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This presentation covers an experience, multiple communities, and map of the Austin food scene.

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  • Introduce the Austin Trailer Scene
  • ATX Equation Food Scene

    1. 1. George Wilkes Christian CharvetAmarette EdmonsonShimarah Mehrotra Rob Pierce
    2. 2. ExperienceThe Gypsy Picnic, 2010 (premiere) Trailer Food Festival Auditorium Shores October 22, 2011: 40+ Austin food vendors  Torchy’s Tacos  Gordough’s Big. Fat. Donuts.  Hey Cupcake!  Beer/ wine $3 samples
    3. 3. Improvements for 2011  Long lines  Food shortage  Parking“Going into it this year, we have the experience of last year under ourbelts. We know approximately how many people to plan for, whereaslast year we were just guessing. In addition to a bigger footprint, wehave strict vendor guidelines that help them prepare for themasses. As you can imagine, when you’re used to cooking lunch for40, lunch and dinner for 20,000 can be daunting.” - Tiffany Harelik, Gypsy Picnic mastermind
    4. 4. Locate Website: Planning resource @gypsypicnic, Facebook, e-list Be familiar with your favorites
    5. 5. Engage Kids area Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Cook- Off  10th guest judge Sustainable food center Gypsy Picnic Market KGSR fan favorite Prius v Creation Station The CLEAR Booth
    6. 6. Wow! Environmentally conscious Live music Sideshow stage Merchandise from local merchants Bike racks at East and West entrances  Mellow Johnny’s bike repair/ advice
    7. 7. Communities Farm to Market Raw Urban Farming Vegan/Vegetarian Food Trailers Austin Dinner Club Austin Dinning Club Dai Due Club Austin Cooking Club Slow Food Capital City Burger Club Austin Wine Tasters
    8. 8. Austin Food Trailers
    9. 9. Food Trailers “created to serve as practical guide to track Austin’s delicious food trailers, food carts, mobile vendors and transient eateries. Visitors to our city and Austinites alike should have a way to find these trailers, explore their menus, hours and get directions to their locations.” Doesn’t operate as a review site
    10. 10. Food Trailer Alliance “Our mission is to create a market in which food trailers, vendors and patrons alike can work together for the betterment of the industry.” Founded in May 2011
    11. 11. Monthly Alliance Meetings Next one: Monday October 24th 7pm Trailer Park Eatery Outline of the Meeting:  1: Trailer owner/operator- Agenda discussion followed by Q&A  2: Vendor Q&A  3: Patron Q&A
    12. 12. Food Trailer Fanatics
    13. 13. Organic Established in Austin (1980) Whole Foods stands for what this community embodies. Bringing natural/organic food to a communitywho is interested in their own well-being as well as the well being of the environment.
    14. 14. Community Elements (Vegan/vegetarian) It’s about something!  Being healthy  Finding the best places that accommodate to the needs of the community  Preserving the inner-self and the environment  Engaging with like-minded individuals with the same tastes/interests  Enjoying wholesome food in a green environment while learning new inventive ways to be a vegan
    15. 15. Community It takes action  Restaurants host events for individuals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis  Potlucks (Participant-collaborator)  Workshops (How to be healthy/vegan)  Festivals  Live music  The list goes on…..
    16. 16. Community Its members are connected (Common Interest)  Through the web  Blogs/Forums  Restaurant listings and reviews  Through events and Festivals  Through Meetings  Weekly/Monthly/Annual
    17. 17. Casa De Luz Restaurant and community center  Yoga  Conference room rental  Daily/Weekly and Monthly events  Special menu  Volunteer Cooking  Community Night
    18. 18. Vegans Rock Austin Founded in 2003  Accommodates to anyone interested in Veganism (All Aspects)  Regular Meet-ups  Monthly Pot-Lucks  Interactive Web-site  Blog/Forum  Member area  Recipes
    19. 19. Vegans Rock Austin Ross Abel (Main Rep)  “Creating Supportive Social Community”  Connection among members after online initial interaction  Meet-ups  Restaurants: vegan or have vegan options  Philanthropy  Bake Sale  5k run
    20. 20. Food Scene Map
    21. 21. Questions!?
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