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  1. 1. Jailbreaking the iPhone 3GSWhen the topic of jail-breaking your iPhone or other i-device comes to the table, consumers havemany questions on how it works, what the process allows you to do, and if it is even legal. Earlyon this year they determined that Apple was creating a monopoly on the application market forconsumers using their devices because there was no other marketplace or repository thatsomeone making purchases from itunes or the app store could purchase the application from.Whereas, for example, on Android you can purchase applications from other third party affiliatesnot just from the Android Market. Before they determined Apples quagmire the process of jail-breaking an idevice was considered illegal. And some consumers still have that generalconsensus. If youd like you can visit my site for more details. However, that is far from thetruth. In fact, several months ago in Mac Life Magazine there was a step by step tutorial on howto jailbreak your device., which is a magazine that is sponsored by Apple themselves.There are multiple programs out there that you can use to jailbreak your iPhone. Some costmoney, some are free, some can be performed by someone that is not technically inclined at all,and some are extremely technical and if performed improperly can actually do more harm thangood. You can actually lock yourself out of your device and without proper instruction (orwithout using iJailbreak 3gs) will not be able to access your device or might lose precious data,contacts, pictures, etc.. This is called “bricking” your phone in general terms which speaks foritself. You might as well use your phone as a paperweight.In order to jailbreak your phone regardless of the program you choose to use there are severalpieces of information that are necessary for you to know. First and foremost you need to knowwhat version of IOS software your device is running and its current baseband or firmware yourdevice is running. You also need to know whether you want a tethered or untethered jailbreak.It is recommended you have the newest and up to date version of iTunes. (Usually this isrequired for most of the free programs). Your choice is usually going to depend on your budgetand how tech savvy you are and how much time you are willing to put into the process. Theprograms that are available for purchase usually take less time and are done by a program thatvirtually do the steps for you that the programs that are available for free require you to do onyour own.When your device is jailbroken you will reboot your device and find that an application has beenadded to springboard called Cydia. All methods of jailbreaking idevices are different methods toachieve this same outcome . Cydia is the main application that you then can utilize tomanipulate your phone into your own personal one of a kind device. You can change everythingand that is not an understatement. You can change your phones theme, you can create shortcutsfor almost every aspect of your device, you can download third party applications that are notavailable to you through the Apple iTunes store, and you can utilize many different utilities thatmake your device more efficient and beneficial to your specialized needs Further Details: http://ijailbreak3gs.com