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  1. How Microban WorksIf you are here to find out exactly how microban works, youve come to the right place.As time has gone on, it has become more and more important for products to be hygienic,antibacterial, and have natural disinfectant properties. This technology has becomeincreasingly popular in the farming business where sanitation and hygiene is thecornerstone of their products. Now, with microban technology the items that we have inour homes can have these properties without the use of an agent to get it that way.To get straight to the point, microban is able to deliver consistent antimicrobial protectionagainst the bacteria that can cause problems in whatever environment you are in, weatherthis is a baby changing station, a chick hatchery with millions of eggs, or an airportrestroom with a constant flow of visitors in and out.Still dont get it? Microban is an additive that is included in the production process. Itisnt a "spray" or some sort of cream that goes onto your product, think of it as asweetener in a diet beverage. For instance, when a plastic baby changing station is beingmolded, a liquid form of microban is poured into the plastic mold along with the otheringredients. This will then make the baby changing station have that antimicrobial statusthat you are looking for.In a world where bacteria is literally growing all around us, it is more important toincorporate microban into our home and work products now than ever. This yields amyriad of features:  It will extend the product life of whatever it is you are using.  The reduction of odor - yes, it is possible for a product to smell. Those smells are bacteria growing inside and on your products.  Your products are clean! You have the peace of mind all the time that your products are clean even if you may not have cleaned them.Product requirements are getting more and more stringent, and we are seeing national andinternational standardization of products being increased by the month. If you are in anenvironment where hygiene could make or break your business (such as New York Citywith the new "health score") you might want to do yourself a favor and go that extra mileand use microban technology.If you are looking for a baby changing station that has microban, sellsa variety of baby changing tables that are made with microban.