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Salespeopledothedarndestthings Productcamp2010 100327111717 Phpapp02
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Salespeopledothedarndestthings Productcamp2010 100327111717 Phpapp02



ProductCamp Sprint 2010

ProductCamp Sprint 2010
Presenter & Author Tom Evans, joined by discussion panel Sheryl Posey & Mike Boudreaux



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    Salespeopledothedarndestthings Productcamp2010 100327111717 Phpapp02 Salespeopledothedarndestthings Productcamp2010 100327111717 Phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

    • please thank our sponsors
    • Copyright 2010- LÛCRUM MARKETING
      Salespeople Do the Darndest Things – And It Might Be Product Management’s Fault!"
      Presented by:
      Tom Evans - Lûcrum Marketing
      Sheryl Posey – Consultant
      Mike Boudreaux – Emerson Process Management
      March 27, 2010
    • Panel Discussion - 1
      Share a couple of examples of things salespeople have done that has caused tremendous irritation and frustration to you as a product manager? 
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Some Darndest Things
      Pursue opportunities outside of focus
      Request marketing tools for solutions that don’t exist
      Sells features (even those that don’t exist)
      Promise features for products
      Demands new features to close a deal
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Panel Discussion - 2
      What is the impact to your company, to your product or to sales when salespeople do these things? 
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • The Impact
      Wasted resources on an opportunity that was a long shot.
      New features in the product that nobody needs.
      A frustrated and irritated executive team.
      Confusion in the market place on what the company does.
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Why sales people do the darndest things?
      That’s just the way sales people are.
      They were never properly enabled with the right knowledge and tools.
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Panel Discussion - 3
      What are some tools that you have created or used that were effective in enabling the sales team? 
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Goals of Sales Enablement
      Ensures everyone (marketing, sales, executives) is marching to the beat of the same drum.
      Defines clear target market.
      Communicates clear & consistent messages.
      Enables sales to talk with the right buyers.
      Pursue target opportunities that company can win.
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Sales Enablement (Base Components)
      Product Backgrounder
      Sales Questioning Guide
      Executive Level Presentation
      Message Driven Demo
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Panel Discussion - 4
      Now that you have done this work (creating tools and messages), how do you get the sales team to buy into sales enablement and actually use this work?
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Now What?
      How do you get sales to use these new tools?
      Have an executive sponsor (Sales VP/CEO).
      Train them and train them some more.
      Test them on their knowledge via certification process.
      Make the tools real (not ivory tower).
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Closing Thoughts
      Review on a regular basis.
      Make sure marketing and the executive team participate.
      Use for channel partners.
      Much of info should already exist - MRD, Market Plan, etc.
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
      Enhances your role as market expert!
    • Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
      Thank You
      Tom Evans
      Lûcrum Marketing
    • please thank our sponsors
    • Product Backgrounder
      Target Markets / Segments
      Market Needs / Challenges
      Buyer Profiles - Personas / Needs / Challenges / Goals
      Market Messages
      Value Proposition
      Positioning Statement
      Key Messages
      Key Benefits
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Sales Questioning Guide
      Aka - Pain Sheets / Solution Development Prompters
      One per buyer role per market segment
      Challenges / Impact / Capability / Benefits
      Match to your sales methodology (if any)
      User buyer’s language/terms
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Executive Level Presentation
      Market / Buyer needs
      High level discussion of how your solution addresses needs.
      Remember the key messages
      Benefits / Value Proposition
      Case Study
      10 to 15 slides
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING
    • Message Driven Demo
      Communicates key messages.
      Show how buyers needs are solved.
      Build it as story.
      Copyright 2010 - LÛCRUM MARKETING