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Career assignment
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Career assignment


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  • 1. Career Research Assignment Name:Sherwyn Santos Date:05/12/2010 (2 points) Instructions 1.Save this template on your flash or network drive: click SAVE AS and save it as "Career_Research_Assignment.rtf" 2.Complete this assignment on the computer and include one print-out in your Student Portfolio. Make sure you save the completed assignment on your external flash drive. NOTE: Before printing, make sure that you selected appropriate page breaks (…you don’t want to cut any tables!). 3.Completing this assignment will provide evidence and 10 points towards your Portfolio. See last page for grading criteria. To help you determine which career you would like to pursue after high school you will complete a Career Research Assignment. This will help you plan possible education and career paths. Part A. Choose two focus areas you would like to research potential careers from. Name the focus areas and two possible career choices for each focus area. Use one of the links above to help you decide on the Focus Area and potential careers. These choices are a best guess. (6 points) Focus Area Career Choice 1. Languages 1. U.N rep. 2. Govt. 1. Recording Artist 2. Music 2. Music Producer Part B. Now to make informed choices. To help you get started on your career research, use any resource (book or internet) to assist you in answering the questions. Once you have answered your questions, save the results to your Portfolio. You should have a list of suggestion careers. A great place to complete your research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics' web site: and Pick one career to research – Make sure it is of interest to you! From the results listed, my career to research is:Translator/poly lingual(1 mark) Complete the following questions in complete sentences. (Do Not Cut and Paste) 1.Job Description: brief description of job, any personality traits that are helpful, and special skills needed. ( 5 points) a. People Skills b. Adaptability c. Flexibility d. Good Work Ethics e.Endurance
  • 2. 2. Working Conditions: the usual hours of work (shift, overtime, weekends etc), are there any age, gender, or physical requirements? Physical layout of the workplace (office, outside etc.) Hazards or risks of the job. ( 5 points) f. Good working conditions g. age of 21 and over is preferred h. Hostile Countries i. 3rd world countries j.Office locations 2.Wages and Earnings: is it salary? Do you get paid overtime? What is the starting wage? Top wage? Average wage? Future wages? Any benefits such as extended medical, dental, insurance etc? ( 5 points) a. Good Salary, est: $150,000 a year b. Medical Bonus c. Overtime Pay d. government Benefits e.Security Clearance 3.Career Path: Where do you begin in this career? How do you move up? What is the outlook at present? What are the different levels? How are they different? ( 5 points) a. Work with government jobs or U.N b. Network with high people c. Enlist in military d. FBI e.CIA 4.Education and Training Requirements: describe the education/training or work experience required for this occupation. Include the type of education, length of training, and cost of training. Do you need special licenses or certificates? Does the work involve technology? ( 5 points) a. Knowledge of more than 3 languages b. Knowledge of many cultures c. Fire arms training d. First Aid training e.Masters in linguistics or certain specialty language Part C Identify two post secondary institutions/training schools or on the job training opportunities where you could develop the skills and knowledge required to gain employment in your chosen career. Give a brief description of each one. Use complete sentences. (Do not cut and paste)
  • 3. Sample Answer Post secondary #1 (5 points) Post secondary Johns Hopkins Institution location Name of program Pre-Medical program, 2 years of studying Brief Description 2 years of learning how the human body works and how to treat the human body. Why I want to learn/train here I would like to learn how to treat the human body in any situation with the best of my abilities and Johns Hopkins is a excellent school to go to in this field, please note I wish to just learn how to treat people I do not wish to enroll in the medical profession so I would basically study the 2 years then drop the rest of the pre-med program involving internships at hospitals. Post secondary #2 (5 points) Post secondary University of Maryland Institution location Name of program P.hD of Linguistics, a 8 year program to get a doctorates in linguistics,but there is a program to get it in 4 years. Brief Description A program that teaches linguistics and how languages form and function. This would be a key knowledge to learn to effectively learn new languages. Why I want to learn/train I would like to attain a P.hD of linguistics in order to learn many more languages to here enhance my ability to function in my job as a poly-lingual . Part D
  • 4. Education Path: identify the courses Parkdale offers that best fit you focus area/career choice. List 5 possible electives that you have taken or will take. (5 points) Electives 1._______Russian____________ Grade _____A_______ 2._______Spanish_________ Grade _______B_____ 3.______Latin_______ Grade ____A________ 4.__________Arabic_____ Grade ____________ 5.______Chinese_________ Grade ____________ Part E Work Experience/Volunteer Experiences/External Courses Often you have performed valuable skills that assist you in pursuing your chosen career. Briefly describe two community programs or projects that you could be involved in to gain additional skills or experience related to your career choice. (4 points) 1.I could work with the United Nations through a internship in order to see how they operate correctly, but I wouldn't be able to do the internship until I am of legal age for safety reasons. 2.I could work with the FBI and CIA through a internship program as well in order to see how they properly operate with lingual interpreters but I would have to be of legal age of as well. Part F Networking (10 points) Briefly describe a network of 5 people who could help you achieve your chosen career goal. These could be teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbours, friends, and/or relatives. Name the person, describe the relationship and briefly describe how they could help you. Name Relationship How They Can Help 1.Mr.Pham Friend/Associate Recommend scholarships 2.Ms.Lehman Friend/Teacher Recommend govt. program 3.Sgt.M Cooper Friend Recommend for military role 4.Ms.Bors Friend/Teacher Good networking 5.Ms.Barnes Guidance Councilors Recommend for scholarships
  • 5. G. The Wrap Up (15 points) This is where you need to reflect on all the information you have gathered and write a paragraph(s) that tells me why you are or are not still interested in pursing the career you have researched. It should be typed and approximately 200-300 words. I believe that I have done a good amount of research for this profession as a poly-lingual. I love to talk to people and I love learning languages, I took a Latin course as a freshmen and I loved it. Language to me is a big puzzle, pieces fit and it all makes sense. I truly love to help people because it just makes me feel better when the world is becoming a better place for everybody. I plan to use my skill for peace keeping reasons. I could use this skill for destructive means, but I choose to be more productive than destructive in many means.