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Fine Foods Fair 2008 - Web Marketing : Alternative Ways To Attract Business
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Fine Foods Fair 2008 - Web Marketing : Alternative Ways To Attract Business


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A presentation by Domenica di Lieto to introduce small food companies to more ways to develop leads & business via their websites

A presentation by Domenica di Lieto to introduce small food companies to more ways to develop leads & business via their websites

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Web Marketing: Alternative Ways to Attract Business Domenica Di Lieto Commercial Director - Shine Marketing
    • 2. Web Marketing: Alternative Ways to Attract Business
      • Importance of the web in capitalising on opportunities
      • How to make your website your most important marketing tool
      • 4 routes to grow business
        • Search Engine Optimisation
        • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
        • Email
        • Affiliate Partnerships
    • 3. Capitalising on web opportunities
      • Your website is often the first contact a buyer will have with your brand – does your website reflect your brand and what you have to offer?
      • Your website is a 24/7 sales opportunity. If you are not selling online, why not?
      • All marketing; PR, sale promotion, advertising and direct mail will lead the respondent back to your website- Are all your messages consistent?
      • 72% use the internet to research products -that’s wholesalers, retailers and customers. Would they be able to find you?
    • 4. How to make your website your most important marketing tool
      • You have invested heavily in packaging- does your web design reflect this?
      • Do you regularly update your website with new products, press releases, advice, recipes and encourage visitors to come back?
      • Do you use your website to track all your marketing activity to measure true ROI?
      • What tracking do you have in place in order to measure web traffic?
    • 5. 4 Ways to Grow Your Business Online
      • Search Engines
      • Pay Per Click Advertising
      • Email Marketing
      • Affiliate Partnerships
    • 6. Search Engine Optimisation
    • 7. What phrases do you want to rank for?
      • What phrases are people actually using to find you and your competitors?
      • Some UK Search numbers from August:
        • Organic Chocolate 2,900
        • Belgian Chocolate 4,400
        • White Chocolate 33,100 (source Google Keyword Tool)
    • 8. Making your website more visible?
      • So you are going to invest in your website, how can you ensure buyers can find it and you?
      • You need a website that search engines can read and understand
      • It needs to reflect your brand, but also have enough useful copy that can be read by Google
      • You need to show authority in your subject – Google looks for similar sites linking to yours.
    • 9. Ranking Well in Google
      • Top ranking sites have 3 things in common
      • Readable by search engines
      • Useful content
      • Lots of links from other websites
    • 10. ‘Readable by Google’
      • Quality images, but also plenty of text
      • Google is not very good at understanding pictures, no matter how beautiful!
    • 11. ‘Useful Content’
      • Green & Blacks has a wealth of background information
        • Recipes
        • History of the brand
        • Trade Opportunities
        • The manufacturing process
    • 12. ‘Links from Other sites’
      • Green & Blacks has over 3,000 links from other websites
      • Other Sites in their own group
      • BBC News
      • Blogs and niche sites
    • 13. Pay Per Click Advertising
    • 14. Pay Per Click Advertising
    • 15. Pay Per Click Advertising
      • Pay Per Click advertising works best where:
        • You sell direct to the consumer
        • Have demand for the type of products you sell
        • Have reasonably high margins per order (e.g. £10 +)
    • 16.
      • Step 1: The Keywords
      • What are people looking for?
      • Use tools like ‘Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help
      Pay Per Click Advertising
    • 17.
      • Step 2: The Advert
      • Make sure it matches the search
      • Repeat the keywords in your ad
      • State Benefits on your advert
      Pay Per Click Advertising
    • 18.
      • Step 3: The Landing Page
      • Don’t Just send them to your homepage
      • Make it easy to buy / contact you
      Pay Per Click Advertising
    • 19. Email Marketing
    • 20. Email Marketing
      • Email Marketing works best where:
        • You can build a list of regular buyers (If not start today!)
        • You have frequent repeat purchase or predictable seasons (Xmas & Valentines)
        • Works very well for short-term offers, clearance, last-minute sales.
    • 21. Email Marketing
      • Start Building Your List Today
      • Offer incentives to sign up
        • Future offers
        • Recipe lists to download
        • Discount codes
    • 22. Email Marketing
      • Keep It simple
      • Few Messages
      • Make it useful for your reader, the ‘So What?’ factor is very high when reading emails.
      • Give useful tips, funny stories and take time to build a personality for your brand.
      • Works as well for businesses as consumers
    • 23. Affiliate Partnerships
    • 24. Affiliate Partnerships
      • Online tracking means that your advertising can followed through click by click from another site to your order page
      • Other sites can now be paid on a commission basis for promoting you.
    • 25. Affiliate Partnerships
    • 26. Affiliate Partnerships
      • Online affiliate partnerships work best where
      • You sell online
      • You have already proven your online business model
        • (50-100K sales p.a. minimum)
    • 27. Affiliate Partnerships
      • A few food companies using this channel include:
        • Abel & Cole
        • Virginia Hayward
        • Direct Wines (inc Laithwaites & Sunday Times)
        • Green & Blacks
        • Natoora Farmers Market
    • 28. Summary
      • Your Website is your only piece of marketing investment that is available worldwide, 24/7
        • Make sure it reflects your brand
        • Make sure it can be found
        • Use it to develop prospect & customer lists
        • You don’t need huge budgets to get the basics right.