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  • 1. SHIN COMMUNICATION IntroducingShin Communication
  • 2. SHIN COMMUNICATION WHO WE AREShin Communication is a young public relations and marketingcommunication agency, with a significant background FACTSFormed in January 2008 by Simona LabiancaBased close to Milano FOCUSShin Communication has a strong specialisation in the high technologymarket as well as in electronics and in consumer goods ones METHODSShin Communication can count on a close relationship with the client.The Agency listens to the client’s needs and has a pragmatic approachto Public Relations in order to guarantee the maximum return ofinvestment
  • 3. SHIN COMMUNICATIONShin Communication is a communication agency founded upon theexperience of Simona Labianca. In over fifteen years of activity in thesector, she has developed skills in corporate communications, pressoffice, events organisation and advertising.Shin Communication offers support in communication management,which is a necessary investment for creating a competitive advantageand business in the long run. The communication strategy is elaboratedin close cooperation with the client. Therefore it is tailored to generatecommunication awareness and strengthen product identity in therespective markets.Shin Communication, along with Simona Labianca, has developed overthe years particular attention to BtoB and BtoC communications inmany sectors including electronics, automation, IT, consumerelectronics as well as construction, automation, catering, tourism,telecommunications, broadcasting, light engineering and industry.
  • 4. SHIN COMMUNICATIONThe agency’s know-how is based upon knowledge of the scope ofactivities in publishing and the dynamics of the editorial departmentsand their timing. Shin Communication thus offers expertise in complexand integrated communication projects, strong flexibility anddynamism, measurement of projects and personal attention to theclient.The agency teams up with qualified worldwide partners to developinternational communication campaigns. Shin Communication works closely with Publifarm, a creative design agency based in Bergamo which develops graphic designs, packaging, visualization and advertising for agency’s clients.
  • 5. SHIN COMMUNICATION SERVICESpress officemonitoring editorial calendars, writing short texts and dispatchingpress materialmaintaining contacts with journalistsorganising and managing meetings with the press, conferences,press briefings and interviewsorganising events, congresses, road shows and providing support attrade fairs and exhibitionswriting technical texts and case studies; translating articles
  • 6. SHIN COMMUNICATION ACTIVE CLIENTSBradyDovedormo.itEneaEasyStanza.itFujitsu Semiconductor EuropeLinear TechnologyMarkMonitorStelvio Kontek (formerly Kontek Comatel & Stelvio)
  • 7. SHIN COMMUNICATIONSIMONA LABIANCA EXPERIENCE OF PR WITH:Tektronix ABB Robotis ASEIntersil Liebert Progress SoftwareNec Tensilica OmronToshiba 3M Touch Systems CoemarPoliedra Enea Italia TelelogicSesamo Esab Honda AsimoArchos Sony MicroleaseLaserline Messe Basel Fujitsu ServicesSupplyON Western Digital VicorDiscreet & Autodesk Location Services formerly part of AutodeskMoroccan Tourism Office Board Roxio
  • 8. SHIN COMMUNICATION CASE STUDY: Stelvio Kontek – introduce the new companyThe Business Objective was to introduce the new company after the merge of two importantindustrial Italian companies: Kontek Comatel and Stelvio.The two companies operated in the same electronics sector but with different products and targetaudience.The Communication Objectives were to reinforce the image of the company among the technicalpress and positioning it and its products roadmap. The communication campaign included pressrelations, internal communication, design of collateral material and company identity.Designed the new SK presentation delivering the company message, trained the personnel for thepresentation and the tour of the plant.Organised the open house & press event followed by a business lunch with the selected media in asuggestive location on the Como lake.Results: 30 editors attended the open house trip and conference, with several articles publishedafter the event. Secured three interviews with local press newspapers.
  • 9. SHIN COMMUNICATION CASE STUDY: Red by Marrakech CampaignProblematic: Run press and public relations campaign for promoting Marrakech towards targetedsegments such as Luxury, Family, Golf, Wellness, Sport and Art in Italy. Generate a strong mediaimpact around Marrakech and its new image through the set up of a dedicated Press Relations’ planusing different PR tools, supported by the lead agency.Mission: Consolidating the Marrakech destination presence in the Italian market, promoting itsreputation in all market segments. Create awareness within selected and targeted media areas; Deliver a strong message that Marrakech is a “magic” place to visit and discover givingtailored information about venues, riad, surrounding, sport facilities and so on; Maintain a constant relationship with the selected media, assuring to deliver alwaysvaluable and proper information.Results: built relationship with the local MNTO, established and maintained the selected media list,dispatched press information, managed and attended the press trips. 49 Italian editors attended the press trips from March to November 2010 80 articles published in 10 months and about 15 to be published in the following months.The articles are the result of the press trips as well as the constant follow up with the selectedmedia providing them press material, information and images.
  • 10. SHIN COMMUNICATIONSIMONA LABIANCA BIOSimona Labianca counts on 15 years of expertise achieved in a B2Bcommunication agency where she was responsible for a team of 3people. She was working with her clients on the day-to-day activitiesand was in constant contact with the press. Over the last 15 years,Simona managed programmes for leading companies including FujitsuMicroelectronics, Tektronix, Progress Software, Liebert, Sony Europe,Discreet (Autodesk), Eigner, Telelogic, Archos, ABB Robotics, EsabWelding Systems, Moroccan Tourism Board Office, Coemar.Simona is used to work within international agency networks managedby a lead agency.
  • 11. SHIN COMMUNICATIONThe Japanese character SHIN has several meanings including heart, mind, courage, spiritand also intimate essence. From a “graphic representation” point of view, Shin takes onthe stylised shape of a heart with its atria and ventricular. The Shin character can also berepresented as a man steering a boat with the rudder. This image is very suggestive if onepictures a helmsman on the “sea” of communication, who has to make the right decisionsto survive and be in control.This “helmsman” is the mind, spirit, heart...Shin Communication devotes itself to the communication processwith the heart, mind and courage to communicate.
  • 12. SHIN COMMUNICATIONThank you for the attentionShin CommunicationSimona LabiancaVia Monegherio, 6 – 20090 Cesano Boscone MI - Italysimona@shincommunication.comTel. +39 02 39547601 – Mob. +39 340 0571 697www.shincommunication.com