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Social media business_marketing_hub_spot


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media & Business MarketingMike Volpe gVP MarketingHubSpot
  • 2. Agenda1. Why1 Wh is Social Media Important?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  • 3. Marketers Doing Marketing
  • 4. People Blocking MarketingCan Spam Act Signed into Law
  • 5. People Don’t Need Marketing
  • 6. Rethinking MarketingOutbound Marketing Inbound Marketing• Telemarketing • SEO / SEM• Trade shows • Blogging• Direct mail • Social Media• Email blasts • RSS• Print ads • Free tools/trials• TV/radio ads • Viral videos Interruption Permission
  • 7. What is Social Media?Wikipedia: “Social media is an umbrella term that defines mbrella the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of interaction, words and pictures.”Mike Volpe: “It’s media (content that is published) with a social (anyone can add to it) component.” component.
  • 8. Social Media is Inbound Marketing• Social Media helps with SEO ith• Social Media promotes your Blog• Social Media is Permission Centric• The conversation has already started…
  • 9. Agenda1. Why1 Wh is Social Media Important?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  • 10. “I’m 48. I don t understand I m 48 don’t this Social Media stuff.”• Similar to a business cocktail reception• Without constraints of time or space
  • 11. Business Cocktail Party Advice• Meet people and start con ersations conversations• Answer questions – help others• Ask questions – trust others’ advice
  • 12. Social Media = Cocktail Party• Become a real member of the community• Add value to the community • Ask and answer questions• More effective than live cocktail parties • No boundaries of time or space • Other people can listen in easily
  • 13. Agenda1. Why1 Wh is Social Media Important?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  • 14. 3 Types of Social Media Share Publish Network
  • 15. Social Media: Publish• Everyone can publish anything for everyone
  • 16. Marketing Tips for SM-Publish• P blish “E er thing you ha e an here you Publish: “Everything o have anywhere o can”• Monitor what others publish, promote it• Empower your customers to publish
  • 17. Publish What You Have• SolidWorks: 100+ Videos on Website• P blished on Yo T be No Promotion Published YouTube,• 10,000+ Views / Month
  • 18. Monitor What’s Published
  • 19. Promote Flattering Content
  • 20. Empower Customers to Publish• Hacking Netflix – Blog run by customer / fan• Top 1% of all websites, Top 0 25% of blogs ebsites 0.25%
  • 21. 3 Types of Social Media Share Publish Network
  • 22. Social Media: Share• Anyone can promote anything to everyone
  • 23. Marketing Tips for SM-Share• Monitor what’s being shared abo t you hat’s about o• Find where your audience hangs out• Promote your content and other content• Produce content your audience will love
  • 24. Monitor What’s Being Shared
  • 25. for Market Research
  • 26. Where Does Your Audience Hang OutName Overview Stats Demographic Good Community saves  2 million registered users Somewhat young,  Most companies. ((Yahoo) ) and shares web  technical and web‐ has broad  bookmarks 2 million visitors / mo. centric, but growing in  audience, but skews  reach toward people  interested in media  g and blogsDigg Community  18 million visitors/ mo Young males working in  Offbeat news, politics,  submits and votes  technology. stories about Internet,  on news stories 4 million registered users 94% male Web2.0, technology,  88% are 18‐39 pp , g , Apple, design , web  64% income >$75k design, environment 39% blogStumbleUpon Community  4 million registered users Because you can segment  All companies. submits and votes  by lots of interest areas,  y , You can get traffic  g on web pages,  1 million visitors/ mo. almost anything works  with even one vote,  then people visit  well on StumbleUpon and you don’t need to  pages based on  (people use the service be a power user to do  number of votes g ) without visiting website) well.
  • 27. Promote Flattering Content
  • 28. Content Your Audience LovesContent Description ResultGoDaddy s 16‐Step GoDaddys 16 Step Blog Article on  Blog Article on 695 Diggs and thousands of  695 Diggs and thousands ofCheckout: Brainless web visitorsMarketing At Its Finest?Website Grader Interactive tool that  Over 3,000  provides a free marketing  bookmarks and over  and SEO report 250,000 unique websites  submitted b i dSocial Media Webinar Webinar for marketing  Over 1,500 registrations,  professionals on social professionals on social promoted for free by other  promoted for free by other media and marketing bloggers
  • 29. 3 Types of Social Media Share Publish Network
  • 30. Social Media: Network• Anyone can connect with everyone from anywhere
  • 31. Marketing Tips for SM-Network• Make friends • Find your existing connections • Network through groups • Add to your email signature, blog articles, bi or t il i t bl ti l bio profile…• B helpful Be h l f l • Answer questions • Share interesting content • Make connections
  • 32. Agenda1. Why1 Wh is Social Media Important?2. Social Media State of Mind3. 3 Types of Social Media4. Measuring Results
  • 33. Blog Subscribers & Visitors
  • 35. Inbound Links
  • 36. Facebook Fans & Activity
  • 37. Other Metrics• Video views on YouTube• Friends on Facebook or LinkedIn• Votes for blog articles• Posts in forums• Questions answered on Yahoo Answers
  • 38. Traffic, Leads and Customers Visitors Leads CustomersStumbleUpon 1,892 12 0LinkedIn k d 834 72 2Facebook 511 8 1
  • 39. HubSpotInbound Marketing System
  • 40. Inbound Marketing System Content SEO Management Blogs Landing Social Pages Media Lead Intelligence CRM
  • 41. Getting Found: On-Page SEO Keyword Grader • Determine what k D i h keywords tod optimize your pages around based on relevance, search volume, and how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google • Identify critical long tail words (high conversion rates, low competition) • Monitor your rank against competitors for each keyword/phrase • Determine the specific page on y your site that is ranking for each g keyword(phrase) and how to make further improvements
  • 42. Getting Found: Off-Page SEO Link Grader • Identify opportunities to generate more return from your existing links • Monitor your live inbound links and which inbound links are producing the most value for you • Aggregate your competitors inbound links to discover new link building opportunities that you have not taken advantage of
  • 43. Getting Found: Blogosphere Blogging • Enable E bl easy, natural process to l consistently update content on your site, achieve more frequent search engine crawls, and improve authority i th it • Develop an audience of email and RSS subscribers • Attract more inbound links (“link ( link bait”) • Write keyword rich content to attract more high conversion rate traffic
  • 44. Getting Found: Social Mediasphere
  • 45. Track Your Competitors
  • 46. HubSpot Methodology and Consulting • Our Internet Marketing Consultants are experienced in all aspects of online marketing and specifically trained on HubSpots products and HubSpot s methodologies • Consulting sessions focus on these topics based on the specific needs of the client
  • 47. HubSpot Training Materials and Resources
  • 48. HubSpot Demo?• H bSpot starts at $3500 / year HubSpot ear• Let us know if you want to see a demo
  • 49. Thank You! Let s continue the discussion! Let’s continue the discussion! a comment on the blog article. Mike Volpe VP Marketing HubSpot 1-800-482-0382 x2