Advertising & Media Plannong on different Radio Stations


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The following presentation discuss about the nature different radio stations own, consumers they target, type of product they advertise.

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Advertising & Media Plannong on different Radio Stations

  2. 2. RED FM 93.5 india‟s largest and most awarded radio channel with 30 channels & 105 awards! Taglines: •“Bajate Raho!” • “Aaj ke zamane ka station” Target audience: Youth (young generation,18 to 35 yrs) Radio Jockeys: RJ Heena,RJ Raunaq, RJ Ashish, RJ Kabir, RJ Rocky, RJ Swati, RJ Sachin, RJ Piyush, DJ Tarun
  3. 3. Shows/Products: • Morning no.1:“naam yaad rakhna kaam aayega”, mon- fri, 7-11 am. •Aaramkhori: “kaam band, aaramkhori shuru”, mon-fri, 11-2 pm •Atthani chavanni:“the craziness and naughtiness of aaj ki dilli‟, mon-fri, 2-5 pm •DL 935: the sundown speed demon , RJ Raunaq, mon fri, 5-9pm •Midnight masala: mon- fri, 9-12 pm: •Todu nights : „let your hair loose and party all night‟, saturday, 9-12pm •Punjabi by profession: charged up Sunday mornings, sun, 8-10am •Hafta wasool: cant ask for more!!, sun,6-7pm  Campaigns: •Bauaa hawa mein
  4. 4. Promotions : • Red fm is currently offering „ gift of dance‟ vouchers by Shiamak Davar winter funk to some of the lucky winners. • RJ swati was the city mascot of Pinkathon 2013Run for fitness & to Raise awareness about Breast Cancer. Pinkathon , first of its kind, all women‟s 10km run which encourages women‟ health & fitness and supports the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness took place on 15th september 2013 .Red fm 93.5 was their official radio partner. • Red fm was the official radio partner for IIFA 2013 for exclusive updates and coverage. • All the best Sunrisers Hyderabad , Red FM is the only radio station to be the principal sponsor of an IPL team. 93.5 Red FM Bajaate Raho!!
  5. 5. HIT 95 FM  Founded: •1st September, 2006 •Sanjay Hemady, Chief Operating Officer, HIT 95 FM Delhi Tagline: Give Delhi listeners what they like listening to Target audience: Towards those fond of international music. Partnership client: Mildshare Promotions: •The radio station is handing out Hard Rock Cafe, Landmark and Spice Jet vouchers to every caller on air for the next two-three days.
  6. 6. Shows: Weekdays•HIT Mornings with Sarthak& Adam. •HIT Request with Suroshree... 5 soild hours of ONLY the requested songs •HIT Evenings with Kartik.. Weekends•HIT weekends with Sarthak •Breakfast Jam with Sarthak every 1st & 3rd Saturday enjoy some pure Acoustic music with a local delhi band. •HIT weekends with Suroshree •Sunday Saturday Night HIT mix. 10 Hours of NON stop pure club & party music •Delhi's official Top 25 on HIT 95 with Suroshree
  7. 7. Endorsement: Virat Mehta, Vice President – Communication, nestle india said, “hit 95 fm offers us a fantastic way to connect with the kind of audience NESCAFE would like to engage with. We have been a part of the channel‟s initiatives for more than two years now. In addition both me and my son listen to the station everyday and enjoy it a lot.
  8. 8. 104 FM Today Fever 104 FM is the No.1 Radio station in Delhi, fastest growing in Mumbai and the only request station in Kolkata. Founded: By HT Media Ltd. •Delhi- October 2006 •Mumbai- January 2007 •Bangalore- March 2007 •Kolkata- January 2008 Tagline: it‟s all about the music
  9. 9. Shows: • Picture Pandey - RJ Anuraag Pandey, Mon-Fri (2PM 3PM) •Shere-e-Punjab Express- RJ Avinash, Saturday (3PM 5PM) •Evening Drive-RJ Khurafati Nitin, Mon-Fri (5PM - 9PM) •Dilli ke do Dabanng - RJ Manu & RJ Abhilash, Mon-Fri (7AM - 10AM) •Request Queen- RJ Richa, Mon-Fri (9PM - 12AM) •RJ Sufi, Mon-Fri (3PM - 5PM) •Secret Sounds, a contest to guess the sounds of the city; I Love Fever and Tick Tock Bingo, which introduced the concept of large cash prizes on air; Ki Bolchen Dada, the first on air audio blog. Target:
  10. 10. USP: Fever 104 has gone out of their way to endorse Russia with their radio show "From Russia, With Love" hosted by Shweta. The show revolves around Russian culture, politics, film industry, music etc. The station is rumoured to be sponsored by a Russian tourism agency. Awards: In-house audio production, Ramayan, won two Golds at the New York Festival 2011, making Fever 104 the only Indian radio station to receive such an accolade. Partnership: Known for its innovative content, delivery of quality music and listener engagement, Fever 104
  11. 11. OYE 104.8 FM Founded by: India Today Group Tagline: Oye 104.8 fm was initially known as Meow FM with the tag line of “ thodi meethi thodi catty” but was changed to OYE! 104.8 FM with the filmy format in September 2010 with the Tagline : “sabse filmy” Target Audience: Meow FM to Oye! 104.8 FM- Meow FM was distinctly targeted at the women listeners whereas with the new positioning the radio station will focus
  12. 12. Radio Jockey: RJ Chanpreet ,RJ Tulika, RJ Rahul makin, RJ Abhay, RJ Akriti, RJ Lucky, RJ Shruti Shows: 6 AM -7 AM, Aye Malik Tere Bande Hum Devotional Filmi Music with Link by RJ Shruti 7 AM -11 AM, Apaar Filmi Mornings 11 AM - 2 PM, Mid Morning Show - Dilli ki Bijli with RJ Akriti 2 PM - 5 PM, Oye Request Show- Radio Ka Sardar RJ Abhay 5 PM - 9 PM, Oye Luckie with RJ Luckie 9 PM - 1 AM, Ishqiya with RJ Rahul Makin 1 AM - 7AM, Music with Sparklers
  13. 13. Radio City 91.1  Radio City 91.1FM is India's first and leading FM radio brand. Promoted by Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL), Radio City started its operations in India in July, 2001 in Bangalore.  Its main objective is to Build awareness and Provide Information  Radio City 91.1 FM radio is primarily listened to by the following categories of people: Tradesmen working on sites Small offices Shopping centres Cars and other vehicle
  14. 14. In August 2008, it launched (, India's first Music Portal. The website is a treasure trove of information, entertainment and interactivity to all those who are connected with music: casual and serious enthusiasts, trade and musicians - including experts and amateurs, alike. In March 2010, MBPL raised the bar with the launch of Radio City Fun Ka Antenna. It is a one-of-its-kind Live online radio station with music across all genres film, non-film, sufi, ghazals, lounge, current, retro - in both Hindi and International music. The year 2012 saw launching Four more radio stations - Radiocity IndiPop , Radiocity Freedom Radio. , Radiocity Smaran and Radio City Hindi All the stations fulfill the need gap of showcasing cutting edge independent and quality non-Bollywood music.
  15. 15. RADIO MIRCHI 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi is a nationwide network of private FM radio stations in India. It is owned by the Entertainment Network India LTD (ENIL), which is one of the subsidiaries of The Times Group. TAGLINE: "It's hot!". Target audience : the most preferred radio station by bollywood music lovers, whether old classic or contemporary music. Radio jockeys: RJ anat, RJ saurabh, RJ naved, RJ jassi, RJ sayema, RJ Kanika, RJ Rohit Programs : • Hi delhi : mon- sat, 7-11 am with RJ anant and saurabh, aptly called „ padhe likhe paapi‟.
  16. 16. • Meethi mirch : mon to sat, 2-5 pm. Spend your lovely afternoon‟s with Rohit who has a baritone voice to die for. • Dilli ka don : mon to sat 5-9 pm. With RJ naved. He is crazy. He is fun. He is mad. He is DILLI KA DON NAVED. evenings can‟t get more entertaining than this. • Purani jeans : mon- fri, 9 to 12 pm. With rj sayema , tune in to a show that makes music from the 60's, 70's and 80's sound "cool“. • 5 to 9 with kanika : sun 5pm to 9 pm. A perfect end your weekend. Your music, your choice. Promotions: • The Mirchi Music Awards are annually given awards instituted by Radio Mirchi for excellence in Bollywood film music. It was first given in 2008.
  17. 17. Market Share of Radio Stations • Fever FM emerges in the No. 1 position in Delhi, leaving behind Radio Mirchi, registering a market share of 19.4 per cent, and gaining 1.3 percentage points. • AIR FM-2 Gold is still at second position in Delhi, with a market share of 18.7 per cent. • Radio Mirchi drops down to the third position with an average market share of 18.3 per cent . The radio station recorded a loss of 1.2 percentage points . • In the fourth position, Radio City follows with an average market share of 10.7 per cent, recording a loss of 0.1 percentage points. The radio station gained 0.3 percent points. • Red FM is at No. 5, registering an average market share of 8.8 per cent with a loss of 0.4 percent
  18. 18. Integrated Marketing Communication of FM Radio The FM world has become the part and partial of lives of people specially in the metro cities. People in the rural areas have a special attraction for the FM radio and it a source of information related to release of new songs and latest information related to lifestyle. The FM channels today is a favorite place for corporate to advertise and inform people about their existing and new upcoming products. FM is also a favorite place for the entertainment industry to promote their movie & songs. Even the movie stars come and talk about their new movies & urge the audience to watch it once. in today‟s scenario no movie can imagine about its success without the help of advertising on FM radio. The FM channels also provide platforms for the corporate and well as stars to promote their projects. To make this more comfortable the FM today is available on the internet where listeners & contact & even listen to their programs &also corporate & advertise. The FM radio
  19. 19. Thank you Presented by: Kriti Vij, Promita Majumdar, Sheryl Mehra, Kritika Ghai, Shreya Talwar, Jasmine, Ishita Jadia