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Library induction

  1. 1. Library and Media Center An Introduction
  2. 2. Group Task 1 Identify expectations that matches the Learner Profile to the Library
  3. 3. The Library
  4. 4. Why the library? • Wealthy collection of books and other media for pleasure reading and research or independent learning. • Provides access to professionally vetted and librarian-mediated information databases. • Provides effective information retrieval schemes. • Provides venue for individual study and group collaboration. • Supports Academic Honesty
  5. 5. Part II CODE OF CONDUCT “It is expected that all students clearly understood and execute the proper conduct as set by Fairview International School Libraries. Fairview School Libraries reserves the rights to cancel/terminate the library privileges of any patrons who do not adhere thereof.”
  6. 6. Expectations.. •Only stationeries, laptops and other valuable devices are the only allowed items within the reading area. •Under any circumstances, group work must not disturb the tranquillity of the library. Library authorities will give only give three (3) verbal warnings and if in any case warned patron chooses to defy then will be asked to leave. •Any user is forbidden to drink, eat, sleep, talk loudly, sit on the table, and remove furniture from its position. This includes Public Display of Affection (PDA).
  7. 7. Expectations.. •Music through headphones maybe allowed as long as it will not cause discomfort to other readers. •Patrons should not attempt to reserve study places by leaving personal things. •Virtual games of any kind will not be allowed. Computers will be confiscated. •It is encouraged to push back the chairs and return them in pristine order before leaving the library.
  8. 8. AREA FOR MYP
  10. 10. IMPORTANT! • It is a must to respect all library personnel at all time. • The Library and Media Centre reserves the rights to suspend the library privileges of any students/patrons who purposely and continuously defy to adhere Services Terms and Condition.
  11. 11. Using the Research Hub •All patrons are encouraged to make use of the availability of wireless internet connectivity in the school solely for academic and research purposes. Therefore, library access point will only allow online access for relevant information and playing games as well as downloading non-educational movies will not be allowed. •Computer terminals are made available for students use in the library. A request in the circulation counter must be done in order to gain access to these computers. •It is prohibited to change any physical or virtual set-up of any library owned computers and peripheral devices. •Foreign storage devices maybe allowed after the required anti-virus scanning.
  12. 12. The Use of the Discussion Rooms •Students who need to work on projects, researchers and any academic activity that needs to use library resources shall be allowed to use the discussion area. •Though discussion is allowed but only moderate voices and serious conversations are permitted.
  13. 13. The Use of Viewing / Story Telling Area •Class or Group viewing are allowed upon request. However, a reservation on the use of this facility must be made at least a day before the schedule. •Foreign viewing materials should be presented for previewing a day before the schedule. This is important in order to make sure that the material/s can run using the existing technology of the Library and the material/s adhere to the mission and vision of the school. •All students will be required to submit to the teacher-in-charge or the librarian a REFLECTION assessment at the end of the movie.
  14. 14. Part II SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITION…. “The purpose of these regulations is to safeguard the common interest of all library users. Mainly, this is administer to ensure a more efficient and effective delivery of library services.
  15. 15. CIRCULATION PROCEDURE • All materials loaned for overnight/1 week/1 month should be properly processed at the circulation desk. • Upon request for Check-out, a patron should sign his/her name and class on the date due slip found at the rectoside back cover of the book. • For books with barcode, the circulation in-charge will automatically scan the book barcode for check out. The details the due date and time will be posted in the circulation slip.
  16. 16. To Check-out books without Barcodes Step 1: Submit selected materials in the circulation desk for processing. The circulation in-charge will then Accession the materials and file them for processing. Processing will take some time depending upon the volume of requested materials for cataloguing. Each title will undergo cataloguing procedure that usually takes 2 to 3 minutes Step 2: Follow up your request the following day for the status. You may visit the library or you may opt to contact us through our email and through We will then advice you as to when will your materials be available for pick-up. Step 3: Pick up your materials personally in the library and please take note on its stated date due for return. Circulation policies will be strictly applied for all catalogued library materials.
  17. 17. Circulation Policy • No materials at the Reserve Section of the library shall be permitted to loan for overnight. • Photostat is available for .10 cent MYR only (Paper is free) • Library users are asked to report to library staff any instances of defacement to any library materialsAny undesired condition of the material will be accounted to the borrower upon its checked-in.
  18. 18. GENERAL CIRCULATION PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM STUDENTS A primary year program student may borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time for 2 days and may return them on/before 2:00 P.M. on the 2rd day of the loaning period. MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAM STUDENTS A middle year program student may borrow a maximum of 3 books at a time for 1 week and may return them on/before 2:00 P.M. on the 7th day of the loaning period.
  19. 19. What if I did not Return the book on time? All books returned beyond the specified due time and date will be considered overdue. The standard basis for computing overdue fines will be as follows: PHOTOSTAT LOAN/RESERVE - RM.20/Book/Hour WEEKLY/MONTHLY LOAN – RM .20/Book/Day Overdue fines beyond 10.00 MYR will be paid in the finance office with a notice submitted by the librarian to the cashier indicating the amount
  20. 20. What if I lost the book? Lost/heavily damaged books must be replaced with a new one. If the title is out of print then purchasing of a new title will be required. It is a must that the book to be replaced must be of the same subject, of the same if not higher price, of the same texture/quality and of copyright which is not less than five years back of the current year.
  21. 21. Library and Media Centre Staff Mr. Shiegfred Saclauso Arambala Library / Media Resource Teacher (Librarian) Email: Ms. Visalachi Menon Teacher-Circulation Librarian Email:
  22. 22. Спасибо Salamat Terima kasih