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Shia Rights Watch …

Shia Rights Watch
Human Rights Organization

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  • 1. Shia Rights Watch Created by: Jason Benitez
  • 2. About SRW p World’s first independent organization working to protect the rights of Shia Muslims p Non-profit, non-governmental organization p Based in Washington, DC p Founded in 2011 p Over 600 Active members Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 3. The Issues p Anti-Shi’ism: Prejudice against or hatred of Shia Muslims p Constitutes second largest sect of Islam p Often face discrimination & persecution, especially in the Middle East p Current issues include: – Sectarian violence in Iraq – Government oppression of Shia majority in Bahrain – Attacks against Shia Muslims committed by rebel extremist groups in Syria Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 4. What We Believe p We all have the right to freedom of religion and the right to live in peace p Discrimination against any peoples must be brought to light and stopped immediately p We must provide a voice to those who cannot speak out for themselves p Shia Muslims face constant oppression and need an organization that highlights the violations committed against them Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 5. What We Do (Research) p Gather information to identify human rights violations against Shia Muslims p Use a variety of sources including: – Interviewing victims and witnesses – Analyzing reports from other national and international organizations – Interacting with NGOs, religious organizations, community leaders, and journalists – Creating an information network throughout the world Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 6. What We Do (Advocacy/Awareness) p Release annual reports for countries including: – – – – – Saudi Arabia Bahrain Pakistan Malaysia Indonesia Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 7. What We Do (Advocacy/Awareness) p Monitor news media to ensure the issues are being covered adequately and responsibly p Provide information to commentators, journalists, scholars, or other organizations that seek to explore the persecution of Shia Muslims p Publish articles and editorials p Attend conventions Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 8. What You Can Do p Organizations and individuals are welcome to join our network as a member p By becoming a member you can: – – Submit content to SRW for possible inclusion on our website – p Have immediate access to updates on activities, strategies, news, reports, etc. Take part in regional initiatives, skills exchange opportunities between members, and networking opportunities Join at www.shiarightswatch.org/membership Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net
  • 9. For More Information u Visit our website at www.shiarightswatch.org u Contact Shia Rights Watch – – u Email: office@shiarightswatch.net Phone: (202) 350-4302 Contact me directly at Jbenitez@shiarightswatch.net Jason Benitez JBenitez@ShiaRightsWatch.net