What is direct access?


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A Quick Overview about Microsoft's DirectAccess.

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What is direct access?

  1. 1. http://netwanlan.com By Shery What is Direct Access By Muhammad Shahid (Shery theTechyBoy)
  2. 2. http://netwanlan.com Direct Access  Next Generation Remote Access provided by Microsoft, from Windows Server 2008 R2 now enhanced and combined with lots of other Remote Access Features and Services in WINDOWS SERVER 2012  Always On, Seamless and Transparent Corporate Network connectivity for Managed Clients. Users are not required to dial any connection to the Corporate Network, it is always on  Bi-Directional connectivity. (whenever client will have internet connectivity it will be automatically on the Corporate Network) By Shery
  3. 3. http://netwanlan.com By Shery Was bit difficult to Configure and Implement Enhance some features and reduced dependability Easy to configure and Implement and combined with other major RRAS services
  4. 4. http://netwanlan.com Windows Server 2012 Direct Access  Simplified Deployment PKI and Public IPv4 Addresses (Optional Now) (in past we need CA Server to handle the PKI infrastructure, but in new Server 2012 we can use self signed certificates but only supported to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 clients, Windows 7 need to be have PKI Infrastructure  Now we can have Direct Access and RRAS VPN Combined  Improved Scalability and Performance.  Support Geographic Redundancy (client may select closest Corporate Sites but supported to windows 8/8.1 only)  Can be managed by PowerShell  Operational Status and Great Dashboard Features  Accounting and Reporting By Shery
  5. 5. http://netwanlan.com Benefits of DirectAccess  No need to train the Client/User. It will work transparently.  No User Interaction Required and Always connected.  Corporate Network connectivity When Internet Connected.  Always Managed. (Auto push policies from Corporate DCs etc.) By Shery
  6. 6. http://netwanlan.com Direct Access – Collection of Technologies  Server 2012 / Server 2012 R2  Windows 8 enterprise (Limited Support Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise)  IPV6 and Ipsec (Connection Security Policies will be configured on Direct Access Servers Seamless to clients)  Active Directory and Group Policies  Digital Certificates (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is Optional  Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT)  Network connectivity Assistant (Builtin to windows 8)  Network Location Server (NLS) (A Web Server, An essential part of Direct Access, Can be configure along with Direct Access Gateways  Network Load Balance (High Availability) By Shery
  7. 7. http://netwanlan.com What Things Are Helping IPv6 To Run  On Internet:   Teredo (used when DA client has private Address, Encapsulates IPv6 in IPv4 Header transport, Port 3544)  IP-HTTPS (Used when 6to4 or Teredo are not available or blocked by some Firewall, Encapsulates IPv6 Packets in IPv4 Using HTTPS / SSL / TLS)   6 to 4 Protocol (used when DA client has Public IP, Encapsulates IPv4 header Protocol 41) DNS64/NAT64 (DNS64 translates IPV6 DNS queries for IPv4 DNS Servers, NAT64 translates IPv6 communication to IPV4) On Intranet:  Intra-Site Automatic tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATSAP) (uses Tunnel IPv6 Packets over IPv4 network using Protocol 41, Required DNS Configuration, Globally Configured by default, DA Server is already ISATAP router) By Shery
  8. 8. http://netwanlan.com Pre-Requirements  Software Requirements: By Shery
  9. 9. http://netwanlan.com Pre-Requirements  Network Requirements: By Shery
  10. 10. http://netwanlan.com Pre-Requirements  Infrastructure Requirements: By Shery
  11. 11. http://netwanlan.com By Shery Complete Lab Walkthrough Soon To be Continued….