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Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 6

Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 6



Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar’s first bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper, distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand. MBT covers a range of news encompassing local business stories, ...

Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar’s first bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper, distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand. MBT covers a range of news encompassing local business stories, special reports and in-depth analysis focusing on Myanmar’s nascent economy, investment and finance, business opportunities, foreign trade, property and real estate, automobile, among others. MBT also provides detailed coverage of regional (ASEAN) and international business stories.

Myanmar Business Today’s target readers are foreign and local investors, businesspeople and government officials, and our advertisers are also those who try to reach this niche market in Myanmar. We provide best solutions for our advertisers with our content, outstanding print and paper quality, and superior distribution chain. We convey our advertisers’ messages to readers not only in Myanmar but also in Thailand, Southeast Asia’s second largest economy.

For more information please visit our website www.mmbiztoday.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MyanmarBusinessToday
Twitter: @mmbiztoday
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    Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 6 Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 6 Document Transcript

    • Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 | Vol 2, Issue 6 for Myanmar, Htet Aung Myanmar Summary T Myanmar, and will help boost a country where less than 30 percent of the population has reliable access to electricity and large parts of the rural community have little or no access to healthcare. “We are increasing our supunder way in Myanmar because we want to help the government even more quickly,” Kim said cess to electricity in a country like Myanmar can help transform a society. Children will be able to study at night, shops will stay open and health clin- urÇmhbPfrS jrefrmEdkifiHtwGuf zGHUNzdK; wd k ; wuf a &;twG u f taxmuf t yH h aumif;rsm;ay;aeNyD; ,cktcg pGrf;tif zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrIESifh usef;rma&;u@rsm; wG i f t"d u tm½Hk p d k u f v k y f a qmif & ef twGuf tar&duefa':vm 2 bDvD,H wefzdk;&Sd zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufa&;tpDtpOfwpf &yfudkvnf; xkwfjyefaMunmcJhonf/ ,if;aMunmcsuftm; urÇmhbPf Ouú|jzpfol Jim Yong Kim u jrefrmEdkifiHokdY a&muf&SdvmpOftwGif; xkwjf yefaMunmay;cJjh cif;jzpfum jrefrm EdkifiHtaejzifhvnf; vlOD;a& 30 &mcdkifEIef;atmufom pdwfcs,HkMunf& onfh vQyf p pf p G r f ; tif ukd &&Sd a eNyD; aus;vufa'orsm;taejzifh usef;rm a&;apmifha&SmufrIu@wGif tenf;i,f omvufvSrf;rDjcif; odkYr[kwf vHk;0 vufvSrf;rrDrIrsm;vnf; &Sdaeonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif aqmif&Gufaeaom BuD;rm;vSonfh jyKjyifajymif;vJrIBudK;yrf; csufrsm;twGuf taxmuftyHhrsm;udk ydrw;kd íaxmufyunay;aeNy;D jynfol k kd hH l D rsm ;tm; tusKd ; aus;Zl ; aumif ; rsm ; vsifjrefpGm&&SdvmEdkifa&;twGuf tpdk;& Contd. P 7... Contd. P 7... Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters he World Bank has announced a $2 billion development programme in Myanmar, which will focus on improving energy and healthcare in one of Asia’s poorest countries. The announcement was made during a visit by bank presi- A man uses his mobile phone on a bridge in downtown Yangon. Last week, the government granted licenses to two international companies who are expected to begin operations within six months. Telenor and Ooredoo given 15-year licenses, services expected within 6 months Oliver Slow W hen UK-based businessman Ryan Taylor arrived in Myanmar in early 2012 looking for potential business opportunities in the recently opened country, it took him three days to track down a SIM card. cost me more than $100,” he said. “I’d been in Thailand a few days prior to that and had got one for free.” After a short visit, Ryan returned to Myanmar a few months later and found that the SIM card he had bought no longer worked. “Apparently, because I hadn’t used the SIM one, I couldn’t believe that it Contd. P 9... Myanmar Summary ,lautajcpduf pD;yGm;a&;vkyief;&Sif k f jzpfonfh Ryan Taylor onf jrefrm EdkifiHodkY 2012 tapmydkif;wGif a&muf&Sd vmcJhNyD; rMumao;rDurS zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI vrf;aMumif;ay:odkY a&muf&Sdvmonfh jrefrmEdkifiHwGif pD;yGm;a&;vkyfief;tcGifh Contd. P 9... Gateway to endless adventures! Booking Period: 3 - 9 February 2014 Travel Period: 17 February – 31 May 2014 Lowest fare only @ Fly direct from Yangon (4x Daily**) Phuket Siem Reap Macau Hong Kong Ho Chi Minh City *transit via Don Mueang And many more destinations from Bangkok 62 USD* airasia.com Find more @ ask AskAirAsia.com f Facebook/AirAsia AirAsia Travel & Service Centre Yangon : G Floor, Park Royal Hotel Yangon 01 251885-6 Mandalay : Room 3, 26th (B) Road, between 78th and 79th Road Mandalay 09 42 111 7111 And Our Authorized Agents: Sun Far Travel 01-243993, 02-74333, 01-255338 Seven Diamond Travels 01-203549, 02-72868, 01-500712 Than Than Travel 01-704190, 09-5007350, 01-255035 Columbus Travel & Tours 01-229245, 378535, 09-250026030 Nice Fare Travel 01-393088, 02-30833, 01-384274 UA Ticketing/Tour 09-5402525, 02-22311, 067-8420031 as well as other authorized AirAsia agents across Myanmar *Airport taxes and fees apply. All fly-thru flights are via Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok. Promotion seats are limited and may not be available on all flights, public holidays, school breaks and weekends. A payment processing fee is applicable to all payments made via credit, debit or charge cards. Our other terms and conditions of carriage apply. **The fourth flight to Bangkok operates daily starting from 30 March 2014.
    • LOCAL BIZ 2 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Board of Editors Editor-in-Chief - Sherpa Hossainy Reporters & Writers Sherpa Hossainy,Kyaw Min, Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Thit Lwin, Htet Aung, Su Su, Aye Myat, Daisuke Lon, Yasumasa Hisada mmbiztoday.com Bangladesh Aiming to Court Neighbouring Myanmar ter Maung Maung Thein as saying, “The exchange will be established with a starting capital of K32 billion with tance on their country’s relationship with Myanmar as its eastern neighbour emerges from decades of economic stagnation. Speaking at the seventh meeting of the BangladeshMyanmar Joint Trade Commission (JTC), which was percent stake,” before adding that the government is May Su Hlaing Hoque, vice president of Bangladesh-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Bangladesh needs to take its neighbour seriously in strengthening economic ties in order to boost trade. “Businesspeople should be involved very seriously in designing any future plan,” he told Bangladeshi press. Translators Shwe Mann ‘would cooperate with Suu Kyi’ Art & Design Zarni Min Naing (Circle) DTP Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Maung Advertising Tay Zar Zaw Win, Seint Seint Aye, Moe Hsann Pann Advertising Hotline - 09 7323 6758 Subscription & Circulation Aung Khin Sint - aksint2008@gmail.com 092043559 Nilar Myint - manilarmyint76@gmail.com 09421085511 Managing Director Prasert Lekavanichkajorn pkajorn@hotmail.com Email Editor - sherpa.hossainy@gmail.com Advertising - sales.mbtweekly@gmail.com Designer - zarni.circle@gmail.com Phone Editor - 09 42110 8150 Designer - 09 7310 5793 Parliamentary Speaker Thura Shwe Mann said last week that he would cooperate with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi if she becomes the country’s President following the 2015 elections. However, Shwe Mann, who is also chairman of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), made it clear that amending the constitution to ensure that Suu Kyi can legally become President, should she win the election, is not at the top of his party’s priorities. “If she was elected president, I would work together with her for the sake of the country’s development,” he said. “I have no objection to her becoming president.” Aircraft Fuel Consumption Increases for Fifth Consecutive Year in 12-13 Fiscal Myanmar sold 28.58 million gallons of aircraft fuel Across the country, there are 11 airports distributing lay as well as smaller destinations such as Dawei, Myeik and Mawlamyine. Publisher U Myo Oo (04622) year previously. Printing Shwe Naing Ngan Printing (04193) No. 1A-3, Myintha 11th Street, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Tel: 951-850 0763, Fax: 951-8603288 ext: 007 Yangon Stock Exchange ‘needs K32 billion in start-up capital change, which is being tipped to be implemented in 2015, will need K32 billion ($32.5 million) in starting capital. - Chief Lawyer for the go ahead, and that Japan’s Daiwa venture. “There are standards for companies to be listed on the exchange. Not every company will be listed, only companies that meet the standards required,” Maung Maung Thein said, according to the report. Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifhq,fpkESpfaygif;rsm;pGmpD;yGm;a&;wdk;wufrI&yf wefYcJh&NyD;aemufzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrIvrf;aMumif;ay:odkY jyefvnfa&muf&d S vmonfhtwGuf jrefrmEdkifiHESifh qufqHa&;cdkifrmrIonfta&;ygonfh tcsufwpfckjzpfaMumif; b*Fvm;a'h&EiirS tpd;k &trIaqmifrsm; u fS kd f H ajymMum;cJhonf/ Zefe0g&Dv 14 &ufaeYESifh 15 &ufaeYrsm;wGif aejynfawmfü jyKvkyfusif;ycJhaomb*Fvm;a'h&Sf - jrefrmyl;aygif;ukefo,a&;aumfr G f &SitzGUJ 7 BurajrmufawGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJwGif b*Fvm;a'h&Sf-jrefrm f d f ukefonfBuD;rsm;ESifh pufrIvufrItoif; 'kwd,Ouú|jzpfol SM Nurul Hoque ub*Fvm;a'h&SftaejzifhjrefrmEdkifiHESifhukefoG,fa&; zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvmap&ef? pD;yGm;a&;qufE,ruyrcirmvmap&eft G f I kd kd kd kd f wGutav;xm;aqmif&GufoGm;&efvdktyfaMumif;ajymMum;cJhonf/ f vTwfawmfajyma&;qdkcGifh&Sdol ol&OD;a&Tref;u2015 a&G;aumufyGJ wGiftwdutcHygwDacgif;aqmifa':atmifqef;pkMunfom or®wjzpf k f Mum;cJonf/ OD;a&Tref;onfvuf&tmPm&ygwDjzpfaomjynfaxmifpkBuHU h dS cdkifa&;ESif h zGHUNzdK;a&;ygwD Ouú|vnf;jzpfonf/ a':atmifqef;pk Munfomor®wjzpfvmcJhrnfqdkv QifjrefrmEdkifiH zGUH NzdK;wdk;wufrI twGufy;l aygif;aqmif&uom;zG,&aMumif;ESihf a':atmifqef;pkMunf G f G f dS cJhonf/ 2012-2013b@ma&;ESpftwGif; jrefrmEdiirSav,mOfavmifpmqD k f H *gvefaygif;28.58rDvD,Hudk a&mif;cscJh& aMumif; pGrf;tif0efBuD;XmerS xkwfj yefc suft& od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwpf0ef;wGif NrKd UBuD;rsm;jzpf ao&efukefESifh rEÅav;tjyif xm;0,f? NrdwfESifh armfv NrdKifwdkYtxd tygt0if avmifpmjzefYjzL; ay;onfh avqdyfaygif; 11 ck&SdaMumif; od&onf/ 2011-2012 b@ma&;ESpfwGif av,mOfavmifpmqD a&mif;cs&rI yrmPrSm*gvef 26. 52 rDvD,HjzpfaMumif;vnf; od&onf/ jynfwi;f rD',mrsm; owif; azmfjycsuft& &efukefpawmhtdyfcsdef; G D tm; 2015 wGif taumiftxnfazmfaqmif&GufoGm;&eftwGuf BuKd;yrf; aqmif&uaeMuNy;D pawmhtycse;f wnf axmif&eftwGuf G f d f d usyfaiG 32 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 32.5 rDvD,H)txd aiGvkH;aiG&if;rwnfrtjzpf vdtyfrnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ I k
    • LOCAL BIZ 3 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 Joint Secretary of Myanmar’s Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), U Aye Lwin. The majority of Chinese investments have been in the areas of electricity, mining, hydropower and oil and gas. Oil and gas is the area with the highest Chinese investment, followed by electricity. ures, in 11 sectors, Chinese companies are operating 381 enterprises, Files of income from foreignbacked projects. The majority of Chinese investments in Myanmar are in the latter's growing oil and gas industry. “China not only stands at the top of investment Phyu Thit Lwin and Htet Aung C hina’s foreign investment in Myanmar has reached mar Investment Commission, as it continues to be the largest investor in the formerly isolated nation. Htet Aung M yanmar hopes to boost Gross Domestic cal year to K66.2 trillion ($67 billion), according to Dr Kan Zaw, minister for national planning and economic development. Speaking at the First Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Ninth Regular Meeting, Dr Kan Zaw said that trillion. number of national targets. Among them, we are than last year,” he said, revealing that the target percent to 6.5 percent. Myanmar Summary 2014-2015b@mESpfwGifjrefrmEdkifiH jynfwGif;tom; wifxkwfvkyfrIGDPtm;usyf66'or235706x&Dv,zkd; D H txdjrifwufvm&efcefre;f xm;aMumif; trsK;d om;pDrue;f ESifh p;D h Y S H d yGm;a&;zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI0efBuD;Xmejynfaxmifpk0efBuD;a'guf wmuHaZmfu ajymonf/ a'guf w muH a Zmf u yxrtBud r f j ynfaxmifpkvTwfawmf e0ryHretpnf;ta0;wGif ,ckuokYd ajymMum;oGm;cJjh cif; jzpfNyD; k S f hJ 2013-2014 b@mESpfwGif jrefrmEkii GDP rSm usyf 59 d f H 'or 248953 x&DvD,H&SdNyD; vlOD;a&rSm 62 'or 177 oef;txd wdk;wufvmrnf jzpfum ESpfpOfwdk;wufEIef;rsm;udk okn'or 98 &mcdkifEIef;txdv smxm;aMumif;a'gufwmuH aZmfujynfaxmifpkvTwfawmftpnf;ta0;wGifajymMum;cJh onf/ also seen an increase in border trade and regular trade annually,” said operations totaling $6.3 billion, or 18.65 percent of the total, followed by South Korea, with 71 opof $2.9 billion, or 8.69 percent. cials revealed last month that they are targeting Myanmar-India border trade to reach $3 billion by 2015. Myanmar’s relatively new quasi-civilian government has eased tax at border stations, say border entrepreneurs, which ish between the neighbouring countries. “Due to the current situation, border trade has increased. Also, road conditions have improved which has helped the situation,” said one border trader, revealing that the majority of goods traded were beans and forestry products. Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHodkY 0ifa&muf&if;ESD; jr§KyErI jyKvyonfh Ediiaygif; 25 f HS k f k f H EdkifiH&Sdonfhteuf w½kwfEdkifiH &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrSm vuf&Sdtcsdef txd a':vm 14.12 bDvD,H txd &SaeNyD; ? &if;ES;D jrK§ yErtrsm; d f HS I qH;k Ediitjzpf &yfwnfaeaMumif; k f H jrefrmEdii&if;ES;D jrK§ yEraumfr&Sif k f H f HS I rS od&onf/ ]]w½kwfEdkifiHu jrefrmEdkifiHudk vma&muf&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHwJh EdkifiH awGxJrm &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrItrsm;qHk; S tqifhrm &yfwnfae½Hkwifru S bl; ukeo,ryi;f rSmvnf; e,fpyf f G f I kd ukefoG,frI ? yHkrSefukefoG,frIawG rSmESppOfwk;d wufvmwmudk awGU& f w,f}}[k jrefrmEdiiueonfr sm; k f H k f ESifh pufrIvkyfief;&Sifr sm;toif; csKyf wGJzuftaxGaxGtwGif;a&; rSL; OD;at;vGifu qdkonf/ jynfyEdiirsm;rS pD;yGm;a&;u@ k f H 11 ckwif &if;ES;D jrK§ yEaomvkyief; G f HS f aygif; 381 ck&SdaeNyD;? pkpkaygif; &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIyrmPrSm a':vm 34. bDvD,H&SdaMumif; od& 2 onf/
    • 4 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Aye Myat M yanmar has attracted $1.92 billion dollars in foreign investment to boost its hotel and tourism sec- revealed. hotel rooms in 923 hotels, motels and guest houses across the country, according to the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism. The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has granted operation licenses to a total of 1,350 tourism companies including one foreign company, 25 joint panies. It has also issued 196 tourismrelated transport licenses and 3, 667 tour guide licenses. According to the Myanmar Investment Commission, it has allowed more investment in the hotel building and manufacturing sectors this month, creating new job opportunities. To meet the growing demand for hotels, the ministry has approved the establishment of 11 more hotel zones in three regions of the country, namely Aurelia Rusek leased by the Ministry of Hotels, the bulk of investment comes from Singaporean companies, which make up $880 million, followed by Thailand ($235 million), Japan ($183 million) and China ($150 million). The investment is spread over 39 projects in the sector, some of which have been completed, while others are still under construction. tharyi. long been popular tourist destinations, but Tanintharyi is growing in popularity due to its pristine beaches and close proximity to Thailand, which is becoming more accessible as Myanmar’s government opens border stations as tourism interest in the country increases. Meanwhile, the number of tourist arrivals is expected to rise this year as many foreign visitors are destined to visit Mymits to be hosted by Myanmar Last year, Myanmar attracted over 2 million tourists, of whom through airports. Visa-on-arrival for visitors their travel to the country. Myanmar Summary w&m;0ifxwjf yefaMunmcJonftcsuf k h h tvufrsm;t& jrefrmEdiionf 2013k f H 2014 b@ma&;ESpfwGif [dkw,fESifh c&D; oGm;u@zGHU NzdK ;wdk ; wuf r I twG uf EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfEHSrIyrmP tar&d uefa':vm 1.92 bDvD,Htxd &&Sd atmif pGrf;aqmifEdkifcJhaMumif; od& onf/ [dkw,fESifhc&D;oGm;vma&;0efBuD;Xme rS xkwjf yefaMunmcJonfh tcsutvuf h f rsm;t& pifumylukrÜPDrsm;rSm &if;ESD; jr§KyErtrsm;qH;k jyKvycNhJ y;D tar&duef f HS I k f a':vm 880 rDvD,Htxd &if;ESD;jr§KyfEHS cJhum xdkif;EdkifiHrS 'kwd,ae&mwGif&Sdae NyD; tar&duefa':vm 235 rDvD,H? *syefEdkifiHrS tar&duefa':vm 183 rDvD,HESifh w½kwfEdkifiHrS tar&duef a':vm 150 rDv,H &if;ESD;jrK§ yEcJonf/ D f SH h [dkw,fESifhc&D;oGm;u@wGif pDrHudef; aygif; 39 ckü &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHcJhMuNyD; tcsKdU pDrHudef;rsm;onf tNyD;owfvkyfqmif EdkifcJhNyD;jzpfovdk tjcm;pDrHudef;rsm;rSm vuf&SdwGif taumiftxnfazmfaqmif &Gufv suf&Sdonf/ [dkw,fESif h c&D;oGm; vkyfief;ñTefMum;rIOD;pD;XmerS tcsuf tvufr sm;t& jrefrmEdkifiHwGif [dkw,f aygif; 923 vHk;rS [dkw,ftcef;aygif; 35834 udk axmufyHhay;EdkifNyD; rdkw,f ESifh {nfha*[mrsm;vnf;&SdaMumif; od& onf/ [dkw,fESifhc&D;oGm;vma&;0efBuD;Xme rS c&D;oGm;vkyfief;aygif; 1350 udk vkyf ief;aqmif&GufcGifhvdkifpifrsm;udk cGifhjyK ay;cJhNyD; jynfyukrÜPD 1 ck ? zufpyf vkyfief;aygif; 25 ckESifh jynfwGif; ukrÜPDaygif; 1324 ck tygt0ifjzpf aMumif; od&onf/
    • LOCAL BIZ 5 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 Reuters key priority areas, those being electricity, water supply, agricultural development, employment, opment and trade and investment. The two-day forum, organised by the Ministry of National Planning ment, was also attended by World Bank President nomic and Social Commission for Asia and President Thein Sein has called on development partners in the country to cooperate with the government. Aye Myat opment reform. P said, has created favourable conditions for national reconciliation with mutual understanding built with ethnic minority groups, although his comments come at a time when his government is coming under heavy criticism from the international community for another alleged massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State - something the government is denying took place - as tensions continue between Rohingya and Rakhine Buddhists. With regards to economic reform, Thein Sein said that the country saw a 7.3 percent GDP growth in 2012-2013, up from a predicted 6.7 percent growth and the country continues to attract foreign investment despite some concerns regarding creaking infrastructure and high land prices. He added that the reform of public administration would involve reducing central control and improving the capacity of local governments, while the fourth referred to improving conditions for trade, as well as logistical and institutional infrastructure. In the remaining months of his term, Thein Sein said that his government will focus on seven resident Thein Sein has urged development partners working in the country to cooperate with the government as Myanmar continues its transition towards genuine democracy. Speaking at the Myanmar Development Cooperation Forum, which was hosted in Nay Pyi Taw under the theme of “Accelerating Actions for Progress sive Coordination”, Thein Sein spoke of the need for systematic management in order to continue the economy’s growth. The government, he said, is predicting a 9.1 percent GDP growth for which will be aided by velopment plan that will streamline Myanmar’s aid, support and assistance needs in line with development priorities, making the country’s deAlmost three years into his presidency, which may be extended beyond national elections cited for 2015, Thein Sein said that the government is implementing four phases of its reform process, notably political reform, economic reform, public administration reform and private sector devel- Secretary Noeleen Heyzer as well as other ministers and businesspeople. This year’s event is the second of its kind, folment Cooperation Forum which was hosted in Nay Pyi Taw in January 2013. Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh ydkrdkppfrSef aumif;rGefaom 'Drdkua&pDEdkifiH awmftjzpfodkY vSrf;wufoGm;Edkif &ef t wG uf zGHUNzdK ;wdk; wuf a&; twG uf yl ; aygif; aqmif & G u f ol rsm;taejzifh tpdk;&ESif h yl;aygif; aqmif&GufoGm;Mu&ef EdkifiHawmf or®wBuD; OD;odef;pdefu wdkuf wGef;ajymMum;vdkufonf/ aejynfawmfü jyKvkyfusif;ycJh aom zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufa&;qdkif&m yl ; aygif ; aqmif & G u f r I z d k & rf w G i f or®w OD;odef;pdefu EdkifiH pD ; yG m ;a&;wd k ; wuf r I q uf v uf jzpfxGef;ap&eftwGuf pepfus cdkifrmaom pDrHcefYcGJrIvdktyfc suf ESifh ywf ouf í ajymMum;cJ h j cif; jzpfonf/ tpdk;&taejzifh 2014-2015 b@ma&;ESpftwGuf pkpkaygif; jynfwGif;xkwfukefwdk;wufrIEIef; rSm 9.1 txd&Svm&ef arQmref; d f S xm;aMumif;ESifh ig;ESpfwm trsKd; om;zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrItpDtpOfudk vnf; axmufyHhjyKvkyfoGm;rnf jzpfum zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrIOD;pm;ay; u@rsm;wGif vdktyfcsufr sm;udk vnf; axmufyHhvkyfaqmifoGm; rnfjzpfNy;D Edii zGUH NzdK;wd;k wufrI k f H tm; ydkrdktusKd;&Sd jzpfxGef;vmap EdkifrnfjzpfaMumif; or®wBuD;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ tpd;k &taejzifh jyKjyifajymif;vJ a&;vkyfief;pOfr sm;ESifh ywfouf í u@ 4 ckcGJum taumif txnf a zmf a qmif & G u f a eNyD ; tqdkygu@rsm;rSm EdkifiHa&; jyKjyifajymif;vJrI? pD;yGm;a&;jyKjyif ajymif;vJr?I trsm;jynfoprcefcJG l D H Y a&;qdkif&m jyKjyifajymif;vJrIESifh yk*vu@zGUH NzKd ;wd;k wufrqi&m ¾ d I kd f jyKjyifajymif;vJrIwdkYyifjzpfonf/
    • LOCAL BIZ 6 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 at a time that the two international companies, Telenor and Ooredoo, roll out their services, is likely to lead to further job prospects. “Ooredoo Myanmar requires jynfwGif;tvkyftudkifaps;uGufwGif ta&mif;pifwmrsm;? 0efaqmifrvyief; I k f rsm; rsm;jym;vmonfESifhtrQ ta&mif; 0ef x rf ; ac:,l rIrmvnf ; trsm ;qHk ; S tqihfodkY a&muf&SdaeaMumif; tvkyf tudkiftcGifhtvrf;*sme,frS wm0efcH t,f'Dwm OD;oef;pdk;u ajymonf/ ]] ta&mif;0efxrf;uac:,lrIr sm;o vd k a vQmuf xm;rI v nf ; r sm ;ygw,f / City Mart awGrSm aemufNyD; ta&mif;ydkif;vdkaewmrsKd;twGuf twef; ynm 8 wef; ? 9 wef;avmufq&w,f/ kd ½ky&nfoihwifh NyD; oefY&Sif;oyf&yfzdkYawmh f f vdkwmaygh/Customer awGudk0efaqmif rI a y;&wmqd k a wmh o yf o yf & yf & yf 0wfwwf?pm;wwfzkeJY pum;tajymcsKd Yd omzdY k ta&;BuD;ygw,f}}[kokcpkpHjynf wGif;tvkyftudkif&SmazGa&;at*sifpDrS wm0ef &SdolwpfOD;u ajymonf/ xdkYjyif bGJU&vli,ftrsm;pkonfvnf; tvkyfpwif0ifa&mufvkyfudkif&mwGif k ta&mif;pifwmrsm;ü Admin ydi;f ESifh ta&mif;pma&;ydkif;wdkYwGif vma&muf avQmufxm;Muonf/ kd f ]] Ooredoo Myanmar u wpfEiiH vHk; twdkif;twmeJY ta&mif;qdkifawG zG i f h v S p f r S m qd k a wmh ta&mif ;0efxrf; trsm;Bu;D vdtyfygw,f/ 'D&mxl;twGuf k taxGtxl;oifay;p&mrvdkbl;/ NyD;cJhwJh tacgufu Ooredoo Myanmar u tvkyac:wJyJGrmvnf; ta&mif;0efxrf; f h S ydkif;avQmufwJholu ododomomydkrsm; w,f}}[k Ooredoo Myanmar rS o wif ; xk w f jyef a & ; wm 0ef &Sd ol roD&dMumndKu ajymonf/ vuf &S d t a &mif ; 0ef x rf ; wpf OD ; tajccHvkyfcvpmcHpm;cGifhrSm aiGu syf 5 aomif;&&SdNyD; ? a&mif;&onfh ypönf; ta&twGufay:rlwnfí tusKd;cHpm; cGifh&SdEkdifaMumif; od&onf/ aeaom tat;cef;puf½Hkaygif; 130 wGif wefzk;d jrifyuetjzpf puf½tenf; h kYd k f kH i,fom&SdNyD; trsm;pkrm ukeMf urf;tqifh S jzifh wifydkYaeMu&onf/ xdkYjyif ig;uefr sm;wGif ig;a&m*grsm; jzpfvQif wpfuefvHk;eD;yg; aoqHk;wwf ojzifh arG;jrLa&;enf;pepfrsm; ajymif;vJ &ef vdktyfum? EdkifiHawmfydkif;rSvnf; tqifjh rifenf;ynm&yfrsm; axmufyay; h hH ajymonf/ arG;jrLolr sm;rSm ud,yiarG;jrLa&;uef k f kd f ES i hf tat;cef ; puf½H k r sm ;&S d aomf vnf ; arG;jrLp&dwjf rifrm;aejcif;? vQyppf"mwf h f tm; vHkavmufpGm&&SdrIr&Sdjcif;ESifh arG;jrL onfh enf;ynmydkif;rsm; tm;enf;ae aomaMumifh xkwfvkyfrIpGrf;tm;rsm; avsmusaponf[k jrefrmEdiiig;vkyief; h k f H f tzGUJ csKyfrS wm0ef&SowpfOD;u ajymonf/ d l pany will open sales centres throughout the country,” said Thiri Kyar Nyo, Ooredoo’s Public Relations Manager. “During the most recent Ooredoo Myanmar job fayre, we had a great Ooredoo she said. The government has also announced that it plans to host job fayres in order to help create job prospects as the country’s economy opens up. Myanmar's employment market is expected to see a growth in the coming years, particularly as international companies, such as telecoms giant Ooredoo, move into the country. Phyu Thit Lwin and Htet Aung Myanmar Business Today that a mushroom in sales and ser- ouths in Myanmar look set to take advantage of the increasing number of businesses arriving in the country, as job opportunities will be created, according to sources within the employment industry. U Than Soe, editor-in-charge of Job Opportunity Journal told local employment market. Others in the employment industry urged young people looking for work to maintain professionalism if they want to gain good jobs with international as well as local companies. Phyu Thit Lwin tend to use much more traditional techniques to breed their livestock and we need to change that culture if we want our exports to grow,” she added. There are currently 130 freezer factories exporting marine products abroad, but the majority of those only export the raw materials as they do not have the necessary or technology to produce the value-added products, Daw Toe Nandar Tin added that another problem is that D ue to weak technology and knowledge in the breeding of livestock, most of the marine products exported by Myanmar abroad are done so as raw materials, according to sources in the industry. Sources believe that entrepreneurs are losing a huge amount of potential income as their products lack value and if Myanmar can implement systems to improve the quality of their exported products, then the eases due to the conditions in many of the breeding grounds and urged the government to help the entrepreneurs and contribute to advanced technology within the industry. Many businesses operate their own aqua-culture ponds and cool storage facilities but many have said that costs are high, electricity power supply is inadequate and technology and knowledge are not good enough to produce international quality products. Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHrS a&xGufydkYukefrsm; jynfy odkY wifydkYa&mif;cs&mwGif arG;jrLa&; enf;ynmydif;qdi&mü tm;enf;aeojzifh k k f trsm;pkukd ukeMf urf;tqifjh zifom wifyYdk h a&mif;csae&í wefzdk;jrifhukefypönf;rsm; xkwfvkyfwifydkYEdkifrI tvGefenf;yg;ae ao;aMumif; jrefrmEdkifiHom;ig;xkwf vkya&mif;0,fa&;vkyief;&Sirsm;toif; f f f rS od&onf/ ]]Techonology awGeJY olr sm; 1 [uf wmudk wef 500 xkwfaewJhtcsdefrSm uRefrwdkYqDrSm 10 wefyJ xkwfEdkifao; w,f/ tqifhjrifhenf;ynmvJ 'DrSm r&Sd bl;/aemufNyD; ig;ueftus,fBuD;awG rSm zGJyufauR;w,fqdkwm a&S;½dk;pGJ rd½dk; zvmarG;jrLa&;yHpwpfcjk zpfaewJtwGuf k H h arG;jrLrIypajymif;&r,f}}[k jrefrmha&xGuf kH H ukefypönf;wifydkYa&mif;csolr sm;toif; Ouú| a':wdk;eE´mwifu ajymonf/ a&xGuueypönf;rsm; jynfyodkY wifyYkd f k f Myanmar Summary Reuers “Through using technology other countries produce 500 tonnes for every one hectare of land, but in Myanmar that number is more like 10 tonnes,” said Daw Toe Nandar Tin, chairman of the Myanmar Marine Products Dealers Association. “We don’t have the necessary technology here. Many farmers here high demand. For example. CityMart is always looking for or high school to apply. It is important that applicants present themselves well, dress nicely and speak in a good way, as the jobs are in the customer service industry,” said a responsible person from ThuKaSuSan employment agency. Meanwhile, the much-publicised reforms in the telecommunications sector, particularly Zin, who operates an overseas employment agency, respective ministries will help to organise job fayre where employers and employees can communicate directly. “Myanmar will host job fayres in the future. These fayres should be in the remote areas where there are few job opportunities available,” U Thaung
    • LOCAL BIZ 7 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Phyu Thit Lwin M yanmar’s intellectual property law is ex- by June, sources within the industry revealed recently. Work began on implementing IP law in 2003 and in 2010 the Ministry of Science and Technology pushed further forward the plans to have it up and running. WM continues to process the copyright law. In 2010, the Ministry took accountability and urged parties to progress with the law. We are waiting for approval from the President’s Of- open the market to other operators. Shein Thu Aung T he Myanmar and Japan governments have agreed to revise a bilateral aviation accord allowing more Japanese and Myanmar airlines countries, it was announced last week. The original accord, signed in 1972, stipulated that only one airline from each nation agreement was signed following a meeting between Japan’s Ambassador to Myanmar Mikio Numata and director general of the Department of Civil Aviation under Myanmar’s Transport Ministry Tin Naing Tun. Currently All Nippon Air- ics will have lights and energy to power life-saving technology. poverty.” About a tenth of the fund, roughly $200 million, will contribute to programmes that will supply universal healthcare to the country by 2030. The funding, the bank says, will increase access to essential health services for women and children and provide much-needed healthcare to those who cannot afford it. Another $80 million in grants is already helping rural communities in schools, roads, water and other infrastructure and further promote bilateral exchanges,” a release announcing the deal said. Japan is a close ally of the current Myanmar government and is involved in a range of projects within the country, most notably in infrastructure as the formerly-isolated nation continues unprecedented reforms aimed at lifting the economy and bringing genuine democracy to the country. Japan has cleared much of Myanmar’s debt to them and is heavily involved in the Thilawa lion dollar industrial project as plans to upgrade Myanmar’s transport network. projects, while other aspects of the projects include improved access to telecommunications cial management systems and providing grants to schools and poor students. “World Bank’s support to developing electrical power is very good. Many places in the supply, so this is needed,” said economist U Thar Lwin. However, during his address Kim warned Myanmar against corruption as increased international aid comes into the country amid the unprecedented reforms currently taking place. Myanmar Summary jrefrmtpdk;&ESifh *syeftpdk;&wdkYonf ESpfEdkifiHavaMumif; oabmwlnDcsuf wpfckudkjyefvnfjyifqifcJhNyD; *syef EdkifiHESifh jrefrmEdkifiHrS avaMumif;vdkif; rsm;tm; ESpfEdkifiHtwGif; avaMumif; vkyfief;rsm; ydkrdkaqmif&GufvmEdkif&ef twGujf zpfaMumif; vGeconftywfwif f hJ h G xk w f j yef a MunmcJ h o nf / rl v oabm wlncsutm; 1972 ckEpwif vufrwf D f S f G S a&;xdk;cJhNyD; ,if;oabmwlnDcsuft& jrefrmEdkifiHESifh *syefEdkifiHrS avaMumif; vdkif;wpfckom avaMumif;0efaqmifrI rsm;udkjyKvkyfEdkifaMumif;od&onf/,ck oabmwlncsutopftm; *syefEiiH D f kd f rS jrefrmEdkifiHa&;&moHtrwf Mikio Numata ESifh ydkYaqmifqufoG,fa&; 0efBuD;Xmevufatmuf&Sd jrefrmhav aMumif;ñTefMum;rIOD;pD;Xme ñTefMum; a&;rSL;csKyfjzpfol OD;wifEdkifxGef;wdkYu vufrwa&;xd;k cJMh uaMumif; od&onf/ S f Recalling an incident in Bangladesh when he was forced to shut down a programme due to corruption, Kim warned Myanfate. “I would not hesitate to do evidence of corruption in any of the projects,” he said, adding that the Bank will monitor the programmes closely to ensure that the funds go into the necessary areas. World Bank ceased operations in Myanmar, then Burma, in 1987 after the then-ruling military junta stopped payments on debts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Through Free Trade agreement, foreign country and if copyright law is not enacted properly, then the state economy could lose around 20 percent,”” Nyunt Tin added. Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdiiwif ÓPypön;f rlyiciukd k f H G kd f G hf 2003 ckESpfrS pwifum a&;qGJcJhNyD; taMumif;trsKd;rsKd;aMumifh xGuf&SdvmEdkif jcif; r&Sdao;bJ vuf&SdwGif 2010 ckEpf S rS pwifí odyEienf;ynm0efBuD;|merS HÜ S hf vTJajymif;wm0ef,laqmif&Gufvsuf&Sd&m ,ckEptwGi;f rlyiciOya' xGu&SEif S f kd f G hf f d kd aMumif; od&onf/ ]]rlyiciOya'udk a&S UaecsKy½kH;u t&if kd f G hf f qHk;OD;pD;NyD; a&;qGJcJhwmyg/ 2010 ckEpf S rSmawmh odyEienf;ynm0efBu;D |meu HÜ S hf vTajymif;wm0ef,Nl y;D qGNJ y;D om;Oya'udk J tajccHNy;D vdtyfwmawG xyfjznfhw,f/ k 'DOya'u Ediiawmfor®w½H;k wdkY ? vTwf k f H awmf wdkY u ae twnf jyKcsuf & ,l N yD ; ajcmufvydi;f avmufrm xGuEivrr,f k S f kd f d hf xifw,f}}[k MN Associates Intellectual Property Law Firm rS Managing Partner OD;rif;awZñGeUf wifuajymonf/ Reuers nese cities. The new agreement means that other airlines will tries with Japan Airlines one of the airlines expected to capitalise on the new agreement. “The revision is expected to respond to growing needs for expecting it in June,” said U Min Tayza Nyunt Tin, managing partner for MN Associates Intellectual Property Law Firm. Copyright extends to four parts-creation copyright, trademark, literary and artist work copyright and industrial patent copyright. As Myanmar attracts an increasing number of foreign visitors and businesses, IP Law is seen as a crucial law. - products and pharmacy products very much. When Myan- aid from Japan, last year Myanmar was able to clear debts to World Bank and Asian Development Bank, seeing a return of the banks at a time of muchneeded development. During his visit, Kim also met with President Thein Sein as well as other government members, opposition leaders and businesspeople in the capital Nay Pyi Taw. tm; rdrdwdkYtaejzifh ulnDvdkaMumif; Kim u ajymMum;cJhonf/ jrefrm EdkifiHuJhodkY EdkifiHwGif vQyfppf"mwftm; &&SdrIukd wdk;csJUaqmif&Gufjcif;tm;jzifh vlUtzGJUtpnf;udk wdk;wufajymif;vJ&ef twGuf taxmuftuljzpfapEdiaMumif;? k f uav;oli,fr sm;taejzifh nydkif;wGif avhvmoif,rrsm;jyKvyvmEdirnfjzpf l I k f k f ovdk qdkifrsm;taejzifhvnf; ydkrdkzGifhvSpf vmEdkifrnfjzpfonf/ xdkYtjyif usef;rm a&;aq;ay;cef;rsm;vnf; ydkrdkwdk;wuf vmrnfjzpfaMumif;ESifh vQyfppf"mwftm; &&Sronf qif;&JEr;f yg;rIukd avQmc s&ef d I G h twGuf rsm;pGmtaxmuftuljzpfaMumif; vnf; ajymMum;cJonf/ tqdyg axmufyhH h k rIr sm;aMumifh usef;rma&;apmifha&SmufrI udk vdktyfNyD; vufvSrf;rrDaom trsKd; orD ; rsm;ES i f h uav;i,f r sm;twG u f usef;rma&;apmifha&SmufrIudk &&SdvmEdkif rnfjzpfonf/
    • LOCAL BIZ 8 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 Su Su B ritain’s Business Ambassador for Agriculture, James Townshend, has clarity on the issue of land titles if the country is to attract further investment in the agricultural sector. visit to the country last month, which also saw him attend the Townshend said that visibility is needed when it comes to the ownership of land and to avoid problems such as land grabbing, something that has been an issue for land owners in Myanmar since the country’s military-ruled days. “It would be an impediment to the development of the [agriculture] industry, not least because the people who lease the land wouldn’t have any security. If investors don’t have security, they can’t suitably make that investment needed to deliver a competitive agricultural sector,” he said, echoing a number of points made by potential investors who have called on the government to ensure a more stable business environment if they want to continue attracting investors from abroad. Townshend also spoke of the importance the agricultural sector has in terms of lifting the economy as well as providing jobs for the country’s citizens, in a country where it is estimated that 70 percent of the working population are employed in agricultural areas. Also during his trip, Townshend made a visit to the town of Pathein in Ayeyrwaddy region to inspect the site of a joint-venture between local which will produce export-qualMyanmar Summary NAwe pduy sK;d a&;u@qdi&m pD;yGm; d d f k f k f a&;&moHtrwfwpfOD;jzpfonfh James Townshend onf jrefrmEdiitaejzif h k f H pduy sKd;a&;u@wGif EdiijH cm;&if;ES;D jrK§ yEHS k f k f f rI rsm;udk yd krd k q G J a qmif E d k i f & ef t wG u f tpdk;&taejzifh ajrydiqiruprsm;wGif k f dk f I d ö ydkrdk&Sif;vif;jywfom;atmif aqmif&Guf oifhaMumif; wdkufwGef;ajymMum;vdkuf onf/ NAdwdefoHtrwfonf vGefcJhonfhvu jrefrmEdkifiHokdY ig;&ufwmc&D;pOfjzifh a&muf&SvmcJNh yD; Livestock Myanmar d 2014 Expo udvnf; wufa&mufconf/ k Jh Townshend u ajrydiqirEifhajr,m k f kd f I S tjiif;yGm;rIupr sm;tm; tusytwnf; d ö f rawGUap&eftwGuf ydr&i;f vif;jywfom; k kd S pGmvkyfaqmif&efvdktyfaMumif;? jrefrm EdkifiHtaejzifhajr,mydkifqdkifrI jyóem rsm;tm;ppftpdk;&tkyfcsKyfonfhumv uwnf;rSpí awGUBuHKcJh&onf/ ajr,mtjiif ; yG m ;rI r sm;onf p d k u f ysKd ; a&;u@zG H U Nzd K ;wd k ; wuf r I t wG u f t[efYtwm;wpfckozG,f&SdaeNyD;&if;ESD; jr§KyfESHolrsm;taejzifhvnf;ajr,miSm; &rf;rIr sm;udcirmpdwc s&onfh vHNk cHKrr&Sd k kd f f I ojzifhajr,miSm;&rf;rIr sm;udkjyKvkyfoGm; vdrfhrnfr[kwfaMumif;ESifh&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHol rsm;twGufvHkNcHKpdwfcs&rIudkray;Edkif vQifpdkufy sKd;a&;u@wGifydkrdk,SOfNydKifEdkif pG r f ; aumif; vm&ef twGuf vdtyf a om k &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm;udk jyKvkyfom;Edkifrnf G Sand and Stone Htet Aung T he sand and stone markets have performed well ment and private constructions as well as apartments and housing complexes continue to thrive in Myanmar, sources in the industry say. According to construction accessory businessmen U Kyaw Kyaw and Ko Than Htay, while sand and stone have seen a rise in popularity for the construction of buildings and properties, demand for brick has seen a slight fall. “The prices for bricks at construction accessory shops Files because there is so much of it available. However, sand and stone orders are high, particu- An estimated 70 percent of Myanmar's work in the agricultural industry. Ko Than Htat, who added that a high amount of demand for sand and stone comes from Thanintharyi Region in Myanmar’s south and close to the border with Thailand. He added that, due to the brick market being seasonal, many brick traders manufacture the product in bulk, which leads to a fall in the price of the product. The price for units of pricks has fallen from K125 each to K115 given the current climate. Myanmar Summary ,ckvuf&Sd 2014 ckESpf ESpfqef;ydkif; rS pwifum EdkifiHtwGif;&Sd tpdk;&wnf aqmufa&;vkyfief;rsm;? yk*¾vduwnf aqmufa&;vkyief;rsm;? uefx½dkuwuf f f kd cef;rsm;ESifh aetdrjf yKjyifwnfaqmufa&; vkyfief;twGuf t"dutoHk;jyKaeaom oJ? ausmufrsm; e,frSt0,frsm;vmNyD;? tkwaps;EIe;f usqif;vmaMumif; aqmuf f vkyfa&;vkyfief;&Sif OD;ausmfausmfESifh tdraqmufypön;f a&mif;0,fa&;vkyief; f f rS udkoef;aX;wdkY ajymMum;csuft& od&onf/ ,ck&ufydkif;twGif;ü weoFm&Dwkdif; tygt0if e,fNrdKUrsm;rS oJ? ausmuf 0,f,rrsm;jym;vmjcif;aMumifh &efueNf rKd U l I k wGif;ü ypönf;&Sm;yg;rIrsm;jzpfay:aeNyD; tkwfta&mif;t0,faps;uGufwGifvnf; &moDcsejf zpfaomaMumifh tkwxwvyf d f k f k rIrsm;jym;um tkwftvHk;a&aps;EIef;rsm; avsmhusoGm;onf[k txufygyk*¾dKvf rsm;u ajymonf/ ]]'D & uf y d k i f ; rSm NrdKUwG i f ; td r f a qmuf ypönf;a&mif;0,fwJhae&mrSm tkwfuvJ t0ifrsm;vmawmh a&mif;aps;usoGm;yg w,f/ aemufNyD; oJeJY ausmufudk e,f awGu awmfawmfav;rSm,lwmudk awGU& ygw,f}}[k udkoef;aX;u ajymonf/ tkwfaps;EIef;t& t0ifr sm;vmaom aMumifh ,cifu wpfwHk; 125 usyf&SdcJh aomfvnf; ,cktcgusyf 115usyf0ef; usifjzifha&mif;csaeaMumif; od&onf/
    • LOCAL BIZ 9 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com for so long, it had just expired. With all the challenges already presented from operating within Myanmar, the last thing you need is trouble using a phone.” Thankfully, woes like Ryan’s will soon be a thing of the past as last week the government Daisuke Lon I (FMI) last week announced that it has successfully com- shares at a price of K10,000. The shares were issues on Jan- demand after the successful completion of issuing 2.5 million shares to existing shareholders and the company announced that it expects total gross proceeds from the sale to reach K27.5 billion ($27.9 million), of which the proceeds two international companies looking to roll out their services across the country. Qatar’s Ooredoo and Telenor of Norway were announced as the bid winners on June 27 2012, but had to wait seven months, while the Ministry of Communications and InformaTelecommunications Law, to be granted the 15-year licenses. According to a press release from the ministry, the licenses will “authorise each operator to build, own and operate a telecommunications network and to provide the full range team up with other international companies in order to make themselves more competitive in the market. Telenor, which is part owned by the Norwegian government, plans to launch its services within eight months and is looking to achieve 90 percent years. The group also said in a release last week that it plans to breakeven on its investment within three years. “A major milestone has been passed with the acceptance of the nationwide telecommunications license agreement with the Myanmar government. Telecommunications is a strategic sector in enabling the advancement of key industries, and this license agreement marks the beginning of an exciting journey in Myanmar’s development,” said Jon Fredrik Bak- tenders for services including to private companies. tvrf;aumif;rsm;udk &SmazG&eftwGuf a&muf&Sdvmjcif;jzpfonf/ xdktcsefu qif;uwfwpfckudk &&Sd&ef d qdi;f cJh&aMumif; od&onf/ qif;uwfudk k &&SdcJhonfhtcsdefwGif; qif;uwfaps; EIef;rSm tar&duefa':vm 100 ausmf ukeusonftwGuf r,HMk unfEicaMumif; f h k d f Jh xdkif;EdkifiHwGifqdkvQif qif;uwfukd aiGay;aqmifp&mrvdkbJ &&ScJhaMumif; d Ryan taejzifh jrefrmEdiiokYd cPwm tvnf k f H tywfa&muf&SdcJhtNyD; vtenf;i,f tMumwGif jrefrmEdkifiHodkY jyefvmonfh Meeyahta International Hotel Ltd, a 10-acre property devel- Myanmar Summary First Myanmar Investment (FMI) rSvecJonftywfwixwjf yefaMu G f h h G f k nm 250000 tm;&S,,mwpfccsi;f aps;EIe;f usyfaiG 10000 usyfjzifh a&mif;cs&ef f k twGuf aqmif&GufrIudk tNyD;owfvkyf aqmifEdkifcJhaMumif; od&onf/ Zefe0g&Dv 22 &ufaeYwGif a&mif;cs &ef urf;vSrf;cJhaom &S,f,mrsm;tae jzifh OD;&mvlOD;pm;ay;pepfjzifh a&mif;cscJh aMumif; ukrÜPDrS ajymMum;cJhonf/ tqdky g aemufxyf &S,f ,mrsm;tm;a&mif;csay;rIonf vuf&dS&,f,m&Sif S rsm;tm;&S,f,maygif; 2. rDvD,Htm; a&mif;csurf;vSrf;rINyD;aemuf xyfrH 5 awmif;qdkrIr sm;aMumifh ,ckuJhodkYa&mif;csay;cJhjcif;jzpfNyD; ukrÜPDrS xkwfjyef aMunmrIt& &S,f,mrsm; pkpkaygif; a&mif;cs&rIyrmPonf usyfaiG 27.5 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 27.9 rDvD,H) txd a&muf&SdcJhaMumif; od& onf/ tqdkyg&S,f,mrsm; a&mif;cs&rIrS&&Sd onfh aiGvHk;aiG&if;tm; oDv0gtxl; pD;yGm;a&;ZkefwGif toHk;jyKoGm;rnfjzpfNyD; ,if;pDrHudef;wGif FMI rS &S,f,m 5 &mcdkifEIef;rS 9&mcdkifEIef;txdydkifqdkifxm;aMumif;vnf; od&onf/ Su Su cantly since then, but even today on the black market they are rarely available for less than $100. It is thought that when Ooredoo and Telenor role out their services within the next few months, SIM cards will be available for K1,500 ($1.70). In a country where an estimated 10 percent of the 60 million population has access to a mobile phone, clearly there is huge potential for growth for the two companies, who will also compete alongside local operators Myanmar Posts and Telecom- attended the ceremony to sign the license in Nay Pyi Taw. “The government of Myanmar can be proud of a well-run license process. We look forward to continuing to work alongside the Union Government as Myanmar develops socially, economically and technologically.” The licenses were granted prior to approval of the telecommunications rules and regulations, which will be released in February, U Than Thun Aung, director at Telecommunications Department of the ministry told local research group Thura Swiss. The drafted rules and regulations include licensing, spectrum, access and competi- arpon, both who are planning to the Myanmar arm of the project. Other projects from the country including development of its FMI Air operations following the granting of a temporary the ministry said it will invite rSm tvkyrvkyawmhaMumif; od&onf/ f f qif;uwftm; tcseftawmfMumMum d toHk;rjyKcJhonfhtwGuf oufwrf;vGef oGm;jcif;jzpfaMumif;? jrefrmEdkifiHwGif tcuf t cJ E S i f h pd e f a c:rI r sm ;&Sd a eonfh txJwGif zkef;toHk;jyKrIwGif tcuftcJ rsm;&Sdaejcif;vnf; tygt0ifjzpfonf/ odkYaomfvnf; tpdk;&taejzifh quf oG,fa&;u@tm; ydkrdkwdk;wufvmap &eftwGuf EdkifiHwumatmfya&wmBuD; rsm;tm; wif'gac:,lcJhum jrefrmEdkifiH wpf0ef;wGif qufoG,fa&;0efaqmifrI rsm; tm; jyKvk y f a y ; Edkif& ef t wGuf tjynf j ynf q d k i f & mquf o G , f a &;vk y f ief;BuD;ESpfckudk vdkifpifr sm;csay;cJhonf/ umwm Ooredoo ESifh aemfa0; Telenor wdkYrSm 2012 ckESpf ZGefvwGif wif'gtEdkif&&Sdonfh vkyfief;rsm;jzpfvm cJhNyD; qufoG,fa&;ESifh owif;tcsuf tvufenf;ynm0efBuD;XmerS quf oG,a&;Oya'tm; jy|mef;Edi&eftwGuf f k f 7 vwmapmifhqdkif;cJh&NyD; ,if;vdkifpif onf oufwrf; 15 ESpftxd&SdaMumif; od&onf/ ydkif? uarÇm'D;,m;EdkifiHwdkYjzifh ADZmuif; vGwfcGifh&&Sdxm;jyD;jzpfum ADZmuif; vGwfcGifht& 14 &ufMum vnfywf oGm;vmEdkifaMumif; od&onf/ ]]ADZmuif;vGwfcGifh&&Sdatmif aqmif &Gufwmu tmqD,HEdkifiHtcsif;csif; oGm;a&mufvnfywfEdkif½Hkwifr[kwfyg bl;/oGif;ukef? ydkYukefvkyfief;awG tqif ajyacsmarGUNyD;? ukefoG,frIu@ zGHUNzdK; wdk;wufapzdkUeJU ESpfEdkifiHMum; ,Ofaus; rI"avhp½dkufawG zvS,fNyD; avhvm EdkifzdkYjzpfygw,f/ aemufNyD; jrefrmEdkifiH u tmqD,HOuú|tjzpf wm0ef,l aqmif&ucserm tmqD,qi&mtpnf; G f d f S H kd f ta0;rsm;twGuf a'owGif;EdkifiHawGu vma&mufr,fholawGtwGuf tqifajy apEdkifw,f/ 'gu c&D;oGm;vkyfief;udkyg wdk;wufzdkY taxmuftyHhaumif;vJjzpf ygw,f}}[k vl0ifrBI u;D Muyfa&;ESifhjynfoUl tiftm;0efBuD;|me? ñTefMum;a&;rSL; OD;armifarmifoef;u ajymonf/ jrefrmhc&D;oGm; vkyfief;rSm 2012-13 ckESpfrsm;wGif odompGmwdk;wufvmcJhNyD;? ,ck 2014 ckESpftwGuf jynfwGif;odkU vma&mufrnfh c&D;onfOD;a& oHk;oef; ceftxd arQmre;f xm;aMumif; od&onf/ Y f S ecommunications services on a nationwide basis.” During the country’s militaryrun era, the telecommunications industry was tightly controlled and SIM cards would often cost upwards of $1,000. eastern neighbour. The current boost tourism development,” he added. aim for visa exemption agreements not just for tourists but also to help grow the export and import sectors between the countries in order for trade to Myanmar Summary Myanmar is planning to reach AN countries on visa exemptions by 2015, sources from the Ministry of Immigration and Population revealed last week. Currently, Myanmar has visa exemption agreements with Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia, while an agreement with Thailand was agreed in late 2012 but has been put on hold due to the current unrest taking place in Myanmar’s Than, director of the ministry. of people from within the region will come for the meetings. An agreement would also help jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh tmqD,HEdkifiH tcsif;csif; ADZmrvdkbJ vGwfvyfpGm vnfywfoGm;vmEdkif&eftwGuf a'o wGif;EdkifiHrsm;tMum; ADZmuif;vGwfcGifh oabmwlnDcsufrsm;udk vmrnfh 2015 ckESpftrD&&Sdatmif aqmif&Gufvsuf&Sd aMumif; vl0ifrIMuD;Muyfa&;ESifh jynfolU tiftm;0efMuD;|merS od&onf/ vuf&SdwGif vmtdk? AD,uferf? zdvpf enor Group. Ooredoo have revealed that they plan to roll out their services within six months. “We are delighted to be here today to accept our license,”
    • LOCAL BIZ 10 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Waltraut Ritter Myanmar Summary T he Worldbank Knowledge move up fast. The growth of internet access in Myanmar will predominantly be mobile internet access. Seven percent of the population use mobile phones; the lowest cost for an Android smartphone (with Myanmar font) is $60-70 and a SIM card with data services cost between $5 and $130, depending on the channel through which one gets access to a SIM. Huawei’s smartphones are the market leader at the moment, followed by Samsung. With the opening of the country in the past two to three years, what are the prospects for building the foundations for a knowledge society, a society where knowledge and expertise become the most critical resource and asset for national development? Recent reports and studies about Myanmar (ADB 2012, Cheesman 2012, McKinsey 2013) describe the backward- Reuters Myanmar as second lowest among 157 countries across all key variables relating to ICT, innovation, education as well as economic incentive and institutional regime; Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perception Index lists Myanmar in the bottom group of countries, and the most recent Internet World Statistics report (2012) shows that internet penetration is around one percent, although with the entry of two international telecom operators, Telenor and Ooredoo, rolling out voice and data services nationwide starting this month, ness of everything related to information, from information laws, information access, ICT infrastructure to internet governance. Building the soft infrastructure, capacity, skills and mindset is another challenge. Nwe Nwe Aye says that the government in Myanmar is still heavily circumscribed by secrecy and lack of transparency, and that there is “no sense of political rule as a participative process” (Nick Cheesman et. al. (ed.) Myanmar’s Transition: Openings, Obstacles and OpportuThe culture of an authoritarian technology may act as a catalyst, but there are quite a few countries with excellent ICT infrastructure and non-existing or low civic rights and public transparency as well. Reporters without Borders and the Burma Media Association claim that “the structure of the new Burmese Internet as thorities more surveillance options, while reserving the fastest and best-quality access for the government and military”. They say that Myanmar’s use of Blue Coat technologies (the Silicon Valley tech company providing internet censorships equipment and services such as Deep Packet inspection) in government agencies raises quespolicy and surveillance. The Asian Development Bank (ADB), which resumed operations in Myanmar in 2013, is advising the government on ICT strategy and public administration reform. Following their tender for the development of an e-Governance Master Plan, it was just announced a few days ago that IT services provider Infosys will be appointed as advisor for the $1.5 million project, which also includes six months training for 100 engineering students. Building ICT capacity is the basis for information and data management across the public sector, and also the basis for any Open Data initiative. All major global tech companies urÇmbPf Knowledge Economy h k f H k f H Index wGif jrefrmEdiionf Ediiaygif; 157 Ediiwif 'kw,tm;tenf;qH;k EdiiH k f H G d k f wpfcjk zpfaMumif; od&Ny;D tqdygñTe;f ude;f k wGif owif;tcsutvufenf;ynmESihf f ywfoufaom t"duajymif;vJrIrsm;? qef;opfwxirrsm;? ynma&;ESihf pD;yGm; D G f I a&;wGitm;ay;rIrsm;? tzGUJ tpnf;qdi&m f k f rl0g'rsm;wdkYvnf; yg0ifaMumif; od& onf/ Transparency International 2013 ckEptusiysujf cpm;rIqi&mñTe;f S f hf kd f ude;f wGif jrefrmEdiionf Z,m;atmuf k f H ajcwGi&aeNy;D Internet World Statistics f dS 2012 ckEpppfwrf;wGivnf; jrefrm S f f EdiitifwmeuftoH;k jyKrrm 1 &mcdif k f H I S k EIe;f eD;yg;om&Sonf/jrefrmEdiiwif quf d k f H G oG,a&;u@tm; zGUH NzKd ;wd;k wufvmap f &eftwGuf tjynfjynfqi&m atmfya& kd f wmrsm;tm; wif'gac:,lcNhJ yD; Telenor ESihf Ooredoo wdtm; qufo,a&; Yk G f vdkifpifrsm;tm; csay;cJhNyD; ,ckv twG i f ; wpf E d k i f i H v H k ; twd k i f ; twm voice ESifh data 0efaqmifrIrsm;udk pwifvkyfaqmifoGm;awmhrnf[k od& onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif tifwmeuftoH;k jyKrI wd;k wufvm&eftwGuf rdbi;f rSwpfqifh k kd tif w meuf t oH k ; jyKEd k i f r I u t"d u axmuf y H h a y;oG m ;Ed k i f r nf j zpf o nf / vlO;D a& 7 &mcdiEe;f om rdbi;f zke;f rsm; k f I k kd tm; toHk;jyKEdkifonfhtaetxm;wGif vnf;&Saeonf/ prwfze;f wpfv;kH twGuf d k tenf;qHk; tar&duefa':vm 60rS 70 txd ukeus&Ny;D data services ESihf f twl qif;uwfrmvnf; tar&duef S a':vm 5 a':vmrS 130 a':vmtxd&dS aeonf/ ,cktcsewif Huawei d f G prwfze;f rsm;rSm jrefrmEdii aps;uGuf k k f H
    • FEATURE 11 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Tan Ren Rong M yanmar has undergone huge changes in recent years in an attempt to open the country’s doors to foreign investment and catch up with the increasingly modernised world. Looking at Myanmar, women are traditionally taught to be gentle and obedient, and were discouraged from being career-minded as it is thought to be the business of the men. According to information from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website, while two-thirds of women work, which is often at roadside stores and sometimes building roads in rural areas, they are engaged mainly in unskilled work at a low, unstable salary. With a meagre 18 percent of women in the country having secondary education or higher, the vast majority of women, usually in rural parts of the vant skills for white- collar jobs that earn better pay. This contributes to a widening income gap between the rich and poor, especially with the opening up of Myanmar’s markets to foreign investment, which usually provides better paying jobs for skilled workers. usually requiring military experience or connections that women may lack in comparison to men, as well as the capabilities of women not being given as much recognition by senior executives as it is in the private sector. Improvements in these sectors are slowly making their way through the changing of laws to allow women ministers in previously all-male ministerial roles. At universities in central Myanmar, while the amount of fe- “In terms of hiring staff, according to several business women, they revealed that while the basics of education are important, most employers will hire based on the candidate’s willingness to work and be trained” male attendees and applicants are higher than that of males, entrance marks for certain courses, such as Medicine, are males than for males. However, with the education sector slowly changing and being improved, as well as previously male-only courses being opened up to include females, gender equality in terms of education is on its terviewees, noted that an engineer in charge of renovations for her recently opened fastfood restaurant, Harleys, was a young woman. Hence, evident Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters obvious that modernisation is creeping into the country, with multinationals including Mercedes, Chevrolet and Hilton entering the market, with many new hotels opening to accomeigners each year. While these new foreign companies undoubtedly create new jobs for the local people, it usually favours those who have had the privilege to pursue a higher education, particularly those who have studied or worked In order to gain an insight into the challenges faced by women in the workforce, I interviewed a number of career women within the country who have climbed their way to the top of come successful entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and directors. With gender discrimination prevalent across much of Asia, one may expect it to be rife in Myanmar. However, the general consensus of the interviews was that it is not seen as a huge issue by the women I interviewed and, on the whole, women are well-respected by men and are considered, on most parts, equal to that of men. A prominent example would be that of the popular leader of the opposition, Aung San Suu Kyi. In the workforce, such as the private sector, there appears to be virtually no gender discrimination, especially in the upper management, as individuals tend to be more liberal and open-minded. Performance, it seems, is the most important criteria for promotion in this sector and an equal amount of respect can generally be expected from the other party. However, there are some limitations in the government and public sector where gender may play more of a role in deciding promotions. This is partly mmbiztoday.com A shopworker serves customers at a phone shop in downtown Yangon. changes in the education sector are showing, where more women are working and leaving their marks in male-dominated industries, such as engineering and construction. cording to several business women, they revealed that while the basics of education are important, most employers will hire based on the candidate’s willingness to work and be trained. Though, of course, like accounting, experience deciding factor. For hotels like Chatrium Hotel, as the Marketing Communications Manager Myat Mon shared, ascending to a senior executive level usually requires good experience plus higher education beyond a university degree, such as a Master’s Degree in respective areas such as Business Administration. While there may be occasional gender preference when hiring for stereotypically male jobs, chitecture or construction, it is tions and experience is slowly starting to have more emphasis. Hence, many businesswomen continues to grow and progress, especially with more international businesses establishing bring along their own work culture and norms that will lead to increased foreign interaction. With the introduction of more international norms and work culture, gender discrimination will be lessened and as individual capability and contribution will be given more focus. When asked about how most career women juggle family and work responsibilities in Myanmar, it was shared that most of them either work with their husbands in their own business or have husbands who do not mind them working as long as they are able to perform family duties, such as looking after the children, though some do hire domestic help to assist them. In some cases, it is the women who become breadwinners of the family, and many of them between family and work. “Successful women entrepreneurs are masters of this balancing act. I’m still trying to become a master,” said Veronica Aw of Nervin Café, a mother of three children. The women I have interviewed all feel that they are become career women, and feel that they have accomplished a lot. Being successful in their careers and family life, they feel that greater recognition is also given to them as others acknowledge that they are capable of handling both their work and family life well. While it cannot be expected in Myanmar for there to be full equality in marriage, Veronica Aw, among other businesswomen and entrepreneurs, believes that men and women should aim to share family responsibil- Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh rMumao;rDESpf rsm;twG i f ; jyKjyif a jymif ; vJ r I r sm;ud k vkyfaqmifNyD; EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm; udk &&Sd&eftwGuf wHcg;zGifhaqmif&Guf cJhumydkrdkacwfrDwdk;wufvmaom urÇm BuD;ajymif;vJrrsm;ESiftnD o[Zmw I h jzpf&eftwGuf BudK;yrf;cJhonf/ jref r mEd k i f i H tBuD ; qH k ; Nrd K Ujzpf a om &ef u k e f t aejzif h v nf ; yd k r d k a cwf r D wdk;wufvmonfudk ododomom awGU jrifvmEdiNf y;D Mercedes ? Chevrolet k ESifh Hilton wdkYuJhodkY EdkifiHwumwGif vkyfief;rsm;aqmif&Gufaeom vkyfief; BuD;rsm;vnf; jrefrmhaps;uGufodkY 0if a&mufvmcJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHodkY EdkifiH jcm;c&D;onfrsm; ESpfpOfa&muf&SdvmrI wd;k wufvmonftwGuf [dw,ftopf h k rsm;udkvnf; zGifhvSpfcJhonf/ ,ckuJhodkY Ek d i f i H j cm;uk r Ü P D t opf r sm;taejzif h jrefrmEdkifiHodkYa&muf&SdvmrIaMumifh jynf wGi;f aexdiorsm;twGuf tvkytudif k f l f k tcG i f h t vrf ; rsm;udk zef w D ; Ed k i f a eNyD ; ynma&;wGif xGef;aygufatmifjrifol rsm;ESifh jynfywGif ynmoifMum;xm;ol rsm; odkYr[kwf tvkyfvkyfudkifzl;olrsm;? jrefrmbmompum;ESifh t*Fvdyfbmom pum;wdkYtm; uRrf;usifydkifEdkifpGm ajym Edkifolrsm;twGuf ydkrdktcGifhtvrf;rsm; &&SdEdkifonfhtaetxm;wGif&Sdaeonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif trsKd;orD;rsm;taejzifh "avhxHk;pHtwdkif; ,Ofaus;odrfarGUNyD; ½dkusKd;aomoabm&SdNyD; pD;yGm;a&;vkyf aqmifjcif;qdkonfrSm trsKd;om;rsm;ESifh omoufqdkifNyD; trsKd;orD;rsm;ESifhrouf qdkif[lonfht[efYtwm;rsm;&SdcJhonf/ tjynfjynfqdkif&maiGaMu;&efyHkaiGtzGJU 0ufbfqkdufwGif azmfjycsuft&
    • FEATURE 12 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 ities in a marriage, rather than the woman being the only or sole family caregiver. A working mother would be unlikely to be able to devote 100 percent of dren, so she believes responsibilities between both parents should become more equalized especially in a rapidly growing economy that brings about rising costs of living. As for the issue of unskilled and lowly educated women in more rural areas of Myanmar, associations like the Myanmar - in the future, as she believes Burmese women are hardworking, and would hence climb their way to upper management more easily. “Women, or anyone for that matter, who are determined and hardworking in their goals Daw Cho Cho Toe said, and her ideals were also reinforced by many successful women I had the pleasure of talking to. It is only when one dares to chase their passion that one is determined to pour their heart into it, and have their passion drive their careers and life, not their way to the top,” the foundand challenges head-strong, like the women I interviewed have demonstrated, and from it, success will come inevitably. “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind -Roosevelt”: this way of with the assistance from associcouraged by families to ensure upward social and economic mobility of women in Myanmar. Tan Ren Rong has interned at Consult-Myamar Co Ltd, a business consultancy based in Yangon. She is planning to pursue a Diploma in International Business in April 2014. Views are author’s own, and do not necessarily represent those of Myanmar Business Today. into the mindsets of current and future generations of girls by the government’s future policies and actions, as well as tvkyfvkyfudkifae&aom trsKd;orD;rsm; oHk;yHkESpfyHkonf vrf;ab;qdkifrsm;ESifh wpfcgwpf&HwGif aus;vufa'orsm;wGif vrf ; rsm;azmuf v k y f r I w G i f 0if a &muf formed in 1995, help organise workshops and courses that teach important and relevant email correspondence for these women, as well as try to ensure more girls are able to continue studying these skills. When asked about their thoughts on women’s role in the are preparing their investment plans for the country, many of them coupled with educational programmes or civil society collaborations. Myanmar has an active civil society working on various aspects of information society, from press freedom to civicdriven public libraries, such as Beyond Access, an organization that aims to transform the country’s vast network of 5000 public libraries into connected information and service hubs, MIDO (Myanmar ICT development organization, which or- The majority of interviewees said that gender discrimination is not a major problem in Myanmar. formed. Currently there exist a number of outdated but still valid laws, such as the “Burma instated by the British Colonial regime, which is part of the ongoing discussions on constitutional reform ahead of the 2015 elections. This year, however, there is a great opportunity to introduce open data initiatives in Myanmar: the country is conducting years. Supported by UN organisations, the data collection will take place in March and April, and provide a sound basis for all further socio-economic development. Reliable information has been a scarce resource in the past decades, and the country data compiled by various international organisations such as UNDP, ITU, and Worldbank has many gaps or only shows estimates, Building an inclusive knowlof data, information and knowledge are available for all. Building intalligible resources is a strategic task for any country, regardless of its state of socioeconomic development. lished on Open Knowledge Foundation Blog and has been republished here with the author’s permission. The author can be contacted at waltraut@ gmail.com. wGiO;D aqmifxm;EdiNf y;D Samsung u f k aemufwif&aeonf/jrefrmEdiitae G dS k f H jzifh vGecaom 2 ESpausmf 3 ESpcefrpí f hJ f f Y S wd k ; wuf r I v rf ; aMumif ; ay:odkY pwif a&muf&Sd&eftwGuf BudK;yrf;cJhNyD; tod ynmESifh uRrf;usifrIrsm;u ta&;tBuD; qH k ; t&if ; tjrpf r sm;jzpf v map&ef E S i f h EdiizGUH NzKd ;wd;k wufrtwGuf taxmuf k f H I tyHhjzpfap&eftwGuf todynmjrifhrm; aom vlUtzGJUtpnf;udkwnfaxmifjcif; jzifh &&SdvmEdkifrnfjzpfonf/ rMumao;rD ydrom,mvSyvmap&eftwGuf BuKd ;yrf; k kd aqmif&GufoGm;&rnfjzpfonf/ u ppfwrf;rsm;ESifh avhvmrIrsm;wGif jref r mEd k i f i H owif ; tcsuf t vuf u@? owif;tcsuftvufjyefMum; a&;Oya'rsm;? owif;tcsuftvuf &&SdEdkifrIESifh owif;tcsuftvufquf oG , f a &;enf ; ynmtajccH t aqmuf ttHku@tjyif tifwmeufxdef;odrf; aqmif & G u f r I wkYdvnf ; yg0if c J h o nf / ÓPydkif;qdkif&mtajccHvdktyfcsufrsm;? pG r f ; &nf r sm;ES i f h ? awG ; ac:Ed k i f r I w d k Y u d k wnfaqmuf&efrSm aemufxyfpdefac: csufwpf&yfyifjzpfonf/ country’s population range beabout livelihood, economy, and exact size of the many ethnic groups in the country is vague. The latter is widely discussed in the media in the preparation of the census. Some ethnic groups are worried that the census surReuers and the Myanmar Blogger Society, which now collaborates with telecom provider Ooredoo. These networks and organisations could play an important role in building the soft infrastructure of the future information society. Another initiative with potentially wide reach is the introduction of Wikipedia Zero, whereby the Wikimedia Foundation, through a partnership with Telenor, gives free access to the encyclopedia’s vast information. The legal side of Myanmar’s information and internet governance also needs to be re- Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters time, all interviewees were positive that women would play a larger role in the workforce as policies and mindsets are starting to become more equalised and liberal, as well as increasing living costs putting pressure on both women and men to achieve better-paying jobs. It was also predicted by Daw Lynn Lynn that there would be more women managers and directors um,vkyfief;rsm;wGif vkyfcEIef;xm; enf ; enf ; om&&S d N yD ; vk y f a qmif a e& aMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiH&Sd trsKd;orD; 18 &mcdkif k h EIe;f om education odkYr[kwf ydrjkd rifrm; aomynma&;udk vufvSrf;rDaMumif; od & onf / trsKd ; orD ; trsm;pk o nf vkyfcEIef;xm;ydkrdkaumif;rGefonfhtvkyf rsm;tm;&&Sd&eftwGuf tcGifhtvrf; vGepmenf;yg;aeao;aMumif; od&onf/ f G xdktcsufrsm;aMumifh qif;&Jcsrf;om uGm[rIudk ydkrdkus,fjyefUvmapNyD; txl; ojzif h jrefrmEdii EdiijH cm;&if;ES;D jrK§ yEHS k f H k f f rIr sm;&&Sdvmaomaps;uGufwGif trsKd;
    • REGIONAL BIZ 13 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com wong, an economist at Kasikorn Research Center in Bangkok. Investment also dropped in and gas, roads and so on. How can we possibly ask car companies that want to invest in Indonesia to build power plants disrupted the activities of global diversify their investments to Dylan Martinez/Reuters to reduce risks (either from politics or disasters)," Pimonwan said, adding FDI could return to a more normal $8-9 billion per annum in the next 3-5 years. downtown Bangkok. Khettiya Jittapong L ong-term foreign investors say they are sticking with Thailand despite its political woes but the threat of worsening chaos may scare away new money as companies scope out other options in neighboring countries such as Indonesia. Protesters trying to topple the government have rallied in the capital, Bangkok, since November. This month they have forced ministries to close and blocked major roads. They say they will stop a general election being held on February 2. "Assuming the political woes go on, foreign investors may decide to shift to other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar," Kyoichi Tanada, president of Toyota Motor Corp's Thai unit, said this week. "Many investors want to invest in Thailand. If the situation has not been resolved, the ones which are already invested may not go away, but whether they will invest more, it's questionable," said Tanada, also vice-president of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, which in the Southeast Asian country. Thailand gets more than half of its foreign director investment from Japan. That foreign capital brings much-needed money into a country that rein 2013 and may again this year. It is the biggest car market in Southeast Asia and a regional production and export base for top manufacturers such as Toy- ota, Nissan and Ford. It is also a major global production center for hard disk drives with big players such as Seagate Technology and Western Digital having operations in the country. Thai partners are putting a brave face on things. Hemaraj Land and Development runs seven big industrial estates, home to factories for the likes of Ford Motor, General Motors and Caterpillar. David Nardone, its chief executive, said 10-20 percent of new customers had postponed signing contracts to take up facilities since December. "It's short-term disruption," Nardone said, hopeful there would be a recovery in the next few months. "There may be some people who don't know Thailand so well and they may take longer, have more questions and wait for clarity." The optimists point to 2010, when more than 90 people died in another protracted bout of political unrest. Foreign direct investment jumped 88 percent that year, the stock market - omy bounded ahead by 7.8 percent. This time, however, the protests have gone on for three months and government work is being disrupted. Some $60 billion of infrastructure spending may not get started this year, for example. the ninth month in December to a two-year low and investors worry about a possible escalation of violence, which will hold back Southeast Asia's secondlargest economy after Indonesia. "Political instability is always Long term investments projects may be reconsidered and other locations may be reassessed," said Rolf-Dieter Dan- of commerce in Thailand. Foreign direct investment probably totaled almost $13 billion in 2013 but could drop even if tension eased and investors returned in the second half, said Pimonwan Mahujchariya- “Political instability is always preventing investment flows. Long term investments projects may be reconsidered and other locations may be reassessed” fundamentals - a relatively large market of around 67 million people, a growing middle class, pro-business environment, good infrastructure and geographical advantages including access to emerging markets such as Myanmar - helped it stand out in Southeast Asia and attract investment. Jongkie D. Sugiarto, chairman of the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), said Indonesia with placed to catch up. But the regulatory environment had to be improved and the domestic market developed, he said. "We also have to build our infrastructure, from ports to the provision of electricity Myanmar Summary xdkif;EdkifiHtaejzifh EdkifiHa&;tusyf twnf;'kursm;ESifh &ifqiae&aomfvnf; © kd f taejzifh xkdif;EdkifiHESifhtwl yl;aygif; aqmif&GufaeqJjzpfaMumif; ajymMum; cJhonf/ odkYaomfvnf; EdkifiHa&;rwnfrNidrf jzpfrI ydkrdkqdk;&Gm;vmrIu ukrÜPDrsm; aemufxyf&if;ES;D jrK§ yE&eftwGuf t[efY f HS twm;jzpfapNy;D &if;ES;D jrK§ yEorsm;tae f HS l jzifh tif'dkeD;&Sm;EdkifiHuJhodkY tdrfeD;csif; EdkifiH r sm;tm; a&G ; cs,f ajymif; vJ um &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHoGm;zG,f&vmonf/ qE´jyol Sd rsm;taejzifhvnf; Edk0ifbmvuwnf; rSpí befaumufwif tpdk;&tm; &mxl; G rS z,f&may;&eftwGuf qE´jyawmif;qdk S rIr sm; jyKvkyfcJhonf/ ,ckvwGif qE´jy rIr sm;aMumifh t"duvrf;rBuD;rsm;udk ydwfypfcJh&NyD; azazmf0g&Dv 2 &uf aeYwGif jyKvkyfu sif;yrnfh taxGaxG a&G;aumufyuvnf; t[eftwm;jzpf JG kd Y aprnf[k od&onf/ Ed k i f i H a &;tcuf t cJ r sm; quf vuf BuHKawGU&cJhygu EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHol rsm;taejzifh xkdif;EdkifiHudk pGefYcGmí tif'dkeD;&Sm;? AD,uferfESifh jrefrmEdkifiH uJokYd tjcm;Ediirsm;odkY ajymif;a&TU&if;ES;D h k f H jr§KyfESHrIr sm; jzpfvmEdkifaMumif; Toyota Motor Corp xdkif;,lepfrS Ouú| This year was always going to be tough for Thailand. "Lackluster exports and weak consumer spending from 2013 have resulted in low average capacity utilization at around of inventory accumulation," said Sutapa Amornvivat, chief economist at Siam Commercial Bank SCB.BK, expecting private investment growth of about 3 than the average 10-year rate of 6 percent. we think Thailand still makes a very good long-term bet," she said. That sentiment was echoed by Honda Automobile (Thailand), part of Honda Motor. "New potential investors may be spooked by the political woes," said Pitak Pruittisarikorn, its executive vicepresident. "For Honda, we have been in Thailand for more than dent in Thailand's long-term outlook." Reuters jzpfol Kyoichi Tanada u ,ck tywfwGif ajymMum;cJhonf/ &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHoltrsm;tjym; xdkif;EdkifiH wGif &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHvdkMuNyD; ,ckvuf&Sd tajctaetm; wnfNiratmif rajz&Si;f d f Edkifygu vuf&S d &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHxm;NyD;aom &if;ES;D jrK§ yExm;olrsm;taejzifh xGucm f HS f G oGm;rnfr[kwfaomfvnf; aemufxyf &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm; jyKvkyfrnf rjyKvkyf rnfqdkonfhtcsufrSm raocsmaMumif; *syefukefonfBuD;rsm;toif; 'kwd, Ouú|vnf;jzpfol Tanada u ajym Mum;cJhonf/ xdki;f Edkif iH onf Ed k i f i H jcm;wdkuf ½dkuf &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrI xuf0ufausmfcefYuk d *syefEdkifiHrS &&Sdjcif;jzpfonf/ xdkif;EdkifiH taejzifh 2013 ckESpfwGif bwf*suf vd k aiG jyrI rm rS wf wrf ; wpf ck tjzpf S a&muf&SdcJhNyD; ,ckESpfwGifvnf; vdkaiGjy rIrm xyfrHjrifhrm;vmEdkifonf/ xdkif; S EdkifiHonf ta&S Uawmiftm&S tBuD; qHk;um;aps;uGufwpfckjzpfNyD; Toyota, Nissan ESifh Ford wdkYuokY d armfawmf hJ um;vk y f ief; BuD; rsm ; a'oqdkif&m xkwfvkyfrIESifh ydkYukeftajcpdkuf aqmif &Gufaeaom ae&mwpfckvnf;jzpfonf/ xdkYtjyif xdkif;EdkifiHonf Seagate Technology ESifh Western Digital wdkYuJhodkY vkyfief;BuD;rsm;twGuf t"du xkwfvkyfrItcsuftcsmae&mwpfckjzpf aejyefonf/
    • REGIONAL BIZ 14 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Robin Emmott B eijing's top diplomat has called on China and the sider a multi-billion-dollar freetrade deal, a once unthinkable step that shows a big improvement in relations between two of the world's largest markets. "There are bright prospects tion," Chinese State Councillor Catherine Ashton ahead of a visit to Brussels by President Xi Jinping in March. "work jointly to create conditions for launching a feasibility agreement." British Prime Minister David an "investment agreement" to countries to do business in China. Talks on that formally began in Beijing last week, a big step that many see as a potential forerunner to a free-trade deal. plain of poor treatment in China, such as being forced to Clare Baldwin U S retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc has said it will upgrade its vendor compliance process in China, requiring more documentation and making use of a computerbased system to help suppliers manage associated paperwork. The announcement came after state-owned China Central Television (CCTV) criticised the world's No. 1 retailer for circumventing its quality control process and fast-tracking some margins. Wal-Mart will "ensure the correct documents and other required items are in place before the products are sold in our stores," the retailer said in share sensitive know-how to win access to Chinese funding and local contracts. China has doubled since 2003 to more than 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) a day, but China receives just 2 percent of the Talk of a free-trade deal, which would create a market of almost 2 billion people, seemed unthinkable just a year ago, when Brussels prepared to levy punitive import duties on billions of dollars of Chinese solar ever trade dispute between the two partners. A deal to set a minimum price for the solar panels defused the tensions. Myanmar Summary w½kwEii xdywef;oHtrwfwpfO;D f kd f H f u w½kwEiiEifh tD;,lwonf tar f kd f H S kYd &duefa':vm bDv,aygif;rsm;pGm wefzk;d D H &Sonfh vGwvyfpm ukeo,rvyaqmif d f G f G f I k f Edia&;oabmwlncsutm; jyKvyom; k f D f k f G &ef wdkufwGef;vdkufNyD; xdkodkYvGwfvyf aom ukefoG,frIoabmwlnDcsuf &&SdcJh rnfqdkvQif urÇmhtBuD;qHk;aps;uGufBuD; rsm;xJwif tygt0ifjzpf`aom ,if;aps; G uGuf 2 cktMum; qufEG,frIrmvnf; S ydkrdkwdk;wufvmrnfjzpfonf/ w½kwEiiESifh tD;,lwdkY pD;yGm;a&;wGif f kd f H yl;aygif;aqmif&urtwGuf tcGitvrf; G fI hf aumif; rsm;pGm&SaeaMumif; w½kwEiirS d f kd f H tBu;D tuJwpfOD;jzpfol Yang Jiechi a statement. Documentation includes lagredients, government test reports, China Compulsory photographs, copies of manufacturing permits, details substantiating health claims and claims such as "organic" and codes and papers on intellectual property. "This process requires the colretention of well over one million documents annually," the company said. "Wal-Mart China has now invested in a computer-based system enabling vendors to upload all required legal documents. This system was piloted in Reuters in December he was a strong advocate of such a free-trade deal. sion, which handles international trade negotiations on mmbiztoday.com u tD;,l EdiijH cm;rl0g'a&;&mqdi&m k f k f tBuD;tuJjzpfol Catherine Ashton ESifh awGUqHNk y;D aemuf owif;axmufrsm; tm; ajymMum;cJhonf/ w½kwEiiEifh tD;,lwYkd ESpzufpvH;k rS f kd f H S f w½kwf-tD;,lvGwfvyfaom ukefoG,frI oabmwlnDcsuftwGuf jzpfEdkifajc&Sd onfhtcsufrsm;tm; avhvmoHk;oyf&ef twGuf tajctaeaumif;rsm;udk zefw;D &eftwGuf yl;aygif;aqmif&uoifaMumif; G f h vnf; Yang u ajymMum;cJhonf/ September of 2013 and is now ready for broad-based application across the supply chain." Wal-Mart, which operates houses in China, said immediately after the CCTV report last week that it keeps a close watch over its supply chain. It said it only uses its expedited special approvals process as when a supplier changes the size of a product or switches distribution agents. In the statement on Wednesday, the company explained additional steps it would take to address supply chain concern. Wal-Mart is the latest in a series of foreign companies CCTV has taken to task on issues ranging from pricing to poor quality NAdwdoQ0efBuD;csKyfu w½kwfEdkifiH&Sd vyfaom ukefoG,frIoabmwlnDcsuf twGuf tcdkiftrmaxmufcHrI jyKxm;cJh aMumif;vnf; 'DZifbmvwGif ajymMum; cJhonf/ odkYaomfvnf; tD;,lEdkifiHr sm; udk,fpm; tjynfjynfqdkif&m ukefoG,f a&;oabmwlnDcsuf n§dEdIif;aqmif&Guf rIrsm;tm; aqmif&Gufaom tD;,l aumfr&SifrS ajymMum;csuft& w½kwf Ediiwif tD;,lEiirsm; pD;yGm;a&;vkyief; k f H G kd f H f products and shoddy customer service. Reuters Myanmar Summary tar&duefEii vufvvyief;Bu;D kd f H D k f jzpfaom Wal-Mart Stores Inc u ypönf;a&mif;csrIvkyfief;rsm;tm; tqifh jr§ifhwifrIjyKvkyfom;rnf[k ajymMum;cJh G NyD; owif;tcsutvufrsm; ydrvtyf f k kd kd um vkyfief;udpörsm;tm; tultnD ay;&eftwGuf uGeysLwmjzifh aqmif&uf f G onf h p epf w pf ck ukd vdk tyfaeaMumif; vnf; od&onf/ w½kwfEdkifiH EdkifiHydkifvkyfief;BuD;jzpf aom China Central Television (CCTV) u urÇmheHygwf (1) vufvD vkyfief;BuD;jzpfaom Wal-Mart tm; a0zefrIjyKcJhaMumif; od&onf/ Wal-Mart rsm; ydrv,upm aqmif&uEi&eftwGuf k kd G f l G G f kd f &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIoabmwlnDcsufwpfckwGif wd;k wufatmif aqmif&uom;&rnfjzpf G f G aMumif; od&onf/ vGeconftywfrpí n§Ei;f aqG;aEG; f hJ h S d Id rIrsm;udk pwifjyKvycNJh y;D tvm;tvm k f aumif;rsm;&Sdonfh vGyfvyfaom ukef oG , f a &;oabmwlnD c suf ukd &&Sd &ef twGuf ajcvSr;f aumif;wpf&yfyifvnf; jzpfonf/ onfhtcsuftvufrsm;udk taotcsm aqmif&GufNyD; tjcm;vdktyfonfht&m rsm;udkvnf; ta&mif;qdkifpwdk;rsm;wGif xkwfukefr sm;tm; a&mif;csjcif;rjyKcif taotcsm aqmif & G uf om ;rnf jzpf G aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ tcsuf tvuf r sm;wG if uk e f y pö n f ; trSwfwHqdyfrsm; yg0ifNyD; yg0ifypönf; rsm;tm; wduspm azmfjyrI ? tpdk;& G ppf a q;csuf r sm;ES i f h ouf qdkifonfh taMumif ; t&mrsm ;? tod t rS wf j yK vufrwf? erlemxkwuersm;ESifh "mwfyHk S f k f rsm;? ukefxkwfvkyfcGifhoabmwlnDc suf rdwåLrsm;ESifh usef;rma&;tm; taxmuf tultjyKonfhtcsuftvufr sm;vnf; yg0ifaMumif; od&onf/ tqk d ygtcsuf r sm;tm;xkwfukefr sm; tm;ra&mif;csciftaotcsmaqmif&uf G oGm;rnf[vnf;od&onf/ k
    • 15 REGIONAL BIZ Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 William Mallard A fter falling by almost Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to power just over a year ago, the yen is in a sweetspot for the economy. Companies have roared back made exports more competitive and while import prices, notably for fuel, have climbed, im- Research. "Many companies have already moved production overseas and may also become hesitant to boost exports for political considerations." not clamoring for a further drop and they believe the yen's fall has largely run its course, a new Reuters poll shows. For years, a strong yen had sapped Japan's export competitiveness Corporate Survey said they both expect and hope the yen will be in its current narrow range of 100-105 to the dollar six months from now, while more than 90 percent predict and want to see the Japanese currency in a broader 90-110 range. Only 5 percent wanted the yen to weaken beyond 110 to the dollar. Japan. "For us the weaker the yen gets, the tougher it gets," was "encouraging further depreciation of the yen by winking and nodding, if not overt actions," said Truman, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute Washington. of Japan Airlines CO, which pays for its aircraft and fuel in dollars. "But it is important for Japan's economy to rebound, so a level of around 100 yen is necessary" and weakening a bit beyond 105 yen would be better, Ueki told reporters at a new year's gathering of business leaders. "We can adjust to it as long as there is stability."Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan's leading heavy-machinery maker and Reuters But should the yen keep falling, the drawbacks of higher import prices and possible anger from Washington and other trading powers could start to er currency. "I don't think many people in Japan want a yen decline to around 120 or 130 to the dollar," said Bank of Japan (BoJ) economist Nobuyasu Atago, who is now on a stint at the aerospace company, would be "grateful" for a yen slide to 115120 to the dollar, said chairman Hideaki Omiya. And yet, he said, "I think the yen is balanced at the moment around the 100-105 yen level. From the viewpoint of both importers and exporters, a skewed rate is not good. And with the strong yen reversed, what we need now is stability." Both China and South Korea major trading rivals to Japan which compete in a number of markets such as auto and electronics - have raised concerns about the slide in the yen in recent weeks. The United States has welcomed Japan's economic rebound after Abe came to power 13 months ago promoting a policy mix of massive BOJ easing and government spending - dubbed Abenomics by the media. If the yen's fall is the result, rather than the aim, of these growth policies, Washington seems willing to tolerate a gentle yen decline - to a point. "They need to get their domestic economy growing," Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said this month. But he said, taking questions at a forum, "their longterm growth can't be rooted in a strategy that ultimately turns in any way towards reliance on an unfair advantage because of the exchange rate.” Ted Truman, a former senior ment and the Fed, said that as long as the Japanese "are not deliberately acting to push down the yen, I don't think, as a matter of economics, the United States government would be particularly unhappy." But it was possible some US If that is the case, "I'm sure the Treasury is making clear to the Japanese that if there is any hint of that going on, it will be a big problem," Truman said. "And we have enough problems with Japan as it is." Still, current and former Japabout currency diplomacy say a yen fall to 110 to the dollar might not raise the heat on Tokyo - that the threshold might be more like 120-130 yen. Treasury and Japanese Ficlined to comment on their currency conversations. IMF Deputy Managing Director Naoyuki Shinohara, who concerns that the yen's weakness could lead to tensions between Tokyo and Washington. "It is clear that what Japan is trying to do now is beat deinterview. "There may be some changes in the way (the U.S. “Many companies have already moved production overseas and may also become hesitant to boost exports for political considerations.” government) communicates due to its relations with Congress. But I don't feel Japan's weak yen is seen as a big problem. Reuters Myanmar Summary *syefEdkifiH 0efBuD;csKyf &SifZdktmab; tmPm&vmonfhtcsdefrSpí ,ef;aiG aMu;wefzk;d jyKjyifajymif;vJrrsm;udk jyKvyf I k cJhNyD; *syef,ef;aiGwefzdk;rSmvnf; ig;yHk wpfyHkeD;yg; usqif;vmcJhNyD; *syefEdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;twGuf ,ef;aiGaMu;usqif;rI rSm taxmuftuljyKcJhonf/ ukrÜPDrsm; taejzifvnf; ,ef;aiGaMu;usqif;rI h tusK;d qufaMumif h tjrwfaiG&&SrjI rifwuf d h vmcJhNyD; ydkYukefaps;uGufwGifvnf; aps; uGu,ONf yKd iEipr;f ydr&vmu avmifpm f S f kd f G k kd dS uJhodkY oGif;ukefaps;EIef;rsm;rSmvnf; jrifh wufvmrIaMumifh oGif;ukefwifoGif;ol rsm;twGuvnf; tusKd;tjrwf&&Sconf/ f d Jh odkYaomfvnf; ,ef;aiGwefzdk;usqif;rI udk owdxm;udkifwG,fom;&rnfjzpfNyD; G oGif;ukefaps;EIef;rsm; ydkrdkjrifhrm;vmrI aMumifh awGUBuHKvm&rnfh tcuftcJ jyóemrsm;ESifh 0g&SifwefEifh tjcm;ukef S oG,fa&;tiftm;BuD;EdkifiHrsm;rS ,ef; aiGaMu;usqif;rIEiywfoufí wkjYH yefrI S hf rsm;&SvmEdionf/tar&duef 1 a':vm d k f vQif ,ef;aiG 120 odkYr[kwf 130 0ef;usitxd usqif;vmrIukd *syefEiiH f kd f rS vltawmfr sm;rsm; oabmusvdrfh rnfr[kwfaMumif; Bank of Japan (BoJ) rS pD;yGm;a&;ynm&SifwpfOD;jzpf onfh Nobuyasu Atago u ajym Mum;cJhonf/ ukrÜPDtawmfrsm;rsm;rSm jynfywGif xkwvyrvyief;rsm;udk jyKvy&eftwGuf f k f I k f k f vkyief;a&TUajymif;rIr sm;udk jyKvycNhJ y;D jzpf f k f ovdk ydkuew;kd jr§iaqmif&urwivnf; Y k f hf G f I G f EdkifiHa&;qdkif&m pOf;pm;oHk;oyf&rnfh tcsufrsm;aMumifh wkHYqdkif;rIr sm;jzpfvm *syefvkyfief;rsm;taejzifhvnf; ,ef; aiGwefzdk;aemufxyfavsmhus&eftwGuf awmif;qdrrsm;udk jyKvyjf cif;r&SbJ ,ef; k I k d aiGaMu;onfvnf; wefz;kd BuD;BuD;rm;rm; aMumif; od&onf/ ESptwefMum ,ef;aiG f aMu;wefzdk;rmrIaMumifh *syefEdkifiH ydue,ONf yKd iEipr;f udk xdcuapcJonf/ kY k f S f kd f G kd f h ukrÜPDtrIaqmifrsm;tm; ppfwrf; aumuf,&mwGif tcsKdUu ,ef;aiGwefzk;d l tm; tar&duefa':vmESifh vJv,&m S f wGif ,cktcsefrS aemufajcmufvwm d txd tar&duef 1 a':vmvQif ,ef;aiG 100 rS 105 txdom&dS&ef arQmfrSef;xm;NyD; trIaqmifaygif; 90 &mcdiEe;f ausmu tar&duef 1 a':vm k f I f vQif ,ef;aiG 90 rS 110 Mum;om &SdapvdkMuNyD; trIaqmif 5 &mcdkifEIef; uom *syef,ef;aiGwefzdk;tm; tar &duef 1 a':vmvQif ,ef;aiG 110 ausmftxd wefzdk;qufvufavsmhusap vdkMuaMumif; od&onf/ *syef,ef;aiG wefzdk;ydkrdkusvmavav rdrdwdkYtwGuf ydkrdkcufcJvmavavjzpfvmvdrfhrnfjzpf aMumif; Japan Airlines CO Ouú| Yoshiharu Ueki u ajymMum; avmifpmrsm;twGuf aiGaMu;ay;aqmif &rIrsm;wGif tar&duefa':vmESifh ay; aqmif&aMumif; od&onf/
    • REGIONAL BIZ 16 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Faith Hung The group, which includes sion Industry Co Ltd and Foxconn Technology Co Ltd, could take advantage of geographical proximity to open up new deals with partners like Apple as they develop new gadgets. Best known for putting together iPhones, Foxconn honed its skills by meeting Apple’s exacting standards and supply chain rigor. It boasts a workforce of more than 1 million, and the scale to negotiate cheaper component prices than BlackBerry could obtain on its own. Gou placed emphasis on Indonesia for future development. He said the country, rather than India, will be best able to replace China as the world’s manufacturing hub in the future. cials have said Hon Hai wants to gradually invest as much as $10 billion over 5 years with - T aiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, the major supplier of Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPad products, has said it is considering expanding manufacturing to the United States in a move that could open up new prospects for business with Apple. Chairman Terry Gou also said Indonesia will be a top priority for investment this year. That would tie in with Foxconn’s deal to design and market phones in the country with BlackBerry Ltd, as the Canadian company seeks to reverse its decline in the smartphone business. “The US is a must-go market,” said Gou, speaking at the group’s annual year-end party last week. He said many customers and partners hope Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronic goods, will set up manufacturing facilities in the US. Foxconn’s ambitious growth plans could see it lift annual revenue to T$10 trillion ($333 billion) a decade from now, mmbiztoday.com Myanmar Summary Apple Inc iPhone ESifh iPad xkwuersm;twGuf t"duaxmufyrIrsm; f kf Hh udk jyKvkyfay;onfh xdkif0rf Foxconn Technology Group rS ajymMum; uefwif xkwvyrvyief;rsm;udk wd;k csUJ G f k f I k f aqmif&uom;&eftwGuf pOf;pm;aeNy;D G f G Apple ESifh vkyief;rsm;twGuf tvm; f tvmopfrsm;tm; zefwD;oGm;&efjzpf aMumif; od&onf/ Ouú| Terry Gou ajymMum;csuft& ,ckESpfwGif &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrItwGuf tif'dkeD;&Sm;onf xdywef;OD;pm;ay;aps;uGuwpfcjk zpfvm f f rnf[k od&onf/ tar&duefaps;uGufonf rjzpfrae &if;ES;D jrK§ yEom;&rnfh aps;uGujf zpfaMumif; f HS G Foxconn Technology Group ESpfukefawGUqHkyGJwGif Gou u ajym Mum;cJonf/ h Reuters age aimed at kickstarting the plan. Hon Hai has yet to conReuters Sui-Lee Wee Su Su Myanmar Summary I ndonesia’s budget carrier Lion Air announced last week that it is planning to ing Co 787 aircraft and replace them with smaller 737 models. The carrier said it needed widebody aircraft to accommodate more than the roughly 350 passenger capacity of the 7878, and will place a new order for aircraft in 2015. C hina’s commerce ministry has called on the United States to stop anti-dumping investigations into imports of solar power products from China, expressing "serious concern" and vowing to defend its producers. certain solar power products from China and Taiwan, a move that could have a major impact on the nation's fast-growing solar market. The US Department of Commerce said it initiated anti-dumping duty and countervailing duty investigations, which will assess whether the products are being sold in the United States below their fair value, or if their manufacturers receive inappropriate levels of foreign government subsidies. "The Chinese side expresses serious concern," the commerce ministry said in a statement on its website. "China urges the United States again to carefully handle the current ... investigations, be prudent in taking measures and terminate the investigation proceedings." China will assess the impact on its solar industry and "resolutely defend" itself through various mechanisms, the ministry said. Myanmar Summary Lion Air already includes a large number of that model. The widebody aircraft it intends to order next year will be used on domestic, high-frequency routes, the company said. The private carrier, which uses Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport as its base, has shown impressive growth in recent years and some reports are tipping the airline to closely challenge market leaders Air Asia. In January, Lion Air announced a venture into the Thai market, operating Thai Lion Air from Bangkok’s Don Mueang arport and also operates a Malaysian venture from Kuala Lumpur. tif'dkeD;&Sm; bwf* sufavaMumif; vdkif;wpfckjzpfonfh Lion Air onf bdk;tif; 787 av,mOfig;pD;rSm,lrIudk jyefvnfz sufodrf;NyD; bdk;tif; 737 armf',fav,mOfrsm;ESifh tpm;xdk;oGm; &ef jyifqifaeaMumif; xkwjf yefaMunm cJhonf/ tqdygavaMumif;vdi;f taejzifh c&D; k k onfta&twGuf 350 ausmftxd wifaqmifEdkif&eftwGuf udk,fxnfydkrdk BuD;rm;aom av,mOfr sm;udk vdktyf onf[k ajymMum;cJNh yD; av,mOftopf rSm,lrIudk 2015 wGif jyKvkyfoGm;rnf jzpfonf/ vmrnfEpwifrm,lom;rnfh ud,xnf h Sf G S G k f ydkrdkBuD;rm;aomav,mOfr sm;tm; jynf wG i f ; avaMumif ; 0ef a qmif rI r sm;ESifh ? avaMumif;ysHoef;ajy;qGJrIBudrfEIef;rsm; aom vrf;aMumif;rsm;twGuf toHk;jyK oGm;rnfjzpfaMumif;vnf; ukrPrS ajym Ü D Mum;cJhonf/ tqdkygyk*¾vduavaMumif;vdkif;onf *smumwm S o e k a r n o - H a t t a tjynfjynfqi&mavqdytm; tajcpduf kd f f k tjzpf aqmif&GufaeNyD; vGefcJhonfhESpf rsm;twGi;f vkyief;rSm wdk;wufvmcJNh yD; f avaMumif;aps;uGuO;D aqmifojl zpfonfh f Air Asia tm; pdefac:Edkifrnfh avaMumif;vdkif;wpfck jzpfvmvdrfhrnf [k tcsKdUu qdkMuonf/ tar&duefEiitaejzif h w½kwEiirS aepGr;f tifokH;xkwfuersm;tm; wifoi;f rIt kd f H f kd f H k f G ay:wGif pHprf;ppfaq;rIrsm;udk &yfwefom;&eftwGufw½kwfEdkifiHul;oef;a&mif;0,f k Y G a&;0efBuD;XmerStar&duefodkYajymMum;vdkufNyD;,ckuJhodkYtar&duefrpprf;ppfaq;rI S kH rsm;aMumifh aepGrf;tifo;kH xkwuersm;udk xkwvyorsm;tm; xdcdkufvmrnfhta&;udk f k f f k f l tvGeftav;xm;onfoabmjzifh w½kwEiirSxkwfvkyfolrsm;tm; umuG,fí ,ck h f kd f H uJhodkY ajymMum;vdkufjcif;yifjzpfonf/ tar&duefEdkifiHrSukefoG,fa&;trIaqmifrsm;vGefchonfhtywfwif w½kwfESihxki0rf J G f d f wdkYrwifoGif;aomaepGrf;tifoHk;xkwfukefr sm;pHkprf;ppfaq;rIrsm;udpwifjyKvycNhJ y;D k k f ,ckuoYkd aqmif&Gufjcif;aMumifh wdk;wufzGHUNzdK;rIEe;f jrefqefaom aepGr;f tifok;H xkwf hJ I ukersm;aps;uGutay:wGioufa&mufrIBuD;BuD;rm;rm;&ScaMumif; od&onf/ f f f d Jh
    • INTERNATIONAL BIZ 17 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Andrew Callus I f you had spent 10 pounds ($16.50) on BP share on April 19, 2010, you would and are the second-best perstart of the fourth quarter. This may have something to do with the misfortunes of its at Shell, cost overruns at Chevto mention a price-enhancing share buyback program put in place last year, but it is still quite a turnaround in sentiment from 2010. percent - on a par with Shell's. BP shed a big chunk of its earning power to pay for the spill, but got prices that now look enviable as the industry cycle turns down. Rivals are now falling over each other to get assets on the block, at the risk of driving prices lower. A leaner, meaner asset base has emerged, too. Meanwhile, having settled criminal proceedings, and two phases into a three-stage civil trial, an army of lawyers is working to push ties way into the future. Barely a week goes by without a new legal challenge from the British group aimed at keeping a lid on its liabilities. BP in a letter to investors last week, U.S. hedge fund manager light Capital said investors were overlooking the company's improved return on capital in its core business and remained too focused on the spill fallout. Greenlight said it had bought BP stock at an average price of “The shares are flirting with post-spill highs, and are the second-best performer in the industry’s top five behind Exxon Mobil since the start of the fourth quarter” Then, the price of credit default swaps in BP bonds showed that even its solvency was in question, and Shell thought it might have to mount a rescue bid. "It wasn't so much that we wanted to buy, more we thought the British government might ask us to step in," recalled Peter Voser, Shell's chief executive at the time, in a discussion with Reuters last year. Now, in a change of fortunes, Shell has warned investors that since 2009 at the end of last year - albeit with little damage to its share price - while BP has reshaped itself. pany had a net asset value of nearly $70 a share, even assuming it will have to pay out far more than it has provided for. BP's U.S.-listed stock traded at Deutsche Bank - one of 13 investment banks with a buy or outperform note on the stock, according to ThomsonReuters data, compared with three rating it underperform or sell - argues that the net present value of spill litigation has fallen. "This is not to say that BP's position in the court trial has improved ... rather... it is likely to be multiple years before additional cash of any magnitude over and above that already Reuters now, including dividends. A poor investment, however you cut it, but also a remarkable recovery. A day later an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico would deal shore oil spill, and BP would face the wrath of President Barack Obama himself for the death and destruction it caused. Over the next two months, BP shares lost nearly two thirds of their value as the scale of the disaster threatened to sink the company. Now some investors are sensing a better future than they had dared to hope.The shares for future costs. In a note published on Fricasts across the sector, analysts at UBS predict BP's return on average capital employed Despite suffering a huge setback to its reputation after the 2010 oil spill, analysts say the company has come a long way in recent years. ance sheet," the bank said in a research note. The note estimated cash outthan $1 billion a year over the next decade. That is only about two weeks' worth of capital spending at current rates. But numbers rarely tell the whole story, as analysts discovered to their cost in 2010 when nities to buy BP shares - all the way down from 6 pounds to a low of less than 3 pounds. Some investors and insiders privately question the direction and style of management since former chief executive Tony Hayward resigned, taking responsibility for the spill. Hayward's replacement, Bob Dudley, has extracted about $12 billion from the company's troublesome Russian investment and given some $8 billion of it back to shareholders. But he has yet to prove that the remaining half - which became a 19.75 percent stake in state-controlled Rosneft - is anything more than a high-risk minority holding in a company based in a politically unpredictable country, despite his seat on the board. "Dudley doesn't seem to have that pally relationship you need with Igor Sechin," said an industry source who has done "BP's strategic investment in Rosneft allows us access to growth opportunities previous- ly unavailable to us in Russia, one of the world's largest producers of oil and gas combined with unparalleled resource potential," he said in October last year. Spill litigation still takes up a lot of management time, too. The outcome of a New Orleans trial under judge Carl Barbier, conducted under the terms of U.S. maritime law without a BP is also banned, due to its criminal conviction for the rig disaster, from bidding for any new U.S. licenses in the Gulf of Mexico. Time will tell, but for some, the company still has a long way to go. "BP has become a litigationdominated company, and they have an issue in Russia," said oil and gas blogger and independent industry investment adviser Malcolm Graham-Wood. anything like Shell's, they will have to buy back a lot more that 7 million shares a day to keep the price up." be around $2.7 billion on a replacement cost basis for the quarter, down from around $3.9 billion a year ago based on BP's own poll of around 20 banks. 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    • INTERNATIONAL BIZ 18 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com David Milliken A bumper year for Brit- some hope the economy will start to grow in a more sustainable way, with a better balance between investment and spending. In 2013, Britain enjoyed its best year of economic growth pacing other advanced nations. But there was a catch. The recovery was driven by consumers spending more and saving less. A smooth transition to longer-lasting growth, propelled by business investment and ex- The car industry is showing signs of leading the way - but there have been false starts before. ain's budget watchdog has predicted a rebound in annual business investment - but it is still a third lower than before 2009. It is essential for Britain's recovery. "The pace of investment when it comes - will ultimately determine the duration of the speech to businesses last week, operating close to capacity. are more willing to pump money into their businesses than at any time since the crisis - in the services sector as well as manufacturing. Rebalancing is often talked about in terms of moving the economy towards manufacturing and away from seris a shift in spending towards investment and away from consumption, rather than between economic sectors. Other positive signs include a growing appetite among banks to lend. And Britain's stronger economic out- Stefan Wermuth/Reuters - Analysts say that a growing auto industry in Britain could contribute to an improved economy. Britons bought 2.265 million new cars in 2013, the highest number since 2007 and an 11 percent rise on the year that bucked the trend in Germany, make the light-but-bulky heat shields that protect cars from hot exhaust gases. These will cording to one survey. And Britain's economic turnaround means shareholders are Oxford, replacing parts made and France, where they dropped by 9 percent. One big factor in Britain was probably compensation payments by banks to consumers for mis-sold insurance which were often big enough to be used as a deposit on a new car. The investment was only feasible thanks to strong domestic demand, said Ian Malcolm, their precautionary cash piles, said Ian Stewart, chief economist at accountants Deloitte. But it is too early to tell if this is just cyclical or marks the start of a longer-term approach to investment. Samuel Tombs, UK economist low rates helped fund the rest. It helped drive Britain to produce 1.510 million cars in 2013, the highest number since 2007, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. director. "The growth in vehicle production in the UK is of much cause the product we are starting to supply is much more difthe world," he said. There are some tentative signs that the growth in automotive investment is being replicated “Every year since 2010, Britain’s budget watchdog has predicted a rebound in annual business investment - but it is still a third lower than before the financial crisis of 2007-2009” invest their large cash reserves. thin on the ground. The exception is the car inan upturn in demand well before other sectors and saw more billion) of new investment in 2013. Britain is a hub for automakers including Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BMW, General Motors and Tata Group's Jaguar Land Rover. Klinger has invested 10 million pounds in a new plant in Red- more broadly. Manufacturers plan the biggest increase in investment in cial crisis, surveys show, much of it to replace older equipment. Companies in the services sector showed the strongest intentions to invest since 2000, ac- expected the rebound in investment to be cyclical due to investors' pressure for short-term "The trend before the recession was for business investment to have a smaller share of GDP. Those pressures may still be around even when the economy is back to health," he said. cent below its pre-crisis peak, while U.S. investment was 5 percent below and German investment was 5 percent higher than pre-crisis levels. 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    • INVESTMENT & FINANCE 19 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Daisuke Lone ners Limited, who will take a 20 oma Strategic Holdings, the Singapore-listed company with business operations in Myanmar, has mar’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, by signing an agreement with the Asia Beverages Co Ltd group of companies (the “ABC Group”). The agreement also involved - percent stake in ABC Group’s assets and businesses relating to the production, branding, marketing and distribution of bottled water, spirits, wines, beers, alcoholic beverages and other FMCG products in Myanmar. David Mayes O ne thing that continues to surprise me about working with expats in this region is how so few of them have put protections in place for their loved ones in the rare event that something should happen to them. The sad reality is actually that these events are not as rare as most of us would like to believe. All you need to do is take a quick look you will likely come to the conclusion that, as great as life is in this part of the world, nothing life in paradise (at least in my opinion that’s what this region is), is that statistically speaking life is a bit more dangerous here. The main reason so many well-paid expats go without proper life insurance coverage - and thus leave their children and other loved ones need- will involve up to $11.1 million in investment, with $3.3 million paid up front, and a further Files burdens that would suddenly fall on them in the event of a sudden and unexpected death - is partially due to receiving poor advice from many of those in my industry. In any highly regulated jurisdiction in the world, advisors are required to make sure protection is in place before even beginning to have the conversation about investments, etc. Unfortunately as the latter pays much better and in the international environment advisors have more freedom, life insurance is quite frequently glossed over for the quicker buck of setting up some form of an investment account. Also adding to the problem is human nature. Life insurance has been said to be the hardest thing on the planet to sell, yet nobody wants to go to their grave knowing their children port needed to get them through their education and give them a fair chance in the world. The human mind does not like to think about the fact that somenancial planning is essentially a binomial situation. We either live a long time and thus need to save towards retirement, or we die young of some unexpected disease or accident and should have insurance in place to protect our loved ones. Most people naturally are quite happy to plan and save for retirement because in the back of our minds we would like to believe that car crashes, heart attacks, and cancer are things that only happen to other people. The reality is that these things can and do happen and can happen to anybody. While that is brutal and harsh truth, burying your head in the sand and pretending it isn’t so is a denial that could someday bring extreme hardship to the ones that you love most. To end on a more positive note since this is a slightly gloomy subject to be discussing, I look at paying life insurance premiums as the one time in life you can use Sod’s Law to your advantage (that’s Murphy’s Law for the Americans out there). Paying for life insurance is the one time in my life that I am quite willing to make a bet and hope to God that I not only lose said bet, but lose it in a big way. David Mayes MBA provides wealth management services to expatriates throughout South East Asia, focusing on UK Pension Transfers. He can be reached at david.m@faramond.com. Faramond UK is regulated by the FCA and provides advice on pensions and taxation. mmbiztoday.com While expats are often drawn to Southeast Asia due to the paradise-like life on offer, many aren't aware of the increased risks of living in the region. Myanmar Summary tjcm;Ediirsm;wGif oGm;a&mufaexdif k f H k olrsm;taejzifh tem*wftwGuomru f yg pOf;pm;csifhcsdefí vdktyfaom tum tuG,frsm;udk jyKvkyfxm;&rnfyifjzpf onf/ b0wGirarQmvifxm;aomjzpf&yf f f h rsm;jzpfvmonfhtcg BudKwifjyifqifrI&Sd xm;cJhrnfqdkvQif rdrdrdom;pktwGuf xdcdkufepfemaprnfhtcsufrsm;rSvnf; umuG,fEdkifvdrfhrnfjzpfonf/ 0rf;enf; zG,f&m'd|jzpf&yfrsm;u rdrdwdkY arQmfvifh ,HMk unfxm;onfypjH zifr[kwbJ trSef h kH h f wu,fa&muf&Sdvmavh&Sdonf/ ta&; BuD;onfhwpfcsufrSm ta&SUawmiftm&S taotaysmufEIef;xm;udk oHk;oyf Munfh&efjzpfNyD; ,if;a'owGif b0ae xdkifrIonf tenf;i,fydkrdktEÅ&m,f&Sd onfudk awGUjrif&rnfjzpfonf/ tBuHay;vkyfief;rsm;wGif tBuHÓPf $7.8 million to be paid at a later stage based on certain performance benchmarks. Speaking on the agreement, ship with ABC Group presents expand its entry into the FMCG sector. In addition to working with ABC Group to scale its current production and distribution capabilities into a larger aumif;rsm; r&&Sdjcif;aMumifh tjcm;EdkifiH rsm;wGif ajymif;a&TUNy;D tajcpduaexdif k f k NyD; 0ifaiGaumif;aumif;&&Sdaomolrsm; taejzifh touftmrcHrjyKvybJ aexdif kf k um taMumif ; wpf pH k wpf &maMumifh use&pfconfh rdom;pktwGuf xdcuf f hJ kd epf e mp&mrsm;jzpf v monf / tBuH ay; vkyief;wGif aqmif&uaeolrsm;taejzifh f G f &if;ES;D jrK§ yErtaMumif;udk pwifaqG;aEG;rI f HS I rjyKvkyfcif umuG,frIrsm;ESifh ywfouf í taotcsmaqmif&Guf&ef vdktyf onf/ aemufxyfjyóemwpfcrm vlwdkY k S oabmobm0jzpfNyD; vltawmfrsm; rsm;rSm touftmrcHjyKvkyf&ef qE´r&Sd aMumif; touftmrcHvyief;wpfcu k f k qd k o nf / rd r d w d k Y a oqH k ; oGm;onf h t cg usef & pf cJ h o nf h rd om;pkEifh uav;rsm; S rQwonfh tcGitvrf;aumif;rsm;udk &&Sd hf &eftwGuf b@ma&;taxmuftyHh FMCG platform, we are also looking to establish relationships with local and international FMCG groups. Beyond that, there are also exciting opportunities for us to create synergies with the other businesses lio.” Myanmar Summary pif umyl wGif pm&if ; oGif ; xm;aom ukrÜPDjzpfonfh Yoma Strategic rsm;r&SdbJESifh rnfolrQ raoqHk;oGm;vdk aomfvnf; touftmrcHjyKvkyfrIrSm tcufcJqHk;t&mwpfcktjzpf &Sdaeao; onf/ vlom;taejzifh rdrdwdkY wpfaeYaeYwGif aoqHk;&rnfudk arhavsmhcHrI (odkYr[kwf) rawG;awmcsir&SMd uonf/ a&m*gwpfcck f I k (odkYr[kwf) rawmfwqjzpf&yfwpfckck aMumifh aoqHk;oGm;cJvQif use&pfcJaom h f h rd r d c spf a omol r sm;twGuf taumif; qHk;jzpfap&eftwGuf touftmrcHudk jyKvkyf&efrSm vGefpGmta&;ygonf/ um; rawmfwqjzpfyGm;rI? ½kwfw&uf ESvHk; azmufjyefjcif;? uifqm tp&Sdaomt&m rsm;onf vlwdkif;qDodkY tcsdefwdkif;wGif a&muf &S d vm Edkif onf / xd k Y aMumif h rd rd tNidrf;pm;,loGm;&eftwGuf tpDtpOf jyKvkyfxm;rIrsm;uJhodkYyif rdrdcspfaom rdom;pktwGufvnf; BudKwifpDrHxm;rI rsm;udk jyKvkyfoifhonf/ Holdings onf jrefrmEdiiwif vkyief; k f H G f aqmif&urrsm;&SaeNyD; ,cktcg jrefrm G f I d EdkifiH tvsiftjrefzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufae aom pm;oHk;olxkwfukefu@vkyfief; wGif ABC Group ESifh vkyfief; oabmwlvufrwa&;xd;k jcif;jzif h yxr S f OD;qHk;ajcvSrf;wpf&yfukd pwifcJhNyDjzpf onf/ ,if;oabmwlnDc suft& yk*¾vdu &S,,mvkyief;jzpfaom PMM Partners f f Limited onf vkyfief;&S,f,m 20 &mcdkifEIef;udkykifqkifom;rnfj zpfonf/ d d G
    • INVESTMENT & FINANCE 20 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Besides, government promoted projects, the study has also suggested Indian companies could participate in multilateral funded projects as World Bank and Asian Development Bank are active in funding projects in CLMV region. Business Standard Anindita Dey T he government of India proposes to pursue bilateral pacts with Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) in order enhance the footprint of Indian investments and trade in those countries. Currently they are part of Myanmar Summary tdE,tpdk;&onf uarÇm'D;,m;? vmtdk ? d´ jrefrmEdkifiHESifh AD,uferf (CLMV) av; EdkifiH oa bmwl nD xm;onfh tusKd;wlyl;aygif;aqmif&GufrIoabm wlnDcsufr sm;wGif yg0ifaqmif&Guf&ef twGuf tqdkjyKrIwpfckudk jyKvkyfcJhNyD; tqdkygav;EdkifiHwGif tdEd´, &if;ESD; jr§KyfESHrIrsm;ESifh ukefoG,frIr sm; wdk;wuf vm&eftwGufjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ tqdygav;Ediionf tmqD,tzGUJ 0if k k f H H added that their socio-economic conditions and proximity are more suitable for the Indian business environment and the opportunities could be exploitone- to one agreements rather than a combined approach. India has gone ahead with separate pacts with Singapore and Malaysia. nership) does not work out. The a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) ber States and its FTA PartKorea and New Zealand to be concluded by the end of 2015. It includes more than 3 billion people, has a combined GDP of about $17 trillion, and accounts trade. Import Bank of India, even Su Su L ast the week, the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC), the group responsible for assessing business applications from foreign companies, released instructions clarifying the application process for businesses looking to operate within the country. In January 29’s edition of the state-run New Light of Myanmar, the MIC released a notice saying, “Investors and applicants need to clearly know MIC’s permit processes as there Reuters ness delegations from each country, have started visiting the countries. According to ofrangements towards clinching a bilateral agreement. They also mentioned that such visits are more of a preparation environment there. when most of these countries share boundaries and close proximity to India, China, South Korea and Thailand have major share in foreign investments into these CLMV region which in 2012 aggregated to $ 12.5 billion, 11 per cent of the region. On the other hand, India’s approved direct investments in joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries in the CLMV countries during April 1996-March 2012 amounted to around 700 mil- For Lao PDR, mineral fuels, oil, aircraft, space craft, beverover and above the areas with export potential in Cambodia. Similarly, for Myanmar, added areas are animal and vegetable fat, ships, boats, salt, sulphur, optical and technical, medical apparatus, paper, manmade organic chemicals, footwear, . In its recommendations, the proaches to develop the bilateral investments into each railway networks and power systems are some of the areas proposed for enhancing commercial relations and manpower development. For manpower development, the suggestion is for tie up of the CLMV countries with entrepreneurship development of India, Ahmadabad, National Small Industries cooperation, New Delhi towards human capability and develop doing through line of credits, For Cambodia in particular, areas of greater export potential are knitted fabric, machinery and instruments, vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment. agri-related machinery and equipment, development and exploring mineral sources with buyback arrangement, development of highways, roadways, is widespread news that getting the greenlight has cost those applicants a lot of money.” Detailing the application process, the notice said that inves- authorities from the government and respected ministries, the designated proposal form, which is then submitted to the Nay Pyi Taw. Applications are then discussed by the Proposal Assembly Team (PAT), which meets monthly in Nay Pyi Taw, which decides whether the application is to be accepted or rejected. The PAT then discusses the proposals with the relevant involving the founders or investors to discuss any concerns. Regarding some concerns that investors have paid too much money during the application process, the notice declares that, “all applicants are requested not to pay service charges and other charges in processing the documents in the process. In an email sent to its subsaid of the note, “It appears that the MIC is concerned that stitutional linkages to trade bodies exploring opportunities in these countries. applicants have been required to pay additional government fees apart from the ones already prescribed.” Myanmar Summary EdkifiHjcm;ukrÜPDrsm;rS vkyfief;tqdkjyK avQmufxm;rIrsm;twGuf wm0ef&onfh dS jrefrmh&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIaumfr&SifrS vGefcJh onfhtywfwif jrefrmEdiiüf vkyief;rsm; G k f H f aqmif&Gufvdkaom pD;yGm;a&;vkyfief; rsm;twGuf vdtyfaom vkyief;avQmuf k f xm;rItcsur sm;tm; &Si;f vif;vmap&ef f twGuf ñTefMum;csufr sm;udk xkwfjyef vlrIpD;yGm;a&;tajctaersm;ESifh e,fed rdwfcsif;xdpyfaerIrsm;aMumifh tdEd´, pD; yGm ;a&;0ef ; usif E S if h tcG ifh t vrf; aumif;rsm;twGuf oifavsmaomtae h f txm;&SaMumif; trIaqmifr sm;u ajym d Mum;MuNyD; EdkifiHwpfckcsif;ESifh yl;aygif; aqmif&urqi&m oabmwlncsursm; G f I kd f D f udk &&Sdatmif aqmif&GufoGm;zG,fvnf; &Sdaeonf/ tdE,onf pifumylEifh rav;&Sm;EdiiH ´d S k f rsm;ESifvnf; tusK;d wloabmwlncsuf h D rsm;tm; &&Sd&eftwGuf BudK;yrf;xm;cJh aMumif; od&onf/ tqdygEdiitoD;oD; k k f H rS tpdk;&trIaqmifr sm;ESifh pD;yGm;a&; udk, f pm;vS , f r sm;onf Edkifi Hr sm ;odkY pwifoGm;a&mufí oabmwlnDcsuf rsm; &&Sd&eftwGuf ajcvSrf;aumif;rsm; pwif a eNyD j zpf N yD ; trI a qmif rsm; ajymMum;csuft& ESpfOD;ESpfzufoabm wlnDcsufr sm; &&Sd&eftwGuf tMurf; a&;qGJxm;aom tpDtpOfr sm;vnf;&Sd aMumif; od&onf/ ay;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmh&if;ES;D jr§KyEraumfr&SirS xkwjf yef f HS I f cJhaomtcsuwGif &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolr sm;ESifh f vkyfief;tqdkjyKavQmufxm;olr sm;tae jzifh jrefrmh&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIaumfr&Sif oabmwlcGifhjyKcsufqdkif&m vkyfief;pOf rsm;udk &Si;f vif;pGm od&xm;&ef vdtyfNy;D ? dS k vkyfief;tqdkjyKavQmufxm;olr sm;tae jzifh vkyfief;vkyfydkifcGifhoabmwlcsuf &&Sd&eftwGuf aiGaMu;tajrmuftjrm; ukefuscH&onf[k owif;rsm;xGufay: aeonftwGujf zpfaMumif; jrefrmh&if;ES;D h jr§KyfESHrIaumfr&SifrS ajymMum;cJhonf/
    • 21 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE February 6-12, 2014 M yanmar will use 63.2 billion yens' (about 610 million U.S. dollars') new Japanese loan for conducting four projects, an of- Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh pDrHudef;av;ck tm; aqmif&GufoGm;&eftwGuf *syef EdkifiHrS acs;aiG *syef,ef;aiG 63.2 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 610 rDv,e;D yg;) udk toHk;jyKom;rnf[k od& D H G onf/ ,if;pDrue;f av;ckrm &efue-rEÅav; H d S k f rD;&xm;vrf;tqifjh riwifr?I &efueNf rKd U § hf k twGif; a&axmufyHhay;a&;? oDv0g qdyfurf;wGif tajccHtaqmufttHk rsm;wdk;wufzGHUNzdK;vma&;? yJcl;wdkif;a'o wGif qnfajrmif;oG,pepfzUHG NzKd ;wd;k wuf f vmrIwdkYjzpfaMumif; b@ma&;0efBuD; The four projects are the upgon, infrastructural development in Thilawa Port and development of irrigation facilities in the western Bago region, Minister of Finance U Win Shein was quoted by state media as saying during the ongoing parliament session. Japan pledged to provide the fresh loan during Myanmar President U Thein Sein's at- OD;0if;&Sdefu vTwfawmftpnf;ta0;ü ajymMum;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ Ed k i f i H a wmf o r® w OD ; od e f ; pd e f o nf 'DZifbmvwGif wdkusKdü jyKvkyfusif;ycJh aomtmqD,H-*syefawGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJ odYk wufa&mufpOfu *syefEiirS acs;aiG kd f H rsm;axmufy&eftwGuf uwdu0wfjyKchJ hH aMumif; od&onf/ *syefEdkifiHrS jrefrmEdkifiHqufoG,f a&;ESifh pmydkY0efaqmifrIrsm;wGifzGHUNzdK;wdk; wufvmap&eftwGuf taxmuftyHh rsm;vnf; ay;xm;cJhovdk jrefrmEdkifiHrS &Jr sm;tm; enf;ynmtaxmuftulrsm; tjzpfoifwef;rsm;ay;&efuvnf; tul kd tnDay;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ Daisuke Lone G Oil & Gas last week announced a partnership with SMART Technical Services, a leading local service company in the Myanmar Oil & Gas Industry. The collaboration will allow SMART to make drilling and surface equipment available to operators for future Oil & Gas projects in Myanmar. “This partnership will be benneeded knowledge, experience and technology to our talented fellow citizens who are the future of Myanmar. I am certain that this partnership will be the core stimulant that helps drive Kyaw Min A shipping line connecting Myanmar and Bangladesh will get underway in March in order to boost trade between the neighbouring countries, Bangladesh Commerce Secretary Mahbub Ahmed announce last week. The vessels were supposed to launch a year ago but were delayed amid, what Bangladesh reports as political tension between the countries. our inland ports for use by vessels from Myanmar,” he said, adding that vessels from Myanmar would be allowed to use the ports, which are located at Chittagong, Monla, Narayaand Maungtaw in Myanmar. Bilateral trade between the countries stands at $100 million per annum, and it is hoped that the shipping lanes will “Bangladesh and Myanmar re-established the Dhakaconnectivity,” said Ahmed, who was speaking at the Bangladesh-Myanmar Joint Trade Commission in Nay Pyi Taw last month. Summit in Tokyo last December. Japan has been providing assistance for the development of Myanmar's communication and postal service as well as offering to train Myanmar police forces by conducting technical courses. Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHESifh b*Fvm;a'h&SfEdkifiHwdkYonf rwfvwGifa&aMumif;tjyeftvSef ul;oef;oGm;vm&eftwGufaqmif&GufoGm;rnfjzpfNyD;tdrfeD;csif;EdkifiHrsm;t Mum; ukeo,ryrw;kd wufzUHG NzKd ;vm&eftwGuf jzpfaMumif; b*Fvm;a'h&Eii f G f I kd kd fS kd f H ul;oef;a&mif;0,fa&;0efBu;D XmerStBu;D tuJwpfO;D jzpfol Mahbub Ahmed u vGefcJhonfhtywfwGif aMunmcJhonf/ oabFmrsm;taejzifhvGefcJhonfh 1 ESpf cefYuwnf;rSpí ul;oef;oGm;vmEdkif rnf[karQmfrSef;cJhaomfvnf; aESmifhaES; MuefYMumrIr sm;&SdaeNyD; EdkifiHr sm;tMum; EdkifiHa&;wif;rmrIrsm;aMumifh,ckuJhodkYaESmifhaES;MuefYMumae&jcif;jzpfaMumif; vnf; od&onf/ Abhijit Dutta Japan's investment in Myanlion U.S. dollars as of November 2013 since Myanmar opened to such investment in late 1988 and it ranks the 10th in Myanmar's foreign investment tally. Xinhua mmbiztoday.com Yangon and Mandalay. ing platforms such as jack-up the development of our country,” said U Myint Swe, chief ment, who was speaking at the signing ceremony. units. - in Myanmar since 2012, have a vast portfolio of products and services for drilling and production, including surface wellblow-out preventers and riser equipment. “Today’s announcement rement to grow with Myanmar and partner with local corporates and the government to solve the tough challenges face in the Oil & Gas sector. While we have created in-roads in our Oil & Gas business, there is much to be achieved for the coun- the region for over 100 years with revenue exceeding $3 biltry and its people,” said Stuart Its range of land applications range from shallow, low-pressure wells to critical service wells drilled to depths of more than 20,000 feet, requiring many casing strings, large rigs and reliable high-pressure and shore applications include dif- billion. The company has a workforce of close to 7,500 emMyanmar Summary General Electric (GE) rS vGefcJh onfhtywfwGif jrefrmha&eHESifhobm0 "mwfaiGUvkyief;wGif xdywef;jynfwi;f f f G 0ef a qmif r I u k r Ü P D wpf c k j zpf o nf h SMART Technical Services ESifh tusKd;wlyl;aygif;rIudkaMunmcJhaMumif; od& onf/ ,ckvyief;yl;aygif;rIaMumifh SMART k f ukrÜPDtaejzifh jrefrmEdkifiH tem*wf a&eHEifh obm0"mwfaiGUpDrue;f rsm;wGif S H d aqmif&urnfh atmfya&wmrsm;twGuf G f wl;azmfrIESifh ypönf;ud&d,mrsm; wyfqif ay;rIwukd aqmif&uvmEdirnfjzpfonf/ kYd G f k f ,ckvyief;yl;aygif;rIonf ESpO;D ESpzuf k f f f vHk;twGuf tusKd;jzpfxGef;apNyD; GE rS vdktyfaom todynmrsm;? tawGU tBuHKrsm;ESifh enf;ynmrsm;tm; jrefrm Edii tem*wfjzpfaom rdrw EdiiH k f H d kYd k f om;rsm;tm; axmufyHhay;oGm;rnfjzpf aMumif;ESifh ? jrefrmEdii zGUH NzKd ;wd;k wufrI k f H twGuf ,ckvyief;yl;aygif;aqmif&urI k f G f onf t"duvHIUaqmfaxmufyHhay;Edkif vmrnfjzpfaMumif;vnf; &efukefwdkif; a'oBuD;0efBuD;csKyf OD;jrifhaqGu ajym Mum;cJhonf/
    • INVESTMENT & FINANCE 22 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Maximilian Martin P Myanmar’s readymade garment industry is still small when compared to that of neighbouring Bangladesh, the world’s second-largest sourcing hotspot. The former’s 350 garment factories currently in operation are utterly dwarfed by the latter’s 5,600. But more than 700 new factories are expected by 2015, and the industry in Myanmar is growing quickly, earning $917 million in 2012; up from $770 million in potential to create more than 10 million additional non-agricultural jobs by 2030. Indeed, one of the most striking comparative advantages of the country’s location is its availability of abundant, low-cost, and fairly welleducated labour. Key to making sustainable sector growth happen will be managing the workforce well and building human capital fast enough. Working Conditions Are a Lever of Industry Upgrading Labour conditions in the apparel industry are a leading stakeholder concern around the world. At the root of the problem is a widespread perception that decent work and competitive enterprises other. Owners and managers often assume that actions that aim to im- prove working conditions or safety merely create additional cost burdens for enterprises, even though these improvements can actually yield productivity returns as well. Research by the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and others corroborate such a potential win-win scenario, and show how unproductive the widespread practice of “management by shouting” is. Improving workers’ voice, empowerment and skills through participatory management is a means to improve working conditions and to achieve efsible practices generate for companies and workers alike are often overlooked. The new report released global impact investment ‘Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains’ provides an evidence-based assessment of the prospect of sustainable textile and garment value chains and the levers needed for sustainable industry transformation, including the levers of human capital and working conditions. A Shortlist of Best Practices In terms of social performance, the research surfaced a number of locations that actively take steps to meet worker needs and enable participatory management. The highlights include: Strong human resource management practices that include internal posting of job openings and encouragement of employees to apply for these positions. Sophisticated HR practices also include evaluation of employees ing lines Free meals, free Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters art II of this series on creating sustainable apparel value chains examines how human capital and improving working conditions can enable progress toward sustainability and competitiveness. mmbiztoday.com A worker at a garment factory in Yangon. hour medical center, on-site sports and recreational facilities In-house doctors, nurses, and paramedics to assist with primary healthcare and disease prevention (e.g. providing free screenings, diagnosis and basic medicines) In-house canteens overseen by a certimeals Buildings for the providing housing for more than 80 percent of the employees A dedicated social responsibility team and innovative initiatives. an Asset Key to enabling such a forward-looking approach to maximizing social performance and productivity alike is repetitive asset and to derive productivity returns that compensate for the cost of the measures listed above. The methodology pioneered by Better Work, a non-governmental organization, provides an illustration of a practical way forward on working conditions. Better Work runs country programs that combine assessment services to measure compliance with ILO core international labour standards as well as advisory services to support practical improvements through workplace cooperation. Its advisors work directly with each factory to: tate a Performance Improvement Consultative Committee (PICC), which includes representatives of workers and management Create and implement improvement plans, and recommend training services Increase company performance on subsequent compliance assessments through targeted remediation activities. Similar to other such programs, Better Work aims to achieve a step change in working conditions. The training curriculum is thus broad and includes HR management, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), negotiation skills, training of trainers, supervisory skills training, preventing and addressing sexual harassment, as well as training on worker’s rights and responsibilities. The main challenges Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdii toifcsKyNf y;D om; k f H h txnftvdyfvkyfief;taejzifh tdre;D csi;f EdiijH zpfaom b*Fvm; f k f a'h&SfEdkifiHESifh EdIif;,SOfMunfhrnfqdk vQif ao;i,f a eao;onf / jrefrmEdkifiHwGif ,ciftxnf tvdyfpuf½Hkaygif; 350 rSm vkyfief;aqmif&GufrIr sm; jyKvkyf aeNyD ; b*F vm;a'h &S f E d k i f i H w G i f puf½Hkaygif; 5600 txd&Sdae onf/ aemufxyf puf½Hktopf aygif; 700 ausmfudk 2015 wGif wnfaxmifoGm;Edkifrnf[k arQmf rSef;xm;NyD; jrefrmEdkifiHtxnf tvdyfvkyfief;rSm zGHUNzdK;wdk;wuf rI vsijf refvmaMumif; od&onf/ 2012 ckESpfwGif txnftvdyf vkyfief;rS tar&duefa':vm 917 rDvD,H&&SdcJhNyD; 2011 ckESpf wGif tar&duefa':vm 770 rDv,&&ScJonf/2030 ckEpwif D H d h S f G pdkufysKd;a&;u@wGifr[kwfaom tvkyftudkifaygif; 10 oef; ausmfudkvnf; zefwD;vmEdkifonfh tvm;tvmaumif ; rsm ;&S d a e aMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh obm0 o,HZmw<u,f0Ny;D ukexwvyf f k f k rIrsm;twGufvnf; ukefusp&dwf oufomNyD; oifhavsmfrQwaom t&nftcsi;f &Svyom;rsm;vnf; d k f
    • 23 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE February 6-12, 2014 an MA in anthropology from Indiana University, a MPA from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in economic anthropology from the University of Hamburg. of this approach are its resource intensity, and the struggle to truly embed it in factories so that good practice is not abandoned once there is a change in management. A Blueprint for Human Capital Building is Ultimately Needed Training and changes in attitudes are important, but investments in human capital are ultimately the key for Myanmar to deliver on its potential. The ability to enter higher value added production and raise productivity hits bottlenecks without enough technical skill, and adversarial labour relations lock all parties into unproductive patterns of behaviour and low productivity in the to-date management skill. This undercuts the ability to pay higher wages. The shift of the global apparel industry to the developing world has historically meant a tremendous loss of knowledge and skill. Bangladesh, the region’s leading sourcing location, is a prime example of this situation. The country does not have standard training for most professions, nor is there dual education. Bangladesh faces a lack of skilled workers at both the machine operator and mid-management levels, including technical professions, despite numerous private, public and multi-sector workforce initiatives. About 150,000 additional skilled workers are needed each year just to keep pace with the rapid growth of the industry. At the operator level, the skills gap is an estimated 25 percent. The entire textile and apparel complex is estimated to nologists by 2015, which represents a gap of 65,010 from the current number of degree holders in the industry. Greater skill at all levels will be required for Myanmar to avoid this seeming eventuality and actually deliver on the vision of a sustainable global apparel industry—from selecting and deploying chemicals at the beginning of the pipe to in-country preand post- production services such as design and quality testing. This re- mmbiztoday.com quires human capital on a massive scale. How to Get Started Improving working conditions and building human capital may seem like a daunting task even though clear and concrete steps can now be taken at the factory level. But recognizing the potential often requires a mindset change. Management practices play an important role in improving working conditions across often require low levels of capital investment. a genuine understanding of their workers’ needs, engaging workers directly on issues rather than simply making assumptions about what workers want. An added complication is that the classical worker lens on issues and prioriin this industry where 80 percent of the workers are women who typically have to balance work with other important obligations such as childcare. For example, unscheduled overtime is a top concern for any caregiver. The good news is that best practice examples exist that can address this and other issues—provided there is willingness to graduate from widespread adversarial owner-manager-labor relations, leveraging everyone’s ability to contribute to long-term success and sustainability. Besides human capital, another lever that is not being pulled sufis the process of raising total resource productivity. Covered in the next post in this series is how lean manufacturing and process redesign has the potential to reduce use of chemical inputs by 20 percent, energy by a third or more, and water by 50 percent. This is good for ronment. About the Author: Dr Maximilian Martin is the Founder and Global Managing Director of Impact Economy. He also serves as Founding Faculty in Residence at Ashoka U and Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen. He previously served as founding global head and managing director of UBS Philanthropy Services, head of research at the Schwab Foundation, senior consultant with McKinsey & Company, instructor at Harvard’s Economics Department, and fellow at the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School. He holds &Saeonf/txnftvdyvyief; d f k f tm;a&&SnfwnfwHhzGHUNzdK;vmap &eftwGuf vlom;t&if;tjrpf u@tm; tvsiftjrefzGHUNzdK;wdk; wufvmap&efESifh pDrHcefYcGJrIwdkY udk vdktyfaeonf/ vkyfom;rsm; vkyfief;cGifwGifvkyfief;aqmif &G u f & aomtajctaersm ;rSm urÇ m wpf 0 ef ; rS tm½Hp d k u f a om k u @ w pf ck jzpf onf / t qdk yg tcsuf rl v t&if; tjrpf rm S vkyfief;rsm;taejzifh wpfckESifh wpfcyr,ONf yKd ivmonftcsuf k kd kd S f h aMumifhyifjzpfNyD; vkyfief;ydkif&Sif rsm;ESifhpDrHcefYcGJolrsm;taejzifh vkyfom;rsm;ab;tEÅ&m,fuif; &Si f ; pG m tvk y f v k y f u d k i f E d k i f & ef twG u f vk y f i ef ; cG i f a b;uif ; &S i f ; a&;aqmif & G u f r I r sm;rS m vkyfief;rsm;twGufukefusp&dwf tay:wGifaemufxyf0efxkyf0ef ydk;tjzpf rMumcP½IjrifMuavh&Sd onf/ trSewu,fwif xdtcsuf f G k rSm ukefxkwfvkyfEdkifrItm; ydkrdk wdk;wufvmaponfud k od&Sd&ef vdktyfonf/ tjynfj ynfqdkif&m tvkyform;tzGJUtpnf;BuD;ESifh tjcm;tzGJUtpnf;rsm;u vkyf om;rsm;ESifh vkyfief;rsm; ESpfOD;ESpf zuf vHk;tusKd ; jzpf x G e f ; ap&ef twGuf cGJjcrf;pdwfjzmrIjyKcJhonf/ Impact Economy rS Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains acgif;pOfjzifh xkwfjyef cJhaomppfwrf;opfwGif a&&Snf wnf wHh zUHG Nzd K ;aom csnf r Qif E S i f h txnftvdyvyief;rsm;twGuf f k f avhvmoH;k oyfcsur sm;ESifh vom; f l t&if;tjrpfu@ESifh vkyfom; rsm; vkyfief;aqmif&Guf&onfh tajctaetp&SdonfhtcsufwdkY vnf; yg0ifaMumif; od&onf/
    • 24 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Bangkok (BKK) g s o g N Flight No. PG 706 DD4231 FD2752 8M335 TG304 PG702 Y5-237 TG302 PG703 8M331 FD2754 PG704 TG306 DD4239 Flights from Bangkok (BKK) to Yangon (RGN) g s o g K a 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 From RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN To BKK DMK DMK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK ETD 7:15 8:00 8:30 8:40 9:50 10:45 18:05 14:45 15:20 16:30 17:50 18:25 19:40 ETA 9:30 9:45 10:15 10:25 11:45 12:40 19:50 16:40 17:15 18:15 19:35 20:20 21:35 Operated by: Bangkok Airways NOK Airlines Thai AirAsia MAI Thai Airways Bangkok Airways Golden Myanmar Airlines Thai Airways Bangkok Airways MAI Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Thai Airways Flight No. DD4230 8M336 FD2751 TG303 PG701 FD2755 PG707 Y5-238 FD2753 PG703 TG305 DD4238 8M332 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 21:00 22:45 NOK Airlines PG705 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Days s 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 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    • PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 25 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Phyu Thit Lwin S ince plans were announced to begin the development of low-cost housing (LCH) projects, in an attempt to fulland prices in the areas near to the projects have spiraled, according to sources in the real estate market. Last year, work began on LCH projects at Ayeyarwon and say that land prices, particularly of farm land, has risen in these areas, leading to a slow in the market. “In the past, the real estate market in these places was very be a much larger project with 90 buildings housing 5,000 LCH apartments. Myanmar Summary &efueNf rKd U tdr&mvdtyfcsursm;tm; k f k f jznfqnf;Edi&eftwGuf tpdk;&rS wefz;dk h k f enf;ESifh wefzdk;oifhtdrf&mpDrHudef;rsm; taumiftxnfazmfaqmif&Gufv suf&Sd &m wef z d k ; enf ; td r f & mpD r H u d e f ; rsm;udk NrKd UpGe{&d,mrsm;ü taumiftxnfazmf f aeNy;D ? tqdygtdr&mpDrue;f rsm;aMumifh k f H d pDrHudef;ywf0ef;usifrS ajruGufaps;EIef; rsm; tqrwef j rif h wuf vmaMumif ; tdrfNcHajraps;uGufrS od&onf/ ]]vGefcJhwJhwpfESpfavmufwkef;u 'Drm S ta&mif ; t0,f t&rf ; aumif; w,f / wpfaeYudk 10 uGuf tenf;qHk;awmh 5 uGuf ? 6 uGufavmuf ta&mif; t0,fjzpfw,f/ tckaemufydkif;usawmh Files and 10 plots of land were being dealt on a daily basis, but now work has begun on the [LCH] projects, less plots are being sold,” said U Myint Thein, a real estate broker in Dagon Myo Thit Seikkan township, near to where the projects are being built. U Myint Thein said that real estate agents as well as land rise in prices. The Ayeyarwaddy housing projects at Dagon Myo Thit Harbour township will involve the construction of 70 buildings A housing project in Yangon. aps;awGuvnf; wpf[kefxdk;jrifhwuf ? 'Dprue;f awGuvnf; pom pwm tvkyf D H d odyfrvkyfao;awmh wpfvudk tenf; qHk; 5 uGuf? 6 uGufavmufyJ tvkyf jzpfawmhw,f}}[k '*HkNrdKUopfqdyfurf; NrdKUe,fae tdrfNcHajryGJpm; OD;jrifhodef;u ajymonf/ tqdkygtdrf&mpDrHudef;rS tdrfNcHajr tusKd;aqmifr sm;tm; tvkyfjzpfapNyD;? teD ; tem;&Sd ajruG u f a ps;EI e f ; rsm ;udk vnf ; tqrwef j rif h w uf a pcJh um ajruGufydkif&Sifr sm;tm; tusKd;tjrwf ing developed with a Japanese consortium, including Mitsubishi, Marubeni and Sumitomo while the Myanmar arm of the project, Myanmar Thilawa (MTSH) involves nine Myanmar companies. According to U Set Aung, chair of the project’s management com- Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters the project will be implemented in 2015. Workers in a boat at Thilawa SEZ. Kyaw Min L and prices at the Thilawa Industrial Zone, located close since work began on the zone late last year, according to real estate agents operating near the site. The project broke ground in December last year, with work beginthe multi-million dollar of land in Thanlyin township. “Nowadays, a huge part of the land being pur- chased comes from foreign entrepreneurs,” said U Tin Maung Htoo, a real estate agent operating in Thanlyin township. Land price in Thilawa Industrial Zone has escalated about K-30 lakh, said U Tin Maung Htoo, real estate agent from Thanlyin Township. “Since work has begun, people are beginning to buy land on those sites,” he said, before adding that the plots of land are also attracting interest from businesspeople based in Mandalay region. Real estate sources also said that land prices are slowly creeping up in other townships in the area, including Phalan and Thilawa. “Land near to the Thilawa project is in high demand,” said Ko Tin Maung Khine, a clerk from the General Administrative Department. “This rise began during the Southeast Asian Games (which took place in Myanmar in December) and many international businesspeople are buying land in Thilawa at a high cost,” he said. jzpfxGef;apcJhonf/ td r f &mpD rH u d e f ; rsm; ywf0ef; usif ajruGuftrsm;pkrSm vGefcJhonfh 10 ESpf ausmfumvuwnf;u tpdk;&0efxrf; rsm;twGuf owfrSwfcsxm;ay;cJhjcif; jzpfaMumif; od& onf/ Myanmar Summary ,cktcg oDv0gpufrIZkefajr aps;rSm usyfodef; 30 cefY jrifhwufvmaMumif; oefv sifNrdKU e,ftwGif;&S d tdrfNcHajrtusKd; aqmif OD;wifarmifxl;u ajym onf/ ,if ; odkY jrifh wuf vm & jcif ; taMumif;t&if;rSm oefv sif qdyurf;NrKd Ue,fwif Zkef (u) ESifh f G Zkef (c) pDrue;f rsm; pwifaqmif H d &GufaeaomaMumifh ,ckuJhodkY jrif h w uf vm&jcif ; jzpf aMumif ; od&onf/ tdrfNcHajrtusKd;aqmif OD;wif armifxl;u ]]tck jynfyEdkifiHu pD;yGm;a&;vkyief;&Sitrsm;tjym; f f 0,f,laewmu pufrIZkefawG ajrawGyJ/ tckuawmh enf;ao; w,f/tck0,f,laewmujynf yEdiijH cm;om;tjyifrEÅav;wdi;f k f k a'oBuD;bufuvnf; wpfOD;? ESpO;D vm0,fMuwmvnf;&Sw,f}} f d [k ajymonf/
    • PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 26 Myanmar Business Today Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters February 6-12, 2014 A Myanmar youth throws water during the Thingyan Water Festival in Yangon. Shein Thu Aung H ansgrohe, the German facturer, has recently announced a collaboration with World Vision Organisation to assist in their Area De- Su Su D donated $8,500, which will go towards the construction of two wells located near to a school, the building of a toilet in a primary school as well providing support for safe drinking water resources such as the renovation of wells and paying for san- al outlook is expected to spur property markets worldwide, with emerging Asian cities such as Manila and Jakarta in par- pected to play a bigger role on the global property market, ac- “The growing level of optismism and activity we are seeing in most regions has its roots in a belief that the global economy is set for calmer waters ahead,” said David Hutchings, research 2013 ckEpwif aps;EIe;f rsm; wufcJum S f G h jref r mEd k i f i HokdY ajymif ; a&T U aexdkifvm aom EdkifiHjcm;om;rsm; ydkrdkr sm;jym;vm cJhaomfvnf; pdppfolr sm;cefYrSef;csuf t& ,ckESpftwGif; tdrfNcHajraps;EIef; Myanmar Summary itary materials. “We do our part annually in a small but meaningful way in giving back to society, and with prove quality of life by providing a safe environment to dwell in, especially for the children,” said Winnie Quek, Regional Marketing Communications Manager of Hansgrohe. The goal of the ADP is not only to improve quality of life in the target communities, but also to enhance their capacity to identify and address basic needs by using available resources appropriately, leading to more sustainable development. The project is expected to be completed in September 2018 and World Vision and Hansgrohe said that they hope that Hpa An will have achieved selfcant move towards sustainable change. Hansgrohe was founded in 1901 in Schiltach, Germany and has operations in Myanmar. rMumao;rDu World Vision tzGJU a&;tpD t pOf udk jynf a xmif pk or® w jrefrmEdkifiHawmf u&ifjynfe,f bm;tH wGif jyKvyom;rnfjzpfaMumif; aMunm k f G cJhonf/ ,ckzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufa&;tpDtpOftae jzifh uav;i,frsm; b0t&nftaoG; rsm; wdk;wufvmap&eftwGuf oefY&Sif; NyD; vHkNcHKpdwfcs&aom a&vdktyfrIudk jznfhqnf;ay;Edkifrnf[k od&onf/ ,ck tpDtpOftwGuf Hansgrohe rS tar &duefa':vm 8500 vSL'gef;cJhNyD; pmoif a usmif; wpf ck t eD ; tem;wGif a&wGif; 2 ckudk wl;azmfay;oGm;rnfjzpf ovdk rlvwef;ausmif;wGif tdrfom wnfaqmufrEifh oef&Sif;aomaomufok;H I S Y a&&&SdrItwGufvnf; a&wGif;rsm;tm; jyefvnfjyKjyifrGrf;rHjcif;ESifh a&qdk;pepf ESifh ywfoufí vdktyfonfhypönf;rsm; taxmuftyHay;rIwkYvnf; yg0ifonf/ h d zGUH NzKd ;wd;k wufa&;tpDtpOf &nfre;f S csufr&&SdEdkifonfhobm0t&if;tjrpf S rsm;tm;tusKd;&SdpGm taumif;qHk;toHk; *smreD a&qd;k pepfxe;f odr;f rIvyief; d k f wpfckjzpfonfh Hansgrohe onf wdk;wufapNyD;tajccHvdktyfcsufrsm;udk jznfhqnf;vmEdkif&efrSonfydkrdkNyD; cdkif rmwnfwHhaomzGHUNzdK;wdk;wuf rIjzpfwnf vm&efjzpfaMumif;vnf; od&onf/ rsm;taejzifh wnfNidrfoGm;vdrfhrnf[k od&onf/ tdrfNcHajriSm;EIef;rsm;taejzifh ,ck xuf ydkrdkjrifhwufEdkifawmhrnfr[kwf aMumif;ESifh tb,faMumifqkaomf 2013 h d ckESpftwGif; iSm;EIef;rsm;rSm tjrifhqHk; t a e t xm; odk Y a&muf &S d cJ h aMumif ; Power 7 Real Estate rS refae *sif;'g½dkufwm rarxufatmifu ajym Mum;cJhonf/ tdrNf cajraps;EIe;f rsm;wnfNirom;zG,f H d f G &Sdonfh aemufxyftaMumif;&if;wpf csurm 2012 aESmif;ydi;f ESihf 2013 ckEpf f S k S wGif uGef'dkrDeD,HpDrHudef;rsm;udk aqmif &GufcJhNyD; ,ckESpfwGif vkyfief;rsm;NyD; ajrmufom;&ef arQmre;f xm;onftwGuf G f S h aMumifhvnf;jzpfonf/ xkduGef'dkrDeD,HpDrH udef;rsm;aMumifh tdrfNcHajriSm;EIef;rsm;ESifh ta&mif;aps;EIef;rsm;oifhavsmfonfht aetxm;oda&muf&vmEdirnfjzpfonf/ Yk dS k f Myanmar Summary and Africa for Cushman and “This is leading to an increase in risk appetites, which is manifest in a push to invest across borders,” he added. The company expects global property investment to increase by between 10 and 15 percent, $978 billion a year previously up about one percent from a year before. The group expects increase of in emerging economies such as Manila, Jakarta and Bangalore. Additionally, Asian investors from China and Japan are ex- Reuters espite a surge in prices in 2013, and the continued migration of expats into Myanmar amid the ongoing changes in the country, analysts predict that property prices will stabilise within the country this year. “Property rental prices cannot rise much further because the cost of renting most types of accommodation reaches its highest level in 2013,” Ma May Htet Aung, managing director zima. One reason prices are expected to stay constant is that many of the condominium projects that began in 2013, and even late 2012, are expected to be completed this year, leading to a potential surplus in properties that should make rental and sale prices more reasonable. Additionally, according to Property Report, the recently drafted Condominium Law is expected to make the acquisition of properties easier for foreigners. Meanwhile, studies by global velopment Programme (ADP) in Hpa-An, which is located in Myanmar’s Kayin State. The aim of the ADP is to improve the quality of life for children, by meeting the need for clean and safe water. For the programme, Hansgrohe mmbiztoday.com Workers on a construction site in Yangon.
    • 27 IT & TELECOM Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 Shein Thu Aung T nomic and Social Commission for Asia and the with the Myanmar government to strengthen the capacity of small and medium enterprises to help meet these challenges, especially through the empowerment of women and youth. I am very pleased, therefore, to announce this joint $1 million programme for Myanmar’s young entrepreneurs, which will help the country and its people leapfrog into the global knowledge economy, building cutting-edge skills and competitive in these areas,” Heyzer said at the event. gramme, entitled the Information Technology Capacity Development (ITCD) Programme, involves a collaboration bethe Indian and Myanmar governments and will see 25 IT engineers and entrepreneurs travel to India for 12 weeks of Aye Myat T elenor, one of the two successful bidders for international telecoms li- the former capital last week. The concept of BarCamp originated in Palo Alto, California, United States in 2005 and is hosted in over 350 countries worldwide, with many attendees travelling internationally. To date, the largest recorded in January 2013, when over Reuters nounced a new initiative aimed at creating jobs and investment opportunities in Myanmar’s growing IT sector. Speaking during the Second Myanmar Development Cooperation Forum in Nay Pyi Taw, the initiative was announced by Noeleen Heyzer, Under-Secre- Mobile phones are seen at a roadside stall in Yangon. intensive training in software development, in the hope that this will help provide jobs in the IT sector in Myanmar. developing specialized training modules, which are in high demand in the global IT industry, for more than 100 young engineers and entrepreneurs who will be up-skilled at the Infosys training centre. Phase I of the initiative will be launched next week in Mysore, India. “This presidential initiative is an important step towards further integrating Myanmar into the global knowledge economy,” said Dr. Heyzer. “Initiatives such as these will assist Myanmar to more fully nomic Community and to move towards graduation from the least developed category by 2020,” she added. 2010. BarCamps are free-to-attend, locally organised “unconferenc- urÇmhukvor*¾ tm&SESifh ypdzdwf a'oqdi&m pD;yGm;a&;ESifh vlra&;aumfr k f I &SifrS jrefrmEdkifiH zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvm aom owif;tcsuftvufenf;ynm u@wGif tvkyftudkiftcGifhtvrf; aumif;rsm;udk zefw;D &efEihf &if;ES;D jrK§ yErI S f HS rsm;twGuf ueOD;aqmif&ucsutopf G f f rsm;udk jyKvkyfoGm;rnf[k xkwfjyef aMunmcJhaMumif; od&onf/ es” where participants can present about anything they want. Speakers and presenters can come from any walk of life, and organisers are only required to take care of promotion, logistics and infrastructure for the event. “Telenor is pleased to be an the international technology and developer community, the event has also been successful in bringing together the many experts and innovators that are helping to advance Myanmar’s digital economy,” said Petter communications technology as a central platform and enabler to its development in many areas including education, healthcare and banking,” he added. MICT Park. from 1,700 attendees at the Myanmar Summary “At a time when mobile and Internet technology is more Myanmar has the opportunity to leverage modern mobile Myanmar Summary vGeconfEpwif jrefrmEdiirS csay;cJh f hJ h S f G k f H aomqufoG,fa&;vdkifpifukd &&SdcJhonfh tjynfjynfqi&matmfya&wmBu;D ESpck kd f f teufrS wpfcjk zpfaom Telenor onf BarCamp Yangon 2014 tpDtpOf w&m;0ifyl;aygif;yg0ifaqmif&Gufoljzpf aMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygtpD t pOf tm; &ef u k e f w G i f vGeconftywfu jyKvyusi;f ycJonf/ f hJ h k f h BarCamp tm; jyKvyrukd 2005 ckEpf k f I S wGif tar&duefEiiH u,fvz;kd eD;,m; kd f D jynfe,f Palo Alto wGif tpjyKcNhJ y;D urÇmwpf0ef; &Sd Ediiaygif; 350 ausmwif k f H f G jyKvkyfusif;ycJhumwufa&mufolrsm;t aejzif,if;tpDtpOftm; tjcm;Ediirsm; h k f H aejynfawmfwGif jyKvkyfusif;ycJhaom 'kw,tBurajrmuf jrefrmEdii zGUH NzKd ; d d f k f H wdk;wufrIqkdif&m yl;aygif;aqmif&GufrI u zdk&rfwGif Noeleen Heyzer txufygtwdi;f aMunmcJjh cif;jzpfonf/ k ESCAP onf jrefrmtpd;&ESihf tao; k pm;ESifh tvwfpm;vkyfief;rsm; ydkrdkcdkifrm vmap&eftwGuf yl;aygif;aqmif&uae G f Ny;D txl;ojzifh trsK;d orD;rsm;ESihf vli,f rsm;tm; vkyfaqmifEdkifpGrf;rsm; ydkrdk wdk;wufvmap&eftwGufjzpfaMumif;? jrefrmEdii vli,fpeO;D wDxivyief; k f H G Yf G f k f &Sifr sm; ay:xGufvma&;twGuf tul tnDrsm;ay;EdionftwGuf 0rf;ajrmuf k f h 0rf;omjzpfraMumif;vnf; Heyzer u d ajymMum;cJhonf/ vl i ,f p G e f Y O D ; wD x G i f v k y f i ef ; &S i f r sm ; xGufay:vmrIu EdkifiHESifhjynfolrsm; urÇ m vH;k qd k i f &m pD ; yGm ;a&;tod y nm aumif;rsm;ud&&SvmapNy;D t&nftaoG; k d ydkrkd a umif ; rG e f v mrI r sm ;udk vnf ; jzpf apaMumif; qufvufajymMum;cJhonf/ ,cktpDtpOfyxrtqifwif owif; h G tcsuftvufenf;ynmpGrf;&nfzGHUNzdK; wdk;wufvmrIvnf;yg0ifNyD; ESCAP ESif h tE,twdiyifcvyief;jzpfonfh d ´d k f H k f Indosys ? xdkYtjyif tdEd´,ESifhjrefrm tpdk;&wdkYrSvnf; yl;aygif;yg0ifaqmif &G u f o G m ;rnf j zpf N yD ; aqmh z f 0 J z G H U NzdK; wd;k wufrtwGuf enf;ynm&SiEihf pGeO;D I f S Yf wDxGifvkyfief;&Sifaygif; 25 OD;udkvnf; tdEd´,odkY oGm;a&mufavhvmrIjyKEdkifrnf jzpfaMumif;? jrefrmEdkifiHowif;tcsuf tvuf e nf ; ynmu@wG i f tvk y f tudizefw;D EdirtwGuf taxmuftyHh k f k f I jzpfvmaprnf[k arQmfvifhaMumif;vnf; ajymMum;cJhonf/ odom;a&mufíyifwufa&mufMuaMumif; Yk G od&onf/ 2013 ckEpf Zefe0g&DvwGif &efueü S k f jyKvyusi;f ycJaom BarCamp onf k f h tBuD;rm;qHk;tpDtpOfwpf&yfjzpfcJhum wufa&mufoaygif; 6400 txd&chJ l dS aMumif; od&onf/2010 ckEpwif &efuef Sf G k ü yxrOD;qHk;tBurtjzpf BarCamp d f yGtpDtpOftm; jyKvyc&mwGif wuf J k f hJ a&mufoO;D a&rSm 1700 &ScNJh yD; ,cktcg l d tvGewk;d wufvmcJNh yjD zpfonf/BarCamp f yGrsm;tm; tcrJhwufa&mufEiNf y;D wuf J kd wifjyvdonftaMumif;t&mrsm;udvnf; k h k wifjyEdiaMumif; od&onf/ k f pum;ajymMum;olrsm;ESifh wifjyaqG; aEG;olrsm;taejzifh rnfonftoufarG; h 0rf;ausmif;vkyief;rSrqdjk zpfEiNf y;D pDpOf f kd olrsm;taejzifh axmufyHhydkYaqmifa&; ESifh vdktyfonfhtaqmufttHkwdkYudkom pDpOfaqmif&u&aMumif;vnf; od&onf/ G f
    • IT & TELECOM 28 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com February 6-12, 2014 Phil Lavelle T he original Nexus 7 enchanted and enthralled - and did so despite some slight compromises. The fact that it was so cheap meant it remained outstanding value for a long time. The problem is, a year is a long time in the tablet world, and competition is what the doctor ordered. And then in late July 2013, came the announcement. A new Nexus 7 - so good, they named tiated it by adding the year to the name. For clarity, I'll refer to the old one as "the original Nexus 7-inch from now on.) It's only available in 16GB or 32GB versions, and they are strictly Wi-Fi only. As with the previous incarnation, there's also a cellular version, and the say, this is one beautiful piece of equipment. The front is one sheet of high gloss Gorilla glass, interrupted only by the minute presence of a front-facing camIt's thinner and lighter than 290g, compared to 198.5 x 120 eyed mathematicians will notice there is a slight height increase, but it's negligible in another 9g. One thing you will notice is two lots of speakers - stereo, if you will. All mod cons here, it appears. They're on the top and bottom at the rear but the idea in landscape, they'll be at the sides. Oddly, they're at the back, facing away from you, which seems silly when you consider that HTC has moved the bar with the HTC One. Altogether, this is a solid device. Where the original Nexus loathed in equal measure. Some think they look great, while for you're odd, you won't pick up a Nexus 7, look at the display and feel disappointed in the slightest. What you might feel disappointed with, however, is the a Nexus 7 with anything more than 32GB of space - and remember, Google doesn't do external memory these days. In cloud, you're stuck with what Google deems to be adequate. And as we've become used to, that 32GB on the box doesn't mean you get 32GB to play with, as the OS takes up a huge 26GB. With the size of some HD games, plus a couple of movies, you'll eat that up fairly easily. Obviously, the 16GB is even more dire in this regard. CameraEgg compatible. If ever there was a tablet that you could just pick up and carry around with you, chuck easily in a bag and know it's there when you need it, then the Nexus 7 is the one. Obviously, you'll need a case or some kind of protection as it'd be nothing short of criminal to scratch that beautiful glass screen, but I assume that most people will be practicing Safe Nexus 7 from the get-go. It would be foolish to just go into the specs without comparing the Nexus 7 to its predecessor - that's what most people sometimes felt like a compromise due to the price (issues of light bleed and creakiness on the left hand side were common complaints), this feels like a premium, well-put-together piece of kit that should command more than the measly amount Google is asking. Naturally, the glass makes it less than ideal for outdoor use, but if you set brightness to maximum it should be able to cope. Colour reproduction is also far better. A common complaint with the original Nexus 7 was that images tended to look faded and washed out. Again, I couldn't grumble too much because of the price, but it was one of those things that us geeks tended to notice and grind our teeth at. Thankfully, everything now just appears much warmer on the Nexus 7 than before. It's still a world away from the brightness and vividity of Samsung's displays employed on the likes of the Note 8 or the Gal- The battery has taken a hit, at least on paper. It's no longer duty at 3950mAh. But Google appears to have some method in this madness. Aside from the fact that it makes the Nexus 7 lighter than the original, it doesn't seem to have much of an impact. In fact, I'd say that the battery here is better than the original at battery management. When this unit goes to sleep, it goes to sleep. Not a slumber, not a doze, but a complete conk-out. And yet, it'll stand to attention at a second's notice when you need it again. Opinions are author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of Myanmar Business Today. Techradar “If ever there was a tablet that you could just pick up and carry around with you, chuck easily in a bag and know it’s there when you need it, then the Nexus 7 is the one” Myanmar Summary Original Nexus 7 onf qGJaqmif rI&SdNyD; ESpfoufp&maumif;rGefNyD; tcsdef tawmfMumtxd oifavsmaomaps;EIe;f h f xm;&SdonfhtwGuf tvGefaumif;rGefcJh aomxkwfukefwpfckyifjzpfonf/ odkYaomfvnf; jyóemwpfcrm tablet k S rsm;rSm tcsdefESifhtrQ wdk;wufajymif;vJ aeNyD; vkyfief;rsm;taejzifhvnf; NydKif qd k i f r I y d k r d k j yif ; xef v monfht wG u f tablet topfr sm;tm; tNydKiftqdkif xkwvyvmMujcif;jzpfonf/ xdoaom f k f k Ykd tcsufaMumifh new Nexus 7 xGuf&Sd vmcJhonf/2013 ZlvdkifwGif new Nexus 7 tablet taejzifh 16 GB odkYr[kwf 32GB jzifhom&&SdEdkifNyD; Wi-Fi only twGufvnf; txl;wif;wif;MuyfMuyf pD p Of a qmif & G u f x m;onf / rd r d o G m ;vd k onfhae&modkY tvG,fwulo,faqmif oGm;EdiNf y;D vG,twxwivnf; tom k f d f J G f t,mxnfhxm;Edionfh tablet udk vtyf kf kd vmcJhvQif xdk tablet rSm Nexus 7 yifjzpfaMumif;vnf;od&onf/ Tablet rsufESmjyiftm; xdcdkufyGef;yJhrIr&Sdap &eftwGuf vltawmfr sm;rsm;rSm tzHk; tumtuG,frsm;udk toHk;jyKavh&SdMu NyD; tablet twGuf get-go rS Safe Nexus 7 udvnf; vltawmfrsm;rsm;u k toHk;jyKoGm;vdrfhrnf[kvnf;od&onf/ tqdkyg tablet topftaejzifh ,cif version xuf ydkrdkayghyg;NyD; yg;vTm aMumif; od&onf/ toHk;jyKoltaejzifh rdrdudk,frdrd jyefvnf"mwfyHk½dkuf,lEdkif front-facing uifr&mvnf; rnfh yg0ifovdk Skype toH;k jyK&eftwGuf vnf;tqifajyaMumif; od&onf/pdwf taESmifht,Sufjzpfp&m&Sdonfhtcsuf wpfcrm Nexus 7 rSm tcsutvuf k S f odrf;qnf;EdkifrIyrmPwGif 32GB xuf ydkausmfvGefí r&EdkifbJ Google taejzifhvnf; tydkodrf;qnf;Edkif&ef twGuf external memory rsm;udk jyKvyjf cif;r&ScaMumif; od&onf/ 32GB k d hJ &Sonf[kqaomfvnf; oH;k pGotaejzifh d kd J l twGuf tqdyg rSwÓPfyrmPtjynfh k f udkoHk;pGJEdkifrnfr[kwfbJ Operating System twGufvnf; memory toHk;jyK&onfhtwGuf 26GB om toHk;jyKEdkifonf/ tqdkyg tablet topfwGifta&mifrsm; t&nftaoG;rSm ,cifxkwfvkyfcJh onfh tablet version xufydkrdkaumif; rGefvmcJhNyD;,cif tablettaejzifhumvm ESifhywfoufNyD; tm;enf;csufrsm;&SdcJh aomfvnf; ,cktopfxGuf&Sdaom tablet topfrSm,cifxufydkrdkaumif; rGefvmcJhonf/ xdkYtjyif topfxGuf&Sdvmaom tablet bufx&DrSmvnf; ,cifxuf yd k r d k a umif ; rG e f v maMumif ; od & onf / enf;ynmvkyfief;rsm;taejzifh aps;uG u f w G i f O D ; aqmif v mEd k i f & ef twGufxkwfukeftopfrsm;tm; tNydKif tablet tqdkifxkwfvkyfvmMuNyD; aps;uGufrSmvnf; ,cifxufydkrdkNydKifqdkif rIjyif;xefvmonfhtwGuf enf;ynm vkyfief;rsm;taejzifh ydkrdkaumif;rGef aomenf;ynmxkwfukefrsm;udkzefwD; &efBudK;yrf;vmMuonf/
    • AUTOMOBILE 29 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Htet Aung L ocal car company Win & SPAM Company has teamed up with Japanese car trading specialists Woodstock Company to open a new The new showroom, located on Pyay Road in Mayangone Myanmar showroom, and will display high-end cars, the Japanese group has said. Ko Kyaw Thura Tun, director of Win & SPAM told Myanmar Business Today that Myanmar’s car prices were kept under control by the government unlike in the past, when even second-hand cars could fetch upwards of $25,000. Since Thein Sein’s quasicivilian government came to power almost three years ago, it has made serious reforms in the auto sector, making it easier for citizens to import cars from mmbiztoday.com abroad. Thura Tun said that the industry is still in its infancy in Myanmar and will take time to streamline but that the situation is better than in the past. “Today, the automobile marthe past. Customers can purchase cars at a reasonable price and there are almost no old cars left,” he said, referring to the government’s “old for new” policy, which meant that cars that were over 20 years old could be replaced more easily with newhave imported over 18 types of car, and are displaying between 10 to 20 of each model. We cannot display more than that due to space issues,” he added. Currently, the cars in the showroom are for display only but the companies hope to have them available for sale soon. Woodstock trade a range of car models, but specialise in cars from Japan, namely Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan. Myanmar Summary Damir Sagolj/Reuters jrefrmEdiitajcpduf Win & SPAM k f H k ukrÜPrm armfawmfum;jycef; 5 ckudk D S zGivpcJNh yD; ,cktcg armfawmf,mOftopf fh S f rsm;udk a&mif;cs&eftwGuf Woodstock ukrÜPDESifh vufwGJvdkufonf/ tqdkygukrÜPDESpfck rdwfqHkpm;yGJudk ,ckv 26 &ufaeY n 6 em&DwGif usi;f yjyKvkyfconf/ um;aps;uGufutpdk; Jh kd &ut&ifuuJhodkYaps;jyefrwuf&efenf; rsKd;pkHjzifhjyKvkyfaeaMumif;,mOftdk,mOf a[mif ; vJ v S , f j cif;ygrpfESif hwifoGif; jcif;wdkYjzifh jrefrmEdii jynforsm;toHk; k f H l jyKEi&efjyKvkycJaMumif;?um;aps;uGufjyef dk f f h vnfaumif;rGefvm&eff jyKvkyfa&;ESihf aps; uGuwnfNirvmatmif jyKvy&ef tcsef f d f k f d twdi;f twmwpfcvtyfrnfjzpf aMumif;? k k kd jrefrmEdkifiHum;aps;uGufxGef;um;vm onfrmtcsdefEpfEpfom&Sdao;wJhtwGuf S S S NyD;jynfhpHkEkdif&ef rjzpfEdkifao;aMumif;? An employee waits at a showroom for brand new cars in Yangon. Phyu Thit Lwin T new programme is part of an aimed to help develop the local car industry. For the production of mini saloons manufacturer in Myan- ajymonf/ mar, car parts were in the past imported from China for sale in Myanmar. Myanmar Summary jrefrmrDeDqvGef;um;rsm;udk trsm; jynf ol r sm ;aps;EI e f ; ouf ompGm jzif h 0,f,ltoHk;jyKEdkifa&;twGuf aiGu syf odef; 60 atmuf wefzdk;enf;,mOftjzpf tqifjh rifwifxwvyom;rnf[k pufrI § h k f k f G 0efBuD;XmerS od&onf/ xdkodkY wefzdk;enf;,mOftjzpf tqifh jr§ifhwifxkwfvkyfEdkifa&;twGuf jynf wGif;&S d ukrÜPDwpfckESifh yl;aygif;aqmif &Gu&ef pDpOfvsu&NdS y;D ? vuf&dS vma&muf f f avQmufxm;aom ukrPDav;ckteuf pufrI0efBuD;|merS owfrSwfxm;onfh pHEIef;rsm;ESifhtnD yl;aygif;xkwfvkyfEdkif rnfh urPwpfckukd azazmf0g&DvtwGi;f k Ü D a&G;cs,foGm;rnfjzpfonf/ jynfwGif;um;aps;uGufwGif jrefrmrDeD qvGef;um;rsm; emrnf&&SdcJhjyD; 0,f,l oHk;pGJrI rsm;jym;vmcJhaomfvnf; aemuf yd k i f ; ES p f r sm ;ü jynf y rS armf awmf ,mOf wifoGif;cGifhr sm; &SdvmcJhojzifh jynfwGif; Reuters he Ministry of Industry will soon begin construction of low-cost vehicles which will be available for less than K6 million ($6,000), a source from the ministry revealed last week. The source, who was speaking under anonymity, said that the ministry will cooperate with a local company to manufacture the cars, which will be mini saloon models, and that an announcement will be made this month regarding the partner company. In Myanmar’s local car market, mini saloon cars are in high demand, but sources say that due to the government easing import regulations, the local car ,cifu um;ygrpf&&S&ef vkyfaqmif&m d wGif tvGecufcaMumif;? ,cktcg um; f J ygrpfESifh ywfoufNyD; vkyfaqmif&mwGif vG,fulvmrnfjzpfaMumif; Win & SPAM ukrPD rS 'g½duwmwpfOD;jzpfol Ü k f udkausmfol&xGef;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ ]]tcktcsermqd&if um;aps;uGuawG df S k f u vHk;0ododomom t&ifuxuf rwlbJ usqif;oGm;ygNyD/ 0,f,lwJhol awGtaeeJvnf; oufomaomaps;EIe;f Y ESifh &&SdEdkif&eftwGuf wdkif;jynftaeeJY Munhfr,fqdk&if ,mOftdk,mOfa[mif; awG r&Soavmuf enf;yg;vmwm awGU& d w,f/ tao;pdwfMunfhr,fqdk&ifawmh um;awGrsm;vmwJhtwGuf vrf;awGu usyfoGm;rSmaygh/ tck uRefawmfwdkY *syef ukrPeJY vufwvuwm jrefrmEdiirm Ü D JG kd f k f H S tqihjf rifemrnfBuD;um;opfawG 0ifvm h r,f/ tck uRefawmfwdkY Showroom awGrSmqdk&if um;awGudk jy½Hkoufouf om jyxm;w,f/ um;trsKd;tpm;aygif; 18 rsKd;ausmfavmufawmh wifoGif;rSm yg/ wpfpD;udk 10 pD;ru tpD; 20 xufrenf; rSm,loGm;rSmyg/ um;awG rsm;pGm rSmxm;w,fqdk&if ukrÜPDtae eJvnf; tqifajyrIr&SEib;l /bmaMumifh Y d kd f vJqdk&ifawmh ae&mtcuftcJjzpfEdkif w,f/ tckqdk&if uRefawmfwdkYukrÜPD taeeJY Showroom aygif; 5 ckudk zGifhvSpfxm;EkdifcJhygNyD/ aemufxyf EdkifiH jcm;um;ukrÜPDawGu urf;vSrf;vm xkwfarmfawmfum;rsm; 0,f,lokH;pGJrI avsmu svmcJonf/ xdaMumifh jynfwi;f h h Yk G xkwfarmfawmf,mOfrsm;tm; aps;uGuf ae&mjyefvnf&&SdEdkif&eftwGuf tqifh jr§ifhwifum xkwfvkyfa&mif;cs&ef pDpOf aqmif&Gufaejcif;jzpfaMumif; pufrI 0efBuD;|merS wm0ef&SdolwpfOD;u ajym onf/ jrefrmrDeDqvGef;um;rsm;xkwfvkyf&m wGif ,cifu w½kwfEdkifiHrS armfawmf ,mOftpdwftydkif;rsm; wifoGif;í jynf wGif;ü wyfqifxkwfvkyfNyD; aps;uGuf twGif; a&mif;cscJhjyD;? ,cktcg tqifh jr§ifhwifxkwfvkyfrnfh jrefrmrDeDqvGef; um;rsm;tm; ,ck 2014 ckESpftwGif; xkwfvkyfa&mif;cs&ef pDpOfaqmif&Guf vsuf&SdaMumif; od&onf/
    • CLASSIFIEDS February 6-12, 2014 30 Myanmar Business Today mmbiztoday.com
    • SOCIAL SCENES 31 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 Shae Thot Programme Local Partner Initiative Opening Ceremony mmbiztoday.com Press Conference for the 2nd Myanmar International Gems & Jewellery Expo 2014 U Tun Hla Aung, deputy secretary of the Myanmar Jewels and Gems Entrepreneurs Association. Phyu Thit Lwin A presentation is made at the event. Delegates shake hands at the event. Michael Ahaniss, director of Asia Connect company, makes a speech. Phyu Thit Lwin A delegate displays gems to media. Phyu Thit Lwin Gems are presented to the audience. Phyu Thit Lwin MBT Phyu Thit Lwin The press conference is hosted overlooking downtown Yangon. MBT Michael Ahaniss, director of Asia Connect company, addresses the crowd. Phyu Thit Lwin GE Oil & Gas Signs Agreement with SMART Technical Services An agreement is signed. MBT U Myint Swe, Chief Minister of Yangon Region Government, speaking at the GE Oil & Gas and SMART Technical Services partnership agreement signing ceremony held on January 27 at Chatrium Hotel, Yangon. GE Delegates shake hands. MBT U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing, Chairman of the SMART Group of Companies speaks at the event. GE Stephane Leyo (left), GE Asia Pacific Marketing Director shakes hands with Yadana S Hlaing, Managing Director of SMART Technical Services. GE Stéphane Leyo (left), Kovit Kantapasara, President and CEO for GE Thailand, Laos & Myanmar, U Myint Swe and U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing, Chairman, SMART Group. GE
    • ENTERTAINMENT 32 Myanmar Business Today February 6-12, 2014 mmbiztoday.com Raddy Set for Myanmar Top Job Su Su A wouldn’t begrudge other music lovers around the world being exposed to the group’s lively brand of rock. invited to perform at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), which will be hosted in Austin, Texas in March, but one thing currently stands in their way. Money. In an attempt to put together the funds to perform at a concert alongside bands such as The Kooks, Angus and Julia Stone as well encouraging music lovers to contribute to their trip, giving some originally-thought gifts in return. $32 will get the pledger a signed CD, $250 a cooked lunch by Files pledge proposal being $10,000 for a personalised tour of Myanmar given by the group’s members. SXSW began life as a music event in 1987, and has since grown Former Serbia international goalkeeper Raddy Avramovic looks set to become the new Myanmar Head Coach. mar, despite the hosts having Aye Myat M ment after the contract signing,” the website cited U Zaw Zaw as saying. Former coach, Korean Park role after the team was eliminated in the group stages of the recent Southeast Asian Games. Following impressive victories against Timor Leste and Cambodia and a hard-fought draw against Thailand, Myanmar only needed a draw against match to qualify for the competition’s Semi Finals. Myanmar lost the match 1-0, knocking them out of the competition, and it was revealed after the match that Park was unaware of the head-to-head rule which meant that Indone- than their rivals. Avramovic made his name land, where he made over 150 appearances for Notts County. He has previously managed the Kuwait and Singapore national teams, the latter of which he managed for 10 years, Football Championship on three occasions, most recently in 2012. Myanmar football’s golden era came during the 1960s and early 1970s when the country Asian Games gold medals from for the 1972 Olympic Games hosted in Munich. Lucas Wahl yanmar are set to pip Southeast Asian rivals, the Philippines, in the race to sign Radojko ‘Raddy’ Avramovic as head coach, recent media reports have revealed. According to the Singaporean version of Goal.com, U Zaw Zaw, president of the Myanmar Football Federation(MFF) revealed that Myanmar, who were knocked out of the Southeast Asian Games group stages following a narrow defeat to Indonesia, are in advanced discussions with the former Serbian international. “We are in detailed consideration over the contract. 75 percent [of discussions] are already completed, but we will component. Previous performers at SXSW include The Flaming Lips, Kanye West and Foo Fighters.