Unit 13 hobbies - part e


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Unit 13 hobbies - part e

  1. 1. UNIT 13:HOBBIESPart E: Language Focus
  2. 2. I.PRONUNCIATION/pt//ps//bd//bz/
  3. 3. I. PRONUNCIATION (CONT)/pt/ /bd/ /ps/ /bz/stopped robbed stops robsjumped stabbed steps bribesstepped grabbed maps rubstrapped bribed shops clubs
  4. 4. I. PRONUNCIATION (CONT)1. She was robbed.2. He stopped smoking.3. Lan dropped the teapot.
  5. 5. I. PRONUNCIATION (CONT)4. The boy jumped out into the road andbumped into an old man.5. She’s been to a number of shops andclubs.6. He rubs his hands because he wants tointerrupt their talk.
  6. 6. II. GRAMMAR CLEFT SENTENCE- ‘Cleft’  ‘divided into two parts’Ex:- ‘It was the boy who hit the cat in the garden’Two parts (clauses) are: ‘It was the boy’ and ‘Who hit the cat in the garden’.- ‘It was the cat that the boy hit in the garden’ ‘It was the cat’ & ‘that the boy hit in the garden’- ‘It was in the garden that the boy hit the cat’ ‘It was in the garden’ & ‘that the boy hit the cat’
  7. 7. II. GRAMMAR (CONT)Dialogue:A: Hey, do you know that Phan has been taken to hospital?B: Lan? I know, I know, she is my neighbor.A: No, I say ‘Phan’. It is Phan who has been taken to the hospital.B: Oh, Phan. I see. But why?A: A spider called Black Widow bit him.B: A tiger? Terrible?A: No, it was the poisonous spider that bit Phan.B: Oh, a spider.
  8. 8. II. GRAMMAR (CONT) The boy hit the cat in the garden. Subject Object Adverbial phrase1. It was the boy who hit the cat in the garden. Subject focus2. It was the cat that the boy hit in the garden. Object focus3. It was in the garden that the boy hit the cat. Adverbial focus
  9. 9. II. GRAMMAR (CONT) It + be + X-focus + subordinate clause
  10. 10. III. EXERCISE1. Task 1: Exercise in the textbook(2) It was the boy who visited his uncle last month.(3) It was my mother who bought me a present on my birthday.(4) It is English that the man is learning.(5) It was the book that the woman give him.(6) It was in the garden that the boy hit the dog.(7) It was for tea that she made some cakes.
  11. 11. II. EXERCISE (CONT)1. Task 2: Lucky number
  12. 12. 1 2 3 45 6 7 89 10 11 12
  13. 13. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCE Minh and Lan got married in March.
  14. 14. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCEHer aunt sent her the gold ring on her wedding.
  15. 15. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCEHoa’s mother punished her.
  16. 16. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCE His uncle repaired the car for him.
  17. 17. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCEThe girls played volleyball all day long.
  18. 18. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCEThanh presented Minh a book on his birthday.
  19. 19. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCE He met his wife in Vietnam.
  20. 20. MAKE CLEFT SENTENCEMai borrowed the pen from Tam.