Human touch


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Senior management “Principles of Marketing” course
at Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
by Shombit Sengupta
(Chairman, Shining Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)

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Human touch

  1. 1. CLASS ROOM SESSION Human Touch Senior management “Principles of Marketing” course at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shombit Sengupta01 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  2. 2. The prime criterion of So the thinking process from inception is how to bring designa humane industrial closer to a human’s longevity in In designing the form and contenttomorrow’s world is how of a lipstick, which has 7 to 8 designthe human flesh feels components, it conforms to a subtletowards it. human touch, that of a woman delicately and elegantly applyingBy the nature of its lipstickmaterial and controlled This metaphor of aligning designmanufacturing process, to the comfort of human usage isan industrial design has a applicable in all forms of humanemechanical cold form. industrial design. It reaches a summit if design can use environment friendly materials.02 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  3. 3. Folk design has I consider the kantha stitch as a metaphor of design with atremendous human touch.human touch.“Kantha” is a traditional hand embroiderystitch of West Bengal. By joining differentkinds of used cotton garments, agrandmother would, with simple, freehand,non-linear kantha stitches, traditionallydesign a soft handmade quilt called kanthafor the new born babies in the home.When this emotion is translated into 5metres piece of fabric to become a sari,it acquires a very precious meaning forwomen. Today the kantha sari is availablein very expensive silks, sometimesadapting intricate kantha stitches, orin low cost synthetics with simple,customary freehand flow lines to caterto the affordability of different buyers.Women love and value a kantha sari forits authenticity, its handmade stitch, itsemotion, its beauty. Adaptation of traditional “Kantha stitch” into contemporary saris03 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  4. 4. Medical instruments are A speaker is isolated fromtoo technical human touchIn medical science, the more complicated the disease,the more sophisticated is the medical machine. But bynature, the mental stamina of a suffering patient sinkswhen he confronts a medical instrument, as he thinks hewill be tortured. To get his psychological acceptance, themachine must appear to be his companion that bringshim mental peace. This will lead to better and quickercuring. This extreme example demonstrates that humaneindustrial product design can be masterminded throughthe human touch. How can it be done? y But b it is re natu unicatingThese are undoubtedly high efficient tools, comm humanbut the patient can be scared the ect. aspEarth movers look likewarfare vehiclesEarth movers are extensively used in developingcountries, but they are not humanized. Developmenttakes years, and during this time these machines pollutesociety. They may not be consumer products but peopleget affected when dumpers are used. The alchemy ofmulti-material synthesis for any consumer touch pointcan give a human aspect. It’s a thought for humaneindustrial designers. How can the speaker reflect the human aspect rather be an ugly rectangular, square or tower box isEarth movers polluting the environment food for thought.04 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  5. 5. Old master artists likeLeonardo da Vinci andMichaelangelo createdexceptional sculptureusing hammer and tongsto incredibly transform asingle, simple pieceof marble into the Michelangelo’s Sculpture by Leonardo David da Vincihuman body.But in the last century, August Rodin left something more interesting. He sculpted a veryemotional woman as relief, and left the balance piece of marble as brute marble. The starkdifference between sensitive human character and stone is visible in the sculpture, proving thatmarble is only a material on which human value can be generated. That clearly shows howartists are in advance of their times. This is the inspiration for humane industrial design. Inthe same way as a piece of brute marble was totally humanised, humane industrial designalso transform the scientific look of the material. August Rodin’s La Danaide05 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  6. 6. Mobile phones are getting more and more user friendly, but the feeling is that you are keeping some plastic in your hand. Rethinking is required to bring it closer to nature. ThinkingIn today’s complex environment, industrial Ideally, the thought process of humanedesign will require the humanization aspect. industrial design has to combine material withThe coming future will abolish all technical its feel on the human flesh. The car’s steeringand material aspects from humane wheel is always handled by the hand. The testindustrial design. of design humanization is on how the steering wheel makes the user feel that he is touching a human aspect and not just material. © Copyright of all logos and images belong to the respective Cos.06 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999