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  • 1. Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb
  • 2. Groups 5 1.Anggraini puspita 2.Gita apriliana 3.Nurul aisyah 4.Octadio 5.Zuliati apridio
  • 3. Definition of rabies  Rabies is a viral disease that causes neuroinvasive acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in warm- blooded animals. It is zoonotic (ie, transmitted by animals), most commonly by a bite from an infected animal, but occasionally by other forms of contact. Rabies is almost invariably fatal if post- exposure prophylaxis is not administered prior to the onset of severe symptoms.
  • 4. Symtoms of rabies there are sign and symtoms of rabies,such as a -High temperature of 38 degree celcius(100,4 degree farenheith) -chills -fatigue(extreme tiredness) -problems sleeping -lack of appetite -headache -irritability -anxiety -sore throat -vomiting
  • 5. Dialogue about rabies A: Good morning doc .... B: good morning too, with the father who is this? A: My name is rahman , doc. I come here want to check about my illness B: yes sir, what complaint you feel? A: my body of one or two weeks ago it was a fever and my head often feels dizzy, my feeling is often restless and tense, B: if the father had previously been dropped or exposed to an animal bite? A:Two or three weeks ago I was bitten by a dog, but even then I have checked to the clinic and have treated but why after 2 weeks my body is very illness.
  • 6. A: I see from the analysis that the father may be exposed to rabies due to dog bites because influence of symptoms of dog bites include: • 1. Feeling tense, stressed and anxious (Anxiety) • 2. Delirium • 3. Drooling • 4. Seizures (convulsions) • 5. Exaggerated sensation at the bite site • 6. Excitability or combative • 7. Hallucination (Hallucinations) • 8. Loss of taste on the part of the body • 9. Decline in muscle function •10. Fever
  • 7. • 11. Difficulty swallowing (drinking water will trigger spasms in the throat, so people become afraid of water hydrophobic)
  • 8. B: then I have to do doc,? ... A: there must be the possibility of a cure, the treatment through regular therapy and drug delivery of antibiotics for the virus to dog bites is not spread to other parts of the body B: Oh, thank you for the information doc, A: yes sir. I gave this recipe to reduce pain in the bite area and please drink two day.and if you feel sick or else soon come here alone. A:thanks you very much B:you’re welcome
  • 9. wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb