirraj, but we know him by a much shorter name. Who?
  8. 8. 3* q
  9. 9. 4* Skyline of which city?
  10. 10. 5* This bird occurs in two species: Albert’s ____ and Superb ____ and is a wellknown mimic. Identify
  11. 11. The answers...
  12. 12. Answer: 1. Mowgli 2. Shashi Kapoor 3. Dhole/Indian Wild Dog/Red Dog 4. Taipei 5. The Lyrebird
  14. 14. Rules ● ● 10 questions +10 for every correct answer ● Infinite Bounce…
  15. 15. 1* This structure was designed by 6a Architects in collaboration with fashion designer Eley Kishimoto in London's Covent Garden Piazza to promote the gallery space at the Architecture Foundation, There is no staircase, but the structure nevertheless contains a viewing gallery, six metres up in the air. Inspired by something from children’s literature. What?
  16. 16. The answer is...
  17. 17. Answer: Rapunzel’s Tower
  18. 18. 2* This combination takes its name from an arthropod and a predator . Its most famous use occurred in 1659. Either name it, or identify the most famous use.
  19. 19. The answer is...
  20. 20. Answer: The Bichawa Baghnakh, used by Shivaji to kill Afzal Khan.
  21. 21. 3* Umakant Prasad Sinha--class IX . Ramanand Singh--class IX , Satish Prasad Jha - class X, Jagatpati Kumar - , 2nd year degree, Devipada Choudhry - Miller High English School, class IX , Rajendra Singh matric class and Ramgovind Singh - class IX are together commemorated in an Indian state capital. Which capital ? Why?
  22. 22. The answer is...
  23. 23. Answer: ● PATNA, Shaheed Smarak
  24. 24. 4* On which famous panel would you be see the Aghora form, turbulent and fearsome, the Tatpurusha form, benign and meditative and the Vamadeva form, mild pleasing and lovable? Be specific, for points.
  25. 25. The answer is...
  26. 26. Answer: ● The Trimurti at Elephanta
  27. 27. 5* Researchers at London's Natural History Museum found several of the new species in a tank of aquarium fish. Initially museum staff had thought the 0.7-inch-long (1.7centimeter-long) creatures, caught in Myanmar (Burma), were part of an already known genus Danionella . See next pic.
  28. 28. 5* What new name did they give it, after observing it under a microscope?
  29. 29. The answer is...
  30. 30. Answer: Danionella dracula, on account of the visible fangs.
  31. 31. 6* Louis Degiez of Switzerland came up with this patent in the 1970s. It is “mounted on the finishing wall and includes a striker plate movable in a direction perpendicular to the finishing wall and compressible cables between the striker plate and finishing wall, an electric circuit being closed when a cable is compressed”, to quote the patent. Decipher all this and tell me either what this is , or in which sport it is used.
  32. 32. The answer is...
  33. 33. Answer: Touch Pads in swimming pools to determine who finished a race first. Used at the Olympics and all other international events.
  34. 34. 7* This species Pluvianus egyptianus is known by another name on account of its close association with another species. Some ornithologists say that this association is not all that significant and that it was one of the many lies spread by Herodotus, the historian. What is the other name? Pic follows
  35. 35. The answer is...
  36. 36. The answer is...
  37. 37. Answer: The Crocodile Bird
  38. 38. 8* The Sri Siddhendra Kala Peetham is an institution in honour of Siddendhra Yogi that now has government support. Located in _____, a village in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, it is home to a tradition founded by the Yogi that was originally taught only to Brahmin men, according to some accounts. Either name the village or identify Siddhendra Yogi's claim to fame.
  39. 39. The answer is...
  40. 40. The answer is...
  41. 41. Answer: KUCHIPUDI
  42. 42. 9* The events of 4th February 1923 have caused two separate memorials to come up in this town in Gorakhpur--One is called Shaheed Smarak and the other is called Police Memorial. Shahid Amin has written a book about this place and the reasons for its fame in 1923 titled ____ _____ : Event Metaphor and Memory. Name the town.
  43. 43. The answer is...
  44. 44. Answer: CHAURI CHAURA
  45. 45. 10* She became Mrs. David Powell when she married an Irish endocrinologist in 1971 and settled down in Dublin. Indian journalists keep dropping in on her or calling her every five years, when they run out of other stories, and this grandmother deals with all of them gracefully. The reason for this attention is something that happened in 1966. What is Mrs. Powell's claim to fame?
  46. 46. The answer is...
  47. 47. The answer is...
  48. 48. Answer: Reita Faria , India’s first Miss World.
  50. 50. Rules ● ● 10 questions +10 for every correct answer ● Infinite Bounce…
  51. 51. 1* The original name given to this sport was a corruption of the word Badminton, and came from the fact that it was played a lot like Badminton. An onlooker named Alfred Halstead suggested a more military name--he thought movements in the game resembled the operation of cannons. Which sport changed its name thus?
  52. 52. The answer is...
  53. 53. Answer: Volleyball
  54. 54. 2* Three structures named after the researchers Main, Hunter, and Sachs make up four-fifths of the total area, and contribute to the ability to generate low voltage and high voltage. The characteristic pulse is generated in a manner similar to a battery, in which stacked plates produce an electrical charge. Some 5,000 to 6,000 stacked electroplaques are capable of producing up to 500 volts and 1 ampere of current--enough to kill a human being several times over. Identify the 'machine' in question?
  55. 55. The answer is...
  56. 56. Answer: The Electric Eel
  57. 57. 3* John Williams and George Kelly developed the Diethyl Zinc process while working for a venerable American institution in the 1970s and the 1980s. Their challenge arose from the fact that 97% of the institution’s assets were vulnerable to a particular threat. Each load is treated in a 50-hour sequence of steps in a low pressure chamber. The units are dried to a certain moisture content, the air is replaced with nitrogen, and gaseous Diethyl Zinc is admitted. The DEZ diffuses between the closed units, neutralizing acids, and reacting with the moisture left to form zinc oxide, which serves as an alkaline reserve. Aluminum in the units is converted to aluminum oxide, eliminating it as a potential future acid source. The treated material has a pH between 7.0 and 7.5, and the alkaline reserve is between 1% and 2% The zinc oxide also inhibits future fungal growth. No visible difference can be detected between treated and untreated units. Either name the institution or identify the threat.
  58. 58. The answer is...
  59. 59. Answer: The Library of Congress. The DEZ process is a way of making sure that books are not ruined owing to acid content.
  60. 60. 4* This is normally how you do it. You need a table so carefully draped with a tablecloth that those watching cannot see the servante--a shelf lower than the level of the table. Y is wrapped in a large silk handkerchief and the ends tied with a good rubber-band and kept on the servante while X is lifted, displayed and set right side up on the higher level of the table. The accessory Z is a distractor and so we won't pay it any attention. Much skill is required in inverting X so quickly as to obscure the simultaneous movement of Y into X. The only thing left to do now is to remove the rubber band. What are we talking about?
  61. 61. The answer is...
  62. 62. Answer: How conjurors pull rabbits out of hats.
  63. 63. 5* The word Oriental figures in the official name of this country—and represents the fact that it is located to the east of the river after which it takes its name— Guarani for River of Painted Birds. Which country in South America?
  64. 64. The answer is...
  65. 65. Answer: URUGUAY
  66. 66. 6* The First Folio's original price was 1 pound, and around 1,000 copies of it were printed. The most recent census (1995–2000) records 228 still in existence. The British Library holds 8 copies. The Folger Library in Washington, D.C. holds the world's largest collection with 82 copies. It is one of the most valuable printed books in the world: a copy sold at Christie's in New York in October 2001 made $6.16m. What makes the First Folio, brought out in 1623, so valuable?
  67. 67. The answer is...
  68. 68. Answer: The first collected edition of Shakespeare’s Plays.
  69. 69. 7* It was founded in 723 and given the name Manju-Patan. The present name comes a wooden temple said to have been built from the wood of a single tree by a king in 1596. Which Asian capital city?
  70. 70. The answer is...
  71. 71. Answer: KATHMANDU
  72. 72. 8* Randolph Hearst used the line "Eight pages of polychromatic effulgence that will make the rainbow look like a lead pipe" in October 1896 to advertise something that he had introduced in his newspaper The New York Journal. This was done to counter the rise in sales enjoyed by the New York World after they introduced something similar in February 1896. What did Hearst introduce?
  73. 73. The answer is...
  74. 74. Answer: The first Sunday colour comic supplement, Hearst wanted to counter the popularity of The Yellow Kid, the first newspaper comic strip, introduced by Pulitzer.
  75. 75. 9* He made his living from a linen-draper’s shop that he set up in the Dutch town of Delft. A hobby that he pursued led him to make discoveries that caused a stir in European scientific circles . This also led to Delft being visited by a stream of celebrities including Peter the Great and Queen Mary. Who are we talking about? Pic follows
  76. 76. The answer is...
  77. 77. Answer: Anton Van Leeuwenhoek’s improvements on the microscope.
  78. 78. 10* This breed of dog does not derive its name from the quality of its voice so much as from a corruption of the name of the tribe —the Chuckchi—who were the first to domesticate it. Identify.
  79. 79. The answer is...
  80. 80. Answer: The Siberian Husky
  82. 82. Rules ● Five questions, answer in writing ● +10 for every correct answer ● +15 bonus
  83. 83. 1* The English name for this tree is Sacred Fig, because the followers of three religions rate it very highly as a sacred object. The Latin name for the species is religiosa. By what name is it known in India?
  84. 84. 2* When we first meet this fictional character, he is asleep inside a bundle of blankets with ‘ a curiously shaped cut, like a ____ ___ _____, under a tuft of jet black hair over his forehead’. Either identify or fill the blanks. ( 3 words)
  85. 85. 3* This five-letter word is used for both the region traditionally reserved for those who are good but are not Christian and a test of skill where performers must bend over backwards to pass below a horizontal bar which is lowered an inch after each successful try. What five letter word?
  86. 86. 4* Statue in Kowloon. In honour of?
  87. 87. 5* Which famous Indian does this stamp honour?
  88. 88. The answer is...
  89. 89. Answer: 1. Peepal Tree/Bo-tree/Bodhi Tree 2. Harry Potter, or, Bolt of Lightning. 3. Limbo 4. Bruce Lee 5. Satyajit Ray