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  1. 1. The Benefits of Having a Basketball TrainerBasketball is a rigorous sport requiring numerous different workout routines in order to stayin top shape. It may seem easy to form a regiment of basketball training by yourself, but thereare many problems that may be associated with doing so. In many cases, improper trainingmethods will be implicated such as a lack of proper stretching, overexertion, or a routine that isn’t rigorous enough. Only the best basketball training routines are those developed by professional basketball trainers. Fortunately, there are a number of people who are certified basketball trainers. Training with a professional trainer has numerous benefits. Often, a trainer will perform at least one interview with you before even planning out a training routine. Along with the interview, they will also record a number of your personal statistics like height, weight, body fat index, and over attitude and motivation. They will also figure out the days that would be best for training, being as it is never good to train every day. A trainerwill make a record of your current diet and provide a new diet for you that is best for yourneeds. After the listing of general information and gathering of data, the trainer will thenanalyze the data, coming up with the best regiment for you. "Work the ball and move, youve got to MOVE!" -my first basketball coachNot every routine will yield the same results for every player. Knowing your body type,outstanding athletic qualities, and any shortcomings will form different routines for everyperson. Whatever the case may be, feel guaranteed that aerobics will be the surroundingtheme to all of your workout routines. Aerobics is the biggest part of becoming proficient inbasketball and your workout routines should focus on such. Some people feel that weightlifting is specifically for muscle building but this isn’t the case. Lifting weights that are lighterand moving faster is a great endurance routine that is fully aerobic and perfect for basketballtraining. Running is obviously a big aspect of basketball and the appropriate training willinvolve jogging and sprinting in almost every routine. Some basketball trainers even find itbest to begin and end every session with a run, ensuring that the task is done every time.Training in the off-season is just as important as in-season. In as little as two weeks of stoppinga workout routine, the body can actually begin to revert back to normal standards. It isextremely important to train off-season ensuring that you are in peak physical strength oncethe season begins. Many athletes have found that playing in sports such as volleyball is a greatway to keep in shape while off season. Most basketball trainers will include sports likevolleyball in their off-season training routine.