What's New in Discovery Attender version 3.90


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This document provides a list and summary of Discovery Attender upgrades. New features include: full Exchange 2013 support, create your own exceptions, improved PCI / PII data recognition and more!

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What's New in Discovery Attender version 3.90

  1. 1. What’s New Discovery Attender ® Version 3.90 45 6 W a sh ingt o n Av e nue , Su it e 2 Br idg ev i ll e, P A 1 5 01 7 1. 8 00 .2 5 5. 5 15 5 w w w .Sh e rp aS of t w ar e .co m
  2. 2. What’s New with Discovery Attender ® Overview This document is intended to provide an outline of the major enhancements in Discovery Attender 3.90. For detailed information about these new features, please consult the integrated help document or schedule a complementary training session that is included with product maintenance. Full Exchange 2013 Support Incorporating master profiles and updated protocols, Discovery Attender 3.90 includes complete support for Exchange 2013 data stores. Accessing, searching and exporting from Mailboxes, Online Archives, and Public Folders from the latest version of Microsoft Exchange is be seamless and completely integrated with the creation of a Master Profile. Create Your Ow n Exceptions Discovery Attender 3.90 includes a feature to create a custom exceptions based on matching file type criteria. Options include creating exceptions for tracking files not searched, creating an exportable set of non-searchable files and much more. This feature allows the user to ignore, report, or export on defined file types to improve efficiency and defensibility. Sh e rp a Softw a r e | P ag e 2 of 3
  3. 3. What’s New with Discovery Attender ® Improved PCI and PII Data Recognition Users who encounter numerous false positives in when searching for PCI or PII data with standard regular expressions will find some relief with the new PATTERN feature. This functionality programmatically assesses standard matches from regular expressions with added checks to validate for both credit cards (using the Luhn Algorithm) and social security numbers. Selective Path Export This feature allows users to selectively eliminate parts of the export paths whenever exporting to individual file, MSG or EML format. For example, if the ‘Full’ export is selected, the entire source path is reproduced into the export location. However, often users do not want to have the drive letters or initial folders. This feature allows them to create export directories without the unwanted source path information. Miscellaneous • • • • • Options for MSG file ingestion into PST files. Search and reporting of email Category fields Keyword highlights for Advanced Filter results OneNote support And more… Sh e rp a Softw a r e | P ag e 3 of 3