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Dragon Medical

  1. 1. Dragon: Medical VersionThe Dragon Company for a period of time now has offered several applications and programs catered toconsumers and businesses to help them enter data or other information into their computer or smartphone. The programs take spoken word and turn them into text on a screen. It alleviates the hassle ofhaving to enter it manually or having someone else entering it for you. The company offers severaldifferent additions. They have a personal addition for the individual consumer, they have a more advanced version that actsas a personal assistant for business, they have a mobile application that you can download on yoursmart phone, and the most advanced version “Dragon Medical” is used in doctor’s offices throughoutthe healthcare industry in small to medium-sized medical practices. This addition is helping thousands of physicians and their practices throughout the world to become more efficient, have a higher standard of value and quality of care. The program will actually help to decrease the cost and increase the profitability of the office in any medical practice. This program is strictly tailored to make the entire medical experience more prompt and reliable by allowing for fewer errors which enables them to give each one of their patients one hundred percent of their focus and maximum amount of time while still giving the doctor enough time to see just as many or more patients. It allows the doctor to get exact quotes or stories from patients to document in their charts to keep a better record of a person’s medical history It also helps them in diagnosing one of their currentpatients problems by giving them a much broader outlook and review of the symptoms.It also allows them to assign a more highly detailed regimen to follow when giving instructions to apatient. With this program a doctor can dictate through an EHR program at any time when reviewing apatient’s history, going over lab results, or looking up a patient’s current medications. Being able toaccess this HER at anytime will save the office thousands of dollars every year in transcription costs.That makes a dramatic impact when you think of the cost saved in offices with multiple doctors. Anydoctor with one single voice command can search through thousands and thousands of medical files anddata on a few well known medical information websites such as WebMD, UpToDate, and PubMED. Itwill actually help the business grow by making the staff faster and more accurate. It also speeds up thetime of documentation which allows the doctor to increase his number of patients and increase thepractices revenue and profits.The Dragon Medical Program is the most accurate “real-time” speech recognition program that wasspecifically made for the healthcare industry. It can dictate three times faster than the fastest typers. Itwas specialized to contain some of the most rarely used medical terms in the world and the programrecognizes almost any language. More info - http://dragonmedicalhitech.com/