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  1. 1. Skyrim: The Dawnguard DLCIt seems that we all were waiting for this since the release of Skyrim back in November of 2011.Not to give Elder Scrolls any flack for Skyrim, it remains their best installment yet and not onlybecause of the obvious technological advancement that makes the graphics so realistic butbecause of the initiative that was put into making the game. With Oblivion, the fourth installmentof the series, they didn’t stray far from the track in overall game orientation and plotlines (yetanother quest to rule the world); while with Skyrim there was a dramatic leap in plotline, gameplay, and strategy. We just love vampire games.Now that the air is cleared, Skyrim did leave a lot to be desired in the realm of being a vampireor a werewolf. With all the added bells and whistles to the overall concept of Skyrim, we thoughtthat there would be an amazing plot revolving around lycanthropy and vampirism. The questlines surrounding the Companions (Skyrim’s Fighter’s Guild) are shrouded in the mysteries oflycanthropy yet being a werewolf can…well…suck. With theXbox there have been numerous problems, and updates to fixthem, with even being able to fit through doorways or tightcorridors while in werewolf mode. This is very typical of aVampire RPG. This requires the player to either wait until thebeast blood dies down or abandon the quest altogether, neither ofwhich are preferable. Becoming a vampire has almost no plotlineat all, in fact as with other installments of the game, you canbecome a vampire with close contact with those who are infected.That being said, the skills associated with being a vampire leave alot to be desired.Bethesda cures all of this with the latest Dawnguard DLC. This download actually gives specificperk trees for both vampires and werewolves. This gives the player a capacity for customizingtheir vampire/werewolf traits and powers. Not only that, but they decided to add a few newtouches to the basic vampire or werewolf. New in store is the ability to be a Vampire Lordwhere, much like lycanthropy, you go into at will, but unlike lycanthropy, you can actuallychoose when to exit Vampire Lord mode. The best part is you have these gruesome, gargoylelike wings that of course, can make you fly. Some of the perks associated with Vampire Lord areBlood Healing power, Vampire Cloak power, and Summon Gargoyle which allow you to restoreyour health completely by munching on an NPC, surround yourself with a shield of bats thatattack enemies, and summon a gargoyle respectively.Of course, the absolutely best part of Dawnguard is the plotline. While I won’t give any spoilers,the overlying theme of Dawnguard is a small war against the vampires and the villagers.Choosing sides in the war will, consequently, choose whether you are vampire or werewolf.Something to keep in mind while you get your hands dirty.