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  • 1. Myth: There are cures for diabetes, but doctors and the
    government aren't telling anyone.
    Fact: No matter what you hear/see on the Internet, there is NO
    CUREfor diabetes. Many Scientists/researchers have
    dedicated their Careers to finding a cure, & they've made many
    advances in diabetes research. But the Only way to manage
    diabetes is to take insulin & meds, balanced diet, plenty
    exercise, & check blood sugar levels regularly.
  • 2. Complications
    Damage to Many Organ Systems:
    Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, adult
    blindness, and non-traumatic amputations. It Is also a
    leading cause of nerve damage.
    Increased Heart Disease Risk:
    People with diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to have
    a heart attack or stroke than people without the disease.
  • 3. Complications
    Shortened Life:
    Diabetes kills one American every 3 minutes and is
    the 7th leading cause of Death in the U.S. Life
    expectancy for people with diabetes has historically
    been shortened by an average of 7 To 10 years, and
    the risk of death for people with diabetes is about
    double that of people of similar age without it.
  • 4. Se HablaEspañol
    Chicago, IL 60641
    Phone: (773) 631-1089
    Cell: (773) 255-8281
  • 5. Services
    We can help you with every aspect of your tax
    Preparation and planning, including individual,
    Partnership & corporate returns.
    Federal Income Tax Preparation
    State Income Tax Preparation
    E-file (Electronic Filing)
    Individual Filing
    Home and Business Filing
    Partnership Filing
    S Corporation Filing
  • 6. Clients
    Individuals · Small Businesses
    Self-Employed · Retailers · Estates
    Manufacturers · Restaurants
    Wholesalers ·
    Commercial Organizations
    Construction Companies
  • 7. $20 off 
    Your 2010 tax preparation
    filed with us
    Receive $15 for each referral
    that files with us
    We will Donate $5 for every referral to benefit Diabetes walk to cure
    Please pick up my business card at the sponsor table.
    Offer limited to DDDD attendees only.. Offer expires April 15th, 2011
  • 8. Se HablaEspañol
    Chicago, IL 60641
    Phone: (773) 631-1089
    Cell: (773) 255-8281
    Now Hiring Qualified Tax Preparers
  • 9. “This disease controls our lives with all the pricking
    of the fingers, shots, high and low blood sugars; it’s
    like being on a seesaw. Without a Cure, we will be
    stuck on this seesaw ’til the day we die.”
    - TreKawkins, 12, Michigan
  • 10. Take a Minute…
    To introduce yourself to the table
    next to you and make a new friend!
    “How did you hear about
    Drink, Dine and Dance for